Chapter 353 Sky Water City Zhao Hai look at these pier, turn the head look at Stack said : Stack Big Brother, how did here have pier? here pier also turns over to the Sky Water City tube?” Stack nodded said : „, Sky Water City there although is a natural good harbour, but the ship are too many, sea boat, river boat, everyday row full, the has plenty ship does not have the means to unload cargo, finally can construct the pier place in this, has built up these Small pier, here although to the Sky Water City distant point, but unloads after the goods, then can progress from 6 groups to Sky Water City, this compared with is also waiting in there strongly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, was far, can we arrive at Sky Water City tonight?” Stack shook the head said : tonight, a while we look for pier to rest one to front in the evening, tomorrow can arrive at Sky Water City, Shelly Family has special-purpose pier in Sky Water City there, we can stop the ship in there, this does not need to snatch the position with other ship.” Zhao Hai nodded, simultaneously to Shelly Family in the Sky Water City there influence some new understanding, according to the understanding of his these days, Sky Water City there can be said as the inch of lang and gold place, can have own pier in there, it seems like Shelly Family is very big in the Sky Water City there influence. Evening's time, Stack stopped ship the place that called mercenary pier, one hear of this pier name knew, here was mercenary very many pier, in this pier here, you can see mercenary everywhere, these mercenary had some are to give the freighter is the guard, some were the coolie on pier unexpectedly. Is mercenary the coolie? This hear somewhat is probably absurd, actually and not so, these are mercenary who? These mercenary has plenty are some ordinary commoner, they lost their land for various reasons, to live, for does not degenerate into the slave, they can only , when mercenary. Because their fighting strength are very weak, the has plenty person the everyone/Great Clan sub- person must raise, therefore they do not dare to meet extremely in dangerous duty, they can only meet duty that some running feet deliver a letter, these duty do not have what danger, but similarly, their reward also very low, can only exempts strong getting by. Even if such duty does not have daily, what to do in not being able to receive such duty situation can? They can only do the work of some coolies, therefore sometimes, mercenary and coolie are very difficult to differentiate. Like pier, because in the Sky Water City surrounding, therefore Calci Family does not have the too strong management, is adding on these mercenary is all sorts of people who has, therefore such pier has characteristics, chaotic, is very chaotic, very chaotic. When the ship must stop pier, Stack said to Zhao Hai, to this pier here, best do not exit, the although Zhao Hai strength is very strong, but provokes also model|pattern not on. Zhao Hai to has not wanted pier to come up, such Small pier does not have attractively what, said it, these mercenary are some careless people, if made them see Laura their these beautiful woman, perhaps that will say anything to come, Zhao Hai does not think that this matter lived. In on the ship they to with being worried about these mercenary, regarding these mercenary, this on the ship person are their parents, the average person are nobody will embark the noisy matter.

Has rested a evening in on the ship, next morning, Zhao Hai they will turn toward the Sky Water City direction to leave, underwent two hours of navigation, they have been able faint saw Sky Water City city wall. Is nearer to Sky Water City, Zhao Hai more feels to be startled, he has not thought really that this Sky Water City unexpectedly such big, is bigger than Law River City, Law River City is population 1 million big city cities, but Sky Water City minimum has three times of big of Law River City, in other words, in Sky Water City here, population possible 3 million! In a Ark Continent such place, will really have such sits big city, this was really too astonishing, but Calci Family can control such big city, Rosen Empire King unable to meddle, was more astonishing, now the strength of Zhao Hai to Calci Family, had a very direct-viewing understanding. Zhao Hai does not believe that Calci Family has the Dark Magician matter, Radiant Church point also don’t know, Radiant Church knows, but did not have the means to move Calci Family, this was the Calci Family fierce place, no wonder Calci Family can organize Dark Magician Alliance, they really had this strength. Quick, advanced by Sky Water City Small pier along the river number slowly, this pier is not big, like being suitable for Jiang the ship, most can only stop five to six, absolutely was Small pier, but Might told Zhao Hai, like pier, although was Shelly Family constructs, but wanted Sky Water City to pay about million gold coins land-use fees every year of actually looks like, otherwise Calci Family will take back this pier. Such big point pier, one year must receive 1 million gold coins, obviously Sky Water City is a how big treasure vase, but Calci Family can unexpectedly continuously Sky Water City control in the hand power, that must need the how formidable strength. Along Jiang to pier on time, Zhao Hai noted, on pier some people wait in there, in these people has plenty wears that silk system clothes that Merchant most often wears, very conspicuous. Might looked at the appearances of these people, turns the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai is meets our, Clan the words, have later treated mister you, must treat courteously it by distinguished guest this.” Zhao Hai has gawked, shook the head said : this to favor, I may unable to handle.” Might shows a faint smile said : „to handle, depends on mister Milk Wine, mister received that many difficult for our Shelly Family, mister could handle, walks, we got down.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, has arrived with Might along Jiang, their ox cart naturally also some people delivering to disembark, some Giant Ox raging bull also people delivering to disembark. They just arrived at on the ship, person immediately of that several Merchant appearance welcomed, looks like fat, about 40 -year-old people walk in the forefront, the language has not smiled first, bows to Zhao Hai and Might said : hotel Sky Water City manager, Marriott has seen Wales mister, has seen Might Captain.” Might gives Marriott to salute said : not to dare hastily, Marriott Manager was too polite.” Zhao Hai also smiles said : to be able below what Dehe, dares the camp to move Marriott Manager to greet unexpectedly personally, really folded the ghost.”

Marriott laughed said : mister to be too polite, depended on lives first to the help of our Shelly Family, greets mister also should be, mister please board, in the hotel has prepared the meal, and other mister came.” Zhao Hai one hear of Marriott said that smiles said : that so below on impolite, Manager invited.” Several people were also polite several, boarded the respective car(riage), walks toward Sky Water City. Is walking toward in the city, Zhao Hai they while is sizing up this Sky Water City, this Sky Water City has the name of Tianshui worthily, in the city the creek are many, takes a broad view to look, bridges, constituted this city very unusual scenery. in the city heavy traffic, if the pedestrian weaves, lively , the in the city although rivers are numerous, but street actually also very wide opens, street both sides everywhere have shops, all kinds of horse carriage and pedestrians pass and out to look in the shop, business very good in that shop. Zhao Hai on the street they can see once for a while put on standardized leather armor, leading the person of standardized both hands sword to suspend the team to pass through from the street, these people walk carefully while is sizing up all around, on leather armor of these people, is bringing the Calci Family badge, looks is the Calci Family person. Zhao Hai look at these people, turn the head to Laura said : Laura, are these people who? Is City Defense Force? Does Calci Family send the maintenance public security?” Laura smiles said : these person of I to has heard, these people is a Sky Water City here unique organization, called the management, they maintained the in the city public security specially, was responsible for street the cleaning up and other work , the authority in Sky Water City was very big.” Zhao Hai actually hears dumbfoundedly, he does not have to think one put on Ark Continent here, can hear management name unexpectedly, did this also too wickedly do? Does Calci Family have crossing over to be inadequate? How otherwise can give such a overbearing name. Swung the head gently, flung these impractical ideas, Zhao Hai wholly-absorbed was sizing up in the city all, has saying that this Sky Water City was really Zhao Hai has seen the liveliest city, but such urban rank must after Carson City, be difficult imagines Carson City really vividly to any degree. horse carriage walked for one hour to stop, Zhao Hai looked at one, presently before they arrived at two more than ten layers high tall buildings, after this was also Zhao Hai to Ark Continent here, has seen highest tall building. In front of this building, very big squares, the square middle is a flower-bed, in the flower-bed blossoms, in the middle of flower-bed, with a Shelly Family clan emblem that the different color flowers compose, very stylish. Zhao Hai just from the vehicle, Marriott and Might welcomed, Marriott bows said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai, inside food and wine has arranged, today we for the mister reception.” Zhao Hai smiles said : exhausted Manager, Manager invited.” Marriott also said : mister invited.” Said that puts out a hand empty to direct, walks toward the building in Zhao Hai shoulder to shoulder. Zhao Hai is don’t know own misconception, he felt this Marriott Manager to his was warm, were many in enthusiasm three points of awe.

Zhao Hai naturally don’t know, just toward in the city walked, Might to Marriott said that Zhao Hai was Space Magician, regarding any influence, Space Magician needs to include vigorously, Marriott knew Zhao Hai was Space Magician, that naturally was enthusiasm, in the enthusiasm was also having three points of awe. Sky Water City hotel also very luxurious, performs to reveal high-quality, the person who inside communicated was also neatly and immaculately dressed, the style of speaking was uncommon, can look, their here business was very good, the has plenty guest saw Marriott warm greeted with Marriott, could look, these people's some meanings to Marriott flattering. Zhao Hai looked that the appearances of these people know, these people certainly are the people of some small Noble, their status do not have Marriott to be high, although they sit in hotel are the guests, but they actually do not dare to offend Marriott, conversely, they also want to flatter on Marriott, like this to their Clan and their business very much has the advantage. However Marriott has not looked down upon them because of the status of these people, all with his person of greeting, he also warm returning a courtesy, making the person unable to see point the place of failure in politeness, this arrives lets Zhao Hai admiring Marriott, this Marriott is really a slick character. The quick several people sat the Magic stone elevator in hotel, on ten layers, upward walked, Marriott while in our hotel altogether had two dining rooms to Zhao Hai said :, in ten layers, another in one layer, the one layer dining room opened tall Fang outward, all people can dine, but ten layers the dining room was different, the ten layers dining room was occupied by the person in shop cannot dine, there only then minority took the person of Xie Li Hotel VIP card to dine, the there master chef was in Rosen Empire the topest master chef, Even if compares to chef silk in imperial palace not to be bad.” Zhao Hai smiles said : hotel to be able the hotel to spread over a wide area entire Continent, is really uncommon, can have Manager like mister, no wonder the business of hotel such good.” Marriott proud said : mister overpraised, in Shelly Family, person like me, as numerous as the hairs of an ox, below small Manager.” Might actually smiles said : Marriott Manager to be modest, I in Clan found that in entire Shelly Family all 11,200 hotels, if discussed to receive, the Sky Water City hotel can stand in line absolutely top ten, thus it can be seen Marriott Manager fierce place.” Zhao Hai one hear of Might said that was different a lot looked at Marriott two eyes, he has not thought really that this fat Clan, unexpectedly such fierce, in more than 10,000 hotels, can the income of his hotel disperse into top ten? This absolutely is very great. although said that these hotels vary, the city that is different, however in can these many hotels, stand in line top ten, that is not absolutely easy, even if your geographical position, also has secret not to open minute of relationship of your management, the same place opens a shop, some people compensate, some people gain, this on is the issue that the person manages, can look from this point comes out, Marriott absolutely is fierce Merchant. Marriott one hear of Might said that the smiling face on face is more abundant, turns the head to smile said : to Might we in hard, cannot compare Might Captain, Might Captain you are the guard strengths of Clan headquarters, does not send easily, wants much stronger compared with our these local officials absolutely.” Might shows a faint smile said : I small Captain, can have any fierce, Manager was too polite.” Several people of chatting arrived at the dining rooms in hotel ten buildings. Opens the door of elevator, Zhao Hai and Might they stares, they have not thought in this dining room really to have the person, moreover is one person who is eating and drinking extravagantly in.