Chapter 364 is as expected However Smith has not actually thought to in this way, because wants to turn into one a corpse to ask that thing Advanced level Undead Creature, regarding Dark Magician is very dangerous, Smith has not thought that Zhao Hai wants such to do unexpectedly. Smith look at Zhao Hai said : brothers, had not wanted, such did was too dangerous, will bring not the small influence to you, your feel relieved, by our Calci Family strength, who I will certainly look up does.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, such was too troublesome, moreover I feared that they will have two times attack, is adding on me to suspect this matter possibly has relationship with me, otherwise why I just arrived at Sky Water City, Megan received attack, this matter I must investigate thoroughly.” Said that did not wait for Smith to say anything, has put out Ghost Staff, read wind sentence Incantation in a soft voice, then Magic Staff wielded, one group of Dark mist that Dead-soldier sphering. Before long Dark mist vanished, that Dead-soldier has stood in same place, his wound vanished, besides bloodstain, your simply looked that does not arrive at him to increase after experiencing the fight. Moreover this Dead-soldier does not have the appearance of general Zombie that type of whole body rotten meat, his present appearance does not have what difference with the average person, but has not breathed, on the face does not have what expression. Zhao Hai deep voice said : said your status, came to the here point.” That Dead-soldier immediately/on horseback said : is, Master, I called to puncture 23, did not have the name, I was the Grand Duke Layen under the hand/subordinate Dead-soldier team member, these time came the Sky Water City goal, only then, capture Miss Megan, forced Duke Smith with him, you expelled Sky Water City Master.” Punctures 23 words very simple, but his status, his back person, the Sky Water City point said. Hears his words, a complexion cannot help but paleness of Smith, he has not thought really that punctured 23 to be unexpectedly the Grand Duke Layen person, Grand Duke Layen projects on his head to come the idea unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has actually smiled bitterly, turns the head to be unfair to Smith Big Brother to Smith said :, has not thought that this matter also really because of me, was I makes Megan frightened.” Smith beckoned with the hand said : brothers, you left said that cannot blame you for the matter, I have not thought that Layen unexpectedly so rampant, dares to run up to Sky Water City to catch my daughter, this was clarifies must hit my face, I will not let off his.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, asked that Dead-soldier several questions, but punctures 23 is only Dead-soldier, the Grand Duke Layen matter that knows are not many, therefore he cannot reply.

Zhao Hai waved, puncturing 23 to receive, this turns the head look at Megan said : Miss Megan, this matter was I makes you frightened, this was a gift, delivered give you.” Said that put out Space Bag to give Megan. Megan at this time already completely calm, her puzzled look at Zhao Hai in hand Space Bag said : mister, what thing is this?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this is Space Bag, inside has the volumes of ten three-dimensional sides, can be used for attire ten cubic thing, usage very simple, you hit a bag mouth, is OK to thing that you are wanting to install with the bag mouth.” A Zhao Hai such saying, Smith they actually all were shocked, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will give Megan Space equipment unexpectedly, must know that Space equipment on Continent is very precious, this gift may be too expensive. Smith look at Zhao Hai said : may not, Brother, this gift was too expensive, we cannot receive.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, this is I gives the gift that Miss Megan apologized.” Said that has given Megan Space Bag, this sat, turns the head to Smith said : Smith Big Brother, how do you want to cope with Grand Duke Layen?” Smith coldly snorted said : this brothers you did not need to manage, gave me to be good, I ensure cannot make him feel better.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Smith Big Brother, I want to tell you that now the Grand Duke Layen personal enemy continues your, a person hates Grand Duke Layen compared with you, moreover they have prepared to begin, perhaps we can work with them.” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then immediately/on horseback responded, what look at Zhao Hai said : brothers you said is Shelly Family?” Grand Duke Layen suppresses the Shelly Family matter, entire Rosen Empire knew, Smith naturally impossible don’t know, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that his immediately responded. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is Shelly Family, in the past Grand Duke Layen suppressed Shelly Family, Shelly Family already wanted to cope with them, only before not, Shelly Family had a matter, let their non- flaw Doppelganger, for this reason I was also implicated, reason that Grand Duke Layen will cope with me, was because before me, had the cooperation with Shelly Family, moreover paid no attention to their warnings to be admitted to hotel, therefore this has sent for chasing down by Grand Duke Layen all the way, now the Shelly Family internal matter has been solved, they were preparing to counter-attack, if we can collaborate with them, that can certainly make Grand Duke Layen unable to eat to capture walking.” Smith nodded, said : is reasonable, person like Layen, you, or can one kill him, he will certainly counter-attack, is not enough to kill him depending on our strengths, if adds on Shelly Family not to be different, Shelly Family is on Continent one of the maximum Merchant Clan, the strength is immeasurably deep, if there are their help, must cope with Layen to be simple, I agree such to do, this matter must ask the brothers you to act to mediate.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have issue, I think that Shelly Family certainly is also very willing to cooperate with you, Smith Big Brother invited feel relieved, was right, Smith Big Brother, my yesterday also matter forgot to tell you, these time was also the matter in business, don’t know Smith Big Brother regarding the Fire Fish business interested.” Smith one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes twinkling brightly, said : brothers said carefully.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to achieve with Shelly Family has cooperated intent, can one month give them 10,000 Fire Fish, if Big Brother is interested, I can also provide twenty thousand strip Fire Fish to Big Brother one month, how you process I don't care, I sold to you Fire Fish.” Smith two eyes sparkling with divine light look at Zhao Hai said : „can brothers guarantee one month of twenty thousand strip?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to guarantee absolutely that invited Big Brother feel relieved, moreover lived.” Smith pats table said : well, that such settled, one month of twenty thousand strip, the price you opens with the brothers, so long as guarantees one month of twenty thousand strip on the line.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that well, such settled, I go back to prepare, tomorrow am going to a hotel, must to them say one with the matter that they cooperate, I first asked to be excused.” Said that has stood, to a Smith ritual, leading Laura their turn around to walk. Sees Zhao Hai to go out, Kristen cannot help but turns the head to Smith said : father, this Zhao Hai secret that many, why do you also such trust him?” Who Smith stared Kristen said : in this world not to have secret, what he had secret to fear, so long as he did not have the threat to be good to us, now he on Continent, everywhere is an enemy, had relying on we, can sight going on living, why we unable to trust him? Kristen, you must remember, everyone had own secret, so long as he can be adopted by us, some secret fear anything.” Kristen bows to listen to reason. This enters Smith to turn the head nearby look at to manipulate Space Bag Megan said : Megan, shows me that Space Bag, I first time see bag Space equipment.” Megan has complied with one, has given Smith Space Bag, Smith took that Space Bag carefully to look, but how to see this is a very fine coarse small cloth sack of manufacture, did not have the extraordinary place, if not believe that Zhao Hai will not deceive him, he thinks certainly that this was counterfeit goods.

Opened rope on Space Bag curiously, Magic Formation appears in his front, to had a scare him, but his immediately understand the Magic Formation use, has coped with a chair in room Magic Formation, is thinking receiving that vanished chair immediately, he in attention centralized Space Bag, immediately saw that chair calmly, Zhengan dull in Space Bag. He is thinking putting, good chair immediately appears in the original position, Smith cannot help but surprisedly to look at this small bag one, this compared with his palm of the hand at the worst many small bag, unexpectedly such mysterious. However he has not taken, has given Megan the bag, told that said : Megan, this small bag is extraordinary thing, you must preserve well, do not take the use casually, this thing incurred the human eye, the bravo in this world were many, for this thing, what matters their could do, do not make others know that you did have this thing, understand?” Megan has complied with one, is actually a face happy look at this ordinary small bag, just Smith used the process of small bag he to see, he has not thought really that this small bag really so is unexpectedly mysterious. look at Megan in hand small bag that Kristen and a Diya also face envies, must know that is Space equipment, in their Carchi Province put few, Smith does not have, do not say them. At this time the Smith wife stood to turn the head to Smith said : Old Master, I went back with Megan, I gave her taking a bath well, let her sleeping well, you were busy.” Said that led Megan to draw back. At this time Diya look at Smith said : „does father, you want to cope with Layen that bastard? Can Shelly Family work with us?” Smith sneers said : these years our Calci Family continuously very low key, these people have forgotten to offend us are any fates, this matter with quickest biography returned to Clan, do not ask the issue of my idiot, this type to Shelly Family, only then the advantage does not have the cooperation of fault, how they possibly do not comply, to go.” Kristen and Diya bowed to draw back.