Chapter 358 Megan Room that Zhao Hai they are at now entertains the place that the distinguished guest eats meal, here can be said as an independent passenger compartment, moreover here can order food, but place that these ordinary clansman eat meal, their everyday meal is the same. They have dined after the dining room, Phill directly brings the maid servant institute that Zhao Hai was going to him to live, in this maid servant institute was because behind had Mei Yuan to acquire fame, in that Mei Yuanli, was planting all kinds of Plum Blossom, now Plum Blossom open Ji Qie, full Yuan smelling as sweet. although Zhao Hai has been admitted to the maid servant institute, but Ryan has not actually lived, stays at hotel, but in hotel, because the Zhao Hai reason very looks after to her. When Zhao Hai has eaten meal returned to maid servant institute time, Laura they were waiting for Zhao Hai in the room. This maid servant institute besides following Mei Yuan with front martial arts training ground outside, a central courtyard same house, entire courtyard can live about hundred people of appearances approximately, was not small courtyard. Entered the room, saw that Laura they are sitting in the room, on their faces has the expression that worries about, saw Zhao Hai to come, Laura their immediately has stood, Laura was said : Elder Brother Hai, what's all this about? How to deliver to here to come us?” Zhao Hai looked that the Laura appearance knows she is worried about anything, he smiles said : not to need to be worried that all right, later we live in here, this is also the meaning of Smith Big Brother.” Said that today saw the Smith situation said to Laura. Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, but Laura did not have too many joyful expressions, he was only look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, weren't you worried? Smith arranges here us, doesn't have to monitor our meanings?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : to monitor us not to be good? Like this we can let his feel relieved, works with him, he does not want to be too many, this to us is very advantageous.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, but her immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, her embarrassed said : original Elder Brother Hai you are this meaning, he he, my understand.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be good, two days your anything should not be dry, business statistics that well we can make, these grain vegetables, have calculated that Milk Wine and rations, are then informing Grandpa, lets his there vigorous produce, my here looks at the Ryan situation, so long as Uncle Evan there came the person, immediately delivered to embark Ryan.” Laura smiles said : to deliver to embark Ryan, we were also the a piece worry, Elder Brother Hai, the present is in the winter, went to Beastman Race there to do business few that do we want to go to several other Empire to have a look?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to also to think, but now is not good, we best to determine the here business, was saying, now we have not benefitted the booth shop is too big.”

Laura nodded said : that well, over the two days we business and output statistics that the present must conduct, to facilitate our motions.” Before Zhao Hai nodded said : „, we have not thought this time matter such smooth, now had the help of Smith Big Brother, our time matters compared with want smoothly many, we who we expect are best after a period of time are go to the slave market to have a look, do you look?” Laura nodded said : great idea, now we most lack was the person, although we have bought many Beastman Race slaves, but these slaves will actually not plant crops, regarding our exhibitions very disadvantageous, we must buy some Human Race slaves, best to buy the slave who some Artisan and were literate.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, now the person in our territory were too few, our territories gather to calculate that is not smaller than Aksu Empire many, but our people was really too few, even if the land has not improved that many now, but the population was too few.” These days Zhao Hai has not been considering only other, no matter Black Wasteland there, so long as Cai'er that Seven-colored Poisonous Mist expanded outward, his also immediately these improvements to land, is only now he improves the quantity of land to be many, comparatively speaking, his in hand person in were too few. Before his in hand person can also exit to farm, but were many along with his in hand factory, these slaves are only are busy the matter in factory being unbearably busy, there also had the time to go to a type of outside place, but well outside the present is in the winter, even if were they want to plant does not plant. In this time, suddenly outside has been hearing sound of the clamoring, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai Laura they stare, this courtyard was the Smith arrangement, properly speaking should not some people come to be right, what's all this about? Zhao Hai complexion sinks, turns the head to Junichi said : Junichi, has a look what's the matter, not fine criminal.” Junichi has complied with one, opened the door to walk. Megan likes Plum Blossom since childhood, therefore this maid servant institute is almost her most often come courtyard, if not because the maid servant institute is really too, was unsafe, she already moved to this maid servant institute to come. The day that now early winter, in maid servant courtyard Plum Blossom is in full bloom, Megan certainly several good friends, coming in this courtyard to enjoy the plum, while convenient comes here to drink several cups to warm up wine, chats rope matters on several Continent. City Lord Mansion maid servant institute in Sky Water City very famous, only in here has in entire Sky Water City a biggest Meiyuan, to early winter time, is the here scenery best time, the young lady and Young Master of many Noble, will go into this maid servant institute to enjoy the plum, was the next flurry is better. Megan side with two servants, for does not alarm the person in front courtyard, they come from the backyard front gate, such one can not alarm the person in front courtyard, two are because here leaves Mei Yuan to be quite near.

The Megan servant opens the door of maid servant institute, the people immediately/on horseback bee commission enters, toward the backyard of maid servant institute, in this time, Megan was feeling that this courtyard some do not suit. Before today, Megan has not made person clean this courtyard, this courtyard should be quite chaotic is right, but now looks like this courtyard actually very clean, probably had been cleaned specially, this really very much does not have Intent Domain. Has saying that this Miss Megan, is really a little literati pedantry, in her opinion, like Mei Yuan, should be the backyard is in full bloom Plum Blossom, the front courtyard a little dead twigs and withered leaves, this can manifest life force and deterioration, two different Intent Domain, that is good. One of however now front courtyard cleaned does not dye sharp, probably the ground had the clear water to clean, appears very clean, this makes Megan very puzzled. In this time, the door of suddenly maid servant institute main hall was being opened, a wear warrior cloth walked out of thin and small person's shadow from door, coldly look at they. The place that these was on good terms Miss Noble and Young Master who present have not suited with Megan, look at that thin and small person's shadow, at once, unexpectedly was losing one's voice of collective. Person who coming out naturally on too Junichi, the meaning of Junichi understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not want to stir up trouble, will therefore make him come out, but also told one specially. Looked at these people in courtyard along one by one on understand what's the matter, before he looked that these Noble young ladies and Young Master moaned without being ill, therefore looks at Megan now their appearance, on understand what's the matter. Also no wonder Junichi will look, Megan they, has plenty is a girl, these girls mostly are taking the handwarmer, but these men, they wear the higher beast skin soft clothes, being beautifully attired of each and every one appearance, at their back also many servants, these servant some in hand are taking Food Box, some are taking the charcoal stove, lively serious. Along one by one saw that this situation knows this certainly is the City Lord child, asking in the city some Noble to come in courtyard to play, did not feel along one by one regarding this point strange, because he, as soon as arrived at this courtyard, in courtyard all around scout, naturally had been impossible to let off behind courtyard that Mei Yuan, that Mei Yuan middle also small courtyards, one looked that on was used to enjoy the plum, the Junichi nature also on paying attention, in one looked at Megan their appearance, the Junichi nature knows what's the matter. Junichi bows said : to see the young lady to Megan, the young lady hello, below is the Wales mister servant, today mister visits Sir City Lord, does obeisance Sir City Lord to bestow, we can find a place to live in the maid servant institute, disturbing the young lady to enjoy the plum, the young lady excuse me.” The Junichi words said is very attractive, but also said the diphycercal fin of matter, tells Megan one, we are Sir City Lord invite seat guests, does not intrude, simultaneously dares to tell Megan them, you can leave.

Megan stares, then puzzled look at Junichi said : „are you really father's guest?” Junichi quickly said: Does not dare to hide the truth from the young lady, the guest of Sir City Lord is my family Young Master, I am only the Young Master servant.” He just said that heard the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : well Junichi, do not say these, our originally was disturbs the young lady they, invited the young lady they as one likes.” Junichi has complied with one, turns the head young lady to excuse me to Megan said :, you please as one likes, we, so long as rested in the room is good.” The Junichi low attitude, to was makes Megan embarrassed like this, these Megan came also feel with Miss Noble and Young Master who very embarrassed, Megan quickly said: Since is so, I and others did not disturb mister to rest, I and others asked to be excused.” He just about to walks, this is female voice said : young lady please please do not bother to see me off.” Said that Laura goes out of the door leisurely, Junichi bows to Laura, has fallen back on Laura. Laura bows said : young lady not to need to Megan so, Young Master said that our originally has disturbed Sir City Lord, how also to let young lady leave, the young lady please go to Mei Yuan to enjoy the plum, I and others will not disturb.” Megan one hear of Laura said that to was walked really embarrassed, her quickly said: So didn't disturb your house/family to be short of him to rest?” Laura smiles said : is my family Young Master disturbs the young lady to enjoy the plum to be right, young lady please as one likes, this is Young Master gives young lady's strong liquor, but Wen Yin, many several points of pleasure.” Said that has put out a liquor bag, has given Junichi, Junichi delivered to in hand of Megan servant, turn around has drawn back.