Chapter 348 Law River City Afternoon time, Zhao Hai they saw Law River City finally, not only this Law River City is near tightly Law River, in fact, they used hand excavation a moat and put on the moat, directed outside the Law River water Law River City, has become the moat, a branch was introduced in the law moat, became the putting on moat of law river, therefore Law River City besides the ordinary city gate, two water gates, these two Shuicheng can walk some middle-and-small warships. Law River City is very big, this is population over a million big city cities, in the age of this too many High level construction, can imagine this city in a big way. Zhao Hai they enter a city from the Law River City west gate, enters a city Zhao Hai to feel that the differences of this city, first is the person, this in the city person are many, really many, before Zhao Hai, has not seen these many people in the Aksu Empire national capital, on the avenue is the person, these people put on with Earth on different the clothes, Zhao Hai also think returned to China on Earth. However is good because of their so many guards clears the way for them, the pedestrian on road sees this posture, hides distant, no one dares to approach them. The quick several people arrived at Law River City hotel in front of the door, Law River City hotels of the hotel with other places obviously does not have, the building in this hotel is very high, Zhao Hai has counted, is only this building has ten several layers, in this does not have on concrete Continent, can build the house is so high , was really very rare. As soon as they arrived at hotel in front of the door, waiting on shop should immediately welcome, that waits on should knows Might obviously, immediately has met their Mount, pulls the backyard to look. But Zhao Hai their car(riage)s are also so, Zhao Hai their simply does not need to manage, naturally some people come up to look after their car(riage)s. Entered the hotel, Manager welcomed, this Manager called Amare, stature very tall and big, such as was because he wore business clothes Chang Yi that silk system clothes, Zhao Hai also thinks one have met Warrior. This Manager to has not said anything to Zhao Hai, immediately has arranged in this hotel to Zhao Hai the best rooms, making Zhao Hai they rest. Let Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, in this hotel really has to be similar to the electricity building same equipment, this equipment took Magic Crystal as the power, not only Zhao Hai, Laura felt very surprised. Must know that this type with the elevator that Magic Crystal actuates, is free, can imagine, a such elevator, consumption how big, except for the hotel like hotel, general place simply cannot use. The Law River City here hotel lies in other place hotel biggest difference, here resident extremely numerous, business very good, can see neatly and immaculately dressed Noble in the here person everywhere, wears Merchant of silk clothes, all these demonstrated the uncommon place of this hotel.

These guests in hotel, after seeing Zhao Hai them, does not have to care, because Zhao Hai they they come with Might, the here person thinks that Zhao Hai they are also the Shelly Family people. Stays after the hotel, Zhao Hai immediately release the hawk, has given Evan to deliver a letter, reason that in the past he has not delivered a letter to Evan, was don’t know they must stop in there, now they stopped in Law River City here, he naturally must deliver a letter to Evan, making Evan meet Ryan. This Zhao Hai has not made Junichi ride the hawk, previous time to try the hawk, these time does not use, but now in the winter, the hawk flies is also quick, is high, that is very cold. The reply of Evan is quick, that night hawk had the reply, but he does not make Ryan wait for the person to meet her in Law River City here, but makes Zhao Hai bring to Sky Water City to go Ryan, he will send the ship to go to Sky Water City to meet Ryan. This to is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, what are more is the brains, this Miss Ryan may not be the lord who is good to serve, Zhao Hai sees Ryan now on the headache. Before Ryan, looks for trouble for him in Ikisa Family there, present to very honest, however honest went too far, honest makes Zhao Hai lack self-confidence at heart. Next morning, after Zhao Hai has had the breakfast, said the meaning of Evan to Ryan, and makes Might help him arrange the ship, such matter regarding Might is very relaxed, but they were impossible to walk today, was good next day. Zhao Hai has not cared, although has the ship to go to Sky Water City from the Law River City here day, but some ships actually cannot sit, because these ship sometimes will be a guest performer the pirate, such ship does not to be unsafe. although said that Zhao Hai does not fear them, but Might actually has no alternative but to consider these, Zhao Hai makes him help the arrangement, if arranged on Pirate Ship finally, on his face was unattractive. Also stayed for day in Law River City, on this day Zhao Hai has not been idling, Law River City is trade big city, here thing also very entire, Zhao Hai purchased many thing in here, majority of some Prairie thing on person need. What on Prairie the person most needs is what? First, grain \; second, salt, three are the irons! Grain that was needless saying that Prairie there most lacked was the grain, the salt was also similar, even if were Beastman must eat the salt, the iron was also same, Prairie there almost did not produce the iron, all iron hardware transported from Human Race big border here.

But in Human Race here these thing is not special thing, Zhao Hai in hand grain everyday delivers, simply does not need to be worried about anything, therefore he only purchased some salts and irons, was other living materials. Lived that long time on Prairie, he also knew the person on Prairie to need anything, was adding on the help of Laura, therefore Zhao Hai to was not worried one will buy useless thing. Regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, Might has not said anything, in fact likely is a Merchant dry matter, Merchant is not then thinking making money, when is thinking goes to war that is Merchant. Next morning ate breakfast Zhao Hai they to leave, pier outside direct Law River City, there had one to go to Sky Water City with the freighter that Shelly Family got to know each other well, they took a seat that ship. To pier time, Zhao Hai to somewhat was shocked, this Law River pier has not accommodated underestimated, every large or small freighter more than more than thousand, the biggest freighter can put a about thousand jin (0.5 kg) cargo, this is not a small number. This Law River water surface is fortunately broad, the water depth also suffices, must otherwise really unable to allow these many freighters, Zhao Hai they to get up known as along the river number freighter, this freighter is in these freighters quite big one, can put more than 1000 cargos evidently, the on the ship three masts, besides loading, but can also regard is the passenger ship use. Might already gave Zhao Hai them to arrange, not only the person has the room, including has arranged on Magic Beast that Zhao Hai their car(riage)s and met a train. After Zhao Hai to this Ark Continent, is first travelling by boat, he had also travelled by boat on Earth before, but the ship on Earth already with made of metal, he had not seen like this type of ordinary wooden boat. After embarking this, Might also specially gave Zhao Hai to present along the river number captain, this captain named Stack, was growing a full beard of face, stature very tall and big, possibly was year to year in the on the ship reason, skin dark, two points of roughness , an appearance of face wind and frost. It is not excellent at the appointed time the straightforwardness of next minute, moreover knew with Might probably. However these are not Zhao Hai pay attention to Stack's reason, making Zhao Hai pay attention his is, this really has the 7th level Warrior strength, is small Expert. Zhao Hai paid attention to on the ship these sailors, the skills of these sailors are not weak, moreover their bodies are bringing weapon, on the ship was safe several Ballista. Zhao Hai to has not paid attention, will possibly go to sea like freighter sometimes, on the sea they must have the ability of self-preservation, bringing weapon to be also normal.

said it, this ship, but the Might arrangement, the untrustworthy ship he is impossible to arrange, therefore Zhao Hai to is feel relieved, after winning Stack's approval, Zhao Hai still in all directions visited in on the ship. This on the ship besides Zhao Hai they , more than 100 passengers, these passengers has some probably is Merchant, some must go to Sky Water City commoner, very obviously this on the ship low grade room is not very expensive. Zhao Hai asked that goes to Sky Water City from Law River City, rides this ship to take about five days, if takes 6 groups, minimum needs for half a month about. The Law River water surface is broad, does not have what storm, therefore this arrives all the way is nothing, but is this, Meg somewhat is seasick, Zhao Hai must make her returned to on the ship in the room stay, actually Meg entered the room, Zhao Hai has let her returned to in Space. Laura these years are widely traveled, to do not have the seasick phenomenon . Moreover the ten points spirit, with Zhao Hai in on the ship taking a walk in all directions, Ni'er is also same. Ryan to is honest extraordinary, embarked to hide own in the room, in has not come out. The Ryan beforehand performance very normal words, Zhao Hai also thinks that Ryan has the autism, this was also too honest, Zhao Hai although daily travels together with Ryan now, but everyday actually very much sees to see Ryan, Ryan the eat three meals a day eats in own in the room now, time almost not under road of hurrying along, even if Zhao Hai they, when outdoor lives in the tent, Ryan also hides in own tent, the most important point does not meet with Zhao Hai in any case. Zhao Hai these days to was also used to it, somewhat was worried that he also really feared Ryan was stuffy to get sick oneself, if really accident sentiment, he also really not good with Evan explain/transfer. The Evan original intention is to let Ryan contacts with Zhao Hai much, having a look at them also to be possible in together, although Zhao Hai currently had Laura, had Meg, however on Continent, a man married several wives to be too normal, after Evan was also looks Zhao Hai improved, had such thoughts, but looked like this thoughts has wasted now, Ryan simply did not contact with Zhao Hai, do not raise marries Zhao Hai.