Chapter 373 does not look up don’t know, has a scare Louis had not suspected this list is fake, his very clear, must say on this Continent, who most hates the Radiant Church person is, is not their these rulers, but is Calci Family. Calci Family is Dark Magician Clan, in Clan is rich in Dark Magician, but Radiant Church specially kills Dark Magician on Continent, if makes Radiant Church sit really in a big way, that first bad luck is Calci Family. Louis has not thought Calci Family possibly taking advantage of this time opportunity, snatches domain, because in that list does not have too famous Noble, at most is some small influences, even if has killed them, Calci Family cannot obtain any advantage, therefore Louis believes this list real. More is believes that this list real, Louis more feels the heart startled, Louis regarding Radiant Church completely understand, his very clear Radiant Church to the fierce place that the person brainwashes, do not look at the list last present, only then more than 10,000 people, but more than 10,000 people many Radiant Church faithful letter servants, but also was very difficult to say. After seeing this list, Louis immediately ordered, making his in hand Dead-soldier team send out fully, monitors completely these people, but does not make them begin now. Louis very clear, these person of don’t know ambushed how long in Rosen Empire, follower don’t know has unfolded many, he must also look for these followers, even if all did not massacre these people, must get up these person of control, cannot make them do missionary work. But in this simultaneously, these Radiant Church spy presently possibly has also exposed, these person of immediately prepare to withdraw Rosen Empire, rapidness that good Louis responded, gave to stop up these people, as the matter stands he wants to plan unable to implement logically. Does not have the means that Louis must change his plan, starts to seize directly, has settled an outside charge these people, all has grasped, then to is having the person of contact to carry on the strict investigation with these people, has a look at these people are the Radiant Church follower.

This does not look up importantly, finally them unexpectedly present, through these spy, Radiant Church has unfolded several hundred thousand followers in Rosen Empire, including some were join just, some are actually a Radiant Church many years of hardcore follower, the person who these people also conspire to these grasped rescues, finally presently, was grasped completely. But Louis's motion, made these Great Noble alert, the manner of Radiant Church to their these Great Noble to was very polite, but these people also feared by Radiant Church being built on stilts, therefore they to Radiant Church also very responded that therefore entire Rosen Empire one has started Radiant Church spy unrest, all Great Noble started to investigate rigorously to the person who oneself governed, has a look to have the Radiant Church follower. This Zha Ke arrives, but also was looked up really by them, in their territories more or less has the Radiant Church follower, one by one does not only have the Clan lead(er) of Radiant Church follower, is the Clan lead(er) of Carchi Province, Radiant Church obviously to this Dark Magician Clan very dreaded that has not sent for their Clan lead(er). Finally various Great Noble this calculates that the entire Rosen Empire Radiant Church follower unexpectedly is no less than 2 million, this population is to really stem from unexpected of all people. This entire Rosen Empire anxious, to catching these Radiant Church followers, is investigating rigorously, discovers these irons to plant the death Zhongxin disciple, massacred, these that saved directly just join, slight, has carried on the punishment to them, then put these people. Naturally, this time they looked up the Radiant Church follower, does not make to look up the reputation of follower, but found an excuse, for example looks up the spy, looks up the spy and so on. After this time matter, made Rosen Empire these Noble dread to Radiant Church, their normally has not offended Radiant Church, that wants to obtain, the person the non- wound tiger heart, the tiger harmful people's desires, Radiant Church went into their domains unexpectedly, advanced the line in doing missionary work, moreover did not notify them, this made these Great Noble very indignant, Rosen Empire started to resist Radiant Church at once unexpectedly, naturally, this was in secret is also carrying on, this under Calci Family to was appears especially was important, because these person one looked, only then the Radiant Church person, ran up to the Calci Family home to seek for advice. These people to did not fear that Calci Family does not help, because they know that Calci Family is on Continent anti- Radiant Church anxious Vanguard, this matter asked Calci Family right.

Calci Family is also happy regarding this situation, these many Noble oppose Radiant Church, Radiant Church does not have the means to survive in Rosen Empire, this regarding them was really too important. However regarding helping these Noble finds way to cope with Radiant Church, they to did not have the good means that clear(ly) to put down their Clan collars , is mainly to Radiant Church attach great importance to, therefore intention especially, in adding on Dark Magician regarding Light Magician also Fan Gan, therefore they can Dark Magician in regular letting Clan transfer the extension to the territory, felt that has a look to have the Light Magician aura, this can guarantee in their territories not Light Magician. However this method and not suitable these Noble use, in these Noble families may not have that many Dark Magician, this arrived at once is makes Calci Family somewhat feel embarrassed. Finally they informed in Clan all main people to serve this matter, everyone/Great Clan together thought the means to complete this matter, so long as completed this matter, these Noble will feel grateful to Calci Family, this to Calci Family was very important. Smith receives the Clan letter time, does not have what good means that finally he looked to discuss Zhao Hai, he thought that the Zhao Hai wicked idea were many, the method was to also emerge one after another incessantly, should be able to find out the means. Zhao Hai one hear of Smith said this matter, smiles said : this to arrive is opportunity, we can on Continent to the Dark Magician complete new face, actually wants not to make Radiant Church have doing missionary work opportunity, is not the too difficult matter, must first propagandize.” Smith puzzled look at Zhao Hai, on the understand Earth that propaganda will certainly not fight, Zhao Hai looks at his appearance, smiles said : this propaganda is very important, Radiant Church so is why popular \; first, because outside them attractive, generally is wears the white clothes, on the face forever is hanging the temperate smiling face, is courteous to the person, but can also treat an illness to the person, this is actually the one type of propaganda method, but we must do, is the propaganda, we can make these Noble fixed time what in the resident with their territory spoke Radiant Church to do misdemeanors, that year that moon/month in there Has done any misdemeanor, such propaganda are certainly many, said that making these average people have the one type of retrogradation in the subconscious to Radiant Church the psychology, like this they naturally not in letter salary Radiant Church.” Smith to is two eyes one bright, Radiant Church these years for the show, the misdemeanor little have not done, they do not arrive at that to go cleanly, like these card plays that Zhao Hai said that their in hand one big one big, takes casually, can regard the material for negative education.

Zhao Hai then said : also has is a school, now Rosen Empire school almost control in Noble in hand, for is the collector talent, why we do not set up curriculum in the school, spoke some Radiant Church misdemeanors specially? The children are innocent, thing that they learn mostly learns in the school, the words that teacher of sometimes school spoke, must be effective compared with the words that their parents spoke, so long as in the school had the school type class, these children believe since childhood Radiant Church was not good thing, they will have grown up in the future, but also believes that was going to letter salary Radiant Church? Moreover these children will also possibly affect his parents, this, all people regard the bastard Radiant Church slowly, naturally also believed the salary on nobody meeting.” Smith two eyes was brighter, the nod, the idea of Zhao Hai is very good, sounds also very feasible, to can try. Zhao Hai then said : we can also use this opportunity, promoting status of Dark Magician in Continent person heart, Smith Big Brother you also to know, in Black Magic also has plenty Magic can treat an illness, moreover Dark Magician regarding the understanding of human body, is the Light Magician sycophancy cannot catch up, therefore Dark Magician in a lot of time, can cure some strange problem, can say that in treating an illness this aspect, Dark Magician is not worse than Light Magician, since has been only continuously, Dark Magician to the print of person is very strange, is very difficult to be together, like this these average person does not understand Dark Magician, in adding on Radiant Church destroys lowly, they to Dark Magician Naturally did not have what good print.” Smith nodded, right that Zhao Hai said that he is Dark Magician, naturally knows why Dark Magician will reach today this situation. Zhao Hai then said : „the average person on present Continent, their income are not very high, after being sick, only if meets the good intention Light Magician, otherwise can only ask some Potion Master Maiyao to eat, but that medicine also very expensive, Radiant Church also because free will often help the person see a doctor, this slowly was regarded the good person by the average person, why can't we such do? We can also relate some Dark Magician, then regular sees some poor people of not being able to see a doctor, but helps some to be ordinarier slightly busy, this slowly will reverse image of Dark Magician in Continent person heart, later Radiant Church in wants to arrive to destroy Dark Magician, will not be easy.” These methods look like in Zhao Hai are very ordinary methods, on Earth, the information explosion, the person believed regarding Faith was very sane, but was such, the religion very much had the survival soil, in this point can look at the religious fierce place, but the methods of these propagandas, that used on Earth rottenly, but you have to recognize, truly was very easy-to-use.