Chapter 366 careful Smith Sitting of Zhao Hai calm on the vehicle, the ox cart is expunging, waited for the ox cart to hotel the time toward hotel, person immediately in hotel has recognized the Zhao Hai car(riage), did not have the means that who made the Zhao Hai car(riage) so special, wants unable to recognize difficultly. In the hotel waited on should immediately to welcome, Zhao Hai please come in hotel, but another waited on should immediately to run to report Marriott, these waited on should status of very clear Zhao Hai in Marriott heart, the nature not to dare to have slight neglecting to Zhao Hai. Marriott when receives the report, somewhat stares, he has not thought that Zhao Hai at this time his here, Megan just will have the matter now, he should not come at this time. However Marriott or immediately welcome have sat down to the living room in his room in Zhao Hai, invited Might, after three people sit down, Marriott look at Zhao Hai said : „does Little Hai, what matter have?” After the contact of several times, they now were also the acquaintances, Marriott also automatic changed to Little Hai to the name of Zhao Hai, to let relationship of both sides was nearer. Regarding this name, Zhao Hai to has not felt anything, but smiles said : you to forget my yesterday to the matter that you said that the output of vegetables I have counted.” One hear of Zhao Hai are discusses business, Marriott relaxed, he also is really feared that Zhao Hai has had a falling out with Smith, looks him to help, although he will help busy of Zhao Hai, but such one benefit that came their Shelly Family to gain was smaller, they cannot hit relationship with Zhao Hai this point with Smith. Marriott smiles said : hastily well, said that actually I and others also very much worries.” After Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, I can provide five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) various vegetables to you every month probably, 10,000 Fire Fish, the grain and fruit oil, how many you want me to have how many, what kind , can such quantity be sufficient?” Marriott has not thought that really will have these many, his face excited said : sufficient, was too sufficient, your feel relieved, the price will not treat unjustly your.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to come not to fear that again you treat unjustly me in the price, because these thing are my, if you dare the card my price, I did not sell to you, he he.”

Marriott and Might also chuckle, then Might look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, can I ask you, is yesterday Miss Megan attacked what's the matter?” Might also present, Zhao Hai is a very refreshed person, you want to know anything from his there, best to say directly that the Zhao Hai temperament has point image Warrior, likes going straight there and coming straight back, therefore he can ask is so direct. Zhao Hai smiles said : that matter Smith Big Brother to investigate thoroughly, you did not ask me, I must you tell the second matter that I come today, must say this to you.” Marriott and Might stare, then at heart excited look at Zhao Hai, they already faint had guessed correctly what Zhao Hai must tell them is anything. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : you not to guess wrong, these time comes attack Megan is the Grand Duke Layen person, they want capture Megan, then makes Duke Smith expel Sky Water City me, but was a pity that they have not succeeded, therefore Duke Smith is angry very much, prepares to retaliate Grand Duke Layen, I told him that you have a grudge with Grand Duke Layen, moreover is preparing to cope with Grand Duke Layen, wants to make him work with you, what kind of? Do you agree?” Marriott and Might although guessed correctly that Zhao Hai must say anything, but hears Zhao Hai to affirm now their suspicion, they are very excited, they have not thought, Zhao Hai in Smith, really will have at heart such high status, Zhao Hai annoys troublesome, moreover presented the danger to Megan, Smith doesn't blame he. However this matter regarding Shelly Family is the good deed, although they are preparing to cope with Grand Duke Layen absolutely now, however must cope with Grand Duke Layen in Rosen Empire here is not that easy, they must pay not the small price. But if there is Calci Family join completely not to be different, Calci Family is in itself Rosen Empire established Noble, they influence very enormous in Rosen Empire, have their help, they must cope with Grand Duke Layen more relaxed. This Shelly Family and Grand Duke Layen to war, also exposed the Shelly Family deficiency, although said that they were formidable Merchant Clan, but they after all were not that legitimate Noble, therefore on having [lineage/vein], with the power and influence, they compared these legitimate Noble to miss on many, like Grand Duke Layen, did not belong to powerful established Noble, dares to suppress them, on was because they not too many power and influence in various countries, is too big, in various countries that because their business did, had the business, therefore to that country sense of belonging., All countries regard the bystander them, as the matter stands they when handle a lot, appears is not very naturally convenient. These time copes with Grand Duke Layen is, because Rosen Empire has not regarded the person on one's own side them, if they do not pay the corresponding price, breaks though the link, that will cause the Rosen Empire Noble disaffection, when the time comes meets alliance to cope with them, their troubles were big. However currently has Calci Family join, that situation on complete is different, Calci Family in the Rosen Empire originally influence, is Imperial Family not the character who wants light intent to provoke, Calci Family style very low key, therefore is Rosen Empire Imperial Family regards these established Noble like the eye-sore, actually to Calci Family not too big dislike.

But just as is such that Marriott they think, Grand Duke Layen truly is Rosen Empire Imperial Family handful of wants to cope with these established Noble chess piece, but this chess piece actually has not been obedient now, was extremely insolent. Now Imperial Family has prepared in trading chess piece, in the eyes of these superior, all people are chess piece, but chess piece is divided usefully and useless two, but in useful chess piece, is divided with two that is obedient is not obedient, will not treat Qing words chess piece, superior generally decisive giving up, chess piece that because was not obedient, momentarily probably turned into a unstable factor, not only to the enemy, was also same, that superior has not hoped that own side had a unstable factor to exist. Marriott laughed, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : agreement, why some good matters we not to agree like this that I said the brothers, you may really be our Shelly Family lucky star, feel relieved were good, I can now promise you on behalf of Clan, this time we certainly full cooperated with Calci Family, please pass on to Duke Smith for me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, agrees well, my this went back to say one with Smith Grand Duke, was right, this several days I will make people deliver these vegetables, first delivered hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) what kind of?” Marriott nodded said : well, delivers to here to come directly? Do you have the ship?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, by mistake your matter.” Said that stood the body to come turn around to walk outward. Actually Zhao Hai don’t know, when he comes to hotel, Smith was also summoning City Lord Mansion the elder in Calci Family, this elder naturally was Dark Magician. This elder looks like over 60 years old, the headdress flower was white, black Magic Robe, but the face had not been blocked, his complexion is somewhat pale. Smith look at this long Old Daoist: Accepts Elder Luo, what kind of?” Narro nodded said : „to be the same, the person who who Mr. Zhao Hai said these time comes truly is the Grand Duke Layen person, they also truly come to the young lady, the point kidnaps the young lady, then compels you to expel Sky Water City Zhao Hai, they quite cope with Zhao Hai.”

Smith relaxed, but complexion actually ugly, Smith is not a fool, he is superior, is impossible to get emotional, Zhao Hai said that any he believes anything, that is impossible, therefore he lets Elder Luo, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature surprise attack Megan Dead-soldier, asked the result that the situation, obtains to is truly same, his then feel relieved that Zhao Hai said. However his fire also thoroughly was lit at the same time, Grand Duke Layen was too has not paid attention to Calci Family, although said that Smith was only the Calci Family second successor, but he was also one of the Calci Family most important members, otherwise in Clan will not send him to assume personal command to Sky Water City here, must know Sky Water City here, but Calci Family purse. Also is a little Megan, Megan although is the Smith daughter, little princess but who the Megan status, Calci Family most is also favored, in saying Calci Family how, Calci Family has been at the male female few conditions from ancient to present, in their first generation the girls are few, the boy are many, but to Megan their this generation is so, entire Calci Family is counted including Megan, altogether three girls, died, loose female who another is to become famous, is really treated in Clan sees, only then Megan is best, not only long attractiveness, Moreover is obedient gently, chaste is similar to a white paper, is in the palm of Calci Family the treasure. The status like Megan, the status ratio and Rosen Empire princess comes, is silk is not bad, like the person, among Grand Duke Layen however dares to put out a hand to her, this makes an looks like love Megan Smith to feel the extraordinary anger. However he is very calm, does not have immediately to begin to Grand Duke Layen, is the Rosen Empire person, he in situation to Rosen Empire the Marriott understanding are more, therefore he knows that Grand Duke Layen status very sensitive, should better not to move him easily, otherwise was makes Rosen Empire Imperial Family pay attention to Calci Family, this was the unworthy matter, after all in loving a person, in the face of the Clan benefit, yielded. However regarding Zhao Hai, Smith Grand Duke to was complete feel relieved, Zhao Hai has not deceived him at this matter, even after Megan by surprise attack, immediately thinks this matter likely was he causes, moreover he has not made any concealing, but this matter perfectly clear told Smith, this made Smith regarding the Zhao Hai sense organ better.