Chapter 361 Fire Fish business Zhao Hai smiles said : has plenty, moreover on some of some of my there also Continent no Magic vegetables, if you are interested, I can also give you these vegetables, gives you recipes of these vegetables, but this will become your unique business, what kind of? Interested?” In the eye of Marriott started to brave golden light, his look at Zhao Hai said : really? If you have on Continent does not have the Magic vegetables , many we want many.” Zhao Hai laughs said : Marriott Big Brother, you may be really corrupt enough, but I like, feel relieved, after I go back, statistical well, how many Magic vegetables having a look at my everyday to leave, when the time comes was telling you, what kind of?” Marriott nodded said : well, my wait for you information, you have been possible to be been as soon as possible good.” Zhao Hai nodded, then turns the head look at Marriott said : Marriott Big Brother, my also business, don’t know did you want......” not to wait for him saying that Marriott wanted on said :.” Zhao Hai said : I had not said that is any business, this business has the risk, Great Clan like Shelly Family, the common families does not dare to meet, they cannot meet.” Marriott complexion sinks, calm said : said that any business, so long as is your business, our Clan can following.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to is not serious, but this business although is not considered as that the unique business, but also absolutely lets the business that the person is jealous, Fire Fish!” Marriott one has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : that decides you say Fire Fish? How many do you have?” Zhao Hai smiles said : one month 10,000.”

Marriott muttered was reading 10,000, 10,000.” Was reading while turns circle on the ground, Zhao Hai looked at his appearance, cannot help but showed a faint smile, turns the head to dumbfounded Might, shook the head, sighed said : „is really, with person who your have not seen the world, I really did not have means communicate.” His such saying, Might and Marriott actually one recovered, look at Zhao Hai that their two eyes shone, Marriott plunged Zhao Hai said : brothers, what you said was real? Can you one month provide 10,000 Fire Fish to us really? It is not 100, is not 1000, is 10,000?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is 10,000 right, what kind, this business do you dare to meet?” Marriott laughs said : to meet, kills me also to this business following, Brother, you are really my lucky star, is our Shelly Family lucky star.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to result, Fire Fish was the lucky star, that thing are many were not valuable, told you, now I little eat that thing.” Marriott ill-humored white Zhao Hai said : your this saying, if makes others hear, certainly will punch you one, Brother, you do not find out our Shelly Family situation, because our Clan was suppressed by Grand Duke Layen in Rosen Empire here, this makes the hotel business of other countries also certainly be affected, even if were we have killed Layen, the business of hotel also met in for a long time to be in the trough, but at this time, if there are Fire Fish and your vegetables, we can regard the advertisement with this, making the business of hotel good, therefore the brothers, I said that you were our Shelly Family. Lucky star, but the brothers, you have the Spark fish, Smith does City Lord know? How will he let this business?” Is locally born Marriott, very clear fire Ding in means anything regarding the person on Continent, reason that Fire Fish is precious, because the next generation he will be scarce, if he will find at everywhere like the radish on avenue, will not be valuable. The Fire Fish business will certainly make money, does not take underestimated this month 10,000 quantities, one month 10,000, hotel after processing, minimum can bring four to arrive at the fifty thousand gold coins income to other people, a moonlight is Fire Fish can bring these many income, this who gives up to give up. One hear of Marriott such asked that Zhao Hai shook the head said : this matter Smith Big Brother also real don’t know, but your feel relieved, I will go back saying that with him, said it, this thing is my, whom I want to sell to sell to anyone, he will not say anything, feel relieved, was right, these 10,000 Fire Fish I can you, but you may probably prepare thing to install Fire Fish, this fish is very fragile, this you also know.” Marriott nodded said : right, this should prepare, your feel relieved, I ensure prepares.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that like this, when I passed for two days to do well the matter of vegetables, my together told you these thing I to deliver to there, but I think that I will deliver to here, Sky Water City here transportation very convenient.” Marriott nodded said : well, was right, can discuss with you, 10,000 can Fire Fish not disposable shipping, be able in turn?” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, this, divides three batch, every ten days of a batch, a batch and second batch of 3000 one times, finally a batch 4000, Ok?” Marriott smiles said : „, has been OK, HaHaHa, that such settled, I’ll wait for you information.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands got up said : that well, I first went back, this resulted to say a Fire Fish matter to Smith Big Brother, other business.” Said that stands up beyond the communication to walk, Marriott and Might have delivered to out of the door Zhao Hai. look at Zhao Hai already leave, Marriott and Might returned to his room, Marriott look at Might said : Might, you said that what background Zhao Hai is? Why his in hand so many good thing?” Might forced smile doesn't said : in your Boss clan have checked? But cannot look up, in Clan can only look up, the Zhao Hai earliest appears place is Black Soil fortress, could not look up in anything, this person looked like that suddenly braved, moreover worked can only with the low key described rampantly that method also very ruthless spicy, what most important was, in his hand will always have continuous good thing, this was because these good thing, therefore he means were not dull in Aksu Empire, because Aksu Empire Southern King Boris stared on his in hand good thing, was because like this, Mas Delphi Clan day that therefore they also implicated. Lovable girl Laura gave up, even has had a falling out with Clan, but now looks like, the small advantage to was makes Zhao Hai occupying, Laura has married him unexpectedly, he could be said as the person wealth two, must know that Laura these many years business, the in hand money may be a lot, afterward they ran up to Prairie to come up, he has done any nobody to know to Prairie there, then in one time by Wales status appears , then ran up to here to come.” Marriott nodded said : this person of status too mysterious, moreover his first appears is the Black Soil fortress that chaotic place, no wonder nobody can look up, I suspected that this person possibly is seeks a big influence to train, gives that big influence to amass money specially, why otherwise Smith so is good to him, you are know that Smith that fellow is very arrogant.” Might nodded said : this matter truly is somewhat strange, if normally he has such relationship with Smith, he should arrive at Rosen Empire to come most from the beginning, why will run up to Aksu Empire, but also rushes to Purcell Duchy such place? Moreover they, when Purcell there cannot stay, Calci Family does not have make a move to help, if Calci Family looks like Boris to exert pressure, that Boris does not dare to be what kind to Zhao Hai, in this matter has the strangeness.” Marriott nodded said : that only then one type of explained that Zhao Hai after that matter, has opportunity to make contact with Smith, but makes me have to be strange, how he makes contact with Smith, moreover does Smith also such take seriously him?” Might forced smile said : Smith is not silly, Space Magician , he or attached great importance to blaming.”

Marriott patted head said : I to forgetting this, our luck were really good, such made contact with the line with Zhao Hai unexpectedly, was right, you said that we were possible to buy two Space equipment with him?” Might smiles said : and other later to have opportunity to ask that he was good, makes contact with the line with Space Magician in any case, is always good, perhaps, we also really can get so far as several Space equipment to play to play.” Said that they have smiled. Zhao Hai sat on horse carriage now, he prepares the returned to Meiyuan, arrives at Meiyuan there, then goes to Space there to have a look, in returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, making Green they count, now they have many to be able make a move thing, after waiting for these to count, they can start the cooperation with Smith and Shelly Family. Today Laura and Meg are not, their two both accompanied Megan to play, this was also the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wants to give them to put to have a vacation, they with Zhao Hai such long time, have not blown the cold wind on Prairie, was hurrying along, otherwise was making the war, simply not well has relaxed. Now they arrived at Sky Water City here, there are Megan this Sky Water City princess to accompany, their securities will definitely not have the issue, therefore Zhao Hai wants to give them two to put to have a vacation well, enabling them to play to play well. Laura their happy, they were good long time not to have much presently have played, was different from Zhao Hai this standard nerd, they were not the dwelling females, they also liking like other girls window-shopped, but was a pity before , they may not have that condition, now had, they naturally must strolling well. Megan very happy, after all their several girls' ages are also similar, moreover Laura because of doing business of long time, knows comfortably how to be together with the person, the Meg disposition is gentle like the water, therefore three people of being together to very happy. But Megan will do not understand, the beautiful woman like Meg and Laura, why like Zhao Hai? She really could not look that Zhao Hai has anything to be good. Megan is only 17 years old today, the age that likes fantasizing, in her opinion, her lover wants the stature to be high, long Shuai Shuai, is gentle to the person, refined, but Zhao Hai these do not occupy obviously, her not understand, why will like Zhao Hai like Laura and Meg such outstanding girl.