Chapter 362 hotel is attacked Yes, in the Megan eye, Meg and Laura is very outstanding, even if did not have anything to have the feeling Ni'er, in the Megan eye is also very good girl. However such three girls, unexpectedly are Zhao Hai, Megan really somewhat does not think understand, she sees Zhao Hai, the stature did not have Laura to be high, the appearance is ordinary, manner? Generally, looks like is a little stuffy, such a man of having no merit to speak, why obtains Meg, liking of Laura such outstanding girl, this did not have the natural justice. although Megan thinks at heart, but she has not said that no matter what, she and Meg and Laura did not have to saying these situations ripe. In Sky Water City after to is Heaven that the woman window-shops, in here you can buy on Continent thing of any place, all kinds of everywhere have shops, three people are leading several bodyguards, passes and out in these shops, in the hands of these bodyguards took completely thing, what exaggerated, in not far away of these bodyguards, but also with a car(riage), on the vehicle has also packed thing. The women window-shop look like the man drink to be the same, many woman understand, why the man does not like drinking, happy also drinks, happy does not drink, like man understand, why the woman does not like window-shopping to be the same, buying thing must stroll, sometimes does not buy thing also to stroll, really makes the person not think understand. Xu Wanying has followed in Laura and Meg, he with Zhao Hai, has not been sent today by Zhao Hai with Laura, has him, Laura they will meet anything to trouble will not be worried. For better guarantee Laura their securities, Zhao Hai has also given Laura them Ghost Staff, if like this has any matter, Zhao Hai can the earliest possible time rush to their sides. Has strolled to quick noon, Megan watched the weather not early, turned the head to Laura said : Laura Elder Sister, we rested, ate to select thing.” Laura watched the weather, nodded said : well, I somewhat was hungry, let's go.” Megan smiles said : today we to walk outside, goes to East District, there has is very good, in Sky Water City that the seafood in a sea food restaurant does very famous.” Laura and Meg naturally cannot oppose that has such one rarely time opportunity that comes out to play, they naturally must play happily. After several people boarded, quick arrived at one shop in front of the door that called the family of ocean, this shop that called the family of ocean was very big, the building high seven buildings, were in entire Sky Water City do well, a seafood stock of goods most entire shop that the seafood did. Today what Laura they sit is Megan horse carriage, what Megan horse carriage meets a train to use is the 4th level Magic Beast snowflake marvelous horse, with the beforehand Laura use, it seems like that the girl receives this appearance delicate and pretty white horse. horse carriage just stopped to shop in front of the door of family of ocean, goes straight a person from the shop, this person of Merchant clothing/taking, long very ordinary, but a smiling face of face, making the person look has the one type of kind feeling. This person saw that Megan gets out from car(riage), immediately/on horseback welcomed, bows said : to see Miss Megan to Megan, the young lady has been able to come today, is makes the shop be honored really extremely that.” Megan maintained polite smile said : Manager was being polite, today I am only lead two friends to come your here to taste the seafood, Manager arrange the seat.”

That Manager immediately/on horseback complied with said : to prepare to the young lady, in the sixth floor sea words room, in there not only can eat meal, but can also see the seascape, was our here best room.” Megan smiles said : that trouble Manager, Manager invited.” The hand signal that Manager has made invitation hastily, asking Megan they to go. Manager has delivered elevator Megan personally, on sixth floor, to the sea words room, that room was very good, more than 40 square meters, inside has a table and a rest area of dining, that rest area to the window, window Shanghai is having the glass, happen to can see ocean from the window. On sky-blue ocean, ships are stopping above, often has the island to fly in on the ship, that scenery is very beautiful. Because of Sky Water City seaside, although was winter, but their here be much warmer than other places, because of adding on today's weather is very good, Sun was very full, in the room although has not selected the Magic furnace, but the temperature was not low, neither cold nor hot, the person sat in just right. Asked Megan they to enter the room, that Manager bowed said : young lady please slightly to sit in here to Megan, my immediately/on horseback made them serve food.” said : of Megan politeness thanked Manager, Manager must take your here special today comes up, today I ask the friend to eat meal.” Manager has complied with one, turned the head. The Laura look at that Manager back, smiles said : this Manager to be very interesting, will cultivate the behavior very much, did you know with him?” Megan smiles said : not saying that knew, he is in the city Count James the person of family, Count James is good with relationship of our family.” Laura is knowing said : originally this in the city business, has these Noble control, do your some business have these?” Megan shook the head said : my also don’t know, these matters I no matter always, but the business ship of our family has the Clan badge, should be very good to recognize.” Laura nodded, smiles said : that saying that today was only your family's business that in the city saw has more than 100, great, was really great, really had these many.” Did Megan stare, said : had these many? Haven't I noted? He He, has not thought that you also record these unexpectedly, what? do you want to seek to seize the family property of our family?” Laura white her said : I have feared myself, cannot obtain your family's family property, what business I want to take a look at your family to have, must know that Elder Brother Hai is preparing to do business in here, moreover works with your family, therefore I must understand that your Patriarch must to manage any give priority to.” Megan look at Laura said : „were that you too also attentive? Does your fiance also make you handle these matters? His what matter not why?” „The matter that Laura forced smile said : he must be busy are more, moreover his is not quite healthy, I do not want to make him extremely in working hard, what? do you have the opinion to him probably?”

Megan smiles said : I to not to have the opinion to him, I am only do not understand, why looks like Laura Elder Sister you such pretty girl, will like a that ordinary man, he does not have tall your.” Laura one hear of Megan said that cannot help but has smiled, said : our stories are growing, good of Elder Brother Hai, is not you can imagine, Megan, you must know that a boy is outstanding, with his stature it doesn't matter, with his appearance also it doesn't matter, girl, if thinks to get married, must marry one to be good to you, but is not other anything, these anything property, ability, empty, they are in the world the richest person, they are the most competent people, but they are not good to you, you not. Will be happy.” Megan look at Laura said : looking pensive that said that he was very good to you? But if he loves you, is very good to you, why will become engaged with Meg Elder Sister?” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai to grow up from small together with Meg, he he, their sentiments are very deep, said it, Elder Brother Hai, if, because liked me giving up Meg, I instead to being worried, including Meg with his these many years sentiments, he to have been able saying that gave up giving up, then can't get rid to me at any time? Small Megan, sometimes man heavy sentiment is not the misdemeanor, conversely, regarding the man, that instead to is the good deed.” Meg look at Megan smiles said : What happened? Megan, person who you have liking? Can bring to us has a look?” The Megan face one red, white Meg said : that had, few talk nonsense, on in the city that several people, I could not have had a liking.” Several people chat play to make, in this time, out of the door is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Young lady, Dean James Young Master interview.” Megan stares, then nodded said : to ask Dean to come.” The gate shoves open, walks about a 20 year from out of the door pampered son of a wealthy family. This pampered son of a wealthy family mild-mannered elegant golden color is long, height over 1.8m, has regular facial features, is similar to the sculpture is ordinary, handsome, is adding on a tailor synthesis warrior cloth, is charming to is not really good. Megan stands up, bowed said : to see Dean Young Master to Dean, how Dean Young Master to have free time today here?” After Dean Megan returns a courtesy, smiles said : to hear that beautiful Miss Megan arrived, I naturally must greet, no matter what, now this shop is my manager.” Megan showed a faint smile said : Dean Young Master to be too polite, I had meal with the friend, the no big deal matter, Dean Young Master also with specially ran.” Dean smiles said : Miss Megan to my shop to eat meal, I happy, this meal is I invited very much today, asking Miss Megan do not decline.” Megan actually shook the head said : not to need Dean Young Master, today is I asks the friend to eat meal, if this meal were invited by you, that turned into you to ask us to eat meal, that appeared I am unfair to the friend, waited to have opportunity on that day, we were coming you to invite.” Dean showed a faint smile, looked at Laura and Meg, because Laura and Meg did not have the belt veil, therefore they two look natures looked at clear by Dean, Dean cannot help but two eyes one bright, then revealed riddle maker smile said : originally Miss Megan friend, unexpectedly was also the so attractive beautiful woman, several beautiful women can come to the shop, was really the good fortune of shop, my immediately/on horseback let the kitchen, making them prepare attentively, please allow me to ask to be excused.” Said that bows to several people, turn around walked. Waited for Dean to leave the door, Laura to Megan said : Megan, didn't you like this Dean Young Master probably? Did you know?”

Megan nodded said : we naturally to know, he is the Dean Clan second in-line successor, do not think his long is so attractive, actually his lascivious, although his management ability is very strong, but people more will only pay attention to his lasciviousness, heard that now he is only the sweetheart has more than ten.” Does Laura smile said : this is not these Noble Young Master common failings? Actually is not considered as that any big problem.” Megan frowns said : not to be considered as that any big problem, but I do not like.” Was saying, waited on to start to serve food, uniform all was the seafood, moreover these seafood did was very attractive, looked that made the person have the appetite very much. The women regarding the delicacy resistivity are very low, Laura they naturally are no exception, currently to have such good opportunity, they naturally will not let off, has eaten well. However although is this, however many years of Noble education also make their table manners very refined, but they eat are not few. Has had the lunch, they do not have immediately/on horseback leave, but sits in the sea character hall is drinking sub, the look at seascape was chatting, but that Dean Young Master in has not disturbed them, evidently that Dean Young Master was also a understand person, he also looked that Megan has not liked him very much. In several people chatted, suddenly broadcasts the sounds of several weapon collisions, Laura and Meg complexion changed, they truly have experienced the person of life and death war, immediately understand, some people in attacking here, Laura immediately/on horseback have stood, drew own Megan conveniently. Meg uses Wind element Magic, kept off the in the room table in in front of the door of room, the look at door that simultaneously the entire gods alerted, in hand Ghost Staff also took, simultaneously has informed Zhao Hai. Megan has not encountered this situation obviously, her also some not too bright grew in vain what matter, by Meg and Laura making anxiously, to keep off the table to Meg in room in front of the door, she was not quite right, face startled said : Laura Elder Sister, what matter did What happened? live?” The Laura look at Megan appearance, smiles said : to be all right, the small matter, don't worry, quick on the past, has not needed to fear that has me with Meg in here.” Said that her in hand were many Rapier. Laura although is 5th level Knight, however her Rapier uses is also good, but the in the room such narrow and small place, uses Rapier this type of short weapons is the best choice. Megan actually by her action frightening, her has not thought in Sky Water City will come unexpectedly also across this matter, this is she from small long to so is also big, first time meets attack, although she is also strength good Magician, how however must handle in this time actually simply don’t know, helpless, complexion white standing in Laura. Sound getting bigger and bigger that the external weapon hits, is getting more and more anxious, but at this time, on outside street was also a confusion, the Battalion management catches up toward here, simultaneously teams of soldiers, came toward here, obviously some people know that here lived any matter, knew who in here. Laura sees this situation, at heart cannot help but a loosen, his very clear, only then these armies came, attack their people will retreat, no matter what, here, but Sky Water City, but Megan the Smith daughter, dares to begin to Megan in Sky Water City, the courage of this person is not small, but same, opportunity of this beginning also only then one time, will miss in having, otherwise they can die was very ugly, Calci Family may not be the soft persimmon.