Chapter 379 strange tree In that Tree Hole was being put piles of hay, but is very obvious, these hay do not leave about casually, the first pile of hay is a bedroom of orangutan, moreover in this Tree Hole does not have a point strange taste, but also appears very clean. This Tree Hole seems like not very big, only uses more than 20 square meters, however has the each and every one pinhole in his both sides, these pinholes are also the bedrooms of these orangutans, now in this Tree Hole also some small black orangutans and some female orangutans. here looks like was enlarged the ant's nest, just lives is not the ant, but is one flock of formidable orangutans, Zhao Hai has calculated probably, is only in this Tree Hole, about thousand orangutans, obviously this tribal group how formidable. Zhao Hai gained ground upward looked at one, actually presently this Tree Hole feared that had several hundred meters high, moreover on two sides cave wall has covered entirely the bedrooms of these orangutans, looked like very magnificent. Laura sees this situation, cannot help but sighed said : day that here was really too magnificent, Elder Brother Hai, did you see? here simply is a small city.” The fact naturally does not have exaggeration that Laura said that but here truly very magnificent, can say this tree is the kingdoms of Little Jin their this strange tribal group and inhabited area, but this island, possibly is their territories. Little Jin called several, immediately to have several gorillas to come, the hay of ground taking away, to was appears very clean in the place, moreover Zhao Hai can also see wood grain that passed faintly. Little Jin jumped down from the body of Zhao Hai, Zhi Zhi called several, these gorillas they have put in Zhao Hai Tree Hole, then walked from Tree Hole, only then some small orangutans also keep in Tree Hole, is crawling in all directions randomly. To be honest, these small orangutans look like and are inferior to Little Jin to be lovable, but their darling appearances, makes Laura their two eyes shine, the woman to adorable thing, the immunity is always very low. Little Jin to has not cared to these small orangutans, whatever these small orangutans crawl in there, Zhao Hai actually do not understand Little Jin wants to do. In this time , some silver orangutans walked, their in hand is taking Bread Fruit, has put Zhao Hai in front of them, several orangutans, in hand are taking unexpectedly is some big shell, true thing in these shell some liquids, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in these liquids is dispersing a wine fragrance taste unexpectedly. Little Jin also called several, takes Bread Fruit has been delivering to Zhao Hai , the meaning of Zhao Hai understand Little Jin, Little Jin this is must ask him to eat the fruit.

Zhao Hai received this to have Bread Fruit of basketball size fully, presently this Bread Fruit peel probably very hard, he makes an effort knocks the ground the fruit, opened the peel, has revealed inside white fruit pulp. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, that fruit pulp meets the air, fast inflated unexpectedly, but also displays a bread same fragrance. Zhao Hai has gawked, sub- has put the mouth, has nipped one, this fruit pulp becomes very soft, eats looks like the bread is the same, this lets Zhao Hai being startled. Bread ball Zhao Hai on Earth has also heard, that Bread Tree is the one type of output very high grain tree seed, their fruits must roast probably have been delicious, but this fruit does not need to roast unexpectedly, opens itself to inflate, becomes the appearance of bread, a such big fruit, feared that was suffices him to eat for one day unable to finish eating. The Laura their dull look at Zhao Hai movement, they first time heard that such fruit, in this time, Little Jin was calling several, has referred to the shell of ground. Zhao Hai has taken up these shell curiously, has drunk liquid in shell, the entrance micro acid, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, this liquor inside room however has the beer flavor, this was too strange. Zhao Hai will not make the beer, on Continent nobody will also ferment, original Zhao Hai thinks after one , can only through the massive experiments, be able to manufacture the beer, who can want to obtain, on such an island, one flock of gorillas, unexpectedly put out liquid of one type of like beer to drink to him, this made Zhao Hai be startled. Zhao Hai curiously has drunk one, truly is the beer flavor, although this flavor is not very pure, but is actually very is the beer flavor, Zhao Hai could not bear has drunk two. Looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, Laura they were also curious, they also opened their Bread Fruit, has eaten one, has drunk then that beer, the feeling is very good. Zhao Hai puts the shell, turned the head to look at look at his Little Jin, Zhao Hai has cannot help but laughed said : Little Jin that Little Jin, you were really my lucky star, HaHaHa, fantastic, this thing fantastic.” Little Jin looks at Zhao Hai to like, excited Zhi Zhi called, but Laura they obviously are actually interested in that bread, to the interest of beer is not very big. Zhao Hai they are not hungry, therefore ate a bread to be full, then Zhao Hai put out many apple to give Little Jin, yelling of Little Jin excited, has apportioned these gorillas these apple.

However is very obvious, Zhao Hai the apple although is very big, but to the build even bigger gorilla, this thing really does not catch up with the mouth, these gorillas open mouth, apple has thrown into the mouth, then chewed several, apple vanished. Shaking the head of Zhao Hai not bears, has thrown down big pile of apple to Little Jin, this time he takes are more, feared that has about ten thousand jin (0.5 kg), Little Jin excited, he has apportioned these gorillas these apple. About ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) apple, these gorillas have eaten before long to eat all one's food, moreover each and every one face excited look at Zhao Hai, has not eaten to suffice evidently. Zhao Hai shook the head, has smiled bitterly, turns the head to Little Jin said : Little Jin, will wait to eat, I must have a look at this island well.” Little Jin has understood the Zhao Hai words probably, to these gorilla Zhi Zhi called several, these gorillas also slowly diverged, only then several remained. Zhao Hai they climbed up the back of gorilla, the Little Jin finger of armed forces these gorillas in small island is walking in all directions, they from the mountain, have not walked from the mountain in them first transport, Little Jin did not point around several Bread Tree to call, that several orangutans also crawled nearby that several Bread Tree. At this time from that several trees, Zhao Hai smelled that beer flavor once again, he cannot believe really that in these Bread Tree unexpectedly is these beer. That several orangutans brought Zhao Hai they to crawl on the tree, originally on this tree also Tree Hole, but this Tree Hole actually by these gorillas with some Blockhead stopping up, moreover stopped up very solid, that at the back of the Zhao Hai gorilla, turned on the wooden cork on Tree Hole, inside was really that type of beer. Saw these, Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward its place, arrives at the halfway up the mountainside time, they saw small pool, this pool base is small spring, obviously here is the place that these orangutans drink water. Zhao Hai they then walked other places, this small island area is not very big, most also about ten thousand mu, above long most is Bread Tree, other plants are few. When Zhao Hai they think here does not have attractively what, before Little Jin suddenly brings they were arriving at a cavern root, this cavern by Bread Tree blocking, if not Little Jin they guides, Zhao Hai they did not find really easily. As soon as they entered to cavern in have gawked, because in this cavern he has not imagined these cavern such moistness, coherent, here very dry, moreover in this cavern was very big, the football field so was fully big, the high also about 20 meters, in toward in also passage, this passage also had about six meters widely, about 20 meters high, moreover probably was getting higher and higher. Zhao Hai curious made Little Jin command(er) these gorillas walk toward inside, crossed that passage, inside unexpectedly was even bigger cavern, this cavern very big, but also very dark, inside did not have the light, but the here surface was not cold, conversely, one type of very warm feeling, but what most important was, this cavern middle, was growing a tree, but this tree actually in dispersing faint golden radiance.

Reason that can say this cavern appears dark, but is not light does not have , because of this tree, this is tree a like Bread Tree, but he appears very short, is not very sturdy, above is tying the fruit like Bread Fruit, is only these fruit smaller, golden, as if also in light. Zhao Hai curious look at this tree, Little Jin called to jump from the body of Zhao Hai at this time, jumped on the tree directly, he carefully looked at these fruits on the tree, then picked one from the middle, jumped the Zhao Hai bosom, has given Zhao Hai the fruit. Zhao Hai received that fruit curiously, carefully looked, this fruit looks like mini version Bread Fruit, does not have anything specially. This small fruit only then the Zhao Hai fist size, outside is also the hard shell, Zhao Hai is taking the fruit, was planning that bites open him, Little Jin screamed, capture the hand of Zhao Hai, by the Zhao Hai strength, actually did not have the means to work loose. Zhao Hai puzzled Zhao Hai Little Jin, why don’t know he gives him a fruit, does not make him eat. Little Jin looks at Zhao Hai look at he, he gesticulates in there hastily, makes some to blossom probably the same hand signal. The hand signal that some little time Zhao Hai understand, Little Jin gives possibly does not blossom, but is the explosion, Zhao Hai took this fruit said : „you are being said that this fruit can explode?” Little Jin shook the head, has referred to that fruit, has referred to own mouth, then makes the explosion the appearance, Zhao Hai said : you were said that will eat the person of this fruit to explode?” Nod of Little Jin this chapter of excited, has then referred to itself, grasps oneself wool, referred to these carrying on the back their gorilla, then has referred to the fruit, has referred to itself. This to makes to stare Zhao Hai, Little Jin looks at Zhao Hai not understand, has gesticulated one after another several times, finally Zhao Hai probably was understand, his look at Little Jin said : you said that this type of fruit wanted them to eat, after they have eaten, will turn into your this appearance?” Was saying him while has referred to that gorilla, has referred to Little Jin.