Chapter 374 goes to sea However these methods attain Ark Continent here, obviously very new and odd, Ark Continent here has not achieved on Continent that standard, the newspaper does not have, Napoleon has said that a newspaper equal to hundred thousand soldier, it can be imagined Zhao Hai puts out propaganda war Ultimate Weapon, regarding the attack of Radiant Church big, later Radiant Church in Dark Magician Alliance, feared that was must be regarded the cults. Smith has stood, in the room slowly is stamping the step, his very clear, does according to the view of Zhao Hai, if one, but has succeeded, that Radiant Church in Rosen Empire the place of not vertical body, but Dark Magician in the Rosen Empire status big promotion. The status promotion of Dark Magician, regarding the Dark Magician this profession show, is very important, reason that now Dark Magician the feelings of some one type of successor uninhabited, are because status of Dark Magician on Continent reduces, the people regarded Evildoer Dark Magician, the nature study Black Magic on nobody. However this matter carries out a little difficulty, these Noble may not make them do, but arrives can try, if successful, regarding Dark Magician this profession, absolutely was a big gospel. Smith stopped, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : brothers, your means are good, I must represent all Dark Magician to thank you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this matter to manage actually some difficulties, I can only be am responsible for offering advice, but the matter I hope that Smith Big Brother can achieve.” Smith puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : brothers, had any matter you to say.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to hope that Big Brother you can persuade in the alliance, if our beforehand propagandas planned successfully, we must establish Law Enforcement Corps, these was the wicked person to punish to Dark Magician, only then image of such Dark Magician on Continent can completely change.” Smith stares, then has pondered, Dark Magician becomes Law Enforcement Corps, this is he wants not to think the matter, must say in Dark Magician does wickedly may be many, to provide the strength, many Dark Magician will massacre some average people, turns into Undead Creature, this is very common in Dark Magician, such that but if said according to Zhao Hai, establishes Law Enforcement Corps, that these Dark Magician will be punished, if not make them do, that Dark Magician strength will drop many, can say establishes Law Enforcement Corps, regarding Dark Magician, not any advantage. The Zhao Hai look at Smith appearance, knows that he is what kind, Zhao Hai arrived at Ark Continent already not the short time, now he knew these Dark Magician on Continent what's the matter, why person that repugnant Dark Magician on Continent. It can be said that Dark Magician turns into today this, 50% because of Radiant Church, other half because of Dark Magician. Dark Magician Magic attack itself does not compare the Magic difference of any department, moreover cultivation level is not slow, but Dark Magician on Continent actually has stepped onto Demon Path now, they for promotion their fighting strength as soon as possible, kill the average person, turns into Undead Creature these average people, like this their fighting strength in a short time will be promoted, conversely, is used for attack Black Magic regarding these, now Dark Magician study to being short. It looks like in Zhao Hai this is a road of no return, Dark Magician such does, truly can obtain very formidable strength in a short time, their fighting strength will become very strong, but they will be the foundation are not steady . Moreover the life will be very difficult to achieve Advanced level boundary. The Magician essence is Magic, only then the Magic strength achieves Advanced level, their fighting strength will be stronger, can attack a higher level. But present Dark Magician, actually only pays attention to the summons of some Undead Creature, has actually put regarding Magician behind, this is incorrect.

This not only to a more profound level, will also kill innocently, naturally these average people did not have the good impression to Dark Magician. Therefore establishes Law Enforcement Corps necessity , the Zhao Hai look at Smith appearance, deep voice said : Smith Big Brother, if our plan successes, that Law Enforcement Corps must establish, otherwise we work to change the people here to the view of Dark Magician, but another Dark Magician actually kill the average person, making these average people hate Black Magic, this does not have a point advantage to us.” Smith take deep breaths said : good, I promise you, if our plan successes, we certainly have established Law Enforcement Corps, but I have a condition, you want join Law Enforcement Corps.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that Smith has challenged unexpectedly his armed forces in turn, he smiles said : well, but you must know that our plans, are impossible to be completed in a short time, thinks that is arriving to establish the Law Enforcement Corps situation, we must and other be good some time.” Smith nodded said : my present immediately to tell the person in Clan these that you said that did they use also two to say.” Speaking of here Smith cannot help but to sigh, he now after is only Sky Water City City Lord, the Calci Family successor, was not Calci Family Patriarch, although he thought these that Zhao Hai said were very good, but can the person in Clan agree whether to press such does, that Zhao Hai said did not say. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I also to offer advice, with did not need to visit them, used to have the advantage to us in any case, did not use to us, did not have what fault, was good, I went back, was right, my ship was transform good?” Smith nodded said : transform to be good, your tomorrow can make the person drive away the ship, Fire Fish can how long send?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have more than enough several days, so long as gave me to be quick the ship.” Said that stood to say goodbye, Smith has delivered to the entrance Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai sends off, Smith immediately these that Zhao Hai said had written, making the person give in Clan, he feared one write slow, will drop the 1 or 2 place, that is imperfect. After the person in Calci Family received the Smith letter, sees the content on letter, they have been shocked, even if their these experienced people, had not heard such method, however works as these methods before them, even if they have not used, has actually been able to feel, these methods are certainly effective. How use methods then the Calci Family person starts with these Noble lecture of not to allow the Radiant Church person to enter their territories, naturally, they also know, this plans gradually comes, if they must say now send Dark Magician, gives these average people in territory to see a doctor to these Noble territories, these Noble think certainly that they have any plot, even if not think that they have any plot, thinks that they are the idiots. Therefore now they must do propagandizes, some Radiant Church negative thing, many as far as possible development before the average person, sets up the anti- Radiant Church class in the school, like this they do not need to worry that Radiant Church seeped to their territories. These Noble regarding Calci Family such view, to are approvals, these Noble are not the fools, they can also certainly look, these methods are very useful to them.

But Calci Family in their Clan territory, these propagandas that also the immediately spin good Zhao Hai said that because they are Dark Magician Clan, therefore in their Clan territory, can see some Dark Magician frequently, therefore the subjects in their Clan territory, to Dark Magician not that dislike, therefore Calci Family prepares that implemented Zhao Hai saying that let Dark Magician to the method that the ordinary people saw a doctor. What most important is, they also extrapolate, they make Dark Magician that Zhao Hai said occasionally give these average people to see a doctor, turned, Dark Magician saw a doctor in the fixed date coming out duty, moreover in school, not only had the anti- Radiant Church class, but also started the Dark Magician history show and so on class. Zhao Hai after knowing this information , can only be forced smile slightly, he thought really one were really too the underestimated Ark Continent here person, the here person may really be not stupid, only then he made a start, here person immediately met to think of the following show. However this to does not have what influence regarding Zhao Hai, now he just and Laura they sits on Poseidon Ship, now Poseidon Ship changed, the above Poseidon Ship symbol removed . Moreover the ship name also changed, called Haven Ship. This name is Laura changes, Zhao Hai had not opposed that must say most one time that these time gains, one has gained several ten of millions gold coins, but also so many good thing, what most important is, but also obtained two ships, moreover on Haven Ship had put some commodities, these commodity natures have become his spoils of war. Zhao Hai looked at one, these commodities by living materials give priority to that some Beastman use, too many good thing, Zhao Hai to not to have cared, these thing he will prepare next year time, will bring to process to Beastman Prairie on, now he must use will be these two ships. on the ship now is some Undead Creature, they do not need to sleep, therefore the original crowded cabin also by Zhao Hai changing, him changed to some Warehouse and some bedroom living rooms there according to own idea and so on, now this ship was almost an entire Ark Continent most luxurious ship. These time went to sea Zhao Hai they to bring Laura, these time came out except to probably install some Fire Fish to go back, a very important matter, they want to walk toward deep in the sea, then directed in the sea water Space, had a look whether to let Space in time Level Up. In the deck puts a chair, Zhao Hai they will be drinking sub in there, look at ocean, Haven Ship, because is five mast huge ship, in this marine travel is very steady, is adding on them not to worry, all the way what therefore this walks is running free with the current. They prepare to walk toward deep in the sea, finally found one not to have small island of habitation, then completes their base there, keeps some Undead Creature look at there on the island, like this their on the sea base, will also be very convenient regarding their later conduct. Regarding other influences, constructs the base on the island is not that easy, you considered that there can have the storm frequently, but must consider that the there product, does have the fresh water here issue, but regarding Zhao Hai, all these is actually not the issue, he places in the island to look at the people in island is Undead Creature, they need to eat thing, does not need to drink water, therefore the condition on island was bad, did not have no relationship. Even if they must rest on small island, does not have what good worry, has Space, they year to year on the sea is floating, issue that also does not need to be worried about to eat and drink. However Zhao Hai thinks that this island to the Ark Continent distance, is actually an issue, they must choose one not easily by person present small island, to Continent must, moreover best is in the island does not have too strong Magic Beast, otherwise these Magic Beast easy attack to keep Undead Creature on island.

To be honest, sits in this open sea sea on the ship, look at vast ocean, but also is one type of enjoys, Laura they do not have such experience, appears very curious. This time they come out, Megan wants, but Smith actually had not agreed finally that for this reason Megan was also mad several days with him. Zhao Hai does not want to bring Megan to come out, on him biggest secret is Space, bringing Megan to come out, what matter if has experienced, they can only hide in Space, is when the time comes takes Megan or does not bring Megan? Takes Megan, she presently Space secret, does not bring Megan to fear that she has the matter, therefore Megan, has not been just right for the Zhao Hai intent. Laura puts down Ke the sub Cup, sighed said : really well, ocean was attractive, not coming storm time was also enough scary, we had Space fortunately, otherwise couple of days ago was really dangerous.” They to the sea already has seven days of times, in couple of days ago, they have met time very big storm, the iron armor ships of Haven Ship such five masts, a little cannot withstand, Might of nature was really too big, but Zhao Hai had Space, looked that the storm was so big, Zhao Hai immediately received toward Space in Haven Ship, they also entered Space, then outside look at the storm in the screen was dreadful. After waiting for the storm to stop, they release Haven Ship, on the sea navigation again, but although they not in on the ship experience storm, but look at that rough sea waves dreadful appearance from the screen, they felt that Might of nature was really too big, Laura believes that if Haven Ship returned on the sea at that time, certainly will be ripped the fragment by the storm. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : ocean looks like moody gods, he is temperate time, you can in his bosom having a good swim heartily, when he gets angry, can actually rip the fragment along in the middle you, this is the ocean charm is.” Laura they nodded, they have to recognize, even if before is, several days has the storm time, they had one type of at that time, that storm can probably the feeling of tearing. However then ocean also had another one type of beautiful, cruel beauty. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, when do we direct in the sea water Space? I also want to take a look in Space whether in appears sea pool.”