Appreciation of Chapter 367 Smith Person who an honest person, is bold in shouldering the responsibility! This is Smith regarding the Zhao Hai depending on price, but later Zhao Hai also proposed that collaborates with Shelly Family, this made Smith add on one behind the Zhao Hai evaluation, the general situation officer very good person. Is good at using to the advantageous condition, the matter that not only this Merchant can handle, any Noble Clan wants to unfold in fact, this condition is essential, but has the person who achieves this point to be few truly, but person who achieves this point, actually has become a side character. Smith appreciation Zhao Hai, he has believed that in Dark Magician Alliance has a such character, absolutely is the good fortune of alliance. But Zhao Hai lets another point that Smith regards as important, is he is ruthless enough, the Zhao Hai this line has done anything, Smith is knows that in Rosen Empire, the Calci Family strength is formidable, they must look up a person, that person almost in having any secret, but what this on Zhao Hai passes through has done, Smith also by person checked. However after checked, Smith feels incomparable surprised, because this Zhao Hai has killed Grand Duke Layen several thousand people all the way! Several thousand people, what concept is that? The Rosen Empire general big village, the small cities do not have several thousand people, but Zhao Hai one extinguished Grand Duke Layen several thousand people unexpectedly, the average person considered the murder to kill to be lenient, but Zhao Hai actually not lenient. Then he, this present, enters from the sea to Rosen Empire continuously to the present, the dead in his hand person crosses ten thousand! A person of slaughter ten thousand? What concept is that? Isn't the vicious and merciless person can do? But Zhao Hai actually did, this made Smith appreciate him. Is superior, vicious and merciless is not incorrect, your heart is not ruthless, is easy to let off your enemy, not good control your subordinate, this to superior is ten disadvantageous.

Then Smith knew Zhao Hai in lifeline canyon there to the matter that these bandits and thieves do, he appreciated Zhao Hai, because he knows that Zhao Hai was not a bloodthirsty person, he will work very much, will handle the matter very much, the person has no alternative but killing of taste, ruthless constantly, that to be incorrect, such person could not become superior. Normally such outstanding of Zhao Hai performance, Smith should have some worries to be right, because Zhao Hai now is the Dark Magician Alliance person, he displays in passes superiorly, to Dark Magician Alliance will bring to control of Calci Family disadvantageously. However in the present situation, Dark Magician Alliance this organization was extremely loose, even if Calci Family is also limited regarding Dark Magician Alliance control, therefore Smith does not believe that Zhao Hai can complete control Dark Magician Alliance, not believe he will bring anything to trouble to Calci Family. Conversely, Zhao Hai and Radiant Church enmity, they know that Radiant Church is to Zhao Hai wish to get rid of then quick, in this case, what Zhao Hai can only with heart and soul is Dark Magician Alliance considers, because of this not only for Dark Magician Alliance, for him, therefore there is Zhao Hai this kind of aspects very outstanding person join Dark Magician Alliance, Smith naturally happy. An alliance wants to unfold, the leave talented person is incorrect, especially these Advanced level managerial talents, each every organize the show to need. Radiant Church why such quick unfolds, besides they have used the religious strength, is massive draws various countries' talented people to their camps, moreover they have also drawn in relationship with various countries' High level character, these High level characters are in the person, this naturally is makes the Radiant Church management not lack the manpower, they do not need to worry for the talented person, because had join of these person, therefore Radiant Church can in such a short time the show. But in comparison, Dark Magician Alliance has fallen far short, Dark Magician Alliance few people knows on Continent, moreover Dark Magician Alliance cannot like Radiant Church, go appealingly with the religion, after all does not have many people to like Faith Demon God. In adding on Dark Magician is some temperament strange fellows, these people are not only not good to manage, does not have who to be good at the management, therefore they in the process of Radiant Church battle, have been at a disadvantage, now the entire Dark Magician Alliance management, almost can be said as the Calci Family person in supporting, they do not support are not being good, if Dark Magician on Continent were eliminated by Radiant Church, that light remaining Calci Family, they also leave perish were not far. Therefore Smith they see, in Dark Magician Alliance suddenly appears a Zhao Hai character, was so powerful, has the enmity of not being able to untie with Radiant Church, is popular in Beastman there, management ability, vicious and merciless, what most important is, he is very good to the person on one's own side, all these make Smith feel that Zhao Hai absolutely is that talented person who Dark Magician Alliance needs. Smith also knows that Zhao Hai went to hotel today, therefore he, what information after he wants to have a look Zhao Hai comes back, to be able now to bring.

Really, before long Zhao Hai on returned to City Lord Mansion, moreover looked for him directly, because Smith told ahead of time, if Zhao Hai looked for him, no matter he were doing, wanted first to bring Zhao Hai to him, therefore a Zhao Hai saying must look for Smith, Phill immediately brought in Zhao Hai Smith study room. Smith saw Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback smiles said : HaHaHa, Brother, you came, what kind of?” Zhao Hai knows one whereabouts simply in Sky Water City cannot hide the truth from Smith, he does not want to hide the truth from Smith, therefore one hear of Smith such asked that what immediately understand he said is anything, he smiles said : good, Shelly Family complied, they said these time certainly full cooperates with us, below is discussed that specific matter of cooperation, these matters I do not manage, you find the time to discuss.” Smith quickly said: No, Little Hai, this matter you are an intermediate, how you do not participate good, this matter you must be involved, I look at this, a while I send for invite Marriott and Might, we discussed well, was telling in the family respectively, after all this matter wanted in the family to decide finally.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this matter you are discussed that I did not know about your situations that listened is also Bai Ting, but you what matter, if had to need me to do, told me one and that's the end, I guaranteed to complete, what kind of?” Smith looked that Zhao Hai does not want to participate in this matter, he has not exempted, nodded said : that well, but if really copes with Layen time, you may have no alternative but to strive.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, had been chased down that long time by him, I already wanted to cope with him, now has such opportunity, my will let off, so long as copes with him, you said one to me on the line.” Smith nodded, Zhao Hai has then drawn back, he to Smith had not said that the matter in business, now Smith is busy coping with Grand Duke Layen, believes that he did not have the time to say the matter in business. returned to maid servant institute time, actually presently besides Laura them, Megan also, but they not in room, moreover in the small hall in Meiyuan. there is a girl, one with Zhao Hai is not very ripe girl, he naturally cannot disturb, after Zhao Hai returned to own room, immediately entered Space, he wants to rest, simultaneously he also wants to have a look at Smith to hit to plan that really immediately invited Marriott.

although said that City Lord Mansion is very big, but has not had been to the monitor range greatly degree, he still in City Lord Mansion, naturally can with monitor notice that Smith they were doing. Reason that Zhao Hai must hide in here looked that but does not accept the invitation of Smith , because he does not want to make Smith get suspicious to him. Smith and Marriott discussed how tackled Grand Duke Layen, good certainly to say how must coordinate, inevitable will speak of some two clans strength issues, their two clans should have some understanding, moreover they are the cooperation of Yu Clan clan, has scruples are quite few, but Zhao Hai is a bystander, that has no cares, in this case, was very difficult saying that Smith and Marriott can want against him, if Smith and Marriott wanted against Zhao Hai, that just the invitation of Smith did for show, if he participated, on the contrary will make Smith suspected him. although don’t know Smith actually thinks that but Zhao Hai thinks that he does not participate in their discussing being quite good, in any case he in here is also same looked why goes to there to annoy the person to be tired of? Smith really immediately sent for inviting Marriott, he also wants this matter determination as soon as possible, earlier to cope with Grand Duke Layen, if otherwise has given the Grand Duke Layen too many preparation times, their losses were big. This Grand Duke Layen kidnaps the motion failure of Megan, he certainly careful, if giving him too many setup times, that was not better to cope. Marriott has not thought that Smith such will quickly ask him to cross the palace, Smith sends for inviting him, he knows that Smith must do, this arrived is makes Marriott in Smith heart have a understanding again to status of Zhao Hai, it seems like Zhao Hai settled on by Smith really very much, otherwise Smith such will quickly not look for them. Marriott and Might rode Horse comes to City Lord Mansion, Phill immediately them welcome to the palace in living room, Smith to wait for them in the living room. Marriott and Might immediately/on horseback salutes to Smith, Smith also very polite asked them to sit down, immediately had the servant to send to sub, after Smith drank one to be possible sub, turns the head to Marriott said : Marriott Manager, your Shelly Family and Layen enmity I also know that but Megan was attacked in the final analysis also because of this matter, naturally, I, when doesn't blame your meanings, no matter Layen, because anything must move Megan, I will not let off him, currently we had a common enemy, I listened to Little Hai saying that you have prepared to cope with Layen, can tell me your plans.?”