Chapter 370 Radiant Church, good person that Undeniably, the Grand Duke Layen property truly is many, Zhao Hai calculated, the total value had feared that had several ten of millions gold coins, but this was not worth Radiant Church using these many people to aid him probably, must know, if one, but present these had been aided the Grand Duke Layen person, that Radiant Church these years must destroy in the management of Rosen Empire in one bucket. However changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai has done why such on understand Radiant Church, they such do to win over the will of the people! In Knights of the Round Table in Radiant Church meets, has plenty Knight is various countries' politician, these person of although status are high-ranking, but compared with Grand Duke Layen status high actually also few. Now Grand Duke Layen died, if Radiant Church does not rescue, making the people of other these Knights of the Round Table meetings what kind of? Will they wholeheartedly also be helping Radiant Church? In order to win over the hearts of these people, Grand Duke Layen must rescue. Stemming from this consideration, therefore Radiant Church almost used them all manpower in Rosen Empire to rescue Grand Duke Layen, and has sent out six 8th level Magician, such lineup was nothing less than luxurious, if did not fear that by Rosen Empire 9th level Expert present, they even wanted to send out 9th level Expert to rescue. Zhao Hai sharply has not been going to the Radiant Church person, he knows that the Radiant Church person wants to cause Rosen Empire Grand Duke Layen one, the best means are the decorative band over a curtain 6, takes 6 groups to be too far, moreover other Rosen Empire and both countries in the place of 6 groups of intersections are the canyons, too easily by person present. But the Rosen Empire coastline is very long, the has plenty place does not have the habitation, so long as calculates that the patrol date of Rosen Empire navy, walks there on such as into the boundary of uninhabited, in safe. Therefore Zhao Hai with them, then all aided Grand Duke Layen the status of these people to clarify, after he prepared to tidy up Grand Duke Layen, wrote a list to give Carchi Province these people. Zhao Hai also knows that Carchi Province does not want to allow him to participate in this matter, wants to make him have a look at their Calci Family strength, that Zhao Hai naturally must show own strength, he must make Carchi Province know that his strength is not a lid. However Zhao Hai except for tracking Grand Duke Layen they, he has also done another matter, in the Grand Duke Layen palace these Grand Duke Layen good thing that could not take away to receive. Actually in the Grand Duke Layen palace that is he puts fire, Grand Duke Layen they already walked, but has left behind a spatial palace to Calci Family and Shelly Family, but Grand Duke Layen because of matter suddenly, therefore in the palace has plenty good thing unable to carry off, like these furniture anything, he is impossible to carry off, they are only give Calci Family them to leave behind a spatial palace, ridicules Calci Family they, has not thought must set on fire in the palace. But Zhao Hai looks in the palace also so many good thing, how he can let off, therefore he received in these old bastard Space, then when Carchi Province they rush to the Grand Duke palace, he has put a fire on inside. Grand Duke Layen in hand has Space Equipment, is a Space ring, he all valuable thing in the family has loaded into the Space ring, then carries off.

Aids their is small Noble, such small Noble in Rosen Empire has plenty, their everyday doing business in all directions, for can continue by own Clan, in Rosen Empire, they are that most not paid attention community. Therefore Grand Duke Layen they very smooth ran away from his territory, moreover on some people have aided, continuously toward seaside small Noble territory advancing. That small Noble territory, and not suitable established the harbor, although said that also exempted has established a minor port, but simply cannot stop huge ship, therefore that small Noble can only expose to the sun salt to sell, belonged in Rosen Empire forgets that group. This Grand Duke Layen their very careful, according to Merchant normal bearing moving forward, normal staying at an inn, normal hurrying along, does not have all the way in brief is not normal. However Zhao Hai also present, they the shop, is Radiant Church spy opens, to give their status covers, does not let anybody present flaw, naturally, these place Zhao Hai all had also written down. Layen their moving forward, Zhao Hai more looks is more surprised, this Radiant Church passed through arranging all the way, has not received a point awkwardness, has not received point questioning, such passed unexpectedly. Waited for Layen they to arrive at that small Noble territory finally the time, they relaxed, they must sit boat to leave in here however, on the sea had huge ship to wait for them, so long as they got up huge ship, they naturally. This small Noble called Eugene Clan, with a spray clan emblem, in Rosen Empire, their Clan was similar to their clan emblem same commonplace. Zhao Hai static look at this Eugene Clan, he has not prepared to begin in Eugene Clan territory, because nobody knows Layen now in here, if he begins in here, makes the too big move to come, instead to will alarm more people, will not do well also to regard the unprincipled person grasping him. Zhao Hai static is waiting, but at this time Smith they actually headache, they coped with Grand Duke Layen, is Rosen Empire all Great Noble agreed that they think meets all smoothly, who can want to obtain Grand Duke Layen to come in one to escape finally, all gave to play them, now they are still looking for Grand Duke Layen they, but did not have any clue. Regarding hitting Grand Duke Layen, most warm-hearted naturally is Calci Family and Shelly Family, other Great Noble so are not warm-hearted, in their opinion, Layen dead or alive, does not have no relationship with them, Layen ran in any case now, his territory emptied, then naturally contends for the domain. Because of this, therefore Carchi Province they look for whereabouts work of Layen not has been smooth, it can be said that does not progress.

But Zhao Hai this several days continuously with Grand Duke Layen they, therefore he has not gone out, has not gone to see Smith, but has been monitoring Grand Duke Layen in plum institute there their sound. Laura they naturally also know that Zhao Hai must do, they to have not remained to accompany Zhao Hai, but with Megan in Sky Water City playing in all directions, now they have become with Megan the good friend. Megan looked Zhao Hai daily does not go out, feels very curious, asked Laura Zhao Hai is doing, Laura said that Zhao Hai has been busy, but Zhao Hai is busy at anything, he had not said. Megan looked that Laura did not say, she is not inquisitive, was only more curious to Zhao Hai, she presently Zhao Hai also is really enough stuffy, can good several days not go out unexpectedly continuously, this regarding her simply was the difficult imagination. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, now Grand Duke Layen they soon went to sea, then regarding Zhao Hai, means that fight immediately must fire. Grand Duke Layen they have not stayed in Eugene Clan territory how long, their very clear, is longer in the time that Rosen Empire left more is the danger, Calci Family they had seen in the Rosen Empire influence, they naturally careful, thought quick leave Rosen Empire. Grand Duke Layen they have rested for day in Eugene Clan, next day sits boat to go to sea, entire Layen Family, altogether has the direct line population 32 people, the good person are not many, otherwise their this line is really is not very convenient. Quick, boat sailed to ocean slowly, Zhao Hai has been able to see the sea to stop five mast huge ship, this huge ship very big, compared with before Zhao Hai that Swordfish Ship that received also wanted on a big way many. What most important is, this on the ship has wrapped unexpectedly also the iron armor, moreover looks at the appearance of this ship, absolutely is an open sea attack cargo ship, besides can load a ship, his fighting strength is not weak. Zhao Hai carefully looked at one, what this on the ship picture is the Ocean Waves Dynasty flag, writes three large characters on the hull, Poseidon Ship! The armor ship of entire ship has more than ten thick, above has Magic Cannon and Ballista, some crew above busy, this on the ship is only the crew has more than 1000 people. Obviously this ship has installed to ship out merchandise, Zhao Hai general has planned, this ship can be considered as absolutely is thousand dun freighters.

The good ship, Zhao Hai to be needing the ship now, this Radiant Church sent one to him, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed that the Radiant Church person was really good person that worthily was the Radiant God servant, wanting any them to give anything. At this time Grand Duke Layen they also embarked, ship must start, Zhao Hai knows that was the time, his personal appearance immediately appears in on the ship. Naturally, he was not good silent appears in on the ship, he has used a move of Dark mist technique first, then Dark mist expansion slowly, his appears in on the ship, his in hand was also taking Ghost Staff, at this time his Ghost Staff has not changed the table, is the appearance of that skeleton. Is going against Skull Magic Staff, black Magic Robe, a such appearance, appears on Poseidon Ship, these people, if also don’t know Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, they were the idiots. Very obviously they are not idiots, therefore these person of immediately present Zhao Hai, special Grand Duke Layen, sees the appearance of Zhao Hai, cannot help but complexion changes. This to did not say that Layen has fears Dark Magician, because the body of Layen person Zhao Hai has thought of another person, Calci Family. Calci Family is Dark Magician Clan, but time he by Calci Family compelling in this share, now on the ship suddenly appears Dark Magician, this on behalf of what? No matter how others are think that in any case the first thought in Layen head is, the Calci Family person pursued. But what is different from the Layen idea is that several Radiant Church Magician, they are not Light Magician, in fact is unpopular in Rosen Empire Light Magician, if they send Light Magician to aid Grand Duke Layen, finally can only kill Grand Duke Layen, Light Magician in Rosen Empire was too conspicuous. These six 8th level Magician, three are Water element, two are Wind element, one is Earth element, moreover they also hid their strength.