Chapter 376 Blade-Scales Whale Zhao Hai turned the head to promote An Dao: We go to an ape island, do you know the road?” Jinan nod said : knows, Young Master feel relieved, but Young Master, Magic Beast very difficult on that island deals with, heard that is Magic Beast of one type of ape, is tall, moreover defense strength is greatly strengthened, super strong, movement spirit law, because year to year lives on the island, will also swim, very difficult copes, although they have six, 7th level, but fighting strength actually no less than 8th level Expert, but their collars, although is 8th level Magic Beast, but turns fighting strength to come, actually not compared with the 9th level Expert difference, but will not fly, Young Master, or we change an island.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to need, is this ape island, in the island so many Magic Beast is better, I just need Magic Beast now, results in the several days time from here to an ape island?” promote An Dao: „About five days ape island there approached the deep sea, in walks about one day toward, was the Sea Race domain, therefore little had the ship to go.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be better, there is just right for our regards, leaves.” Jinan complied with one, turn around has adjusted the direction. Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, why elects in there? there was too near to Sea Race, if Sea Race comes attack, first attack is we.” What Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have, ape island there is a foothold, moreover there supervises near deep sea, may have some deep seas life form to run up to there to come, to Space Level Up very advantageous, in adding on there few people goes . Moreover the topography is important, so long as we defend that sole route, there was our domains, the Sea Race matter did not need to be worried, after we received some in the sea Magic Beast, can try to contact under one with Sea Race, said it, weren't you said? Cannot hit us to run.” Laura has smiled, said : also good, if cannot hit, we ran, but I looked at Elder Brother Hai your meaning, probably settled on these Magic Beast on island?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to understand me, I also really settled on Magic Beast on island, now Magic Beast although in our Space are many, but these Magic Beast fighting strength are not very strong, the Magic Beast that Jinan said that fighting strength is very strong, is just right for us to use.” Laura nodded said : this to be also good, had these Magic Beast, hoping Space can Level Up as soon as possible, so long as Elder Brother Hai your toxin solved, that all said.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, so long as my toxin solved, my final a piece worry also went, now had you, I do not want early dead.” The face of Laura and Meg is one red, at heart is actually one happy, they know what Zhao Hai said is the real soul talk, is like this they happy.

Zhao Hai look at their appearances, what shows a faint smile said : on to be naive was cares for me, has delivered to my side you, he he, it seems like I on certain have done many good deeds, therefore on talent such to me.” Meg bu smiled came out said : to consider as finished Young Master, you also did good, before you when imperial capital there, every time went out, the person on avenue saw you, was turn around runs, you can also do good.” Laura has also smiled, before Adam she also heard at the Aksu Empire imperial capital dry these matters, now one hear of Meg tease Zhao Hai, she naturally also felt that very good plays. Several people chat played to make, to eating meal time, naturally was the fish that ate, in although Zhao Hai Space anything has, but to marine has not eaten the fish, really a little could not be justified, therefore Zhao Hai several Swordfish has caught several fish to come up they to eat on release. Like this not only ate the fish, but can also be Space increases several Magic Beast. Zhao Hai also don’t know Swordfish can arrive at in the sea to go most from the beginning, afterward had asked Jinan knows, this Swordfish originally is in the sea Magic Beast, they are only every year, when will produce the son to arrive at in the sea to go, normally will be life in the sea, as the matter stands Zhao Hai naturally also on feel relieved came Swordfish release. However this several days although Zhao Hai gave in Space to increase in some seas Magic Beast, but was some fish, moreover was some low level Magic Beast, therefore his Ranch does not have Level Up now. Zhao Hai also present, now his Ranch wanted Level Up compared with former level, after crossing Level 10, this Ranch was thinking Level Up, looked like Farm two Level 10 had been same, was difficult. Zhao Hai this several days also tried to receive some sea water to enter to Space, but did not have what effect, obviously the light was receives the sea water useless, best includes the massive life form sea water. In the following several days time, on sea surface to is uneventful, this is mainly the merit of Jinan, do not look at Jinan to be young, but he ran more than 20 years of ships, the on the ship situation he understood, so long as is not too suddenly the big storm, he can avoid. Zhao Hai to is thinks value that very this Undead Creature receives, had Jinan, his later on the sea walked does not need to be worried about anything. although said that Swordfish Ship is a warship, but must speak of practical, is Haven Ship is practical, Haven Ship is not only an iron armor ship, but also on the ship also has Magic Cannon and Ballista, what most important is, this is a merchant, year to year on the sea runs, but Swordfish Ship although is a warship, but they mainly by defending the Rosen Empire coastline, will not open toward the distant seas, must therefore speak of the experience of navigation, their also can't compare with Haven Ship boatman. Zhao Hai they change the route three days later, Zhao Hai they have little been able to see the ship, just as was Jinan said that little had the ship to arrive at here to come, outside here approached, the common situation disembarked cannot arrive at here, only then shipped some prohibited Item, but some Pirate Ship met appears in here.

However these Pirate Ship do not dare to come Haven Ship, but Haven Ship armed merchant marine, to put it bluntly, such iron armor armed merchant marine, even if the pirate of concurrent job, these pirates will not come to move them, because these fellows will be Bone that difficult to gnaw. Because their present positions soon arrived at the deep sea, may meet Sea Race attack, the common navy will not arrive at here to come, here became a under nobody's jurisdiction place has treated, naturally also has become Heaven of pirate. The route that Jinan they walk, is fewer including the pirates, the pirate also needs to rest, they are also elect to approach the open sea generally, but the environment is good, has the fresh water, some not too strong Magic Beast small island take the base. But an ape island does not meet such condition obviously, moreover sea region near ape island, will have in some high level seas frequently Magic Beast lurking, often meets the attack passing ships, therefore this sea region little some people. Zhao Hai to has not cared about these, if has met any Magic Beast, his release Arrow Turtle carries on attack, if Arrow Turtle is not the match, he thinks the means to catch in Space that Magic Beast. Just is thinking these, the Haven Ship strenuous vibration, Zhao Hai has gawked, immediately/on horseback opened monitor, presently under Haven Ship is having whale same Magic Beast in attack their ship. This Magic Beast build very enormous, is almost big with Swordfish Ship, body full cloth scale armor, a mouth giant canine, understood at a glance that is attack strength very formidable Magic Beast. Now this fish shape Magic Beast in attack Haven Ship, Zhao Hai immediately is calling Jinan, Jinan looked at that fish shape Magic Beast, immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, this is Blade-Scales Whale, is the in the sea comparison makes the head pain one type of Magic Beast, the Water element nature, level should have about 6th level, the attack strength is very strong, if he hits fully, can give to knock Swordfish Ship such bark fully, moreover meets Water element Magic attack, what most important is, even if the iron armor ship like this to, he did not fear that he can raise up the scale, these scale looks like the saw is the same, can easily. Rips open the on the ship iron armor, destroys the deck of ship, is called iron armor Assassin.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that Arrow Turtle to cope with him?” Jinan shook the head said : this my don’t know, we in Magic Beast understanding water is not many, like Blade-Scales Whale weakness anything, our don’t know.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not been saying anything, was only release large quantities of Arrow Turtle, ordered to these Arrow Turtle, the direct blade came the whale to attack. Blade-Scales Whale although super strong . Moreover the body has the scale, but also because his iron shape is too big, therefore his turn around very inconvenient, but in comparison, the Arrow Turtle build was smaller, defense strength is not weak, what most important is, Arrow Turtle attack is not weak.

Zhao Hai this release 200 Arrow Turtle, after these Arrow Turtle one such as water, is similar to the noisy crowd same flushes away toward Blade-Scales Whale, in bone spike with their shell attacks Blade-Scales Whale. Blade-Scales Whale obviously regarding Arrow Turtle dreading, immediately/on horseback does not want attack Haven Ship very much, swims away toward deep in the sea, but these Arrow Turtle actually do not want to let off him, gathers round him to start attack directly. Zhao Hai also looks, these Arrow Turtle are knows probably blade scale fresh weakness, on their bone spike special thorn Blade-Scales Whale the union place of scale, punctures one, presently in the sea has emitted the blood that has braved greatly, that Blade-Scales Whale is the pitiful yell again and again, is actually simply is also incapable rebel. Zhao Hai dull look at all these, he has not thought really that this looks like very ordinary Arrow Turtle really also has such in a big way can, can defeat unexpectedly looks like Might strict Blade-Scales Whale. Laura they also surprised look at all these, before long, under Arrow Turtle attack, that Blade-Scales Whale lost the rebel ability, the body sank toward seabed. Zhao Hai saw this situation, immediately/on horseback opened Space, Arrow Turtle, Blade-Scales Whale also had the there sea water one to take in Space directly. These sea water just entered Space, hears the prompt sound to transmit said : present severely wounded variation Whale Magic Beast, is unable depending on deciding level, asking Host as soon as possible to be Magic Beast wound treatment.” The Zhao Hai immediately choice lets Space to Blade-Scales Whale wound treatment, but has not thought that these time to Blade-Scales Whale wound treatment, one spent his two hundred thousand gold coins unexpectedly, has gone bad Zhao Hai grievedly, he took by force Grand Duke Layen to obtain several ten of millions gold coins fortunately in the past, otherwise he has not given up.