Chapter 351 Thick ice five old Laura they in Space, are also listening to the Cai'er words, this Space Level Up, regarding Zhao Hai is really very important, non- position Farm rose, Ranch rose 5th level. Most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, animal that Ranch there not only can raise increased, unexpectedly also turned into Magic Beast all animal. Now his Ranch there can raise twenty thousand only Magic Beast, land 10,000, Water element 10,000, this absolutely is good information, these many Magic Beast, not only can bring more incomes to Zhao Hai, but can also let his fighting strength large scale increase. What most important is, Cai'er also told a Zhao Hai point, because Zhao Hai this time massive introduced Space the river water, in the river water includes massive float life form and massive single cell life form, these thing have formed a small life form circle, but this regarding Space evolution was very helpful, if Zhao Hai got down according to such show, Space slowly will turn into a complete world, only belonged to Zhao Hai, complete world. Heard Cai'er saying that Zhao Hai understand, Space later Zhan Fang to was this, a complete world, this sounded is really very good. Now many thing in Space are digitization, although regarding Zhao Hai, this very convenient, but this actually actually only energy likely is a machine, all are die, if here turns into one to end all year round the world, that had the vitality to be many. Heard Cai'er to say Zhao Hai very excited, he now had found also the Space one type of evolution way, but he must do now, the first Space current ability utilizing. Zhao Hai does not need Magic Beast in Space to fight for oneself, his in hand Undead Creature, these Magic enough he has come in handy, Space here biggest doing uses, makes money for him, therefore he to raise the cow and Argali give priority to in Space now, naturally, Fire Fish was also necessary, but Zhao Hai has only raised 5000 Fire Fish, remaining he has raised one type of very ordinary Scaleless Fish. This fish has on Continent everywhere, so long as is the fresh water place has existence of this fish, this is the one type of fish that on Continent Human Race most often eats, before Zhao Hai has wanted to buy this fish the fry, but has not succeeded. This time he took in the water in Law River Space, in Law River impossible, only then Arrow Turtle and these float life form, all kinds of fish are also many, these fish naturally will have their picture in Ranch store there, Zhao Hai can buy these Yu to come to work as the fry. The situation Zhao living expenses in Space not extremely in care, here, so long as gave Cai'er and Mu'er has been OK, now what Zhao Hai thinks leaves an issue.

This time he puts in the Law River water Space, not only lets Space Level Up, but also had found Space Zhan Fang , after that he can also direct in the sea water Space, such Space in time Level Up? If this is really the case, then on fantastic. Possibly is because this Zhao Hai gives has seized the reason nearby Arrow Turtle, therefore in following day of time they in have not met Arrow Turtle attack, but they have not seen any ship, scene that possibly just Arrow Turtle converged made the people of these running ships present, Arrow Turtle regarding injury very big of ship, therefore the people of these running ships certain were find the place to seek asylum, does not dare to navigate on the water surface. In the evening Zhao Hai has not exited, research well Space, presently the Space present function too big promotion, besides was unable to raise many animal much, did not have any too big attack. However this Farm Level Up truly is makes Zhao Hai feel very excited, must know that Farm for a long time did not have Level Up, this is the Zhao Hai most worried place. Farm Level Up, he has been able to open the Processing Field function, only then he can remove toxin, currently he have two attractive fiancees like this, he does not want dead is too early, but if the toxin of water of his nihility cannot a bit faster remove, he most also with the average person same life, even is shorter than the average person, must know on Continent the life of average person from 80 to 100, so long as study Battle Qi and Magic person, that his life on can achieve 100 to 120, but the body of Zhao Hai compared with the average person. Must miss, feared that can only live six and 70 years old to be good. Nobody does not think that live time long, Zhao Hai naturally is also so, he has not sufficed exactly, therefore naturally hopes one can live some time, that Detoxification is his wanting duty. However the present is in the winter, wants to look for these specially point plants, not very easy, therefore Zhao Hai can only be now after beginning of the spring, was saying. However the matter of this river water actually gives Zhao Hai to remind, most common thing on Continent, may be able to let Space Level Up, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is the good deed. Next morning, Zhao Hai early on appears in the deck, to be honest, the scenery on this Law River also is really very good, before on Earth, Zhao Hai was also sitting crosses the river, but reason that because at that time polluted, therefore he travelled by boat, will not launch, that water looked like too dirty. But now Law River has not actually received anything to pollute, on the surface of the river clear, morning Sun reflected the river water to turn into the red, particularly attractive. The scenery on Zhao Hai look at surface of the river, sighed said : really attractively, this scenery I looked probably am not very same.” Stack's voice conveyed said : to result, if you looked daily thought to be tired, what kind of? Recovered consciousness?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : „, was good, let alone, yesterday was really also exhausted.” Stack smiled, has not said anything, turns the head the look at surface of the river, they some little time have not spoken. In this time, a sailor was walking, this sailor looked at Zhao Hai one with the vision of one type of fear first, this to Stack said : on the ship, some are not right, starts from yesterday, on the surface of the river has not seen to sail a boat, even if these people fears Arrow Turtle, is impossible such long time not to sail a boat? Aren't some right?” Stack stares, then does complexion change said : yesterday in the evening does not have the ship to pass through?” Because Law River here is the waterway important highway, therefore some evening's time frequently ships in the night flight, this regarding Stack them, are very normal, they saw a lot. But if yesterday one has not seen to have the ship night flight in the evening, that some do not suit. That sailor nodded said : „, yesterday a night has not seen the ship to pass through in the evening, our ship starts from Arrow Turtle attack, I have not seen the trans ship to pass through.” Stack gloomy face turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : looks like some people must cope with us, Wales, making you be ready, I suspected that this is the Grand Duke Layen lane, passed today, tomorrow we have been able to enter to Sky Water City, the fact fell our equal to to enter to the Sky Water City boundary up and down, there was the Calci Family domain, cannot begin easily, therefore Grand Duke Layen , to cope with us, can only this morning.” Zhao Hai gloomy face said : has this possibility very much, Grand Duke Layen such easily will not let off our, if we were living Sky Water City, he was not possibly having opportunity to cope with us, if we were living, then advocated regarding him is a provocation of very critical, it seems like we must prepare.” At this time Might also walked out, anger said : of his face good Layen, I to think that he can also jump several days, mister you invites feel relieved, I ensure here Grand Duke Layen last opportunity, passed today, his oneself difficultly guaranteed.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that also resulted in today saying that was good, did not say these useless, I to have a look at this Grand Duke Layen to find out any means to cope with us.” Was saying, distant saw boat drove, this strip ship is very small, looks is lifeboat on a huge ship, normally simply does not use. Is normal five people on this boat, these five people put on Magic Robe, their Magic Robe are the sky blue, in hand is taking Magic Staff, their ships do not choose a person to delimit, does not have the ship's sail, but this ship actually very fast. Might looked at that boat said : Water element Magician, is good to plan, in this river, copes with us with Water element Magician is most appropriate, Brother, standing by.”

His voice just fell, these Water element Magician on boat moved, several people have held up Magic Staff, has pronounced unstressed several Incantation, then saw ten water dragon to clash from the surface of the river, the direct on the ship person threw. Zhao Hai is unhurriedly, in hand Magic Staff wields, huge Wind Blade greatly his in hand, these water dragon directly on water dragon cutting a inconsistency. However these water dragon are made by the water, the characteristics of water are, draws a sword the finishing a job water to flow, these water dragon although were cut a inconsistency, but quick restores such as beginning, direct on the ship has hit. Zhao Hai complexion changes, he has not thought that these people so are unexpectedly difficult to deal with, in hand Magic Staff is wielding, several incomparably huge Fireball appears in that several water dragon, has blocked that several water dragon. As incompatible as fire and water, that several water dragon meet Zhao Hai Fireball, has not actually stopped, wants to draw to throw, Fireball extinguishing, but stems from the expectation of that several Magician, the Fireball extraordinary tenacity of Zhao Hai release, water dragon and Fireball have refused to compromise the half of the day, that Fireball does not extinguish unexpectedly. In this time, the bodies of several Ice Arrow direct Zhao Hai are shooting, that Ice Arrow each and every one is dodging blue light, that blue is not the common water blue color, resembles poisonous to be the same unexpectedly. These outside Ice Arrow appears ten points suddenly, in this time, Might complexion changed said : thick ice five old!” On boat has broadcast a somewhat old sound, laughs said : „the youngster good eye, is old man several people, you can die in old man in hand today, is not injust!” These Ice Arrow immediately must shoot the Zhao Hai front, saw that Zhao Hai did not have the time to resist, in Might had a big shock, Zhao Hai form actually suddenly vanishes in on the ship.