Chapter 359 Princess Plum Blossom After raising one's wine cup to that servant, Junichi drew back returned to Laura, Laura bowed said : so I and others not to disturb young lady's elegant to Megan.” Said that returned in the room to the Megan flashes body, Junichi naturally also has drawn back with her. Megan they noticed that this situation to stares, they are in some Clan not too important collateral branch juniors, or in direct line juniors not attached great importance to these people, therefore they have not exited to gain experience opportunity, regarding this situation, they have not really experienced, therefore arrives at once does not know that did not know what to do. Some little time Megan responded that she looked at a pass/test hard door, clenched teeth, turns the head to with person said : that her together came let's go, went to Merine.” These people looked at Megan one, probably a little do not understand her meaning, in their opinion, in courtyard has the person, should draw back to be right, this is the Noble basic politeness. Megan looked at these person of one, smiles said : that mister to give us one bag of liquor, aren't we good to disappoint that mister good intention are not? Walks, goes to Merine.” As soon as these people listened to Megan saying that gawked, then immediately/on horseback has cheered one, walked toward Merine in Megan, now they do not have a point to enjoy the appearance of plum. Zhao Hai hears Megan their cheering, smiled, has not said anything, attracting carried the tea with milk on table to drink one, Zhao Hai has liked the tea with milk the flavor, that flavor a little looked like Zhao Hai the tea flavor that liked drinking, be lighter than may sub, because inside had the milk, therefore appeared some lubrications, Zhao Hai liked very much. The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, will you give them not to have the matter these liquor? That is the strong liquor of ten jin (0.5 kg) attire.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : they to drink isn't it better? happen to make to propagandize for us.” Laura they smile was fiercer, because they know that this propaganda is not the good deed, this clarified is making fun of these people. Megan they arrived in the Merine small courtyard, immediately had the servant to take the cloth to sphere all around of small courtyard, only kept an exit / to speak, then in the flour dim sum had the charcoal stove, had the servant warming up wine with the water boiler lived on the charcoal stove, specifically was used to warm up wine, on the table also has suspended simultaneously several small side dish, but was very obvious, these people of small side dish is used for decorative or ornamental purpos, simply nobody will eat. However obviously, with these people who Megan comes, now does not have the mood to enjoy the plum, look at that servant in hand is taking liquor bag. These people cannot contact any business in Clan, therefore their has plenty person simply has not seen the Beastman Race liquor bag, therefore saw that servant is taking a leather bag, feels very curious. Megan to knows that he looked at that servant in hand leather bag one, nodded said : this to be Beastman Race Milk Wine, it seems like today we can taste freshly, has warmed up wine.” That servant immediately/on horseback has complied with one, raised one's wine cup careful pouring in the pot, then sat on the water boiler, Megan actually gawked, her look at that wine pot puzzled said : this was not probably right, I remember that Milk Wine probably was the cream color, how was this liquor transparent?” By her a girl also nodded said : „, I at home had also drunk Milk Wine before, that Milk Wine truly is the cream color, looks like looks like the sheep's milk is the same, but this liquor looks like actually like is the water, won't this be the water?”

However is very obvious, everyone/Great Clan does not believe her saying, because the wine fragrance taste in that pot passed on, in the courtyard has the boy who several drink frequently, could not bear attract the nose, said : „the flavor of this liquor was very fragrant, such fragrant liquor, my first smelling, was the don’t know flavor is what kind.” Several other people also nodded, they also heard, the flavor of this liquor was very fragrant. Outside the here courtyard sub- on appears one type of strange scene, all person look at that pot liquor, simply nobody paid attention to open colorful Plum Blossom. Before long the liquor heated, servant immediately/on horseback everyone arrived at one cup to the people, the people impatiently have drunk one, this got down, no matter the boy or the girl, kept coughing, the face was also choked simultaneously red. When the people caught one's breath, these girls cannot help but raised one's wine cup have put down, look at that liquor that had a lingering fear, but that several boys to have not put down wine glass, had to drink the experience, small mouth sip one liquor in that cup. This sip is unimportant, they actually cannot stop, the flavor of this liquor was really too fragrant, especially in this in the winter, drank one cup to warm up wine, that taste, was very beautiful. Several people of boys could not bear drink several, appearance that these girls saw several boys, was somewhat greedy, finally was cruel-hearted, is studying the appearance of that several boy, has drunk, before long one glass of liquor got into the stomach. The liquor has characteristics highly, after drinking, the person will feel the entire heat radiating from body, Megan they, although after under this glass of liquor, felt own heat from inside to outside, the although weather is still very cold, but they actually started to perspire. But highly another characteristics of liquor are, after you drink, more drinks more wants to drink, that corona dizzy, the self-satisfied feeling, is very mysterious. That servant is not presently right, these Young Master, Young lady, a person probably changed the body has become the drunkard, raising one's wine cup to entering the mouth, before long, ten jin (0.5 kg) liquor was drunk a none remaining unexpectedly, was seeing these Miss Young Master, each and every one was the face is red, fainted dizzy the appearance. That servant immediately holds to go home them, they just arrived at Meiyuan in front of the door time, Junichi saw, but Junichi has not said anything, is only in there smiling secretly. Junichi is very clear this liquor Might, do not say that these itself could not drink Miss Young Master of how much liquor, even if were Ark Continent here these old drunkards, will drink some to be also drunk, the number of degree of that liquor did not give for nothing. Xu Wanying also walked at this time, look at Junichi said : what kind of?” Junichi smiled said : to be drunk, the propaganda that Young Master said evidently has become, after these person of returned to families, was the best propaganda.” They hey villainous smile. Next morning, Megan has opened the eye, has sized up around one, presently in own in the room, she cannot help but has gawked, then sat, looked at the body puzzled, her body wears own night clothes, does not have what strange place, but she is felt that resembles there not to suit. In puzzled time, his suddenly saw that under own bed is also lying down a person, this person her maidservant, this maidservant puts on to is very neat, moreover rests just fragrant. Megan suddenly felt that own mouth is quite thirsty, she adds busy said : Mei Er, Mei Er, gives me to one water.”

Plum naturally rests the young girl of that being on the floor under her bed, that young girl also heard the summon of Megan, immediately crawled, face joyful look at Megan said : young lady, you awoke, fantastic, you under and others, my immediately/on horseback gave you to the water.” Was saying Mei Er ran up to table, to Megan to one water, this canteen has been wrapping with beast skin, therefore the water in pot not very cool, drinks just right. Megan has drunk one water, this feels well, she turns the head to hold plum said : Mei Er, when is my this What happened? I falls asleep? How couldn't I remember?” Mei Er looks at the Megan appearance, knows that she could not remember, quickly said: Young lady, couldn't you remember really? yesterday you and Miss Huo Li they enjoy the plum in Meiyuan, then drank Wales mister to give your liquor to be drunk, yesterday your dinner has not eaten goes to sleep.” Megan stares, frowns careful thinking, probably is a little impression, she cannot help but nodded said : probably is a little impression, that liquor probably very fierce, being enthusiastic that very Hockry they drinks, I have also drunk one cup, has not actually thought that has been drunk unexpectedly, does the father know?” The Megan father naturally is Smith, Megan also really somewhat feared that is known by Smith, although Smith does not prevent her to play with these friend together, but if knows that she has gotten drunk, that will certainly not put her, the family education of their family is very strict. Mei Er has not actually thought these many, but nodded said : to know, yesterday duke Sir knew in the evening, but he heard that the young lady drinks the liquor that Wales mister has delivered, has not said anything, but makes you rest well.” Megan has gawked, but immediately/on horseback said : changes clothes to me, I see the father.” Mei Erying, has worn the clothes to Megan. At this time in Clan ate meal, Megan immediately/on horseback walked toward the dining room, she went naturally was in the dining room that specially gives the dining room that the elder the rank above person ate meal, there was also the place that Smith normally dined. Calci Family has definite orders regulation, if no any special situation, all people must dine in the dining room, if dares to falsely report that the reason does not go to the dining room to dine, performs the heavy fine. This regulation must let all person understand in Clan, your things to eat is the same, wants to eat meal in the Advanced level place, you only then effort is Clan makes for offering is good. Also is a little, such everyone/Great Clan eats meal in together, is manageable, not in the words you must eat this today, tomorrow he must eat that then Great Clan like Kars Province Clan, a moonlight will be the board expenses is not a small expenditure. Megan arrives at that dining room that their normally has eaten meal quickly, but enters to that dining room, she stares, because she has not seen her father in that dining room, in the family has a status point person not to see that this let Megan in there. In this time, a servant was walking, sees Megan, immediately/on horseback said : young lady, you came, duke Sir said that today you must go to No. 3 hall to dine.” Megan has gawked, puzzled look at that servant said : „No. 3 hall is not used to incur and other guests? Why does the father make us go to No. 3 hall to dine?” That servant immediately/on horseback said : yesterday Wales mister came, although said that Sir yesterday duke invited Wales mister, but Sir wants to introduce all important members in Clan to Wales mister today, therefore the Sir the hall asked Wales mister to eat meal on the 3rd.”

Megan understand, nodded, walks toward No. 3 hall, before long Megan arrived at outside No. 3 hall, outside No. 3 hall is standing a servant, in the hall hears the sound of intermittent chatting. That servant sees Megan, hastily said loudly: Miss Megan.” Was shouting while opened door, Megan took advantage of opportunity. Enters in the room, Megan sees own father, mother, two Elder Brother, arrived, in the house is setting out a big table, but several people actually sit breathing place there by room are resting. Megan is Duke Smith the sole girl, in Calci Family, regulation, the adult male in Clan, can only marry a wife, the Clan daughter, is absolutely impossible to be used to marry. This regulation ensure the Calci Family prosperous foundation, each adult male in Clan, can only marry a wife surely, child who such this wife has, is only a father mother, has the parents to press, they struggle the family property the matter, fresh will not be many, Clan will not split. But the daughter cannot be used to marry certainly, this is also in Clan most rigid regulation, Calci Family after this, a from mouth to mouth lesson abstention, teaches the meaning of abstaining is, if Clan, must by betraying the woman received exchange for the benefit, that this Clan sooner or later will be perished, because betrays the woman to receive in exchange for the benefit, can only explain incompetent of man! Under the drive of these words, Calci Family first-generation men very outstanding, they also finally solid value good ancestor's words, each bag of adult males only take a wife, even if this, their Clan show quick of , moreover does not have appears to split. But Duke Smith, is the present Calci Family third in-line successor, but he also Venerable according to the ancestor teaches, only married a wife, moreover this life has three children, Kristen, Diya, Megan. Because only then a Megan such daughter, therefore Smith ten loves her, because in Calci Family education very strict standard, therefore Megan is not rampant like Ryan, conversely, she is a gentle good good girl, friend who he makes, very pure friend, because his these friends know that she is never the matter in Butler, if you let her with Clan, must handle matters, she in did not meet with you ironclad, therefore contacted the person with Megan, was these not what authority in Clan, by Clan . The person who the matter does not care about, said simply that is the person who some mixes to eat to wait for death. although such person makes the person unable to get used to seeing, but you have to recognize, contact with such person, Megan will not involve in these benefits, can provide the most secure environment to her. But Megan good hospitable is also became famous in Sky Water City, in Sky Water City receives the poor person of her En broom to be innumerable, therefore in Sky Water City, she also has the name of Princess Plum Blossom. This name has two meanings, one was to say her likes Plum Blossom, two in other words she chastity like Plum Blossom, in cold winter, only then Plum Blossom was opening, brought gorgeous to the cold winter.