Chapter 352 Big harvest Might sees this situation, first stares, is one happy, his suddenly thinks that Space Magician will use move of Magic, Teleportation , is instantaneously shifts oneself to other places, naturally, that is the place that his eye can see, if not the place that his eye can see, that will possibly lose in the space and time turbulent flow. Might don’t know, the move of moving of Zhao Hai, is uses the Space monitor function actually actually, the Space monitor function, can enable Zhao Hai to be able optional the migration in the monitor range, now his monitor range is the diameter two kilometers, in this diameter two kilometers range, Zhao Hai can move at will, wants to go to there to go to there, nobody can block him. But on the ship that five Water element Magician actually stare, at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly left on their boat, then centered on him blew one group of storms, in that storm was mixing with Wind Blade, when that several Water element Magician did not have understand came what's the matter, they by this storm group are given the dismemberment. After Zhao Hai has killed these Water element Magician, immediately took in Space these Magician, just took in Space, only arrives in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Has the deadly poison water to enter Space, examines the water quality, the water quality for the cold deadly poison water, aggressiveness is strong, the proportion is big, Space absorbs the new type water, operates the out-of-the-way cold spring.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately asked Cai'er what's the matter, Cai'er told Zhao Hai, the bodies of these Water element Magician were bringing the one type of cold deadly poison water, toxicity of this type of water was very strong, the attack strength was also very strong, because Space this type of water can increase the Space attack strength, therefore attracted this type of water specially, emitted cold spring, the water quality of this type of spring, was the same with this type of deadly poison water. Zhao Hai gawked, is busy at turning into Advanced level Undead Creature that several Water element Magician, asked them. That several Water element Magician to has not hidden the truth from him, originally this type of water is the one type of Water element Magician most precious object that they obtain, called Profound Ice Liquid, in this water had deadly poison, moreover extraordinarily cold incomparable, was colder than the solid ice, but unusually strange, they must ice compared with the solid ice coldly, but actually maintained at the condition of water, has not frozen. However so long as this Profound Ice Liquid has bumped into thing, that thing immediately can be frozen turn into ice, can say, if Water element Magician obtained this thing, his attack strength minimum can increase about five layers. Moreover these five Water element Magician have the 7th level strength, in adding on with Profound Ice Liquid in the hand, they rushed out on Continent has annoyed the big reputation, before was, Might said that thick ice five old. They were also the years hire oneself Grand Duke Layen, these time collected the order of Grand Duke Layen to cope with Zhao Hai, they also know that the Zhao Hai strength was not weak, to guarantee to complete duty, they have taken their Magical Treasure specially, Profound Ice Liquid, has not thought that finally cheap Zhao Hai, finally also made in Space many Profound Ice Spring.

Zhao Hai this happy, personal appearance flashes on appears in along the river number, Might they actually silly look at Zhao Hai, looked that the sea looks at their appearances, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to be good, don't worry, the thick ice five will never be tired to us, proceeded, front also had a Grand Duke Layen ship in we.” Might and Stack many did not ask anything, slowly drove along river number proceeding, really soon they saw a giant warship, this warship being suitable for Jiang should not be bigger, evidently, the displacement should about 5000 tons, but this ship not by freight transportation give priority to, but by fight give priority to, on the ship was bringing massive Magic Cannon and Ballista, but also was leading about 5000 soldiers, on the main mast of ship, was also hanging a flag, this flag was on the picture only fierce Swordfish. Might saw that this ship stares, then complexion changes said : Swordfish Ship, isn't this in Rosen Empire famous Swordfish Ship? Can he appears in here? Grand Duke Layen crazy?” In this time, Zhao Hai presently the Magic Cannon muzzle on Swordfish Ship the image rotation along Jiang, eye look at must actually shoot. Zhao Hai cannot certainly make these Magic Cannon shoot, if that Magic Cannon shoots, that was suitable for Jiang ending. Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears on Swordfish Ship, these soldiers on Swordfish Ship, simply did not have understand what's the matter the time, has made these Undead Creature killing. After having solved the on the ship person, Zhao Hai received in this ship Space directly, they looks like in Might, is actually Zhao Hai wields, then appears huge Space rift, Swordfish Ship swallowing. After Zhao Hai received Swordfish Ship, staggered two steps, Might has been busy at going forward to hold him, Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right to him, but made an effort excessively, I went back to rest first, here on give you.” Said staggering walks toward the cabin. Zhao Hai is not certainly tired, he wants in returned to Space to have a look at oneself this harvest in a big way, this time he really greatly has gained, he has not thought that Grand Duke Layen unexpectedly such natural, sends a battleship to him directly, this regarding him was really too important. This battleship is not in the river uses obviously, can look is in the sea uses, was present Law River soon entered seaport, the water volume was very big, this battleship can start, otherwise was impossible to enter Law River. on the ship these soldiers were also turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, these, not only the battleship had, on Lien Chan shipboard sailor anything did not need to look, what most important was, Zhao Hai also learn Water element Magic also obtained Profound Ice Spring.

returned to in Space Zhao Hai they looked at Profound Ice Spring first, this Profound Ice Spring by Liquid of Life Spring and Hot Spring, life fluid spring water is clear, in the although water does not have thing, but looks like actually gives people the one type of life force vigorous feeling, the Hot Spring above mist fills the air, looked that the temperature is not low. But this Profound Ice Spring actually completely is another appearance, this Profound Ice Spring becomes the blue color, is that very deep blue color, is similar to a stagnant water is the same, to person the feeling of one type of deathly stillness. Zhao Hai put forth a wooden club to extend at will toward Profound Ice Spring, actually saw that wooden club just to enter in the water, above immediately has tied the one layer frost, that wooden club turned into an icicle in a flash. Zhao Hai took from water that wooden club hastily, gently touches, that wooden club immediately broken turn into ice dregs, Zhao Hai for the first time tongue said : has not thought that this Profound Ice Spring unexpectedly such fierce, was too fierce.” Laura they also nodded, they have not thought that this Profound Ice Spring unexpectedly such fierce, unexpectedly in one wooden club destroying, no wonder the thick ice five old has been able to rush to with Profound Ice Spring with, if big reputation. Then several people arrived at Ranch, gives let out Swordfish Ship, Ranch here has a river, now this river widened much, happen to can put Swordfish Ship to put inside. Zhao Hai they got up Swordfish Ship good to visit well, on entire Swordfish Ship a dish had the soldier more than 5000 people, had Magic Cannon 120, Ballista 360, on the ship installs with the living materials, may suffice for 5000 people of three months to use, this can guarantee doing that the on the ship person can link fought. The on the ship deck is divided into ten thick, main vice- mast altogether ten, the quickest line can achieve the 25 knot, can be called absolutely is express ship, this type of ship is also the Rosen Empire Main Force warship, although they are not the sea military service biggest warship, is actually in the navy most warships. Zhao Hai nodded, this ship Zhao is good, what most important is, lumber also very good that this ship to deal with the navigation of long time, uses, deck very thick, worthily is military product. In Space well stayed one in the morning, eats lunch Zhao Hai to come out, to outside one looked at Might and Stack, what does Zhao Hai go forward said : What happened? to look at hastily? What situation also has?”

They looked at Zhao Hai to come out, on the face was having a happy expression, but Stack was the sincerity smiling face, but Might has an awe. Stack smiles said : to be all right, now arrived on the Sky Water City water surface, dares optional beginning in here nobody, even if Grand Duke Layen does not dare, saw? there is Calci Family Spectre Battleship.” Zhao Hai following Stack at present looks, really saw that the front not far away has not a big black battleship, this battleship all over the body is the black, only with being suitable for the river number is almost big, the present is only static stopping in there, looks like also really like spectre. Stack then said : do not look that Calci Family Spectre Battleship is inferior to Swordfish Ship to be big, but they win in the spirit law, fighting strength is not weak, if meets this spectre number in offshore Swordfish Ship, suffering a loss certainly is Swordfish Ship.” Zhao Hai strange said : „doesn't the spectre number turn over to Rosen Empire navy command(er)?” Stack nodded, smiles said : not to turn over , the spectre number is the Calci Family private escort ship, within the establishment of Empire, does not have many Great Clan in Empire, has own fleet, these fleets one on to increase the Clan strength, two for the seaborne commerce, these Great Clan have their open sea freighter, but these escort ships are the escort ships of these freighters, most important is escorts these ships to carry on the seaborne commerce.” Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like that this Rosen Empire imagination is more formidable, these Great Noble can raise their fleet, can think the overall strength of this country strong. Following road running free with the current, they in have not encountered any problem, just on surface of the river often can see Spectre Battleship generally, Zhao Hai has counted, the Spectre Battleship total that quite a while the voyage, they saw crosses 20, this is not a small number, was too astonishing. Has arrived at here, their ships also slowed down, they have no alternative but to slow down, now the freighter on surface of the river were many, that may really be hundred boats competing to win thousand sails competes, school of lively scene, has been able to see some Small pier along the way, on these Small pier stops some relying on freighters, some in the loading, some are unloading cargo, looks like is very busy.