Chapter 371 gives you sleeping pill Reason that these Radiant Church Magician have the different idea with Layen , because they recognize the appearance of Zhao Hai! Who is the Radiant Church enemy? Naturally is Dark Magician, but nearest/recent with the Radiant Church enmity biggest person is that Dark Magician, does not need to ask that naturally is Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has gone bad their many matters, and has killed their many people, therefore in Radiant Church, Zhao Hai is the character of registration, his appearance, his appearance, had setting up a file in Radiant Church, Magic that weapon that he habitually uses and habitually uses, had the general record, therefore that several Magician see the appearance of Zhao Hai, knows that has thought of the Zhao Hai status. That Earth element Magician, is in how many people the status is highest, he looked at Zhao Hai one, coldly said : Zhao Hai, do you meet appears unexpectedly in here? Said you continuously with us?” Zhao Hai look at that several people, show a faint smile said : well, I with you, I not only with you, I have recorded the list of person this has aided all the way therefore the people, is finding the time to ask them to do accounts.” That Earth element Magician two eyes flash of cold light, his very clear these people mean anything regarding Radiant Church, these people are they place the eye and ear of Rosen Empire, is they places Rosen Empire Fire Seed/Allspark, one, but these people by person present, that Radiant Church will clear off in the Rosen Empire here strength, they many years of plan light fall short. look at Zhao Hai of several other Magician also one face cold frosts, they naturally also know that the Zhao Hai words are representing anything, but Layen is actually gawking, who he also real don’t know Zhao Hai is. Zhao Hai with Radiant Church grievances, annoys in Purcell Duchy there, but before the Layen status, was the Rosen Empire finance minister, the status compared with Evan, but high many, how he will pay attention to that small place fresh matter, who therefore he also real don’t know Zhao Hai was. However he also present, Zhao Hai probably is not the Calci Family person, if Calci Family person, already present they, that already coped with them, definitely will not wait for them to embark begins. That Earth element Magician did not have to say anything, was only lower the head and shout: Begins, takes him.” Zhao Hai one hear of that Earth element Magician said that cannot help but laughs said : you also to take me? Too laughable, how you think to deal with them to say hand one, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in on the ship. In Undead Creature that this Zhao Hai release comes, there is a a large part is Magician, these Magician attacks the directive force not to be low, but what is most annoying, Zhao Hai also that several outside Light Magician also let out, making them use Light Element Magic attack that several Magician. although said these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, level only equivalent to 7th level Magician, but cannot support their quantities to be many, now Zhao Hai in hand Magician no less than 20, 20 7th level Magician, have been able to deal with six 8th level Magician fully. Zhao Hai light however not light release these Magician, massive Warrior and Beastman, almost in the flash, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release came Poseidon Ship fighting completely, making on the ship these people want to run does not have the place. After completing these, the Zhao Hai form actually disappeared in on the ship, making these Magician want to look for his trouble not to be impossible, but that Earth element Magician saw this situation, immediately has put out several Magic scroll from the body, ripped open throws outward.

These scroll are Light Element Magic scroll, to let them, when meets Dark Magician to use, must know that their this time aids Layen, enemy who they must face but Calci Family, but Calci Family is Dark Magician Clan, to provide against contingencies, they brought several Light Element Magic scroll, but they have not thought that these Magic scroll arrived at on the ship to use unexpectedly. However what makes their surprised is, their Magic scroll put these Undead Creature points that came to with not to have regarding Zhao Hai, these Undead Creature are all right to be the same unexpectedly probably, then had the attack of frantic to them. Fortunately, now this ship although is a freighter, however in these seas that Ocean Waves Dynasty on the sea walks, when necessary, can change the body becomes the pirate, therefore fighting strength of these crew are not low, for a while can also support. However they also know that they could not support how long, their don’t know Zhao Hai these Undead Creature that got so far as from there, these Undead Creature fighting strength were too high, each one almost equivalent to 7th level Warrior, these many 7th level Warrior, each and every one did not fear death looked like your attack, feared that was 9th level Expert has met, was not good to deal with, do not say their these 8th level Magician. The time that the fight continues is not long, after one hour, on the ship did not have living person, Grand Duke Layen was killed, Zhao Hai has not turned into Undead Creature Grand Duke Layen, but has chopped the head of Layen and his son. Grand Duke Layen son wins great reputation in Rosen Empire, is called one generation of Martial arts rare talents, over 20 years old, really had the 7th level Warrior strength, are truly fierce, were a pity that he died now. Zhao Hai treats the enemy not to be impolite, after he on the ship person has killed, immediately horse these crew turned into Undead Creature, then received the ship, naturally, Grand Duke Layen that Space ring he has not let off. In that Space ring is putting the Grand Duke Layen entire fortune, in addition altogether had the several ten of millions [gold/metal], is adding on other thing, his property total feared that was hundred million gold coins. Feels being startled very regarding such quantity Zhao Hai, but this also lets his happy extremely, has this batch of money, the fund that the Black Wasteland there show needed has not been a problem. After handling the here matter, Zhao Hai immediately returned to Space, has aided Layen their people to write down this these all the way. More than 10,000 people of that was not good to write, is popular these days Zhao Hai to write down much, the present to did not use in writing too, after the darkness got down, Zhao Hai has written that list finally, his then let out a long breath, this big show, finally arrived at breaking up time. Smith these days is very bothersome, had not caught to present Layen, has not caught Layen, their motions were defeated, regarding the Layen property, he does not care, was mainly Layen has affronted Calci Family, if they cannot kill Layen, fruit that Calci Family face countenance what Cun, their these time set up the prestige has not achieved, might very much also becomes these Great Noble laughingstocks. In this time, the Phill sound is conveying said : Sir, the Mr. Zhao Hai interview.” Smith one hear of Phill words stare, because Zhao Hai these days little has made really an appearance, everyday hides in the maid servant institute , is don’t know doing, but Smith or said : invited quickly.” Just said that Zhao Hai has pushed door to walk, entered room Zhao Hai to bow to Smith said : Smith Big Brother, you may be good, was busy at anything.”

Smith forced smile said : „do brothers, you such politely do with me, I can be busy at anything, is not the Grand Duke Layen matter, capture that fellow, I cannot eat up, cannot fall asleep.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : today I to come to deliver the sleeping pill to Big Brother, believes that you look at me to give your thing, you could eat up can also fall asleep.” The hand wields, the ground left a bag, a bag of leather, in the bag has transmitted the thick smell of blood, then Zhao Hai has put out a book, has put on the table. Smith looks at that bag The sub- shape, guessed probably, in bag attire possibly was head, Smith turns the head to standing nodded in nearby Phill, Phill immediately/on horseback went forward, turned on the bag. In the bag is two head, Phill knew that was Layen with his son, Smith looked at head one in bag, turned the head look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai calm said : this Grand Duke Layen in the situation that in some people aid ran, but by me present, their whole bodies, has not let off, entire, aids their people, all died, in this book records aids the list of his person, the status of these people, hand over give you, the Layen money, I accepted, my territory needs now money, I on impolite.” Smith look at Zhao Hai, suddenly laughs said :good brothers, when Elder Brother my also really continuously underestimated you, good, the brothers your feel relieved, that some money is your, no one can rob, nobody dares to snatch, Elder Brother I must thank you, if no you, the face of this time our Calci Family lost in a big way, I will tell Shelly Family this matter, they also for This matter enmity. ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : these is your matter, did not close my matter, the work of damage control you did, I went back.” Smith nodded said : well, you go back to rest, the remaining matters give me.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around walked slowly, Zhao Hai does not leave the room, Phill to Smith said : Old Master, you said that Mr. Zhao Hai can kill Layen? these days doesn't he have courtyard probably?” Smith showed a faint smile said : not to use tube that many, this matter has been solved in any case, Phill, you must know that the person like Zhao Hai, you cannot certainly pry his secret, otherwise has not resulted in including the friends has done, processed that head, in the person to Clan sent, said one to the Shelly Family person while convenient.” Phill has complied with one, took that bag turn around to walk. Smith takes up that book that Zhao Hai on table kept, turns to come to see, just started him somewhat to be careless, but saw that afterward was getting more and more surprised. In this book has all aids the Layen person, their names, the year tooth, where works, their family members, write is very clear, what most important is their status, Radiant Church spy! Sees this several characters time, Smith felt that own scalp hemp, the entire head has been exploding, he has not thought that person who this matter really also has Radiant Church is involved, this made him be surprised.

Only looked at both sides, Smith could not be sitting still, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Comes the person, comes person quickly.” Phill immediately walked from outside, these handle the head matter naturally not to need he personally to begin, when otherwise this General Manager was too not defeated, he will give other people to do these matters, he has followed in the Smith side. Heard the Smith sound, Phill immediately walked, bowed to Smith said : Sir, your has any instructions? Smith said loudly: Went to invite Little Hai quickly, quick.” Why Phill although don’t know Smith must such do, but he was immediately/on horseback has complied with one, turn around. Zhao Hai just returned to maid servant institute, Laura today their extraordinary has not made noise, several women have actually held a small cocktail party in the maid servant institute, in the living room is putting pile of between-meal snack, everyone in hand is taking one glass of red wines, once for a while sips one lightly, most time are eating between -meal snack and chatting. Zhao Hai will certainly not disturb them, is preparing to return to the room time, Phill came, Phill came immediately to stop by calling out Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, Sir City Lord asked you to go.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately guessed correctly why Smith made him go, he nodded said : well, walked.” Said with Phill returned to the living room. Enters the living room, Zhao Hai sees Smith to turn circle in the living room, sees Zhao Hai to come , a Smith arrow step flushed, capture Zhao Hai said : brothers, you to that thing that I do look at real?” Zhao Hai stares, then nodded said : naturally real, I can deceive you at this matter, feel relieved, real, after I have changed the clothes, these fellow immediately have recognized me, but must catch me, but their has not run.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, his side on appears Magician, is that Earth element Magician, Zhao Hai makes him report the main house gate, this Earth element Magician was also past Ultimate Weapon product, but they were belong cannot become Ultimate Weapon failure. However Smith actually noted the Zhao Hai words, after Zhao Hai received that Magician, his look at Zhao Hai said : „did brothers, you go butchering Layen personally?” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : actually I, not only Dark Magician, I also meet Light Element Magic, Water element Magic, Fire element Magic, Earth element Magic, Wind element Magic, but also meets Space Magic, have I to depending on Bell said? I cannot be Dark Magician, I actually am Divergent Warlock , in my Divergent Technique has Space Divergent Technique, my Space Divergent Technique cannot be used for the attack person, can only store up some thing, moreover my in hand has one type of flight Phantasmal Beast, very formidable, can carry the body weight light person flight, I am sit this Phantasmal Beast to chase down Layen.” Smith to has believed the Zhao Hai words, compared with Dark Magician, Divergent Warlock make the person ponder over airtight, mysterious, therefore Zhao Hai said that he is Divergent Warlock , Smith to has believed the Zhao Hai words. But the matter about Phantasmal Beast, told Smith according to Bell in the letter, he has not felt to be startled.