Chapter 355 City Lord Mansion 13 few present surface like the dying embers, his dull look at Might, muttered said : to know, in Clan actually knew, was this possible? Is this impossible? These years I develop is very successful, no person presently crosses, why is this?” Might one hear 13 little said that cannot help but sneered said : to say 13 few originally knows these, was very good, I this matter will report that in Clan knows, avoid also 13 were short is interrogated, you were also gawking doing, has not gone to 13 few bring down.” The show of matter can describe with the winding peaks and paths that the Zhao Hai book thinks he said 13 few, will have malingered with the cooperation of Shelly Family, has not actually thought that the matter actually will live such dramatic change, this stems from his meaning. Marriott looked at one also in dull Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : to be unfair to mister, has swept being popular of mister, asking mister to wait a bit, my immediately/on horseback made them prepare.” Said that his waving of gently, some immediately people came up little to tow 13, simultaneously these waited on should also immediately to come to clean cleanly the table, returned to all in dining room normal. Followed they to be also shocked in Zhao Hai Laura, they have not thought that the matter unexpectedly changes in this appearance, this stemmed from their anticipation. Several people sit down, Laura they actually can only stand, Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, turns the head to Marriott said : ten thousand Manager, can my these people arrange an eating meal place, here not to need them to follow, makes them draw back, these days they continuously with me, very laborious.” Marriott saw the magnificent scene, naturally cannot have any opinion, he smiles said : is I have been disrespectful, mister excused me.” Said to wave, immediately had to wait on to come, leading Laura they to rest. Zhao Hai such does not think, when they eat meal, but Laura they actually can only stand in behind look at, this lets Zhao Hai feels sorry at heart very much, therefore ahead of time they hit Laura. In the dining room their only remaining these attendants except for Zhao Hai, Might look at Zhao Hai smiles said : mister just not to be angry?” Zhao Hai smiled said : „, this matter will not be worth me being angry in fact.” Marriott smiles said : mister is really the aerobic quantity, he he, this mister has helped our busy, because this time Layen attention centralized on the body of mister, making our Clan transcribe make a move to solve the future trouble, now Clan started to cope with Grand Duke Layen, believed them not in scenery how long.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, so long as is not the head shatters, the average person will not go to Shelly Family such colossus, such Great Clan, his inside story how deep, to be how could light.” On the after face of Marriott appears was proud, but quick on hidden went, forced smile said : speaks the truth, this Clan is very dangerous, we have not thought that to cope with us, they will marry our family a woman unexpectedly, then waits for this woman to have a child, is making this child destroy the Clan business, the entire plan has been conducted unexpectedly for dozens years, was too ruthless.” Not only Marriott, even if were Zhao Hai after listening to the Might words, felt dorsal intermittent cool, to ruin Shelly Family, 13 few mothers' Clan can achieve this degree unexpectedly, this was also too good, the person of this world was really too frantic. Might turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Wales mister, your does time come to with Calci Family cooperate? Wales mister, I work as the friend with you, therefore allowed me to say words that you did not like listening, your present strength, but also did not have the qualifications to cooperate with Calci Family, the key of their family was very high.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in fact my these time to come Sky Water City here, but visits Calci Family, the friend has given also me, as soon as seals the Calci Family letter, asking them to consider my, I offended some people in Aksu Empire, could not mix in there, therefore can only run up to here to come.” Might and Marriott to have not said anything, this situation was too normal, offended the person of being in power in country here, does not have ability rebel, therefore can only hide other countries to go, this is not rare on Continent, therefore they have not felt strange. Might is only look at Zhao Hai said : Wales mister, can I know that you did offend who? If there are if possible, our Shelly Family is willing to act to help you solve the matter.” Zhao Hai has the profound meaning looked at Might one, then shows a faint smile said : „, since were the partner of cooperation, I do not want to hide the truth from your too long time, the person who in fact I offended was Aksu Empire Southern King.” Might and Marriott looked at one mutually, saw an understanding from the opposite party eye, they could not check any material about Zhao Hai before, but knows that his suddenly appears , suddenly obtains the title in Grand Duke Evan there, a beforehand his point material does not have, this makes them very puzzled. However afterward looked up is looking up, they have to nearby some time appears Zhao Hai in Dark Magician Zhao Hai Lian of Purcell Duchy be in together, although currently Zhao Hai has not used Black Magic before the person, but this was makes them have the association in this aspect. This Might asked that who Zhao Hai his personal enemy is, wants through this side information, to inquire that Zhao Hai details, wants to have a look at Zhao Hai is the sincerity works with them.

Great Clan like them, asks a collaborator to be casual, they must understand that the details of this collaborator, otherwise is very dangerous. Therefore Shelly Family has not stopped regarding the investigation of Zhao Hai status, only crosses but actually so far, they also can only look up till Zhao Hai are Dark Magician this status, toward deeply was looking up does not have the means to look up. Just the reply of Zhao Hai, has been looking like them to indicate that own status, their also understand Zhao Hai knows that they were testing him, but Zhao Hai told them own status, this expressed that to their trusts, they heard, before Zhao Hai except for Southern King, but also offended Radiant Church, this no wonder Zhao Hai will run toward Sky Water City, because the hand of Sky Water City here Radiant Church could not extend. Marriott look at Zhao Hai said : invited feel relieved Wales mister, you could be Wales.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, he knows that Marriott and Might understood his words, at this time the food and wine had also suspended, three people took a seat. This meal guests and hosts having a good time, nobody in asks any issue, Zhao Hai had not asked that about 13 few other matters, these Shelly Family internal matters, he does not want to ask. Might they did not have to probe the Zhao Hai status, Zhao Hai have shown their sincerity, if they were continuing, that a little did not know good from bad. In the evening Zhao Hai they rest in hotel, although in outwardly on status, Ryan be higher than Zhao Hai, however in Might their eyes, Ryan simply does not exist, Zhao Hai is important. This also let Ryan understand own status, she in Purcell Duchy was a princess, to Rosen Empire here, his anything is not. Next morning, after Zhao Hai has used the breakfast, asked Might City Lord Mansion Fang Xiang, he prepares to thank politely City Lord, depending on the Bell letter has a look to City Lord, what manner has a look at City Lord to him is. Sits on own ox cart, slowly walks in the City Lord Mansion direction, outside the Zhao Hai look at glass the busy people, on the face calm does not have the wave, however his was actually at heart inferior on his face calm, he has been thinking what manner City Lord with will see him. Must know that he is just one does not have what fame Noble now, in the eyes of Carchi Province family member, he possibly is only in Dark Magician Alliance unimportant one, but Calci Family regarding the Dark Magician Alliance influence is actually very enormous, the status of both sides bad was too far. Laura sits in the Zhao Hai status, they somewhat are also anxious, this time they must see but on Continent of Calci Family topest Great Clan, they have no alternative but to be anxious.

The ox cart passed through for one hour to arrive at City Lord Mansion, these time came along with Zhao Hai, after Laura them, a hotel sent the person who showed the way, group slowly to City Lord Mansion in front of the door. This City Lord Mansion in front of the door is a big stretch of very big square, this square spreads uniformly completely with the cyan long and narrow stone, area about several thousand square meters, above also very lively, often has the pedestrian to pass through, some peddlers will set up a stall in this square, this arrives somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, he thinks like Calci Family has the clan greatly, will not allow these small merchant to set up a stall in here. However in City Lord Mansion in front of the door, is several hundred square meters place nobody, is very obvious, there will not allow to set up a stall. Ox cart steady stopping in City Lord Mansion in front of the door, this City Lord Mansion palace gate very tall and big, fully more than five meters high, is also hanging the a piece giant inscribed horizontal tablet in the dead ahead, above writes City Lord Mansion three large characters, in the place above of inscribed horizontal tablet, but also is carving a badge, is the Calci Family badge, Magic Staff that velamen cloud and mist blocks. This badge very simple, however this badge on Continent actually very famous, because on this badge quarter Magic Staff, is the Calci Family handing down from generation to generation most precious object, Darkness scepter. Only is one hear of this names felt that has probably imposing manner very much, but this Magic Staff also truly is very strong, this Magic Staff is the Dark Magician treasure, can promote Black Magic Might 50% , to promote Black Magic discharge, 50%, can look from these two functions, this Magic Staff was fierce. Magician to the war, is very important, your Magic is quicker than for one second the enemy, means that you can attack arrive at the opposite party first, means the initiative, therefore the Darkness scepter on Continent is very famous, the initially Calci Family ancestor, with the Darkness scepter, was Rosen Empire performs good deeds, has overcome Calci Family, if big family property.