357 chapter of maid servant institute Smith has gawked, rations he is knows that Calci Family is not short with the time that Beastman contacts, but Beastman there, almost everyday will have the war to live, has the war lives, Beastman will prepare some rations, therefore he to rations very familiar. He is only has not thought that Zhao Hai actually wants to sell rations in Human Race here, the method that but Zhao Hai said to can try, these mercenary food very monotonous, if can sell to them rations, perhaps really can become. Smith he knit the brows said : Little Hai, this rations makes with Argali generally, but Argali very sells because of our Human Race Continent here, made rations to be a pity?” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually my rations, has a large part not to make with Argali, although I have business dealings with Beastman, but I may not have that many Argali, my these Argali majority are the Blue Eye Rabbit meat makes, you also know that the Blue Eye Rabbit meat may not sell any good price on Continent, therefore I have made rations him.” Smith said : Blue Eye Rabbit? This to is some new and odd, doesn't the ordinary person make the canned food with Blue Eye Rabbit? Haven't you done?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to do, but my there Blue Eye Rabbit delivers, is only makes the canned food they to have more than enough, therefore I have made rations, moreover I too do not want to sell to others Blue Eye Rabbit, rations I can do, like this I can also obtain the Blue Eye Rabbit skin.” Smith smiles said : you to plan, this is also good, sells this rations, can make these mercenary remember us, no matter is very helpful to our Calci Family to you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : as the matter stands, the issue, these rabbit skins we must process, moreover some of some of my in hand also wool system mouths also need to process, Smith Big Brother do you look?” Smith waved said : these matters you not to need to be worried that has me, was good, that this, you after a period of time your business statistics well, have a look at these are immediately can take to do, has told me who anything needs to help that should not be impolite with me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I will, but Smith Big Brother, I am very curious, why our first meeting, are you so good to me?”

Smith look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : to be good to you are because you were worth, our Dark Magician Alliance, these days in the resistance of Radiant Church , has been inferior, particularly nearest/recent several years, we in the resistance of Radiant Church, complete being at a disadvantage, we want in obtaining their information are very difficult, in the past you gave these situations in the alliance providing, very heavy regarding the alliance wanted, was adding on your youngster little not to tidy up Radiant Church, for our air vents of well, my naturally happy.” Zhao Hai knew the reason, no wonder Smith to him such polite, to him so good, originally basic reason in here. Zhao Hai from the Smith words also listened, Calci Family really Dark Magician Alliance regarded oneself family, they cherished this alliance, therefore they can so. Zhao Hai to is thinks that like this does not have anything not to be good, Calci Family can be said as on Continent sole, is strongest Dark Magician Clan, the prosperity and decline their Clan have inseparable relationship with Dark Magician, therefore they cannot look at Dark Magician this profession decline, therefore they have established this alliance. However because they are the Dark Magician reasons, therefore their very clear, Dark Magician does not like others managing, therefore they, when establishes the alliance, makes this alliance environment the very wide loosen. Really, like this they have succeeded, Dark Magician likes join this loosely, alliance that but can also provide the help to oneself. But copes with Radiant Church? That did not choose a person saying that they will also do, no matter what, Radiant Church was all Dark Magician enemies. Zhao Hai look at Smith showed a faint smile said : I to tie with the Radiant Church enmity in a big way, these time on Prairie, my also kill their 9th level Expert, these information that I obtained, obtained from that 9th level Expert in hand.” Smith stares, he real don’t know Zhao Hai unexpectedly kill Radiant Church 9th level Expert, this has also made him feel being startled, his look at Zhao Hai said : your real kill Radiant Church 9th level Expert?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, 9th level Fire element Magician, is that Ultimate Weapon plans to train, this time their extend the hand to in Tauren Clan, cooperated with the Bull clan, Hercules Tauren Clan defeating, me has helped Hercules Tauren Clan be defeated them, not only extinguished the entire Bull clan, but also has killed Radiant Church 9th level Expert and a Hercules Tauren Clan undercover, now I am Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince.” Smith in one time was shocked, Calci Family did business with Beastman for sometime, however Beastman Race Crown Prince? Such status is Human Race can obtain? Smith originally is good to Zhao Hai , because Zhao Hai helped Dark Magician Alliance handle many matters, and because of according to the Bell letter, according to Bell in letter well praised Zhao Hai, therefore Smith so will be good to Zhao Hai.

However Smith has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly one after another brings pleasantly surprised to him, first is these business, these business in his opinion, are some good business, especially heard in him, the Milk Wine business only then two people in doing, Smith felt own blood turned into the boiling water, seethed with excitement! Smith very clear, the unique business will bring the big advantage to incite to oneself, that proportion was too high. However he also after the person of magnificent scene, therefore his very calm accepted this business, but asked another business, he wants to have a look, has occupied second like the unique business, what that next business can be. Quick, the second business came out, hears this business, Smith feels puzzled, because this business was too ordinary, not to be brave in ordinary, simply not any characteristics. After Zhao Hai mentioned commission uncle time, Smith knows why Zhao Hai this business was, mercenary, on Continent, that represented the strength that cannot be estimated lightly. although said that now the mercenary strength is very small, but regarding Smith, the mercenary strength does not accommodate underestimated, their these Great Clan, have their surveillance network to these mercenary, their very clear, one, but mercenary puts on to link, how fearful. However this although is fearful, but effective actually very slow, he also after the commission provides one type of very special food, to the mercenary too big help, this business can not play the most ideal effect with the coordination of other business. However finally Zhao Hai said that he is Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, this truly was hits spirit extremely, Beastman Race Crown Prince, in the Beastman Race status was very high, even if you were only Crown Prince of nationality, to War Clan, will receive the courteous reception, because that was representing your status. But Human Race do not say Crown Prince, even if they thinks that is impossible join to some Beastman Race tribe, because Beastman Race does not believe Human Race, is more impossible to let Human Race join to Beastman Race that tribe. But Beastman Race Crown Prince, what matter can do in Beastman Race, Smith almost does not need to want also to know, therefore his look at Zhao Hai, don’t know must say that any was good. The Zhao Hai look at Smith appearance, knows that what he is thinking, he smiles said : Smith Big Brother, you told that sentence truth, my non- position is Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, Big bellied Pig Race and Giant-horn Ox Clan Friendship flag, you noticed that to that Magic Beast that I meet a train? That is Giant-horn Ox Clan beast relative, I have Ox Clan beast relative, Hercules Tauren Clan beast relative, on Beastman Prairie, I can be said as cannot by any Beastman attack, he he.”

Smith dull look at Zhao Hai, this information also sufficed the vigor violent, they have not thought really Zhao Hai really had such ability, completely not by Beastman attack, then regarding Human Race Merchant, vainly hoped for simply. Some little time Smith can recover, to Zhao Hai said : brothers, I know that Friendship flag that you said what thing is what?” Zhao Hai one hear of Smith said that thinks, Smith their simply don’t know road Friendship flag is anything, Beastman Race will not give Human Race Friendship flag, but he has not thought must hide the truth from Smith, explained to Smith the Friendship flag matter. Smith then understand, before originally Clan, that Beastman Race War flag that takes, but is one type of most common War flag, simply anything uses not to have. They also chatted a while, Smith regarding the Beastman there situation, some understanding, at this time Phill walked, bowed to Smith and Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Wales mister, the meal has prepared, please two take a seat.” Smith stood hastily got up to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, walked, with me how tastes my palace the craftsmanship of these chefs, did Uncle Phill, the Little Hai baggage bring?” Phill bowed said : to bring, arranged to the maid servant institute , the servant has also delivered to the maid servant institute.” Smith then nodded, attaches after Zhao Hai said : you have rested in the maid servant institute, your servant has delivered to the maid servant institute, there is independent courtyard, in City Lord Mansion most enters, in there completely is calculation that you said that although you living, if there is anything to have a need for Big Brother, told me that told Uncle Phill also good, Uncle Phill I am growing up from underestimated, is person who I most trust, so long as you told him, needs all, he can satisfy you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, I have taken down, Big Brother does not need to be worried.” Said that went to the City Lord Mansion dining room with Smith, this City Lord Mansion dining room on three Dao Sect courtyard compares the middle position, the house in this dining room is very big, one is the ordinary clansman eating meal place, one place that is direct personnel clansman eats meal, in having one place that is the elder rank above person eats meal, last is the place that to entertain the guest eats meal.