Chapter 350 frantic Level Up Laura nodded said : „, if can cooperate with Calci Family, to us absolutely is the good deed, when the time comes was we have revealed own status, nobody dares to say anything.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be able not to make them know that did not make them know, no matter what our territories also in Aksu Empire, if made them know really our status, always looked for our troubles, sufficed us to be tired.” Laura nodded, although currently Black Wasteland there had Cai'er poisonous mist, but also is not the complete insurance, on Continent 9th level Expert are many, the outstandingly able person different gentleman are also many, moreover forever do not underestimate a Empire strength, let alone their enemies not only also Aksu Empire, strength more formidable Radiant Church. The Radiant Church strength is very strong, moreover Light Element Magic has certain restrain to do to use regarding poisonous mist, if made the Radiant Church person know the Zhao Hai status, they will certainly go to Black Wasteland there, this regarding Zhao Hai their exhibitions very disadvantageous. Zhao Hai looked that Laura has not spoken, turns the head „your under the hand/subordinate to Laura said : at the Prairie there show how?” Zhao Hai said naturally is Laura in Beastman Prairie that under the hand/subordinate Ah Tai. Original Zhao Hai they are think that earlier goes to Prairie, met with Ah Tai, then together goes to Beast God City, but afterward because of the Wales matter, they had not gone, but Laura to instructed to Ah Tai that making Ah Tai leave to go to Beast God City there to act as advance party. Laura nodded said : couple of days ago to receive his information, arrived at Beast God City, now in there understanding.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, our present although wanted the main energy to put Wales Big Brother here, but our in hand grain, only depends on Wales Big Brother cannot eat up, we later must go to Beast God City, many contacted to be good with these big War Clan, I looked that after a period of time we were good because of Sky Water City to settle down, if there is a ship to go to Beastman Prairie, we also had a look.” Laura knit the brows said : „should better or wait for the day beginning of the spring to go, now went to Beastman Prairie there, will not have any business, Beastman had already prepared the grain of winterring, now goes is not the good opportunity.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : because all people think that this is not a good opportunity, we must go, perhaps will have the accident presently also perhaps.” Was saying, in Meg suddenly said : of look at screen Young Master, did not suit probably, the external ship resembles the vibration was getting more and more fierce.” Zhao Hai has gawked, left Space with the Laura flashes body hastily, fierce that very , the ship vibrates now, probably was is just been same by Arrow Turtle attack, but was just more intense. Zhao Hai has arrived in the external deck with Laura hastily, Stack stern-faced look at surface of the river, Zhao Hai half step has arrived at his side, looked toward in the river that in the river probably one were presently many many Arrow Turtle, these Arrow Turtle probably not awfully same is hitting along Jiang. Zhao Hai saw that this situation cannot help but knit the brows said : Stack, what's all this about? These Arrow Turtle crazy?”

Stack shook the head said : is not crazy, but is also similar, our had been planned, this Arrow Turtle is unpalatable one type of to call the cedar fragrant wood Blockhead happily, the ship that so long as runs on Law River, will not bring this Blockhead, that will bring in Arrow Turtle frantic attack, in the past my ship has carried on a repair in Law River City, possibly some people have put the cedar fragrant wood on my on the ship, then in the outside bread of cedar fragrant wood the one layer paint, possible is the water paint, this paint in the time in the water spending one long on automatic abscission, the paint one will fall., Inside cedar fragrant wood revealed that Arrow Turtle smelled that flavor, naturally can come attack our ship.” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, turned the head to look at standing Might, Might also frowns, as soon as he felt that the Zhao Hai vision, cannot help but did gawk, sweeps complexion is changing said : mister you thinks?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I suspected that this matter is possibly related with Grand Duke Layen, does he have such strength not?” Might complexion pale said : „is he so ruthless? In order to cope with us, can sacrifice this on the ship person?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : regarding Grand Duke Layen, the sacrifice such selected the person is anything, can kill us is most important, we were living, he will be laughed, how he possibly let off this opportunity.” As soon as Stack listened to them saying that deep voice said : you said this time matter was Grand Duke Layen sends for doing? Point to kill you?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have possibility very much, from hundred fights fortress to start, I have not stopped with Grand Duke Layen Fighting Technique, in the entire process, I altogether have killed the Grand Duke Layen about ten thousand people, he can be imagined to my hate, Starr Big Brother, it seems like that this time was I implicates you, but I was a little a little strange, how they know that I will ride your ship?” Might has smiled bitterly next step: Did not need to think, certainly because of me, our Shelly Family had the cooperation with these merchants, Grand Duke Layen was clear, we arrived at Law River City, he did not have means in the city to begin to us, first has made trick/hand and foot in Starr Big Brother on the ship, if I have not guessed wrong, not only they have made trick/hand and foot in on the ship, possibly also sent for in road high grade we, because their don’t know we were take 6 groups to travel by water, it seems like these time was we are really negligent.” Stack has smiled bitterly, he does not have to think one have regarded the sacrificial victim unexpectedly, in Law River, one type of Magic Beast that Arrow Turtle deals with awkwardly, their strengths are big, defend strongly, if only independent several, deals with fortunately, but if large-scale appears , that absolutely is the nightmare of running ship person. Might turns the head to Stack said : Stack, what means has to cope with this aspect?” Stack forced smile said : has, abandons a ship, goes to other on the ship, like this we can maintain a livelihood, the non- trans ship actually ended.” Might nodded said : that to abandon a ship, feel relieved, your ship Shelly Family will certainly compensate, no matter what this matter because of us, we cannot make your in vain suffers loss.” Zhao Hai one hear of Might said that to is the secret nod, Shelly Family such procedure he approves of, can look at the Shelly Family style from this point, Zhao Hai thought one have not found fault the person. look at underwater more gathers many Arrow Turtle, Zhao Hai suddenly said : I to can try to have a look whether to cope with these Arrow Turtle, has not needed to abandon a ship, Stack, making the ship moor, stops, simultaneously makes in the ship all people do not come out.” As soon as Stack listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then immediately letting the person has prepared, although said that Might said can compensate his ship, but along Jiang was his property, was he bit by bit constructs, this looked like his family is the same, he to being suitable for Jiang had the sentiment, naturally did not hope along Jiang.

However he has prepared the lifeboat, no matter what, the protect life is most important. Now because in the river gathered large quantities of Arrow Turtle, other ships already ran, in the entire deck could not be seeing other ship, this arrived has brought very big convenient to the motion of Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai method also is actually very simple, dealt with according to law according to just Laura their sides, received the river water Space directly, life form in such river water also with entering to Space, these Arrow Turtle has naturally been no exception. The ship fell the anchor quickly, Zhao Hai turned the head to Stack said : Stack Big Brother, you wanted the control good ship, I looked that also received the ship's sail, I must large quantities of river water migrations, if did not do well, the ship will possibly turn.” Stack thinks Zhao Hai with Water element Magic, therefore had not asked that but nodded, making the sailor fall the ship's sail, moreover oneself have arrived at the position of helmsman. Zhao Hai looked that they prepared, this has put out Ghost Staff, has arrived at the ship, gently was reading Incantation, actually this was doing for show, he ordered to Cai'er, in the river started Space rift, introduced in the river water Space directly. Might and Stack static look at Zhao Hai, how don’t know Zhao Hai then must do, is in this time, on their suddenly present surface of the river appears huge Space rift, the river water was actually flowing toward the crack, before long and there on appears a giant whirlpool, even/including Shunjiang toward that crack by going. Might and Stack had a scare, they have not thought Zhao Hai uses unexpectedly is not Water element Magic, but is on Continent Space of most side door is Magic. Belongs to Magic of most side door Space Magician is most difficult to see on Continent, therefore the average person did not understand Space Magic, but a little they actually know that Space rift is in Space Magic most symbolic one move. Now looks on the surface of the river appears Space rift, they think certainly that Zhao Hai is Space Magician, this lets look at Zhao Hai that Might two eyes shines, sighed the Clan good luck. Space Magician on Continent was really too precious, any influence, wants to obtain Space Magician, if made the bystander know that Zhao Hai was Space Magician, no matter he arrived at there, will receive the highest courteous reception. Might they felt that the surface of the river by, fast is reducing, obviously flows in the water volume that in that Space rift the one type of naked eye may look up to have many. But Zhao Hai has made Cai'er pay attention to in the river these Arrow Turtle, so long as draws in these Arrow Turtle Space, he will stop. Before long Cai'er told him, encircled, in their surrounding Arrow Turtle were drawn in Space, altogether more than 300, Zhao Hai immediately stopped, Space rift on surface of the river also vanished. Space rift information, the on the ship people relaxed, look at that river water flows toward that crack, fell the anchor along river number although, but is depending toward crack there, they felt that resembles momentarily to be drawn the feeling in Space rift, now the crack vanished, they also relaxed certainly. Waits for Space rift to vanish, the surface of the river restored calm, the water level in restoration bit by bit, the on the ship person look at Zhao Hai look is not right.

Must know that Space Magician in all Magician, the status is highest, but just the method of Zhao Hai use, was the Space Magician method. Might look at Zhao Hai said : has not thought that mister unexpectedly is Space Magician, was really disrespectful.” The Zhao Hai look at Might appearance, smiles said : to result, I am Space Magician, your partners, do not make that seriously.” Might has also smiled, this entered Stack to walk, he used one type of very unusual look look at Zhao Hai said : „, if I told others that I with Space Magician was a friend, they will certainly not believe.” Zhao Hai and Might have smiled, Zhao Hai looked at surface of the river said : this in the river affirmation, not only these Arrow Turtle, moreover I feared after Grand Duke Layen will have move, we are about a point to walk, so long as Sky Water City were safe.” Stack nodded, immediately/on horseback greeted these crew to set sail. Zhao Hai pretended very tired appearance said : to result, you were busy, I must go back to rest, just these was much more tired me.” Said that beckoned with the hand to Might, walks toward in the room, Might has not blocked him, in fact now his excited, for Clan happy, Clan can draw in relationship with Space Magician, was really too lucky. Zhao Hai entered the room, immediately moves sideways to enter Space, because just he, when entered the river water toward Space, probably heard in Space to transmit the prompt sound, what he has not noted is, entered Space, his immediately to Cai'er said : Cai'er, just what's the matter?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, just Space Level Up, Farm rose 1st level, Ranch there rose 5th level, now is ten 4th level, moreover Space were many a function, is the fish pond function, if later Young Master in wants to breed fish, can put in the Ranch there river to raise, will not take Ranch to breed the animal quantity, can raise Water element Magic Beast in the river, the quantity is highest may raise 10,000, Ranch after rising to Level 10, inside all animal Level Up became Magic Beast, before these original ordinary animal, turns. Magic Beast.” The Zhao Hai great happiness, he has not thought, will have such good deed, after the Space liter to Level 10, inside all animal turned into Magic Beast unexpectedly, moreover can breed fish, this is the excellent matter. However his immediately has thought of a point, to Cai'er said : Cai'er, if raises Fire Fish in Hot Spring, is also in the fish pond function?” Cai'er nodded said : „, so long as is thing that in the water raises, is in the fish ponds, after Young Master, can raise Fire Fish, Magic Beast quantity that now the Young Master person can also raise because of the Space Level Up reason, can raise 10,000, in other words Young Master you can raise 10,000 Water element Magic Beast now, but can also raise 10,000 ordinary Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but laughs said : well, fantastic, walks quickly, we enter in the room, your detailed told that me Space this Level Up also has any advantage.”