Chapter 354 13 few Zhao Hai paid attention, before Marriott should this dining room clear, in the dining room only then on a table has the dish, other tables are emptying, some wear neat customer service personnel, stand in various places of dining room, look at that but their one face not bears now in young man that on the table eats and drinks extravagantly. Looked at this situation Zhao Hai on understand, this young man certainly was the Shelly Family person . Moreover the status was not certainly low, otherwise these wait on should not to put are not managing. Marriott sees that young man, is complexion changes, then look at that young man of face forced smile, goes forward two steps said : ten Master San, you came.” That young man actually manages does not have to manage Marriott, selfish eats earnestly greatly, here Might also walks up, bows said : Might to see 13 to that person few.” That 13 were short the manner to Might to is good many, gained ground to come to see Might said : Might, how did you come out?” Might smiles said : these time to present the order of Clan to protect Wales mister.” The body lets, to that 13 little introduced that said : this is Wales mister, Clan the words, have treated courteously it to mister by the distinguished guest.” Might this saying reminds that young man actually, treating Zhao Hai must pay attention to the manner, must say that Shelly Family like this established Noble, their education are very systematic, the direct personnel descendants who in all Clan was born, will receive the most legitimate Noble education, comes out that absolutely is most standard Noble. Naturally, is impossible only to teach them these, they are Merchant Clan, therefore their Clan carries on commercial training to them since childhood, but successful Merchant, on people skills, naturally is gets along in all social situations, but Shelly Family these descendants truly have also achieved this point, moreover does is very good. However in that Clan has a 1 or 2 alternative that this 13 little is a Shelly Family alternative, the education that he receives since childhood is the same with his these Elder Brother and brothers, but this 13 little are actually most unusual one, is in Clan most headache one. thing of this 13 few although study are many, but has not actually used the place, in entire Shelly Family, only then his such playboy, that type the playboy who mixes to be liberal with, besides some old person in Clan, whose face his does not give, in the past he had also pinched one with Grand Duke Layen son, afterward Grand Duke Layen suppressed hotel, except for capturing business, with this matter also relationship.

Clan that however this 13 few mother is at is also Great Clan, strength very abundant, therefore his mother's status in Shelly Family is not low, possibly for this reason, therefore this 13 in Clan on arrogance, even if to his Elder Brother, has the meaning of looking down upon. The character who also because of this, this 13 little in Shelly Family most has let the head pain, left Clan, his whose face does not give, even if treats like Marriott the old official, he is also looks cold and indifferent, moreover often causes trouble, Shelly Family also has to solve him to annoy for him these troublesome. However he after is Shelly Family 13 few , the powerful incomparable mother, therefore also nobody dares to be impolite to him in Clan, even if old person like Marriott, has to be respectful to him. This made him lawless, this several days time, Shelly Family has many by business don’t know that he destroyed, are been also many by the person who he offended, but looked in everyone/Great Clan well in the Shelly Family face, is not what kind to him, but regarded the child who him has not grown up. information that original Marriott obtains, this Young Master also about three days can arrive at Sky Water City, he thinks that will not have an accident, but no one has thought of this Young Master today on appears , moreover went into the dining room, eats and drinks extravagantly in there, this is disrespectful. Marriott turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, presently Zhao Hai has probably not been angry, but brought one type of to see a play same look look at this Young Master, in the eye actually was also having the happy expression. Marriott one hear of Might said that knew meaning of Might, he cannot help but feels grateful to Might, his very clear Zhao Hai regarding the Shelly Family importance, he only hopes that now this Young Master should not be too willful, too does not give Zhao sea surface, if otherwise Zhao Hai were in a rage were not cooperating with Shelly Family, the loss of that Shelly Family was big. 13 little listened to the introduction of Might to look at Zhao Hai one, what has not said that but his eyes meaning of contempt was actually how regardless of unable to cover, in fact he does not want to cover, not only has not covered, instead to was look at Zhao Hai said : that a face despised youngster, did you run to deceive to eat from there to deceive to drink? When our Shelly Family is a fool?” Zhao Hai look at 13 little show a faint smile said : Shelly Family to work with me absolutely is not the fools, however in has not made clear the condition on the person of queering, absolutely is a fool.” 13 few complexion change, Might and Marriott are complexion change, they too understood that this 13 have been short, this Young Master could not allow others to say his half a word absolutely, the Zhao Hai such obvious satire he was really a fool can also hear, let alone he was also not the fool, Zhao Hai said that the matter was bad.

Really, 13 few complexion change, then look at Zhao Hai sneers said : youngster, I don't care do you are do, believed my a few words you not to be impossible to cooperate with Shelly Family, counter- will also receive chasing down of Shelly Family?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to believe that are you Shelly Family Patriarch? Do you have that authority? If Shelly Family really because of your order, but was not working with me, I really cannot look, Shelly Family also has anything to be worth me with the place that he cooperates.” 13 few complexion in one time changed, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such being in sharp opposition, his coldly look at Zhao Hai said : youngster, you know that what you were saying? Probably is our Shelly Family is asking to work to be the same with you, you determined that you are this meaning?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I truly is this meaning, because I do not want to cooperate with Shelly Family most from the beginning, was you found first my, it can be said that I can stop cooperating with Shelly Family at any time, but was looking for a partner, did I say understand?” 13 are short of been mad complexion is pale, what did he turn the head to Might and Marriott furiously roar said : you hears him to say? immediately/on horseback makes him roll out from here, immediately/on horseback.” Marriott and Might are actually a forced smile of face, but they have not actually moved, Zhao Hai funny look at this, he turns the head look at 13 few, anything had not said that but on his face the smiling face of that faint smile, lets in 13 few feelings the endless taunt. 13 few complexion pale look at Marriott and did Might, roar said : you not to listen my? However has forgotten, I am the Clan foreign affairs elder, do I have the authority to make you such do? Do you dare to defy the orders of Clan?” Clan not necessarily has a foreign affairs elder, the matter that each foreign affairs elder is responsible for is different, but like 13 few this foreign affairs elders, but is hanging a brevet rank, but just as was he said that ordered Marriott and Might makes the authorities of something he to have. At this time Might had actually smiled bitterly next step: 13 few, haven't you for sometime related with Clan in? Patriarch ordered, has exempted the authority of your foreign affairs elder, and orders various places, so long as sees you, immediately delivers to go home you, therefore you really do not have the authority to order us now . Moreover the cooperation of Wales mister with Clan, is very important to the Yu Clan clan, you indestructible.” 13 have little gawked, then the complexion big change, look at Might said : „has father really exempted the authority of my foreign affairs elder? Hasn't mother prevented?”

Might look at 13 few, suddenly a little sympathizes to have him to come, Might very clear, 13 few have not related with Clan in these days, but has hidden, he possibly also knows one will annoy the wool Grand Duke Layen, his father will not let off him, therefore he does not dare to make an appearance, in the person relation with Clan, nearest/recent possibly was not because his money has spent, therefore has to appears in here. Before he hid in there nobody knows, but his appears , in Clan already present, moreover in secret was sending for protecting him all the way, therefore Marriott knows he three days later will arrive at Sky Water City, has not thought that this Young Master was ahead of time unexpectedly, moreover must destroy the cooperation of Clan and Zhao Hai. Because of this, therefore in his don’t know Clan nearest/recent lived any matter, he wants to wait to see after 13 are few, in slowly told 13 the matter few, but looked like did not say that now was not good, this 13 few temperament Might completely understand, if he did not say, this 13 little possibly in the here at the scene young tiger, such possible Zhao Hai to be in a rage really will not cooperate with Shelly Family, that their troubles on were big. Might sighed said : 13 few, you went home, in returned to family your anything was clear.” Might said that naturally reported the thoughts that the skeleton in closet cannot be spread, he wants to make 13 little give way before difficulties, sees this situation, 13 little best means were anything did not ask, when alone only remaining their times he was asking. However 13 little apparently do not have such mood, he roared said : to make you say that to Might you said that what? I was not the foreign affairs elder, did you dare not to listen my? Do not forget, you are only a lackey, a dog that Shelly Family raises.” Might complexion changes, although he is the Shelly Family servant, but will be Shelly Family Patriarch will not say him, Might complexion pale look at 13 few said : 13 little asked that said in the subordinate, in Clan will find out, your mother will be his Clan sends to disintegrate Shelly Family, you destroyed Clan these business before, will have your mother's shadow, this time you and Grand Duke Layen will make war, will be the person mother tempts you to do intentionally, moreover your mother's Clan already and Grand Duke Layen Clan alliance will prepare to cope with Shelly Family, now your mother's Clan already. By Clan extinguishing, your mother also died, reason that before Clan has not coped with Layen Family , because must solve your mother's Clan, now your mother's Clan had been solved, remaining only then Layen Family . Moreover the matter, because of your mother's actions, with your many years actions, Clan has removed you, the order of Clan is, brings back to Clan to imprison you, 13 few, did I say understand?”