Chapter 378 Little Jin This kid also understand meaning of Zhao Hai, nest in the Zhao Hai bosom, like the child, excited called several, then took up apple to nip. Zhao Hai also they called Laura at this time, Laura they saw Zhao Hai like hugging child holds that to be only small Houzi/Monkey, excited, has encircled. Zhao Hai has given Laura small Houzi/Monkey with a smile, Laura excited has hugged, small Houzi/Monkey possibly was also present Laura they with Zhao Hai relationship, therefore has not revealed the hostility, peaceful lying down was gnawing apple in the Laura bosom. This entered Cai'er to fly, has flown small Houzi/Monkey, curious look at he, small Houzi/Monkey also look at Cai'er, suddenly Cai'er put out a hand, small vine one small Houzi/Monkey in hand apple robbing. Small Houzi/Monkey has gawked, is angry, Zhi Zhi was screaming jumped from the Laura bosom, pursues toward Cai'er, the Cai'er actually young lady with a smile ran off. This Space has lived it up, Houzi/Monkey called, Cai'er smiled, Zhao Wen also joined in the fun in the one side, Space one were many several vitalities, made that Zhao Hai some too have not adapted. Some little time Zhao Hai stopped by calling out them, then led Laura their several to leave Space, naturally, small Houzi/Monkey in hand were also many big apple, moreover Zhao Hai also gave him the giving a name character, called Little Jin. Space, Little Jin looked at all around situation one, Zhi Zhi called two, appears some excited, then jumps to the body of Zhao Hai, with hand Zhao Hai, another is also then taking the hand of apple, proceeding that stops is pointing, made that Zhao Hai their don’t know he must do. Little Jin looked that they have not moved, the even bigger sound that called, proceeded to point at with the hand, Zhao Hai they can only proceed following the direction that he pointed, Little Jin then peaceful, in the Zhao Hai bosom relieved was gnawing apple. At this moment, before listening, in front of them has heard „”, Zhao Hai they stare, then several people stopped the footsteps, proceeds to look. They remember that Jinan has said that in this island has one type of very fierce Magic Beast, hearing this sound to be that Magic Beast comes out.

Their this stops, Little Jin does not do, is inconsiderately shout, calling Zhao Hai really not to have the means that only toward then proceeded. This Zhao Hai could not attend to all the way is collecting plants, so long as because he, as soon as stopped, Little Jin yelled, not only, made that Zhao Hai was very helpless. However Zhao Hai also looked, where Little Jin must lead him to go, therefore such will worry, he also came the interest, wants to have a look at Little Jin to probably lead him to look at anything. Had walked three li (0.5km) toward in many, their anything Magic Beast has not met, making Zhao Hai feel what is strange, this line, they unexpectedly have not seen other roads, in the entire island probably only then Bread Tree this tree seed, this makes people feel that felt strange. In this time, suddenly front is hearing a rustling sound, Zhao Hai they cannot help but stopped, in this time, several giant shadows, was drilling from front forest. When these shadows came out, Zhao Hai sees clearly, this unexpectedly is several incomparably huge ape, they are crawling that the four limbs are well-grounded, just like general Houzi/Monkey, they are the hind legs on short, before the foreleg, on some, this makes them look like probably in the bow body moving forward, but is this, their heights sufficiently have also been seven and eight meters high, if they are straight the body, the height has met ten meters. Zhao Hai they halted, they know that they meet certainly that Magic Beast that Jinan said that looks at this Magic Beast appearance, Zhao Hai knows that this Magic Beast fighting strength is very certainly strong, because this Magic Beast had seen on Earth with Zhao Hai in «Vajra» that Giant Ape has only looked like, simply is exactly the same. look at these fellow that big bowing, the muscle of that pieces, Zhao Hai had not suspected that their strengths, reality these gorillas on Earth, do not have these gorillas to be big, but that already by strength greatly famous, these big guy strengths big? Saw these big guy, Zhao Hai immediately has alerted, was holding Little Jin, has put out Ghost Staff, Xu Wanying and Junichi also stands the Zhao Hai side, Laura they stood Zhao Hai. That several gorillas see the Zhao Hai appearance, has probably gawked, look at Zhao Hai, then each and every one the scream, several gorillas even have stood, with is whipping own chest that the hand keeps, this is the orangutan angry performance. Zhao Hai they anxious, in this time, Zhao Hai was feeling that own in hand one light, then together under a golden light jumped a head of gorilla, Zhao Hai has been surprised, because he knows jumped certainly was Little Jin.

Really, Little Jin is squatting now on a shoulder of gorilla, his entire body, even did not have the head of that gorilla to be big, Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes said : Little Jin, comes back quickly.” Little Jin has not actually managed him, sees his putting out a hand small claw, tapped the head of that gorilla, Zhao Hai looked, that gorilla was just hammering good one of the chest to them. However then the fresh matter, makes Zhao Hai feel being startled , the claw of Little Jin pats to that gorilla head on time, that gorilla looks like by the child who the Sir teaches, well lowering the head truly, a suffering from injustice appearance. Zhao Hai their dull look at all these, they really do not think understand, the Little Jin appearance, seems like Snub-nosed monkey, but these actually obviously are the gorillas, why Snub-nosed monkey is tapping the head of gorilla, but that gorilla actually obedient being obedient? Was this too false? At this time Zhao Hai they also present, gorilla that not only that gorilla, all they can see honest, lay in there look at Little Jin. Zhao Hai they stand in there dull, the look at present all, their really some cannot believe one saw that this makes their heads unable to make a turn at once. In this time, one after another from forest has drilled many gorillas, but these gorilla very strange thing, these gorillas are divided into several types, one type of is that Zhao Hai they see, looks like the Vajra giant orangutan, another one type of wool actually part turned into the silver-white color, but the figure was shorter, looks like is also five and six meters appearances, in behind is the whole body is the silver-white orangutans, their figures are shorter, has three and four meters appearances, finally on one type of and wool are money mixture colors, their heights are shorter, has two. About rice. However strange lies, probably these figures are the short and small orangutan, the status are tall, but these orangutans saw Little Jin time, has exhibited a very docile appearance, looks like in these orangutans, the Little Jin status is highest. This makes Zhao Hai they feel that being startled, they really think that understand, why these orangutans won't turn into this? Like the Magic Beast tribal group, isn't the strongest ability becomes the lead(er)? What's all this about? At this time Little Jin jumped on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, Zhi Zhi called to proceed to refer, these orangutan immediately made way the road to them, not [gold/metal] spirited standing on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, appearance that all around that observed the situation, keeping aloof. Zhao Hai they have gawked, then mutually looked at one, although not understand what's the matter, but they can affirm that Little Jin will not injure their, these gorillas listen to Little Jin, naturally does not need to injure them, therefore several people extend a Little Jin finger of direction to proceed.

Slowly, the topography is getting higher and higher, Zhao Hai they walk is also getting more and more strenuous, at this time Little Jin called several, several gorillas walked, Little Jin has drawn the Zhao Hai clothes, has referred to that several gorillas, the meaning of Zhao Hai do not understand Little Jin. Little Jin looked that Zhao Hai had not responded, jumped carrying on the back of that gorilla, then has referred to Zhao Hai, called several to that gorilla, that gorilla probably was understand the meaning of Little Jin, stretched out own claw, capture Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai did not have rebel, he knows that these gorillas will not injure him. Really, that gorilla has worked on Zhao Hai, has actually put oneself wide carrying on the back Zhao Hai, the back of this gorilla, very wide is big, has the more than 2 meters width fully, more than four meters are long, unexpectedly eight square meters, Zhao Hai above , no matter will stand is sitting will not have the issue. although these gorillas are crawling, but their backs are very steady, above was growing the wool, looked like spreads out the one layer wool blanket to be the same, very comfortable. At this time that gorilla Laura toward arriving at his carrying on the back, but Junichi was actually put carrying on the back of only one orangutan with Xu Wanying, carrying on the back of although orangutan sits four people, but actually did not appear pushes, moreover that gorilla had not felt probably own carrying on the back put the person to be the same, still steady proceeded, was not slow, this made the strengths of Zhao Hai to these gorillas have a new understanding. Must know that they presently want are climbing a mountain, the body weights of their four people added also more than 300 jin (0.5 kg), about 3rd level horse shape Magic Beast has not carried on the back this weight to climb a mountain the means that but appearance that these gorilla completely have not actually felt, obviously their strengths strong. The topography is getting higher and higher, quick Zhao Hai they arrived on the summit, those who stem from the Zhao Hai anticipation is, on that summit, suddenly is only growing a tree, incomparably huge Bread Tree. This Bread Tree high, Zhao Hai cannot see now, but this Bread Tree was really too thick, Zhao Hai felt that this Bread Tree diameter feared will not be lower than hundred meters, such in the tree, Zhao Hai has seen only one time, on Earth, he looked at movie «Avatar» time, has seen such big tree in the movie, but resembled this big that tree did not have him to see . Moreover the variety was different. In the root of tree, very big Tree Hole, this Tree Hole high has about 30 meters very much, the wide also about ten meters, that gorilla carried on the back Zhao Hai they to enter this Tree Hole. Entered to this Tree Hole Zhao Hai has tarried, they have not thought that will see such scene in this Tree Hole unexpectedly.