Chapter 372 Shock Zhao Hai is the Divergent Warlock matter, before Smith, listened to say according to Bell, therefore a Zhao Hai saying matter, Smith does not have extremely in being startled now, he nodded said : brothers, you did not need to be worried, no matter you were any status, so long as you entered Dark Magician Alliance, you were the person in alliance, in the alliance all are not Dark Magician, so long as you had a grudge with Radiant Church, you were our members, feel relieved, Brother, your this information of taking carry back, regarding us was really too important, not only to our Dark Magician Alliance, to Rosen Empire also same important..” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Smith, although said that Rosen Empire regarding Radiant Church is not cold, but did not have open and aboveboard has probably coped with Radiant Church? Why does this information want to Rosen Empire very heavy? The Smith look at Zhao Hai appearance knows that what he in thinking, after he invited Zhao Hai sat down, forced smile said : Radiant Church fiercest was their religious forces, they can brainwash to the person with the religious force, let person complete letter salary Radiant God, can be Radiant God sacrificed all, this was the most fearful place, you think that person Faith Radiant God of country, thinks Radiant Church was the spokesman of god, then can bring the tremendous influence regarding this country's control?” Zhao Hai nodded, this point he , on Earth has also heard, some religions or the cults through the brainwashing that this means give . Moreover the religion guards awkwardly, virtually impossible to guard against, what is most fearful, their also very difficult to eradicate, momentarily will resurge. Smith looks at Zhao Hai to nod, this then said : „, therefore Radiant Church is the organization that King most does not like, although said that Rosen Empire does not have the attack of open and aboveboard probably Radiant Church, but Radiant Church all factions in the person to Empire, will get up by control, spy that therefore sends, almost will be killed by King Dead-soldier team secret, we think Radiant Church does not have what strength in Empire, but has not actually thought that they also hid these many unexpectedly, although this superficially is 10,000 many people, but if these person secret does missionary work, they momentarily can display tens of thousands followers, if this follower. In show follower, that Radiant Church slowly in into the big trouble of country.” Zhao Hai understand meaning of Smith, but he has not thought that many, he smiles said : I not to think that many to Smith, I only know that Radiant Church is our Dark Magician Alliance enemy, can strike at such enemy, we are polite anything, this list absolutely real, Layen their this all the way by these people aiding, to Eugene Clan domain, was then sitting boat to go to sea on marine huge ship from Eugene Clan, that marine huge ship is Ocean Waves Dynasty, the name was called Poseidon Ship, was five mast huge ship, now a that ship turns over to me, Hey, I just want to need ship communication Sky Water City here to transport Fire Fish, naturally on impolite accepted, has reached an agreement, this ship I do not give you.” Smith laughs said : brothers, had this information, your let alone that ship I will not want, I was giving you two ships to be considered as anything, so long as eliminated Radiant Church these fellows, these prices I am willing to pay.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to use you to me the ship, but I must you help, this time I obtained Poseidon Ship, before Grand Duke Layen also sent Swordfish Ship to want attack I, was obtained by me, these two ship although are the good ships, because symbolized that was too obvious, you must help my changing well, otherwise I take to use, immediately by person present, what kind of?”

Smith beckoned with the hand, to Phill said : Uncle Phill, this matter you arranges, making we best ship yard help Little Hai change, must improve.” Phill has complied with one, but he has not actually moved, this matter does not worry, so long as he took down on the line. Zhao Hai smiles said : that line, so long as you help me improve the ship, my grain, the vegetables, Milk Wine, rations, can arrive at here in the shortest time inland transportation, copes in the list the matters of these people, did not close my matter, was those words, had the matter you to ask me to help.” Smith laughs said : well, walks, drinks one cup with me, I today too happy.” Said that does not accommodate Zhao Hai rebel, then Zhao Hai walks toward the dining room. Zhao Hai they drink, Phill also handled own matter, first was Grand Duke Layen head, was that list, finally was Zhao Hai the matter of ship, these needed him to arrange. Regarding Great Noble, the Butler authority is very big, that is almost the assistant of equivalent to that person, the has plenty time, good Butler, even can make Clan Cheng Xian magnificent. Phill is Butler that Calci Family train, absolutely does not have any issue loyally, moreover management ability also very strong, therefore Smith very trusts him, even has been symmetric by Uncle Phill. That night Zhao Hai has drunk many liquor, early went to sleep on returned to Mei Yuan, Smith also drank, his really very happy, because not only the Grand Duke Layen matter has been solved, but also because of that list and Zhao Hai. Development of Zhao Hai this time ability, lets Smith really very happy, has such talented person join to Dark Magician Alliance, is huge regarding the help of Dark Magician Alliance, this absolutely is one in good good information. Next day, the Rosen Empire person knows that Grand Duke Layen by Calci Family killing, true had exposed to the public including head, at once Rosen Empire in an uproar.

Rosen Empire these Great Noble have no alternative but to be startled, although they in regarding pursuing at the Layen matter not Supreme heart, but this did not express that their motion does not have. The Grand Duke Layen whereabouts they also send for pursuing checked, had not actually looked up, although afterward they gave up, but they feel very curious, must know the strength that these Great Noble alliance get up is not weak, in this case, they had not found the Grand Duke Layen whereabouts, now Layen actually suddenly by Calci Family killing, this in other words isn't Calci Family more formidable than them? Thinks of here, these Noble have no alternative but to be startled, Calci Family these year very low key, although nobody has dared underestimated they, but also nobody imagines their strengths has how formidable, but regards established Noble them, can not annoy does not annoy. On Continent all people know that sometimes you annoy Imperial Clan do not annoy established Noble, because some established Noble, they exist is longer than Imperial Clan. Therefore was these people have regarded ordinary established Noble Calci Family, nobody is willing to provoke them, because these people know, established Noble, they most settled on was own dignity, one, but own dignity was provoked, they without hesitation counter-attacked, has spelled by fight in which both sides perish. This these Noble had not found Grand Duke Layen, but Calci Family and Shelly Family there did not have any to find Grand Duke Layen information, this also made these Noble complete looked at the good play the psychology, they were want to take a look at Calci Family this established Noble to make a boner. However they have not thought that at this time, Calci Family actually suddenly has put out Grand Duke Layen head, that does not need to ask that Grand Duke Layen feared died. Layen was killed, although makes these Noble feel somewhat accidentally, but they are also not completely accidental, in their opinion, Layen was killed that is sooner or later matter. But makes these Noble feel what truly is surprised, Calci Family in Grand Duke Layen that there found, in there Grand Duke Layen killing. Grand Duke Layen these time vanishes, these Noble had guessed correctly that some people in aiding him, this does not have what quite strangely, if nobody aids, depending on Layen under the hand/subordinate these strengths, is impossible to escape Calci Family and Shelly Family collaborates to chase down, in situation that in some people aid, Calci Family can also massacre Grand Duke Layen, this makes people feel that was startled.

But to these Noble, Rosen Empire King, Louis Rowson now being startled, his surprised is not Layen is killed, gives up starting from Layen that moment from him, the Layen life did not have no relationship with him, even most thinks the person who Layen died was he. Louis very clear, gives up starting from Layen that moment from him, Layen has had with his enmity, if Layen undead, his certain meeting wants completely all means to revenge, by that time Layen turned into one to hide Poison Snake in Darkness, but he was one walks the elephant under sunlight. Rosen Empire is his, if Layen wants to revenge, wants to look for his trouble, that was too easy, even if cannot shake the Rosen Empire foundation, is a very annoying matter. Now Layen dies, he naturally is happy, such thing that but Calci Family takes afterward, makes his happy not get up, not only happy does not get up, but also felt that own back is cool, because this thing is really was too scary. Quick of these year of Radiant Church exhibitions, the ordinary people like them, because of Radiant Church white Magician, frequent treats an illness to them, is temperate to the person, such person ordinary people of like certainly. However regarding the ruler, Radiant Church is actually most fearful thing, they can use the religious control average person, you can think to look, when people in country had been brainwashed with the religion by Radiant Church, then instigates these average people to get up the rebellion, what situation can that be? Cannot support internal fission in formidable Empire. Therefore Rosen Empire although has not had no consideration for face with Radiant Church, but actually is actually continuously attention Radiant Church, all arrives at the Rosen Empire Radiant Church member, by control, but Radiant Church spy that these they know, already was actually killed by them. Since Louis has thought one do was very good, very successful has defended Radiant Church, when Calci Family gives him this list, Louis was shocked.