Chapter 363 is furious In this time, the window of suddenly hotel one is being destroyed, but what is strange they have not seen the person's shadow, but window that breaks to pieces to the Megan nearest/recent window. At this time Zhao Hai sound suddenly passed to the ear of Meg said : careful, Dead-soldier, in Megan, their target were Megan.” The Zhao Hai words just ended, Meg in hand Ghost Staff has been linking several Wind element Magic, directly soars Megan. Meg also responded at this time, her immediately/on horseback said loudly: Laura is careful, Megan behind has Dead-soldier, target is Megan!” Laura after character of fight, first has also made the response, her turn around protected Megan in in hand, simultaneously in hand Rapier, one after another pulled several swords to be colored, before own body, protecting firmly lived. Magic that at this time Meg in hand Ghost Staff came out was getting quicker and quicker, before long in front of Laura on the present surface a person's shadow, this person's shadow had been wounded by Wind Blade. Laura naturally cannot let off this opportunity, her attack has attacked fiercely, is Knight Laura, the technique of his fencing is very strong, Rapier in her in hand, is fluctuating the style, incurs a move of fatality. If that Dead-soldier the dark type, such frontage opposes the enemy, is actually not his strong point, first do not say that Laura the technique of fencing, is Meg there Magic lets his headache. Magic that now Meg release comes, is not her release comes, but is Zhao Hai control Ghost Staff release is coming, is quick, the quality is high, has the 7th level Magician level fully. Finally, that Dead-soldier has not insisted how long, under jointly attacking of Laura and Meg, was assassinated by a Laura sword, that person of Dead-soldier was just assassinated, flutters from Ghost Staff one group of Dark mist, that Dead-soldier vanished. Strange of Laura and Meg to this situation not point, because they know that this is Zhao Hai does certainly, but this time Megan, has actually been scared. Megan is one is held since childhood in control the character of princess rank, when has encountered this situation, she was frightened, especially saw that after that Dead-soldier Wind Blade wounds, the blood that the body flows, Laura assassinates, blood that then from Rapier wound there spurts, is makes her feel that incomparable disgusting, has spat directly.

Laura sees Megan this, stares slightly, then immediately/on horseback has put out one cup of Spatial Water, held Megan to sit on nearby chair, comforted said : in a soft voice well Megan, do not fear that the opposite party was an unprincipled person, we were destroying the person, come, drank the cup water, calmed down.” Megan one hear of Laura comfort sound, actually has sobbed, she is really good to be afraid, she was the seeing death of first this short distance. Under Laura comfort in a low voice, Megan was some little time good, received the Laura in hand water, bit by bit has gotten down, this cup of underwater stomach, Megan felt that in own body gave birth to warm feeling, just that flurried mind also slowly has stabilized. In this time, out of the door has been hearing knock, three people of immediately/on horseback anxious, then hears the Xu Wanying sound to transmit said : Miss Laura, Miss Meg, you fortunately? Please open the door.” Laura turned the head to look at Meg, Meg lowered the head, she and other instructions of Zhao Hai, obtained the instruction of Zhao Hai finally, she has lifted the head, nodded to Laura, Laura then relaxed. Table of Meg on with Wind element Magic doorkeeper puts aside, Laura opened the door in the past, in front of the door has been standing face anxious color Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying looked Laura is intact opened the door, this relaxed, but his also immediately/on horseback saw the crack on window, cannot help but the facial expression concentrates, then bowed said : to make the young lady frightened to Laura, asking the young lady to punish.” Laura beckoned with the hand said : not to have relationship, we have not been injured, did the enemy solve?” Xu Wanying immediately/on horseback nodded said : to solve, the Calci Family person came, now here absolute security, but the young lady, these come attack our people, has committed suicide.” Does Laura show a faint smile said : suicide to be useful? They forgot Calci Family are also Dark Magician Clan, had is the means can ask that from the deceased person thing came.” Xu Wanying selected, in this time, one team of wear full body armor soldier, in a leadership of young man, half step walked, Xu Wanying looked at that young man one, let opening the door side, because that young man he knew that was Megan Elder Brother, Kristen. Can look, Kristen is very grieved Megan, what Noble courtesy now his simply could not give a thought, fast caught up toward here, but looked that arrived, in in front of the door Xu Wanying and stood in the gate An Ran/safely non- type Laura, he relaxed, has scratched under on cold sweat, to Laura said : Miss Laura, Megan was all right?” Laura smiles said : to be all right, but just frightened, now was much better.” Was saying let open the door, asking Kristen to enter the sea words passenger compartment.

In the passenger compartment Meg is sitting in Megan side, is comforting her in a soft voice, Kristen entered the passenger compartment fast to size up all around one, saw that by the person the window that broke from outside, his complexion cannot help but changed, he thinks that Megan has not received attack in the room, now looks like is actually not, some people broke the window to rush to the room unexpectedly attack they. Megan saw Kristen to come, immediately has stood, dashed to the Kristen bosom, held Kristen to cry said : Big Brother, I was quite afraid, have the bastard to jump to from the window kill me.” Kristen holds Megan to comfort said : to be all right hastily, Megan did not fear that has Elder Brother, don't worry.” Kristen has comforted Megan some little time, Megan calm, at this time out suddenly had transmitted sound speaking sounds: Young Master, Dean Young Master interview.” Kristen complexion sinks, cold sound said : makes him come.” Before long Dean walked, he did not have just that demeanor appearance now, the tight head is the perspiration, comes to look that Megan they are all right, he relaxed, but looks at that shatter window, his heart has cannot help but raised. Dean immediately/on horseback arrives around Kristen, bows said : Dean to see Kristen First Young Master to Kristen, today is the shop protection inconsiderately, making Miss Megan frightened, asking First Young Master to excuse me, I certainly will visit another day to look like duke Sir to apologize.” Kristen is cold the face, look at Dean said : Dean, this time matter is my younger sister has not had an accident, otherwise, I could not forgive you, this matter you should better give me an explanation, otherwise, do not blame my impolite.” Said that then Megan said : Megan, walks, goes home with Elder Brother, the father is still worried about you.” Said that paid no attention to Kristen then Megan to walk. Naturally, walked, Kristen has not forgotten to call Laura and Meg, Kristen very clear, Megan has not experienced a matter, now she can An Ran/safely not have the type, certainly because of Meg and Laura relationship, is adding on Meg and Laura is the guest of their family, he will certainly not forget to call. Several people of leave sea character room, Dean complexion immediately/on horseback becomes very difficult looked that shouted loudly said : to come the person.” Warrior immediately ran, stands in the Dean front, bows said : Young Master, has any instructions fu.” Dean cold sound said : looks up to me, must look up is who does, looks up me to him tear to shreds.” Dean manner to Kristen has not expressed discontentedly, his very clear, in this Sky Water City, the Kristen status is similar to Prince of country's, today Kristen this is polite, if changes into Diya, feared that was at the scene on the wind. Dean also has contact with Calci Family, with were more, therefore his very clear Megan that Smith their family contacts in Smith the status of their family, that is really higher than Kristen, if Megan did have an accident in here really?

Thinks that here Dean on the straight quantity cold sweat, he believes that if Megan has had an accident in here, that Smith will certainly pull to get angry their Clan, finally their Clan can not be peaceful. Powerful of Smith in Sky Water City, is all Sky Water City people are clear, now actually some people's attack Smith daughter in Sky Water City, all hear this information person, first felt that this Sky Water City storm must come, in Sky Water City all influences must withstand the Smith anger, no matter you have it doesn't matter with this matter, you must withstand the Smith anger, because here is Sky Water City, but Smith is Sky Water City City Lord. Quick Kristen their returned to City Lord Mansion, entered to City Lord Mansion two, saw Smith to wait in there, Megan saw own father, naturally was complaining tearfully, Smith naturally is good son comfort. Then several people arrived at the City Lord Mansion living room, at this time Zhao Hai also arrived at here, Zhao Hai asked Laura in a soft voice their situation, because just had not arrived at the scene, therefore he is some worries. At this time Megan was also good, the Smith wife was comforting her, Laura and Meg also said the family of there ocean situation, that Dead-soldier situation of the window coming in they says. Then Meg release that Dead-soldier, this has not needed to explain anything, Smith had not asked that he thinks the body of Meg is bringing Space equipment. Dead-soldier corpse not anything that this release comes specially, seems like different from general Dead-soldier, now this Dead-soldier veil had been picked, long very ordinary. Smith look at this corpse, more looks more is mad, deep voice said : comes the person, pulls out to expose to the public for three days to me him, then loses to in the sea feeds the fish.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Slow, Smith Big Brother do not worry, I also want to know something from his mouth.” Did Smith look at Zhao Hai said : you to want?” Smith is Dark Magician, the meaning of nature understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had not hidden the truth from him, nodded said : right, turns into Advanced level Undead Creature him, knows that they were who, why dares to run up to Sky Water City to come to Megan to begin.”