Chapter 365 Grand Duke Layen and Buda Family Zhao Hai and Laura their returned to the maid servant institute, then entered Space, Laura they then completely relaxed, the Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, smiles said : not to think that Laura your Sword Technique is so fierce, he he, great.” Laura proud lifted chin said : that to be natural, you think that my this Knight was when fake? I felt that now my immediately can break through to 6th level Knight.” Zhao Hai smiles said : looks like we and others we went to Prairie the time, must look for one type of to you, when your Mount Magic Beast, right Laura, you looked that you also use Blood Hawk, when Mount is what kind of? After Ranch in Level Up, Blood Hawk fighting strength in a promotion, with Blood Hawk, when Mount you safety.” Laura smiles said : to consider as finished, later was saying that in Space these many Magic Beast, I use that type in any case now, when Mount is not good, flying in the sky has Blood Hawk, has Moonlight Lion that the ground runs, in water tour also has Swordfish, is really not good also has Little Wen, Little Wen can also be a guest performer Mount, all right, does not worry.” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, Laura said is really right, now in Space these many Magic Beast, put out that is good Mount, the stock of goods that Laura can choose are really many. Some little time several talented people spoke of the subject, Zhao Hai turn the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, now in our Space also how many vegetables?” Cai'er immediately/on horseback said : present all vegetables add 2 million jin (0.5 kg), the grain adds, 1 billion jin (0.5 kg), Milk Wine has added the fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), rations has added the twenty thousand jin (0.5 kg).” After Zhao Hai nodded said : „, Space the planters of some reduced grain, increase the planter of add some vegetables, after a batch Scaleless Fish fosters completes, in Space must raise some Fire Fish, must guarantee the vegetables and Fire Fish quantity.” Cai'er has complied with one, now Farm here turns over to her to manage, Ranch there although turns over to the Mu'er tube, but Mu'er actually must listen to Cai'er, therefore now Farm here complete turned over to Cai'er to manage, Zhao Hai had any matter to say to Cai'er directly was OK. Now Zhao Hai already not too heart Farm here matter, therefore looked at Cai'er to comply, he also nodded, with Laura they returned to Iron Mountain Fort there. Iron Mountain Fort there entered the winter completely, the city outside Iron Mountain Fort castle inside, outside the city is the world of ice and snow, but in castle Wen Du now also about ten degrees, the people put on also thick. However generally speaking the Iron Mountain Fort here situation is very good, because there is Cai'er, many rice bamboos and Oil Fruit trees that therefore Iron Mountain Fort here amount of use big reduction of firewood, in Space comes out now by the furniture that these slaves make.

Before although these slaves, has not made these thing, but do not forget, Laura has also brought several Artisan, moreover thing that these slaves make now is only uses, is attractive discussed separately, practical on line, therefore now Iron Mountain Fort here were really many many half carpenters. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai is actually happy, that several half carpenter had been exempted the status of slave by him, moreover told them, if they have completed study the craftsmanship, but can also reward to their land. These aroused the enthusiasms of these slaves, many slaves got off work returned to after the factory, starts to make Artisan to live, but also let alone, really present several clever and deft, now Green they came out to train these candidates with emphasis. thing that these people make will not certainly waste, the meaning of Green is, lets their doing as far as possible, moreover should not be quick, does not use too attractively, but wants strong/sturdy, is certainly practical, these thing they have more than enough, can save, do not forget, after beginning of the spring, their here will come a hundred thousand slave, hundred thousand person that was thing that they used were only many. This Zhao Hai to Sky Water City there, wants to buy some Artisan, in these Artisan is best to have the mason, the blacksmith, Artisan that should better have to have to bake bricks. Simultaneously should better also several cover Artisan of house, must know the Daugai house is not that easy, if you do not build well the house, that house not only lives not to be warm gathers, but also cannot withstand the wind and rain. Now Zhao Hai in hand does not lack these ordinary slaves, he lacks is these Artisan slaves, naturally, has been literate professional skill such slave not to be cheap, but Zhao Hai was not short of money now. Zhao Hai this returned to Iron Mountain Fort, wants with Green well discussed that having a look at currently their wool product, Milk Wine also to have the rations output to be what kind, was possible large-scale the supply. Discussed after Green one next, Green also gives a Zhao Hai ten points specific figure, now their here, Milk Wine daily output greatly certainly about 5000 jin (0.5 kg), but the output of wool product is also good, lies in every five days can produce 20 wool blankets approximately, do not think that this figure is not high, must know that their wool blankets are pure manually make, very troublesome. But the manufacture of rations is very smooth, now their rabbit farm on the scale, has been able to produce the rabbit meat rations about 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) every month, mutton rations can also produce about 5000 jin (0.5 kg). What most important is, currently they have the rabbit skin processing, Beastman have met the tanned leather, but the Human Race woman can hide to turn into the attractive wool leather mouth these, but rabbit that in Zhao Hai Space produces, the coat color is almost the bright red, generates the clothes or cloak very beautiful. As the matter stands Zhao Hai they and many one type of product, this arrives is really good information, knew after here situation, Zhao Hai also returned to Space, discussed with Cai'er some they can deliver many every month vegetables, this regarding them is very important, these vegetables must supply hotel, is the business of living time, is stabler than the Purcell Duchy here income.

After letting Cai'er has calculated the output of vegetables, the result that Zhao Hai obtains is, every month they can supply to the vegetables over five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) of hotel, this was said that in too did not affect the grain and in the situation of fruit oil output, this digit was not small. After all matters counted, Zhao Hai on returned to in the maid servant institute, the weather now already not early, to has had the dinner the time, Smith has sent for Zhao Hai they welcome to the City Lord Mansion dining room to dine. This meal Zhao Hai has put out Milk Wine, drank with Smith well, Smith present has also liked this Milk Wine flavor. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai their returned to the maid servant institute has rested, ten points calm that this night they cross. However entire Sky Water City actually not calm. In Sky Water City all Noble, other influences moved, they do not think to revolt, but is they are looking up the murderer, they are looking up are who dare to run up to Sky Water City to cope with the Smith daughter. These influences in Sky Water City have to do, they want in this way, to wash clean their suspicion, they fear by Smith to the suspicion, if they by Smith to the suspicion, they did not have the means of livelihood in Sky Water City, not only in Sky Water City, even if in entire Rosen Empire, feared that did not have the means of livelihood. In fact reason that these Noble so anxious , because after Megan is attacked, entire Sky Water City one has declared martial law, on the street can see the form of management everywhere, teams of City Defense Force, teams of Calci Family Warrior, even can also see that teams of mercenary are inspecting on the street, on this day, the entire Sky Water City business dropped about three layers, obviously the influence of this matter has much big. Saw that Smith this time must act seriously, Sky Water City these Noble, with other influences anxious, at this time Smith that if offended angrily, absolutely that can die is very miserable. Compared with other influences, hotel here to is calm, their although has also greeted with City Lord Mansion, sending out own Clan Warrior to help the public security on maintenance street, but the sound is not very big, but nearby them on that two streets helps to handle something in one's power, moreover does very careful, does not have one out of the ordinary, like this behavior of low key, to just right was to the Smith appetite. This motion, does not certainly need Marriott to go to command(er), in fact has not gone to command(er) on additional Might, they hide in in the room of hotel are discussing this matter. Marriott look at Might said : you said that this matter can have relationship with Zhao Hai? Heard Megan is attacked, with Laura and Meg in together.” Might nodded said : to have possibility very much, except for Layen that extremely arrogant fool, I really cannot think, but also who has this to dare in Sky Water City to begin to Megan by the big courage, if Layen does, their target possibly are Laura and Meg.”

Marriott long said : also has the gang also has such in the courage, is the Radiant Church person, quick of Radiant Church these year of strength exhibitions, moreover they and Calci Family originally do not cope, and Zhao Hai has a grudge, they might do very much, no matter this time surprise attack will succeed, they can shift blame the body of Zhao Hai with the idea, said that will be wants attack Zhao Hai, Megan to be implicated, between such Smith and Zhao Hai appears fissure, this regarding them advantage, but very big.” Might complexion single layer said : „, if is really this, we will have the danger, Radiant Church might also regard Zhao Hai one group us very much, may also cope with us, we must remind person one in Clan, making them pay attention.” Does Marriott show a faint smile said : „the people in your Boss clan not to think of this point? They had already thought that but on Zhao Hai has very big benefit, is adding on Radiant Church these years not to have what friendship with us, but also did captured the business much the matter, therefore Clan will cooperate with Zhao Hai, now I only hope that Smith did not want, because this matter can pull to get angry Zhao Hai, these words, Zhao Hai will lose Smith this backer, did not have the advantage to him to us.” Might nodded said : hope, but I think that over the two days Zhao Hai will also come here to discuss the business with us, when the time comes had a look at the Zhao Hai manner on understand, if this matter were Layen does, he may be really stupid enough, while offending our family, but also offended Calci Family, he was dislikes himself dead was too slow?” Marriott shows a faint smile said : I to think that present Grand Duke Layen a little looks like Aksu Empire initially Buda Family, they actually are also a Rowson King in hand sword, this matter will not after death do well will possibly have the Rosen Empire King shadow, just Rosen Empire King possibly has not thought that presently in his hand this sword a little by his control, was not started to turn extremely arrogantly.” Might sneers said : Grand Duke Layen when continually the qualifications of Buda Family do not have, if Buda Family is not because old King in dying, was suddenly impossible but actually, because of their very obedient, very low key, their Clan successor, that called Adam, heard that playboy, I think that possibly was Buda Family intentionally does, this nobody suspected that they had the ambition, nobody will pay attention to playboys, moreover was their Clan suffered distress, possible, because the Adam playboy, can guarantee a life, but the fact showed that success that very Buda Family did, he. Old King under the hand/subordinate time, has not received a point suspicion, old King trusts them, but after their Clan, Adam really ran away but actually a life, although is matched, but Buda Family has actually preserved, but Grand Duke Layen son, the unusual fame for talent, is a Martial arts talent, never in matter on contact Clan, in the Empire Noble circle very famous, this has brought to the attention of people, this regarding Grand Duke Layen, not necessarily is the good deed.” Marriott shows a faint smile said : in present each kingdom, these established Noble have the contradiction with Royal Family, all Royal Family are thinking how must solve these established Noble, actually this sums up tying is because these established Noble were extremely strong, but reason that our Shelly Family did not have such danger, was because we were Merchant Clan, moreover was not strong like Markey Family, therefore nobody will pay attention to us.” Might smiles „, but Markey Family that said : you said is also bad luck enough, for Haven product, unexpectedly Laura compelling counter-, instead to was cheap Zhao Hai, HaHaHa, must say that Zhao Hai was also fierce enough, Laura may really be a beautiful woman, moreover was taller than Zhao Hai, saw that Zhao Hai could not be joined to Laura, but Laura likes him, for he even rather had a falling out with Clan, admire.” Does the Marriott look at Might appearance, cannot help but laugh said : what kind of? Can make Zhao Hai teach you two hands? However I thought you am very difficult learn, Zhao Hai was Space Magician.” Might also smiles said : to consider as finished, I do not have such ability, but said that Grand Duke Layen annoys Zhao Hai is really a mistake, was not only extinguished that many people by Zhao Hai, has swept the face maliciously, but also the confusing maneuver frequency leaves, how long I thought them sight.” Marriott coldly snorted said : he wants in the scenery, we comply to be good, now staff in Clan arrived, motion immediately must start, he is thinking that the scenery is impossible.”