Chapter 349 Arrow Turtle Walked for three days in on the ship, Zhao Hai they to had not thought bothersome, but also has turned in the friend with on the ship some passengers, mixed with Stack ripe. Zhao Hai is in itself not the mean-spirited person, was adding on the person nice wine of running ship, Zhao Hai naturally took own Milk Wine generally, Stack first time drank such good liquor, naturally was happy extremely. Milk Wine that now Zhao Hai here produces, already, not only that low Milk Wine, has been able produce to leave about 40 degrees altitude liquor, this liquor drinks a little flavor. This altitude liquor first appears on Continent, Stack fortunately became the person who first drinks this type of liquor, but he only drank one cup to keel over drunk, the good Zhao Hai liquor has not infiltrated the vacation, he slept is good. although only drank a point to be drunk, but Stack actually liked this type of liquor, this liquor drank satisfying, especially regarding Stack such drunkard. However Zhao Hai actually did not give him this type of liquor to drink, but has put out that low Milk Wine, the number of degree of although this liquor lowered much, but Stack very much liked, this several days Stack has been entangling Zhao Hai, wants to buy this type of liquor from Zhao Hai in hand, Zhao Hai to was also natural, has given 50 jin (0.5 kg) directly, making Stack say that Zhao Hai was really kind. Zhao Hai stands in on the ship, the ships that look at comes and goes, he knows that beside now busy of Law River, the ships that this comes and goes, almost can see every time, it seems like that this Law River also is really in Rosen Empire a busiest river. Laura stands in the Zhao Hai side, scenery said : in look at this river Elder Brother Hai, you said after us , do also produce a ship to be good?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :well, later we also produce a ship, like this we must go to Beastman Prairie convenient character, moreover can go to sea, has a look at the marine scenery. Laura smiles said : well, I long am so big, has not gone to sea, what wants to have a look at ocean is really.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, later you can see daily, he he.” Was saying, suddenly Zhao Hai feels on this hull to shake, in Zhao Hai is thinking one felt has made a mistake time, the hull has shaken. This on the ship person presently is not right, Stack also ran up to near the ship, stern-faced looks toward the water, Zhao Hai although don’t know is he doing, but he in look at toward water. In the water has a shadow, by the ship, that shadow looked that background is not small, Zhao Hai puzzled look at that shadow, to Stack said : Stack, what thing is this? Just was he in the nautical collision?” Stack nodded said : right, is this thing in the nautical collision, this is Law River unique Magic Beast, Arrow Turtle, this Arrow Turtle is one type of very fierce underwater Magic Beast, is very big, the strength is very strong, his tortoise shell very special, has front to stretch out one meter long thorn, looks like looks like a sword is the same, moreover this turtle besides the tortoise shell, other place belt lengths scale armor, very difficult is also dealing with, what most important is, this Arrow Turtle very likes the attack communication the ships, our huge ship fortunately like this, because the deck is very thick, does not fear him to hit, general. If boat ran upon several by him, can dislodge large hole to come, but our such ships cannot make him such hit, will otherwise have the danger.” What to do Zhao Hai curious said : „do that you plan? Shoots with crossbow arrow? Useful?” Stack nodded said : to shoot with crossbow arrow, the courage of this thing is not big, sometimes shot several arrows to run, if can capture be good, this thing was very delicious.” At the same time was saying Stack first successive command(er) these sailors are preparing crossbow arrow, Zhao Hai they in side look at, crossbow arrow that he presently these people shoot is not quite same as crossbow arrow some that on ordinary land uses, crossbow arrow shoot out on land on nobody arrow, but the arrow arrow that their these crossbow arrow use is specially-made, behind is bringing rope. Under Stack's shouting out, these sailors prepared crossbow arrow quickly, has insinuated the past to that black, strength very big of this nag bow, this arrow got down, in the river water appears the red blood thread, these sailors have also met shoot out crossbow arrow. In this time, a sailor is shouting loudly said : captain, on the arrow has thing, possibly is Arrow Turtle.” As soon as Stack listened to him saying that generally happy expression said : really? fantastic, quick, everyone/Great Clan makes an effort to draw.” Was saying who while then other sailors make an effort, Zhao Hai and Laura stand in one side curious look at, this Arrow Turtle he first time sees. Before long, crossbow arrow pulled out water surface, on the arrow suddenly was hanging Arrow Turtle, this Arrow Turtle really like Stack said that this Arrow Turtle had about five meters fully, in the above of his head had bone spike like sword, this bone spike was connected with his shell, his skin looked like the skin of alligator is the same, looked like very thick, but crossbow arrow that Stack they shot was gripping on his only foot, this only Arrow Turtle still in struggling, is not obviously useful.

This Arrow Turtle appears very aggressive, often grows the mouth to roar, Zhao Hai can look, in he runs the canine, this definitely is one type of has strong attack struck Magic Beast. At this time the on the ship sailor prepared crossbow arrow, prepared to shoot dead this only Arrow Turtle, then drew in on the ship to come, if such drew Arrow Turtle to on the ship comes, was really too dangerous, this thing attack strength was not weak. Zhao Hai saw that sailor must shoot dead Arrow Turtle, quickly said: Wait / Etc., do not shoot first, did Stack, sell to me to be what kind of this only Arrow Turtle?” Stack stares, said : „do you want this thing to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that you leave alone, sold to me?” Stack smiles said : to sell anything to sell, gives to you to be good, is we seizes in any case.” Zhao Hai one happy, not polite, has arrived at the ship, the hand wields, received in that only Arrow Turtle Space, this is one type of new Magic Beast, Zhao Hai also wants by own Space quick Level Up, some wounds fear anything, Space can wound treatment. Stack they saw Zhao Hai taking away Arrow Turtle, was complexion changes, their although was only the running ship, but their this experiences had, Zhao Hai can achieve this point, explained that his in hand had Space equipment, had the Space equipment person, that explained that his status was not low, Stack they have not thought that really the Zhao Hai in hand minute had Space equipment. Must know when Continent, Space equipment almost can be considered as on is the status has symbolized, generally is not Great Noble, almost does not have Space Equipment, but Zhao Hai has one, this fully explained his strength. Stack although is not Noble, but Noble he saw a lot, these days he contacted with Zhao Hai, presently Zhao Hai with other Noble different places, Zhao Hai these Noble that arrogance, has not been together with them has not looked down upon their meanings, this let Stack very touched. Now looked that Zhao Hai had suddenly revealed Space equipment, Stack cannot help but again estimated the Zhao Hai status. Stack gets to know each other well with Shelly Family, normally also helps Shelly Family be farther the cargo, this Zhao Hai on on the ship with Might, but his badge is not Shelly Family, Stack thinks that Zhao Hai is that with not the Clan member who Shelly Family works, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai in hand unexpectedly Space equipment, this makes Stack think that Zhao Hai is Shelly Family official member. In the river the fresh matter was only an interlude, Zhao Hai chatted a while with Stack on returned to own room, he wants a bit faster to have a look, after Space join this Arrow Turtle, can in time Level Up, Ranch arrive at Level 10 in Level Up, will live anything to change to Level 10 don’t know Ranch there.

However was a pity, after Arrow Turtle entered Ranch, Ranch there does not have Level Up, but was Ranch there were also many one type of animal. Looked that Ranch there does not have Level Up, Zhao Hai not to care, this arrived provoked a new thought to Zhao Hai, animal although of road ground were many, but must, rivers and streams lake in the sea animal and plants are also many, the type were possibly more than land on, if Zhao Hai can make in the river or in the sea animal, Space thinks that Level Up was not difficult. Laura sits in Zhao Hai nearby said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that if we put in the water in river Space directly, will be what kind of?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought of this point, puts in the water in river Space directly? This method to can try. Zhao Hai nodded said : „to try, but must wait to find appropriate opportunity, we have arrived at Sky Water City in two days, after having waited till Sky Water City, was saying that to Sky Water City we not only can put the river water to put in Space, but can also also direct in Space the sea water, this perhaps Space can also Level Up, these days Ranch Level Up is not slow, but Farm almost not Level Up, when we to Sky Water City spatially, best many rise some thing, by Farm quick Level Up, and other I the water of nihility gave the solution poisonously, we. Can true was relaxed.” Laura nodded said : „, Farm level as soon as possible rises is right, but the present is in the winter, wanted to find new and odd plants is not that spatial easy, was not being able to find, majority of was also dies, or in one month, even if were also useless with the fluid of life, I looked at Farm, if wants Level Up, feared that was, when spring.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to need to worry, were many we to wait, did not miss these days, to Sky Water City there, we first to settle down has gotten down is good.” Laura nod said : „the present had Might they to protect us, although we were safe, however our bodies also got thanked Clan branding, this will probably bring to our later motions inconveniently, Shelly Family possibly also wants in this manner, to tie up with them us in together, like this, others in want to work with us must think well, Elder Brother Hai, you said that this can affect Calci Family with our cooperation?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „should not, we are the Dark Magician Alliance people, really with Calci Family relationship, compared with Shelly Family about, they should not to suspect that we are right.”