Chapter 377 small Houzi/Monkey Just cured Blade-Scales Whale, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently variation Whale Magic Beast, the attack strength was strong, level was three Level 10, presently may not raise in Space, animal digitization, can in Spatial Shop purchase.” Now a prompt sound biggest change of Ranch here is, all animal turned into Magic Beast, the Space prompt sound called by Magic Beast, but did not call by animal. However now in Space was unable to raise Blade-Scales Whale, possibly is because in Space does not have the sea pool reason, this arrived lets Zhao Hai some not understand, he received in Space many sea water, why in Space didn't have sea pool? Now Zhao Hai does not think these many, in this Blade-Scales Whale Space could not raise, that kept in Space not to have what meaning, went to his release, making him give Haven Ship to work as the underwater escort ship to be good. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai wields, has put in Blade-Scales Whale the water, but this Blade-Scales Whale may not have attack Haven Ship, but follows like the guard submarine near Haven Ship. Zhao Hai also relaxed finally, making Jinan then toward direction advancing of ape island, although Blade-Scales Whale not defeat Arrow Turtle, but has to recognize, he also be in the sea a tyrant, but Arrow Turtle is restrain he, therefore he has not defeated Arrow Turtle, in the sea other Magic Beast, do not dare to annoy generally his, guard Blade-Scales Whale, they in has not received other Magic Beast attack. Two days later, Zhao Hai they have been able to see an ape island from afar, but also let alone, appearance of this island also really with one giant ape almost, this ape opens mouth, green fur, appears lifelike. Zhao Hai lets Blade-Scales Whale and Arrow Turtle in all around scout of this island, has a look at there is that can enter in the route to island. Their present although to ape island also distance, but their actually very careful, because currently seabed had massive reefs existed, some grotesque rocks stretched out the water surface, if not choose the route, their ships will possibly strike a reef to submerge. After two days of scout, Zhao Hai they had finally found that to enter to the route in ape island, the information that but Jinan they obtain contains errors, enters to the route in ape island is not, but is three, but a route is quite wide, another two routes are quite narrow. The wide that route, can walk five mast huge ship like Haven Ship, but the narrow that two routes, can direction Swordfish Ship such bark, another place only be able to walk smaller boat. Moreover these three routes are not straight, is curving, now Zhao Hai knows, why before Jinan, in the information that obtains said that must have Water element Magician to walk this route, because the sharp bend in route, sometimes, is needs Water element Magician to help to transfer the bow, otherwise the ship will strike a reef. Zhao Hai to has not cared about these, after scout good route, immediately made Jinan set sail, has crashed in the biggest that route, but simultaneously he also carefully was gazing at monitor, when had a look to need him to use Water element Magic. Enters Zhao Hai also to make that Blade-Scales Whale follow under the ship, if lived any situation , can also make him escort, this was absolutely safe. This route although is not long, but Zhao Hai they also walked a talent to the shore of ape island, but those who make Zhao Hai they not think, the shore of this ape island really has natural pier, can make the ship stop in there, moreover this pier is not small, can stop next ten five mast huge ship fully.

Crossed beside this pier, by drawing back the waters in ape island, within many does not have no reefs greatly, outside ape island reefs, looks like regarding same is protecting this island in planet outside meteorite belt, when you have passed through the meteorite belt, you can safe navigated in all around of island, there point reefs, this to has not been is felt new and odd very by Zhao Hai. After Haven Ship stops, Zhao Hai they walked from on the ship, to pier on, Zhao Hai carefully looked at this pier, this pier truly is the natural formation, without trace that any manpower opens cutting, because of this, is astonishing, such natural pier, feared that is entire world, only then ape island such. In the pier following hundred meters place is forest, in that forest is growing one type of very big trees, this trees not only big, but also very solid, looks like looks like Bread Tree in domain is the same, on the tree is hanging the fruit of each and every one watermelon size, green leaf, good having achieved great achievements scenery. Laura saw that this scenery liked here, he turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, here was quite attractive, I liked here, we constructed a base to be good in here, but must build a house in here, I must live in here.” Zhao Hai often smiles said : well, lives in here, walks, we go to the island to have a look, didn't say in this island also to have one type of very fierce ape shape Magic Beast?” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai takes the lead toward island in walks, to that type like the Bread Tree tree, Zhao Hai has chopped a fruit with Wind Blade, has put in Space, all the way then this keeps island in all plants that can see, picked has put in Space, he was wish lets his Space quick Level Up. These thing enter to Space, Space prompt sound immediately passed on, although has some plants is really existing, but many plants are in Space had, therefore Space, Space naturally has not had means Level Up as the matter stands. However these in expected of Zhao Hai, he are not disappointed, walks picking, not only he is picking, all people are picking. In this time, Laura suddenly presently on the front tree is having a small golden personal appearance, fixes the eyes on looks, is actually small Houzi/Monkey, this small Houzi/Monkey is not tall, stands to fear that is also less than one meter high, golden growing hair, looks like looks like Snub-nosed monkey same adorable. Laura looked to like, she held on hastily is collecting plants Zhao Hai, said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that was only small Houzi/Monkey to be quite lovable.” That was only small Houzi/Monkey also to see Laura they, face curious look at Laura they, did not have an appearance of fear, that smart was passing the tender gruff appearance, was instant kill Laura. Zhao Hai look at that is only small Houzi/Monkey, actually don’t know why, always some one type of this small monkey not simple feelings, but he has not cared, because this small monkey looks like obvious does not have what hostility. However because of some that feelings, therefore Zhao Hai has not gone to grasp that to be only small Houzi/Monkey, but turns the hand, puts out fruits from Space, lost toward that small Houzi/Monkey. Xu Wanying just wants to prevent already late, stands nearby Zhao Hai hastily the guard, simultaneously turn around Young Master is careful to Zhao Hai said :, you lose thing toward him on like this, he thinks that perhaps you in attack he, will counter-attack.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really can be this.

However that was only small the monkey performance actually appears the meaning of Zhao Hai, that was only small the monkey also to feel probably Zhao Hai did not have the hostility, looked at fruits that Zhao Hai lost, he one grasped in in hand, grew the mouth to nip one. Before this fruits is Zhao Hai, in a batch apple that in Space plants, this batch of apple are not only very big. And flavor very good. Really, after that small Houzi/Monkey has nipped apple, scream of immediately/on horseback excited two, fast has eaten to eat all one's food in hand apple, adorable that look at Zhao Hai that then one eye, a face is expected, that appearance really could not say. Zhao Hai could not bear that small Houzi/Monkey look, immediately/on horseback puts out several apple to lose to that small Houzi/Monkey, but that small Houzi/Monkey, understood unexpectedly received apple, then in apple put on the branch, was meeting another, this let the intelligent vigor of Zhao Hai to this small Houzi/Monkey, there is a new understanding. The Laura sister looked that this small Houzi/Monkey is so intelligent is happy, received apple from Zhao Hai in hand, throws toward small Houzi/Monkey in hand, before long small Houzi/Monkey side were many more than 20 apple. Zhao Hai looked to stop hastily, look at that was only small Houzi/Monkey, what to do wants to have a look at that to be only small Houzi/Monkey then to. That is only small Houzi/Monkey to look that Zhao Hai they were not upcasting apple toward the tree, called two, then took up apple eating of fast, Zhao Hai their look at his appearance, cannot help but funny, such big point small Houzi/Monkey, can eat many, Zhao Hai they have not cared. However made Zhao Hai their dumbfounded matters live, more than 20 big apple, among in the blink of an eye entered the belly of that small Houzi/Monkey, that small Houzi/Monkey actually did not have a point matter, but also was overshooting the scream of their Zhi Zhi in the tree, probably wants to make them throw some fruits to come up. Zhao Hai look at small Houzi/Monkey that petite stature, is thinking that more than 20 apple pile in the together altitude, cannot help but has tarried, not only Zhao Hai, Laura has tarried, they have not thought that this small Houzi/Monkey unexpectedly such can eat. The good little while, Laura to recover, she turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, haven't I misread? These did apple make him eat really?” Zhao Hai dull nod said : of you have not misread, truly has eaten, but this technique has also felt strange, did he eat there thing? Can he also too eat?” That is only small Houzi/Monkey to look that Zhao Hai they had not responded, but stands in there speaks, cannot help but anxious, called and jumps on the tree, Zhao Hai did not have the means that how many apple must put out, but this time he has not thrown into on the tree, but with in hand, was only small Houzi/Monkey said : „to eat to that? Come, takes.” That small Houzi/Monkey obviously understand meaning of Zhao Hai, but under he does not think to set up very much obviously, but somewhat does not give up that fruit, touches own ears and cheeks on the tree, an anxiously appearance. Zhao Hai was given to tease by him laughs, but Zhao Hai wants to have a look at him to dare to jump down with apple, in Zhao Hai laughs, a suddenly [gold/metal] shade from the tree dashes, when Zhao Hai has not responded, caught his in hand apple, Zhao Hai felt that his in hand one light, apple vanished, skill of entire process less than a twinkling. These all people were shocked, dodges along 1 or 2 eye cold light, he is Dead-soldier, quickly is famous for the skill, is he presently, own compares this small Houzi/Monkey also to want on the slow several points probably. Thinks of here he cannot help but fear, if that were only small Houzi/Monkey is just not took apple, but was coming attack Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai was dangerous.

Zhao Hai dull look at hand, gains ground looked at that only proud is gnawing apple small Houzi/Monkey, muttered said : this fellow, stole thing to is very skillful.” However that was only small Houzi/Monkey also to arouse the Zhao Hai interest, his immediately/on horseback put out apple, lifted in hand, tempted that to be only small Houzi/Monkey. Possibly because of the reason of first going well, that was only small Houzi/Monkey the courage to be also bigger, after snatching apple 32 eating to eat all one's food of in hand, moved motionless was also staring at Zhao Hai in hand that apple, was the preparation is snatching evidently one time. Laura they have turned very quiet, moves motionless look at that only to be also small Houzi/Monkey, in this time, is seeing a golden light flashes, Zhao Hai in hand apple vanished, but that small Houzi/Monkey another returned to on tree. This rapidness, Zhao Hai their simply had not seen that what movement small Houzi/Monkey has. That was only small Houzi/Monkey to raise apple proud Zhi Zhi to call two in the tree, that apple eating, Zhao calling of Zhao Hai Zhi Zhi, obviously he was also then wanting apple, moreover probably he also liked this game. Zhao Hai looks at his appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, once again has put out apple, lifted in in hand, small Houzi/Monkey stole apple equally eats, then said. Zhao Hai has put out apple, meets to focus flashes through sly lifting in there, that small Houzi/Monkey courage getting bigger and bigger, Zhao Hai apple just took, he jumps down to snatch, in this time, Space rift suddenly appears , one Zhao Hai and that small Houzi/Monkey covering in inside, then Zhao Hai and small Houzi/Monkey vanished in same place. Zhao Hai just entered Space with that small Houzi/Monkey, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently variation monkey shape Magic Beast, level four Level 10, can in Space raise, eats the feed two grains each hour, 20 hours of maturity, but produce ten times, produces son five each time, produces the son to be separated for eight hours, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Space Ranch meets the Level Up standard, Ranch Level Up to ten 6th level, invited the Host many efforts.” Pleasantly surprised, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is pleasantly surprised, has not thought that has directed in this small monkey Space, Space unexpectedly one on Level Up, moreover this small Houzi/Monkey level, be much higher than Blade-Scales Whale, it seems like that this Houzi/Monkey is really not simple. Small Houzi/Monkey to this kind of strange place, but also some are not quite suitable, but Space formidable ability, made him recognize Zhao Hai give priority to instantaneously, therefore his Zhi Zhi called to jump on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, but also has delivered to the Zhao Hai front in hand apple. Zhao Hai one liked this smart kid, he has not thought really that this kid unexpectedly such adorable, can eat to him unexpectedly, this surprised him, this kid also understood that the will of the people intent, Zhao Hai laughed, grasped this kid, put out big apple to put in his hand.