Chapter 356 Smith After the ox cart stop, Zhao Hai they from the vehicle, this City Lord Mansion in front of the door only have been standing two guards, these two put on rewiring Infantry armor, kept off including the face, stood is motionless in there, seemed like placed two full body armor to be the same in there probably. From square ground to City Lord Mansion big gate, altogether two Level 10 stairs, Zhao Hai slowly walks toward City Lord Mansion in front of the door, these to captured the attention of many person, these take a walk person look at Zhao Hai that in the square or does business. Zhao Hai to has not cared about the vision of these people, has arrived at City Lord Mansion in front of the door, have that two guards moved, has probably not seen Zhao Hai to be the same, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel very puzzled, but he put out a hand to pat the knocker in City Lord Mansion gate. Patted two knockers, Zhao Hai stopped, at this time the palace gate opened, went out of the person who a wear young male servant took to come from inside, this person looked like about 30 years old, long long populace faces, looked at Zhao Hai one, then bowed said : „to ask that to Zhao Hai what matter mister did have?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have the friend to hold me to give to Sir City Lord this letter, please transmit.” Said that has put out according to the letter that Bell writes. The young male servant received the letter, looked at one, then complexion changes, opens gate said : mister welcome to sit for a while to the reception room, small immediately delivers the letter.” Said that let the reception room Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai entered City Lord Mansion, this present, this City Lord Mansion is very big, passing through the gate is a row of house, this row of house is the special reception desk, receives person who some visits, behind this row of house is martial arts training ground, but there nobody is practicing martial arts now, crossed martial arts training ground, inside is a row of house, in the house is hanging token, above writes the chapter of matter room, on looking to disappear toward , the light is part that he can see, on was very big, with outside square almost size. Zhao Hai entered a reception room, this reception room also is really very good, inside suspends the sand of one set, on the wall is hanging some calligraphies and paintings, after he comes, immediately had the young male servant to send to sub, then static has fallen back on out of the door, all appeared such custom. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but secretly nods, can look from these young male servants' performance, the Calci Family person works custom, good that very under handle educates, worthily is top Great Noble that on Continent knows how things stand. Zhao Hai has not worried, sits in the reception desk static is drinking sub, to City Lord Mansion, he instead to did not have that uneasy, this group of matters have been done in any case, remaining looked at Calci Family is any manner. Zhao Hai starts to drink the second cup to be possible sub time, out of the door has heard a sound of footsteps, formerly gave that young male servant who Zhao Hai opens the door, has opened the door of reception room, in this young male servant, with old person, this old person looked like had six and 70 years old, a silk made the Manager clothing/taking, did not have a point fold, combing entire simultaneously, probably each after careful handled to be the same. A very serious face, possibly is always the reason of calm face, on his face has covered entirely the pipe wrinkle, somewhat grayish white, but one eye is actually fiery, one type of is dodging the feeling of none remaining to the person. Zhao Hai has stood hastily, that old person also arrives around Zhao Hai, bows said : this mister to be good to Zhao Hai, I am City Lord Mansion Manager, Sir City Lord must see mister, mister invited.” Zhao Hai bowed said : to trouble Sir Manager hastily.” Said that followed Manager.

They went out of the reception room, Zhao Hai saw just that young male servant to walk toward the palace out, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, it seems like that young male servant is arranges Laura they. That Manager obviously is a very serious person, this has not spoken a few words to Zhao Hai all the way, they are only silently walks toward City Lord Mansion. Zhao Hai has also taking the opportunity sized up City Lord Mansion, City Lord Mansion to palace gate nearest/recent, that row of house of relying on courtyard wall is the reception room, in walked toward inside, crossed martial arts training ground, was the chapter of matter place, crossed the chapter of matter place, was piece of martial arts training ground, but this martial arts training ground here some people were actually practicing martial arts, crossed this martial arts training ground, had a row of house, above was hanging token, on token writes the Steward place. Crossed the Steward place, was two Dao Sect in palace, entered two Dao Sect, was a square, same had a batch Warrior to practice martial arts in there, had a row of house in square behind, above writes the inscription of secretariat, crossed the secretariat, was a small square, but this small square may nobody practice martial arts, here only then the fountain pond, the nearby type the flowers and plants, were appearing lonesomeness and quietness. Has small building in behind of small square, this small building only then two, seem like a small villa is probably same, very beautiful. old person has not stopped, brought Zhao Hai to enter small building directly, one layer of this building was a very big office, the office was divided into two region, region was the work uses, another region seemed like entertains a guest to use, a middle-aged person was standing in entertaining a guest area there. The figure of this middle-aged person is not tall, looks like somewhat thin and weak, but this middle-aged person is long very stylish, right, is the style. This person of black hair, white skin, the square features plate, the face shape is not big, but is very upright, has regular facial features, in the foreheads is bringing imposing manner of one type of superior, toward a there station, making the person see this person, will feel that his imposing manner is full, the style is extraordinary. old person arrives around that middle-aged person, bows to that person said : City Lord, this is Mr. Zhao Hai.” That middle-aged person is also sizing up Zhao Hai, listening to old person saying that but nodded, turned the head to welcome mister to arrive at Sky Water City to Zhao Hai said :, mister was laborious, please sit down quickly.” Zhao Hai is bowing said : Zhao Hai to see City Lord to this City Lord hastily, City Lord was too polite.” Said that sat. City Lord also sat, is sizing up Zhao Hai said : according to Bell believed me to look, mister was our people on one's own side, I was impolite with mister, why mister these time came me to know, mister had any need, although told me that was right, do not call me City Lord, I called the Smith Carchi Province, you called me Smith Big Brother to be good.” Zhao Hai has not thought that Smith unexpectedly so polite, quickly said: Yes, Smith Big Brother, but Big Brother do not call me mister, called me Zhao Hai, Little Hai was good, Smith Big Brother should also know that my present situation, Aksu Empire there I did not have the means to stay, other national I cannot go, Radiant Church feared will be the full world chased down me, therefore can only mix to Smith Big Brother here, hopes that Smith Big Brother can give shelter.” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughed said : brothers you to be too polite, you were the alliance brothers, that was my brother, should not be polite with me to my here, was right, do you also stay at hotel now? That is how good, to my here, how has been able to make you live in the hotel, I look at this, you move to my palace to come, what kind of?”

Zhao Hai has not thought that really Smith will make him come to City Lord Mansion, to be honest, he to Smith this enthusiasm, but also somewhat cannot bear, his quickly said: This was too troublesome, I thought I outside casual the place that looks for living has been OK, feels all right to trouble Smith Big Brother.” What Smith shows a faint smile said : to be polite, hasn't I such big palace stayed you? Listens my, goes back to tidy up thing immediately to move, did not need you to go back to tidy up thing, Uncle Phill, you sent for giving Little Hai to tidy up thing, the person with hotel said one while convenient, said that Little Hai was my brother, he moved to my here to come.” old person that Zhao Hai takes to bring in obviously is Phill, he complied with one, turn around left the room, Zhao Hai has not thought that Smith such did unexpectedly, this made opportunity that he rejected not have. Forced smile that Zhao Hai can only not bear, Smith then turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your time comes my here, actually wants to do business? According to Bell said that your in hand does have the good business? What is?” Zhao Hai stares, then smiles said : my in hand business also really much, but wants the reaching an agreement business, that present be only several have planted, one type of is Haven product, I think that this Smith Big Brother you should hear?” although said that Haven product has not arrived at Rosen Empire now, even if in Aksu Empire also only then nearby Purcell Duchy has, but Zhao Hai believes that with the Calci Family situation net, is impossible not to look up Haven product. Smith smiles said : to hear, what good business but this business cannot be regarded?” Zhao Hai smiles said : in having is the Milk Wine shop, highly Milk Wine.” Said that Zhao Hai turned, has put out several small liquor bags, put on the table said : this Milk Wine is I uses the Beastman Race method to ferment, but underwent my improvement, on Continent the people Fruit Wine that often drank is tastier, naturally, this was the strong liquor, the average person, so long as drinking a small cup will be drunk, this type of liquor so far, on Continent, only then I had, was the unique business, I now only with depending on Bell and Xie Li Hotel cooperation, according to Bell there one month about 1000 jin (0.5 kg) sales volumes, Xie Li Hotel there one month were 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), Smith can Big Brother taste?” The liquor bag on Smith look at table, this type of liquor bag he has looked, is the Beastman Race most commonly used liquor bag, Calci Family control Sky Water City, here is being the Rosen Empire most famous port city, the ocean trade very reaches, the here has plenty ship does business with Beastman, Calci Family naturally also has the ship to do business with Beastman, therefore this Beastman liquor bag, he to is sees much. Zhao Hai calm look at Smith, he puts out Milk Wine to come, must try Smith, he wants to have a look at these liquor that Smith does dare to drink him to take. Sees Smith to start from him, Smith performance was too warm, although is very warmly good, but Zhao Hai actually somewhat suspected that although Smith made him be admitted to City Lord Mansion, but City Lord Mansion but the Smith domain, making him live in City Lord Mansion, it can be said that to protect him, similarly, could be said as to monitor him. If Smith has not suspected him, he will certainly drink the liquor that Zhao Hai takes, if Smith suspects him, he will not drink this liquor. Smith takes up a liquor bag, carefully looked at one, nodded said : is the Beastman Race craftsmanship, Little Hai, do you have the business in Beastman there?” At the same time was saying turned on the cover of liquor bag, directly toward own mouth but actually liquor. Zhao Hai looks at Smith to drink, cannot help but a loosen, it seems like Smith really believed him at heart, but he saw Smith was taking that liquor bag, knew is bad, his immediately/on horseback one hid toward side. His movement is fortunately quick enough, Smith just raised one's wine cup has poured into the mouth, felt that own mouth caught fire probably, bu, raised one's wine cup spitting, if Zhao Hai did not hide, certainly will spit his one, this was also the reason that Zhao Hai hid, because he saw Smith, what took was that bag of number of degree highest Milk Wine liquor bag.

Smith is taking the liquor bag, the repetitive cough, he has not thought that this liquor to this degree, will arrive unexpectedly at the mouth fiercely, probably put a charcoal to be the same toward the mouth, this was also too fierce. Zhao Hai has taken up on the table hastily may the Asian pot, to Smith to one cup of sub, put out a hand to receive the Smith in hand liquor bag, Smith not politely, drink may sub hastily, this feels well. When he is suitable finally comes pantingly, this somewhat panic-stricken looked at Zhao Hai in hand liquor bag one, I said Little Hai to Zhao Hai said :, is your this really the liquor? Isn't poison?” Zhao Hai laughs said : Smith Big Brother, my this liquor such does not drink, this liquor is very fierce, Beastman that even if became famous by the nice wine, how many could not drink, this liquor wanted the small mouth sip to be good . Moreover the bag that you drank, was fiercest one bag, several other bags did not have this bag to be so fierce, can taste?” Zhao Hai generally not and person of first meeting speaks like this, but what is strange, he and between Smith, does not have that type the strange feeling that probably sees the stranger, they knew probably was very long, since Smith drank the Zhao Hai liquor, Zhao Hai on sincerity worked as the friend Smith, therefore he such will speak with Smith. Shaking the head said : that Smith has a lingering fear considers as finished, your this liquor is too fierce, I may unable to bear, but this liquor, if is really alone this one, to is the good business, good, I can support you to do, you need the sale network, needs the shop front, said one to me and ensure does well to you.” Zhao Hai one hear of Smith said that cannot help but move, he presently in hand does not have the sale network, does not have the shop front, but Smith opens the mouth to help him unexpectedly solve these two problems, how this lets him not to be affected. However Zhao Hai also knows own in hand thing quantity, he shook the head said : „the present not to use, although this liquor is very good, however the present output is not very high, waits for some time, should be able the sale of large-scale.” Smith nodded said : also to have other? Some words together said that I had a look to add on your busy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : also to have is the rations business, this rations is Beastman makes that air seasoning mutton that the wartime eats, did I prepare to attain Continent to come up this type of mutton, sold to these mercenary, Smith Big Brother you look feasible this?”