Chapter 369 praying mantis Zhao Hai arrives at the dining room time, Smith in he, saw Zhao Hai to come, Smith very warm asked Zhao Hai to sit down. After Zhao Hai sits down, the immediately person servant suspends the tableware toward the table on, Smith was calling these days „the present matter has decided to Zhao Hai said :, so long as our here prepares, our immediately can begin to Layen.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that to be good, what need has I to do?” Smith smiles said : not to use, so long as this time we prepare, that Grand Duke Layen he cannot be inescapable, Shelly Family has broken though the link of Imperial Family, so long as Imperial Family there did not oppose that all said.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, Rosen Empire will Imperial Family agree? After all that is Grand Duke.” Smith shows a faint smile said : Grand Duke to be also what kind , can't Grand Duke cope? So long as rich, let alone was Grand Duke, even if ten Grand Duke, Rosen Empire can also betray, the matter that let alone nearest/recent Layen handled went too far, Rosen Empire Imperial Family already looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes, even if were Shelly Family does not begin, Rosen Empire Imperial Family will also begin to Layen, now some people disburse money, what wanted was only their a few words, they agreed certainly.” Zhao Hai such asked actually intentionally, Smith and Marriott their dialogs he heard, but he does not want to make Smith they know that he heard. However Zhao Hai frowns said : Grand Duke Layen after is Grand Duke, he has his duchy, if he runs returned to his duchy, organizes the army, that matter will be very troublesome.” Smith shows a faint smile said : Shelly Family that some money is not the white bloom, so long as some people of appears accuse Grand Duke Layen, when the time comes King and Council, exempt Grand Duke Layen all title, he was not a duke, must cope with him naturally also to be much more relaxed.” Zhao Hai understand Smith their procedures, this procedure truly is very ruthless, making Rosen Empire act to exempt the Grand Duke Layen title, such Grand Duke Layen did not have the means to transfer the soldier in his territory, when the time comes they naturally want to be how good him.

Zhao Hai nodded said : Grand Duke Layen, is Great Clan, their strengths are not weak, even if Empire does not make them transfer the soldier in duchy, their relatives with same surname have the private soldier, fighting strength of these private soldiers are not weak.” Smith shows a faint smile said : Little Hai, why you will not forget us are? We are Dark Magician, are more than person with us, wasn't that too underestimated we?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I also really to forget, but this was better, had any matter to need me to do, must tell me.” Smith nodded, this time matter he has not prepared to make Zhao Hai begin, he is wish makes Zhao Hai have a look at the Calci Family strength. In following several days time, Rosen Empire calm, but heard that Grand Duke Layen returned to own duchy has handled matters, these also in Zhao Hai their expected, Grand Duke Layen are not the fools, he presently copes with the Megan matter to be defeated, guessed correctly that Calci Family can certainly find out is he does, now he looks like such that Zhao Hai said that prepares to run returned to own territory, did resists stubbornly finally. Zhao Hai don’t know, Layen this does not have the matter of means that he after presently is kidnapping Megan is defeated, immediately asks Rosen Empire King, wanting King to act to say well with Calci Family that he is willing to pay the price, raised this matter. However Layen has not thought that Rosen Empire King had not agreed unexpectedly, moreover to his manner very desolate, this lets the place that Layen present has not suited, he knows that King could give up him, therefore his immediately/on horseback simplified travel, ran returned to from Carson City own fief. His response is nothing less than quick, if he in slow, opportunity that in addition runs did not have, because at this time Calci Family and Shelly Family the assemble forces have prepared to cope with him. The person of entire Rosen Empire a little status almost knew this matter, but these people also received the Shelly Family advantage, all nobody make noise, is only the static look at Layen joke, after they also want to wait for Layen but actually, gets so far as some advantage from his there. If Layen but actually, his fief has become the place of ownerless, when the time comes blowing divided by these Great Noble, has been adding on them to receive the Shelly Family advantage now, moreover Layen these time offended Calci Family, these Great Noble naturally cannot manage Layen.

But Zhao Hai has been watching critically all these, he knows that this motion, is not he can participate, these Great Noble red eyes is waiting for a minute of advantage, at this time he wanted take part to go, finally did the advantage obtain two saying that he will not have the good fruit to eat in any case. However Zhao Hai has not been shutting, three day that later in they meet Marriott, he gave Marriott to send to hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) vegetables, these vegetables were delivered to hotel, how hotel must divide, that was their matters. However this Zhao Hai they have not brought Fire Fish to come to Marriott, Fire Fish is very troublesome, Zhao Hai planned after and other time storms had finished, after he gets so far as a ship, in delivers Fire Fish to them, this will not appear extremely in strange, must know Space equipment on Continent unable to install the living creature now, if will make Marriott they see that Zhao Hai put out from Space directly living Fire Fish, they will be startled certainly. Shelly Family and Calci Family movement is very quick, has only prepared seven days of times, they completely have prepared, then Calci Family acts to accuse Grand Duke Layen to use the dark Assassin section to Calci Family, has violated the Empire law. Hears the indictment of Calci Family, almost all person Noble have smiled, to did not say that Rosen Empire such law, the polarity, Rosen Empire really has not had a such law, but actually never has the person to honor, between two Noble has a grudge, what to do doesn't think the positive solution? The assassination is the most commonly used method, therefore almost nobody will honor this law. Now Calci Family came out to say the matter with this law, this clarified is finding the excuse. However these Noble also know that what's the matter, this expressed that Calci Family must begin to Grand Duke Layen. All people watch the fun in the one side, a word not, moreover King also immediately accepted indictment of Calci Family to Grand Duke Layen, then immediately/on horseback convenes Council, then in the shortest time, judges Grand Duke Layen to be guilty, withdraws his all duty, takes back his all title, from judging since date, can not he pose as in according to Noble, is more impossible to transfer the soldier in his duchy. While judging, Shelly Family and Calci Family began, when short three days, Grand Duke Layen all outside influence by person one move, but light. But makes people feel what is strange, Shelly Family and Calci Family have not received any nice resistance. This lets Shelly Family and Calci Family feels very strange, what don’t know Grand Duke Layen is doing, did he give up resisting?, Will not analyze according to the Grand Duke Layen disposition, he absolutely is frantic Clan, is impossible to give up resisting. However the two clans person has not thought that immediately has crashed in the Grand Duke Layen territory, his original Grand Duke palace encircling, has been preparing in them begins, the Grand Duke palace suddenly flame soars to the heavens, for a long time does not extinguish, after waiting for two clans Magician the fire was out, crashes in the Grand Duke palace time in the present, entire Grand Duke palace was burnt down, moreover Secret passage of their Grand Duke palace had not found, Grand Duke Layen, disappearance of mysterious!

Disappearance of Grand Duke Layen, lets entire Rosen Empire in an uproar, they have not thought that Grand Duke Layen has played such attractive one unexpectedly, one gave to play Shelly Family and Calci Family, what most important was, now on Continent nobody knows that they went to there. All person don’t know, but the people know that this person is not others, is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai after Grand Duke Layen returned to his territory, has sent the hawk to go his territory monitoring, although said that Zhao Hai does not think take part to this matter, also does not want to fish the advantage, but his very clear, he currently has the big enmity with Grand Duke Layen, if made Grand Duke Layen run, that he will have bad luck in the future, therefore his look at Grand Duke Layen, cannot run by him absolutely. But when he monitors Grand Duke Layen, present a matter, Grand Duke Layen really had the relation with Radiant Church, moreover his fleeing, is Radiant Church aids. although said that teaches the strength of person to be very weak in Rosen Empire here brightly, but do not forget, they have almost become on Continent first big have organized now, what most important is, Rosen Empire had not made Radiant Church come, therefore they think that Radiant Church is very weak in the Rosen Empire strength, simply is impossible to do any matter, has not actually thought that under Radiant Church in their eyes hide, has done such big matter. This Radiant Church altogether appears six 8th level Magician have aided Grand Duke Layen, simultaneously they also sent out to participate in the motion in Rosen Empire here spy, was in Light Magician these was black under the help, Grand Duke Layen can leave his territory, but has not made people present. Zhao Hai in monitoring them, when Layen and Radiant Church relate, he has not stopped, when Grand Duke Layen was rescued, he has not stopped, because of him wants through the motion of this Radiant Church, to find out Radiant Church in the Rosen Empire strength. Does not look at don’t know, looks to have a scare, Radiant Church is very strong in the Rosen Empire strength, various spy added most at least to have tens of thousands people, moreover these people in various trades and occupations, some even were some small Noble, is very difficult presently their status. Zhao Hai some understand, doesn't the Radiant Church fee such big strength aid Layen because of what? Because of his property?