Chapter 375 ape island Zhao Hai smiles said : not to worry, I think that deep in the sea tried saying that deep in the sea species are many, Space can also rise several levels.” Laura to had not opposed, now most important can the Farm level liter, only then such Zhao Hai toxin can as soon as possible remove. At this time Meg turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that what situation now Sky Water City there can be? I think this Rosen Empire these Noble, probably is starts to be very ruthless, you said that they can achieve these that you said?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not saying that if they can achieve , after that Radiant Church, in wants to enter to Rosen Empire is impossible, but I think that these Noble and Rosen Empire Imperial Clan should fully coordinate, because Radiant Church was too big to their control threats, Calci Family certainly will actually achieve such that I said that because of that for them, the advantage was too big.” Laura nodded said : potential of present Dark Magician on Continent, must say that most worries, that certainly is Calci Family, Calci Family builds up by Dark Magician, in Dark Magician on Continent, the status is very high, faint has doing of Dark Magician leader to use, Dark Magician is formidable, the Calci Family status naturally also will be a rising tide raises all boats, Dark Magician potential their status naturally also will reduce, doing that therefore they you will certainly say according to Elder Brother Hai, because of as the matter stands, can transform the people's impression to Dark Magician, to the Dark Magician show, very heavy must.” Then Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : not to think really that Elder Brother Hai actually thinks such means that actually this is also the way of one type of brainwashing, copes with Radiant Church with this way, should be best, this is shaking the Radiant Church foundation simply.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : propaganda war, this is one type of does not see the war of sword and spear, sometimes this war, is more difficult than to guard the bright blade bright spear|gun, being effective.” Laura nodded, then after said : „that our in the school can also have a such class? Now our there person little fortunately said that later person were many, such class must open is good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : such class to open, our education contents actually must change, cannot in light speaks the Radiant Church malicious remarks, but must carry out the education of loyalty to them, lets their understand, is who has given their today's life, they should give loyalty to anyone, if these people in turn toward us since childhood at heart, has thought should give loyalty to us, we what no matter in the future did not fear facing enemies.”

Eye of Laura one bright, in fact this method some Great Noble are using, but these Great Noble use to these slaves, but the method that Zhao Hai said that although must use to the slave, but Laura actually knows, if Zhao Hai makes these slaves change commoner, then on equal to said that Zhao Hai must use to these commoner this method, this arrives is makes Laura somewhat not think understand. Laura does not think understand, Zhao Hai actually understand, this method is actually very easy-to-use, actually any influence, most needs is the one type of cohesive force, only then this cohesive force has achieved a certain degree, that this influence is almost invincible. The Zhao Hai domain last present person are few, is good to manage, however waits till after beginning of the spring, his there must come the hundred thousand slave, the person more than one, the issue of this management can appears . Do not count on that the slave will have any cohesive force, that is impossible, therefore Zhao Hai prepares restoration these slaves the commoner status of bit by bit, executes them by the graciousness, then in setting up the school, carries out the education of this little enslavement, brainwashes them, finally in the coordinate law, this can let these slaves slowly, no matter turns into commoner from the status from the consciousness, is adding on these enslavement education, this slowly on is possible to train the cohesive force of these slave. Naturally, wants to train the cohesive force best method, lets the person of this community, has the one type of collective honor feeling, making them take being in this collective for the honor, only then this can train the maximum cohesive force. However this collective honor feeling is not good to train, that maybe these slaves, they before did not have including the dignity, do not say any honor. Method that therefore now Zhao Hai can use, can only be this enslaved -type education, naturally, he will not have enslaved these slaves completely, he makes them know that who they can have today are to them, if leave his territory, they are only the slaves, only then his Black Soil leads here they are a person. Naturally, these are only a conception of Zhao Hai, only after waiting for him to have the person, can execute, but he to did not worry that these slaves revolted, he presently in hand strength, let alone was the hundred thousand slave, even if were the 1 million slave is not his match. Zhao Hai is thinking these matters, naturally have not noted Laura their look, Laura they looked in now the Zhao Hai look has a worship, the matter that Zhao Hai handles, Laura they to listen not to hear, moreover he handles any matter, probably is methodical, does not have a point flurry, making the person feeling specially relieved.

Some little time Zhao Hai recovers, he looked at Laura their eyes, smiles said : this time we to look for a good point island, regards our bases there, the environment on that island in next, what most important is, there is certainly safe, what a pity, Smith Big Brother gives our that Sea Map is only offshore Sea Map, does not have what to use greatly.” Laura smiles said : „, not only then Smith Big Brother they do not have Sea Map of distant seas, on Continent all people did not have Sea Map of distant seas, the offshore saying that Human Race domain, to the distant seas, that is the domain of Sea Race person, Sea Race person very mysterious, few people can see them, but they truly existed, they were comprised of massive seabed Magic Beast and Sea Race person, in the sea fighting strength extremely powerful, Human Race one, but carried on the distant seas, has encroached upon the Sea Race domain on equal to, they will strike to kill that person not at any cost, was 9th level Expert cannot escape by luck.” Zhao Hai stares, look at Laura said : originally is this, no wonder Smith Big Brother did not make us toward far, was right, we walked are so far, why did you agree?” Laura shows a faint smile said : to have Space, we can have any danger, even if to the Sea Race domain, is runs at the worst, they can we be what kind.” Zhao Hai stares, sweeps is laughing said : no wonder you not to remind me, originally because of this, is right, cannot hit us to be also able to be inescapable, fears anything, HaHaHa, but we do not go to the Sea Race domain for good, no matter what, I do not want with Sea Race for the enemy.” Laura nodded said : on the sea truly unable with Sea Race for the enemy, don’t know Sea Race to use any method, almost in the sea all Magic Beast are the Sea Race scouts, if we offended Sea Race , after that the ship do not want to go to sea, even if offshore, these Sea Race can also make our ships sink to seabed, therefore we looked for an island to be good in the offshore.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : to look for an island in offshore is good, but that island also easily by person present, in that case, builds the base to be possible not to have what advantage to us.” Laura shook the head said : this to not to need to be worried, offshore island also has plenty, moreover person who generally on the sea runs, they are choose the island as the supply point, will choose these positions to be good, above has the fresh water to supplement that does not have the fierce Magic island, we chose the island not to use such, what, only then topography important point on the line, to Elder Brother Hai, this ship original these captain on is one year to year on the sea runs, should be able to know that such place, do you ask him not on the line?” Now they on Haven Ship, are original Poseidon Ship, the person on Poseidon Ship, turned into Undead Creature, to sail a boat the convenience, Zhao Hai turned into Advanced level Undead Creature these people, feared, if turns into ordinary Undead Creature them, they will not harness the ship, that may trouble, therefore Laura makes Zhao Hai ask on the ship, because the captain remembers that his before death all matters, should be able to help.

Zhao Hai nodded, immediately called that on the ship, this on the ship long very ordinary, the figure was not tall, possibly was year to year on the sea walks, therefore skin very rough, although turned into Undead Creature now, but the skin nature did not have what change. This person called Jinan, Jinan saw that Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : has seen Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Jinan, I think that on the sea looks for an island as the base, this island does not need the good environment, but is certainly safe, best is the topography important, does the common ship by, you know don’t know such place?” Jinan immediately/on horseback said : knows, such place that Young Master said that on the sea has plenty, most famous is an ape island, appearance of that island looks like a head of Giant Ape, very fearful, proliferates giant stone reefs outside of island, ship simply by, but in that island has a route, some people travel by boat, at that time they brought Water element Magician, but after going, presently in that island has one type of very fierce Magic Beast, these Magic Beast ten formidable, minimum has six to the 7th level strength, their leading have 8th level The strength, draws back finally, when comes out, they met in the massive seas Magic Beast attack, the ship almost sank, the environment on although that island was good, everywhere was forest, moreover had the fresh water, because there Magic Beast was fierce, in adding on that route, if did not have Water element Mage, do not want to go, therefore these many years, continuously nobody in a on that island.” Zhao Hai nodded, in the island has Magic Beast he not to fear that listening to Jinan saying that in that island to was really a good place, only then a route can on the island , he so long as that route sealing, that island on equal to was his, this island to meets his condition.