Chapter 368 benefit Marriott to does not have, because Smith said to be angry, because Smith said truly is the fact, the cause of this matter truly because of hotel and Grand Duke Layen grievances. If not because of Shelly Family and Layen grievances, Zhao Hai will not become enemies with Layen, Zhao Hai does not become enemies with Layen, chasing down Zhao Hai of Layen full world, does not think that such confusing maneuver copes with Zhao Hai. Therefore Marriott very approves of regarding the view of Smith, said it these time they cooperates with Smith regarding them, only then the advantage does not have the fault, his submissive point does not have no relationship, in the final analysis this is Merchant and established Noble different places. What established Noble settles on is dignity, anybody dares to affront their dignity, they will counter-attack at risk of life, with the opposite party undead non- body, is the benefit that other they settle on, because in their opinion, established Noble, if did not have the dignity, he cannot be called Noble, this is one type of temperament that many years precipitate, merged in their soul, wipes cannot cancel. But Merchant is different, in Lao Bai poem has, the Merchant high interest that well words said leaves depart lightly, looks like in Merchant, the benefit is most important, other can put down, so long as can gain the benefit, the sometimes dignity can also put down. Therefore what Marriott showed a faint smile said : Sir City Lord saying that was because of this, today I brought a small gift to help get over a shock to Miss Megan, hopes that the Sir do not decline, the matter that the Sir said that will certainly know below says all, expresses oneself fully, after all these time must rely upon the Sir much.” Smith look at Marriott smiles said : gift I to accept for Megan, said that your plans, I want to ask Little Hai also to listen today, but Little Hai said that does nothing, only to consider as finished, but he said that has any matter, so long as told him that he helps certainly, after all this Grand Duke Layen pursues him is also very miserable.” Marriott smiles said : „saying that these time is unfair to Mr. Zhao Hai really very much, is our Shelly Family and Layen own matter, actually involved inside mister, this was really not our original intentions.” Smith has the profound meaning looked at Marriott one, smiles said : your Little Hai such person, forever do not regard the fool him, the person like him, is worth going to the sincerity intersection, if you do not show the sincerity, forever do not want to make him regard the person on one's own side you, I said right?” The Marriott look at Smith appearance, has smiled bitterly, he authority although in Clan is not young, but makes the decision truly, is these old person in Clan, the test on Zhao Hai is the decision that these old person make, although Marriott did not agree, the words component that but his manifestation Manager said is limited. although now Zhao Hai is very good to them, who can say Zhao Hai how to think at heart, Zhao Hai is willing to do business with them, not for benefit, if Zhao Hai is really heart relying on they, he business about doing the big end has given Smith Clan. Marriott can affirm, Zhao Hai to Smith benefit certain even bigger, if no beforehand matter, Zhao Hai possibly to them Clan even bigger benefit, then regarding Shelly Family, will welcome another soaring in the future, what a pity, they missed. Smith looks at the Marriott appearance, understand what's the matter, in Clan has treated the Zhao Hai manner actually, does not have good that such Smith displays, but Smith compare to appreciate Zhao Hai, therefore he so will be good to Zhao Hai, but now looks like, Zhao Hai gives his repayment is very really rich.

Marriott take deep breaths, has not continued in this topic, but how prepared to cope with the idea of Grand Duke Layen to say to Smith their Clan. Shelly Family wants to cope with Grand Duke Layen, that must obtain the agreements of Rosen Empire Imperial Family and these established Noble, happen to the past the conduct of Grand Duke Layen extremely in the rampancy, had caused the Imperial Family disaffection, Shelly Family has happen to used this opportunity, touched the Imperial Family person with the benefit, making them not manage the Grand Duke Layen matter, this equal to the Grand Duke Layen in hand biggest backer moving out, Grand Duke Layen has become the rootless duckweed, they in want to cope with Grand Duke Layen to be many on the convenience. Has solved Rosen Imperial Family, naturally also has these with Noble that Layen is on good terms, Layen is not a fool, he not because of the Rosen Empire Imperial Family favor and trust, but turns into itself an orphaned feudal official, he has also become friends with many Great Noble, but this is also Rosen Empire Imperial Family to his discontented place. Shelly Family most makes people feel what fear is what? Naturally is money, they have are the money, they can spend money to buy many thing, for example support of these Great Noble. The work of these segmentum anterius their done was similar, now also difference was taking the opportunity was difficult like Grand Duke Layen, this difficult light to make war with Grand Duke Layen is not good, they must find an excuse, enabled Rosen Empire open and aboveboard not to help the excuse of Layen, for example Layen has committed any unforgivable big crime, the Rosen Empire person can open and aboveboard abandonment Grand Duke Layen, but what will not have the person to say. The meaning of original Layen Family is, spends the high price, please Great Noble act to go to Grand Duke Layen, such Rosen Empire these Great Noble and Imperial Family had gave a pretext. However now looks like, Grand Duke Layen unnecessary fee that matter, had Calci Family join, Carchi Province variety is in itself Great Noble, so long as they act to accuse Grand Duke Layen, that Rosen Empire Imperial Family and these Great Noble will not say anything. although said that these year of Calci Family were lower-key, but actually nobody dared underestimated this millennium Great Clan, their energy were very scary, in adding on Calci Family built up by Dark Magician, their styles also like were Dark Magician, making the person ponder over airtight, therefore the Rosen Empire person, has heart of the awe regarding Calci Family now, only then extremely arrogant to side crazy will not have supported this like Grand Duke Layen looks like the human and animals harmless hornet's nest. Listened to the Marriott words, Smith cannot help but to nod, he can look from these arrangement of Shelly Family, this Shelly Family was certainly with Grand Duke Layen undead continuous, otherwise they will not pay such big price. Why Smith changed mind one to want also such to do on understand Shelly Family, Shelly Family in the final analysis was Merchant Clan, their money were most, but their in hand benefit also continuously coveted, if this Layen were successful, that Shelly Family was very difficult to survive on Continent, such fat a piece big cake, but also did not have no rebel ability, naturally was all people wants to come minute of a piece. Therefore this Shelly Family rather pays such big price, wants kill Layen, must help an appearance to these people, lets these person of understand, we have are the money, if you dare to offend me, I can buy your life, not only buys the life of person, will also buy your family's life, buys your entire Clan life. After Smith hear Marriott words, nodded said : well, this matter we will coordinate, I thought that we should do to assemble the military strength, so long as our manpower have arrived in full, our immediately/on horseback acts to accuse Layen Family, then we began, have remembered, took to give to kill Layen, otherwise he will certainly counter-attack, such was very troublesome, will bring very big loss to us, after all has been these many year First Lord of the Treasury, under Layen some family properties.” Marriott nodded said : well, after I go back, immediately sends the letter to Clan, making person immediately in Clan assemble the manpower, invited Sir City Lord feel relieved, but my assembled the manpower the process, attacked the place our best matter to assign, avoid when the time comes the appears unnecessary misunderstanding, you did look?”

Smith to had not opposed, but nodded said : „should, but after we these idea reports to Clan, then because of carrying on the assignment is quite good, after all this matter meaning that in the Clan should better probably look.” Marriott nodded, has asked to be excused with Might, after they walk, Smith immediately/on horseback prepares to Clan in writes a letter, here the person in situation original originally this telling Clan, what manner having a look at them to be. Smith believes that the person in Clan will agree, although said that Calci Family is not Merchant Clan, in situation that in the quantity reduction loses, eliminates the enemy, this is any brains normal person likes the dry matter. Moreover through this matter, they can also draw in relationship with Shelly Family, although said that Shelly Family is only Merchant Clan, but the hotel of their family has proliferated entire Continent, this simply is invisible Intelligence Network, so long as draws in relationship with them, can obtain the information from their there, regarding Calci Family, to entire Dark Magician Alliance, has huge doing to use. For this reason, therefore Smith has not prevented the cooperation of Zhao Hai and Shelly Family, in his opinion, this is one contacts Shelly Family good opportunity. Zhao Hai sits in Space, has switched off the screen, he has not thought that this Shelly Family to cope with Layen Family will pay such big price unexpectedly, simultaneously he has not thought that Rosen Empire these Great Noble, for the person who the benefit can give up a Grand Duke rank unexpectedly, Grand Duke, that has the person in oneself duchy, they actually said that gave up giving up, this world was really too brutal. However this also made Zhao Hai see a hope, revived the hope of Buda Family, can let Buda Family from new returned to Continent, lived the hope under sunlight. In the final analysis, only then two characters, the benefit, previously these Great Noble, coped with Buda Family for their benefits, they do not think that old King with Buda Family this sword, gives to weaken their benefits, but now Buda Family is not that the sword, if Buda Family can bring the benefit to them, they also do hold true by hating Buda Family? Actually these established Noble hate is not Buda Family, what they hate is old King wants to weaken their thoughts, but Buda Family is a sacrificial victim. Zhao Hai has been reconsidering, he is reconsidering these that oneself present makes to not to be right, the conclusion that finally he reaches is, right, all that he makes now is right. Now Buda Family was too weak, cannot bring the benefit to these Great Noble, if did not have these benefits, these Great Noble will not buy the Buda Family account. Moreover from Marriott and Smith words, Zhao Hai also understand a truth, this world is the benefit supreme world, if he is not capable to help Dark Magician Alliance, if he cannot bring the huge benefit to Shelly Family, Smith and Marriott also to him so polite? Definitely cannot. Especially Great Clan like Calci Family and Shelly Family, they are all leaves from the Clan benefit, if day of Zhao Hai cannot bring that big benefit to them, perhaps they can giving up Zhao Hai without hesitation.

This is these Great Noble survival Law, actually is also one type of survival Law that Zhao Hai most hates, if the entire world turned into scarlet, the bare, bare benefit exchange, that person lives is also having any meaning, possibly when the time comes, the person could not be called the person, can only calculate that does is human-shape wild beast. Is thinking in Zhao Hai outside some did not have sometimes, suddenly Cai'er tells Zhao Hai, Laura they sits came back, moreover Smith Grand Duke also sent for asking him to eat meal in the past. The Zhao Hai flashes body came out from Space, opens own gate walked out, really sees Junichi appears outside his door, is preparing to call him. Saw him to come out, Junichi immediately/on horseback bowed to him said : Young Master, Duke Smith asks you to dine in the past.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look along one by one eye said : Junichi, these days you crossed good? Each meal eats how? Haven't they neglected you?” Junichi immediately/on horseback bows said : not to have Young Master, we eat is very good, because of your relationship, they to we regarding as important, does not have point profaning, even if the person in Calci Family, to our very polite.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, has remembered, if has any matter, must tell me that we not necessarily must live in here, should not be a scapegoat by oneself, if my you do not look after well, that does not raise anything to promote Clan, all are an empty talk.” Junichi at heart move, when initially he becomes the Zhao Hai slave, does not prefer very much, however after becoming the Zhao Hai slave, the ratio that he actually presently own life changes was better before, now he does not use in being worried about family's the matter, moreover in the too dangerous company business, compared with his beforehand life, the present life real probably is different in Heaven. Therefore Junichi genuinely feels grateful Zhao Hai, originally at heart that does not prefer, already vanished shadowless not to have the trace. Inspired, he has stabilized his mood, bows said : thanks Young Master to care, if there is a matter I certainly to tell Young Master, Young Master feel relieved.” Zhao Hai has not been saying anything, patted his shoulder to walk outward.