Chapter 360 business Smith looked at Megan to walk, hastily with a smile to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, come, I gave you to introduce, this was the little princess of our family, my daughter, Megan, Megan sees Mr. Zhao Hai, was right, now what he uses was the alias, called Wales.” Heard Smith saying that Zhao Hai was Wales, Megan cannot help but has gawked, then she has thought yesterday Laura gave her liquor. However Megan or immediately recover, go forward to give Zhao Hai to salute said : Megan to see Mr. Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai got up to return a courtesy said : Miss Megan to be courteous hastily.” Said that has stood, Megan also arrived at oneself Elder Brother side to sit. However Zhao Hai look at Megan actually somewhat stares, not only because of the Megan name, but also because of the Megan appearance, Zhao Hai first time sees Laura time, being startled, because of Laura long is almost just the same as Taylor, but were many several heroic spirit. But these time sees Megan time, Zhao Hai also feels being startled, because of this Megan, not only the name, on that Megan Fox with Earth is also exactly the same on the company commander, stature very high, the appearance is sweet and pretty, but this Megan also has the clarity that Megan Fox does not have, appealing. Present Megan, wears that princess skirt that a Noble girl often wears, appears clear beautiful, is really similar to the princess same attractiveness. However Zhao Hai also knows that stares at a girl to look is not a very politeness, therefore looked at Megan one, turns the head to speak to Smith. Kristen, Diya also sits in the one side calmly listens to them to speak in there, although said that their present ages look like with Zhao Hai are similar, feeling that but they in the Zhao Hai front, actually some one type of cannot let loose, this arrived did not say that Zhao Hai imposing manner strong, was mainly because the Zhao Hai present status are treated equally with Smith, this has given them very tremendous pressure. At this time the meal on table also suspended, because is the breakfast, therefore the meal in this table is also not ten complex, very refined that but each same made. Smith invited Zhao Hai on them the table, he knew, Laura and Meg were the Zhao Hai fiancees, therefore also invited on them the table, to Sky Water City here, Laura and Meg did not need to play the role of the Zhao Hai maidservant, now Zhao Hai is introducing them, by fiancee's status introduction. Smith has looked like Megan to introduce to the table on Laura and Meg, Laura and Meg age is similar to Megan, Smith naturally also hopes that Laura can become a friend with Megan. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai lets Laura and Meg goes to Sky Water City to play with Megan, he sits horse carriage to go to hotel there to see Ryan, sees Marriott they, no matter what his cooperation with the Shelly Family must start.

The ox cart arrived at hotel in front of the door quickly, his car(riage) just arrived at shop in front of the door, waiting on shop should immediately come out to welcome, simultaneously another waits on should fast told Marriott and Might this information. Zhao Hai enters the room that the hotel went to living of Ryan first, the Ryan room naturally is also in the hotel the best room, because has Zhao Hai relationship, in the hotel also very looks after to Ryan. To the Ryan room outside, Junichi immediately/on horseback has gone forward to knock on a door, Jill doorkeeper opens, looked is Zhao Hai, immediately lets the room Zhao Hai. Because is in the hotel the best room, therefore this in the room has the living room, after Zhao Hai and Junichi enter the room has sat down, Jill to Zhao Hai sends to sub, Zhao Hai looked at somewhat silent Ryan, calm said : princess Your Highness, this time troublesome cause in me, I your excellency has talked clearly with Grand Duke, Grand Duke will send after a period of time the ship to come here to meet you, you stay at hotel these days, moreover you can go out for a walk, in Sky Water City, you are safe.” Ryan lowers the head said : to thank mister to care that this troubled mister all the way, really felt sorry.” Ryan suddenly becomes is so polite, Zhao Hai has not been familiar with really very much, he shook the head said : „to speak of the trouble, problem that this we encounter all the way, mostly is I causes, should say what sorry is I am right, these time harmed you to lose that many guards, moreover studied does not have on to become, really sorry, if later Miss Ryan had any matter, can look for me, so long as were in one's power, I can help.” Ryan looked up a Zhao Hai point, then lowered the head said : Ryan to thank mister.” Zhao Hai looked that Ryan does not want to contact with him obviously, he did not have to say anything, stood got up said : so that I not to disturb princess Your Highness, Your Highness rest well, said goodbye.” Zhao Hai leads Junichi to come out from in the room, sees Marriott and Might is standing in out of the door, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then laughed said : I saying that your two did stand this to do? Isn't will be eavesdropping?” Marriott and Might cannot help but looked at each other to smile bitterly, they possibly were not eavesdrop certainly, they were see Zhao Hai. Before Zhao Hai visits Smith City Lord, they think that is only ordinary visiting, after all status between Zhao Hai and Smith differs was too far. However who can want to obtain, after Zhao Hai entered City Lord Mansion, before long City Lord Mansion sends for telling them unexpectedly, said after Zhao Hai, lived in City Lord Mansion, coming their here to take thing. They do not dare not to give, must know in Sky Water City, Calci Family is very strong, they must give the City Lord Mansion person Zhao Hai thing.

However this made them feel to be worried, they have not thought that Zhao Hai so was unexpectedly good with Smith relationship, if Zhao Hai has started the cooperation with Calci Family, that can work with them? This has become an issue, after all Calci Family be stronger than their Shelly Family. yesterday they worried that in the evening Zhao Hai will not be cooperating with Shelly Family, such words their losses were big, although said that every month 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine regarding Shelly Family is not anything, but the key is Zhao Hai this person, Zhao Hai is Space Magician, so long as such person has drawn in relationship with him, then has the advantage to Shelly Family very much. Therefore today one hear waits in incoming telegram said that Zhao Hai came, their can also be able to sit still, immediately to running up to the Ryan door external stopped up Zhao Hai, but looked that Zhao Hai with the appearance that they cracked a joke, probably did not have with the meaning that they cooperated, this arrived is makes them light the tone. Marriott immediately/on horseback smiles said : how to come to be able such to put you to walk, walks, goes to my there, we drink two cups.” Zhao Hai has not declined with Marriott to his room. After three people sit down, there are to wait on to three people of one person but actually one cup of Fruit Wine, afterward waited on to draw back, in room on the remaining three people with Junichi. Marriott looked that Zhao Hai has not let the meaning of Junichi leave, knows that Junichi is Zhao Hai trusted aide, he does not have to endure, to Zhao Hai said : Wales, you are very ripe with Smith City Lord?” Zhao Hai smiles said : good, was only City Lord was too warm, being probable made me live in his there, was that maid servant institute of their family backyard, truly speaking, I have not liked really in there, is not casual, might as well lived outside.” Marriott has smiled bitterly, Zhao Hai this saying, if makes others hear, certainly thinks him to be artificial, in Sky Water City, you can live in City Lord Mansion, that can explain that absolutely your status, let alone the City Lord Mansion maid servant institute, that is in City Lord Mansion one of the best courtyard. Might smiles said : to result, do not result in that cheaply has also shown off cleverness, was right, do you also prepare to cooperate with Smith City Lord?” Zhao Hai nodded said : cooperation is affirmation, we cooperate is also Milk Wine, other thing, therefore your here each month milk Milk Wine supply I did not have the means to enhance temporarily, only after can wait, my there Milk Wine output came up, in the enhancement supply slowly, you looked to be good?” Might and Marriott relaxed, a piece big stone at heart fell to the ground, now they fear is Zhao Hai does not work with them, so long as Zhao Hai also worked with them is OK. Marriott immediately/on horseback said : „, after waiting, your there output high was saying.” The Zhao Hai look at Marriott appearance, shows a faint smile said : my also several types of thing to want with you to work, don’t know did you agree?”

Marriott stares, then likes said : anything cooperating, mentions listens.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand moves, in the ground in room were many one pile of thing, saw that these thing Marriott and Might stare, because of here thing regarding them is very ordinary thing, Bamboo rice, the surface, various types of Magic vegetables, these are on Continent very ordinary thing, no big deal. Zhao Hai is holding their appearance, showed a faint smile said : to make the person do these thing ripe, after we ate, I was telling you.” Marriott is not a fool, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, his understand Zhao Hai was any meaning, his immediately/on horseback instruction person went to these Magic vegetables and grain takes away to do, they set out the dining room. Three people arrived at the dining room thing to deliver before long, was some ordinary emaciated looks, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, making Marriott taste, Marriott not polite, in the past tried these dishes. This recompenses Marriott to feel that left this dish the differences, these dish although were only the ordinary emaciated looks, moreover in the shop level Marriott of chef also knows that his everyday ate this dish, but eats this dish he actually to feel that today differences, this taste was better than the everyday flavor. Marriott can affirm that the flavor of this dish is good, with chef not too big relationship, because of flavor fantastic of this dish, this vegetable's flavor on very good, is adding on the craftsmanship of chef to be good, this dish made naturally delicacy. Marriott puts down the knife and fork, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : you to say the cooperation that is this?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : right, what kind of? Can cooperate? I can guarantee, the vegetables quality that my here produces is the same, you look to cooperate.” said : of Marriott two eyes sparkling light energy, too can, if there are your vegetables, the business of our hotel meets bring it up a level, was right, how many these vegetables do you have?”