Chapter 380 pirate Little Jin nodded, shook the head, he has referred to that gorilla, has referred to outside, then has referred to itself. The Zhao Hai present mentality was opened, his look at Little Jin said : you were said these gorillas in slowly turned into the silver-white color, was turning into half golden color, then ate up this fruit, can turn into your this? Otherwise will explode?” Nod of Little Jin this excited, Zhao Hai is actually two eyes one bright, then the intention moves, he and Laura their returned to in Space, that several gorillas together entered Space. In this time, in Space is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Presently the heterogeneous plants fruit food, in the fruit food includes Metal element energy, after eating, may obtain Metal element ability, each grain of seed needs the land ten mu, is 8th level makes the thing, may produce fruit ten each time, the mature time is 36 hours, every quarter the time interval is 12 hours.” Space meets all levels of requirements, presently Space Level Up to two ten 5th level, hope that Host increase the effort.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then a face pleasantly surprised look at in hand the small fruit, he really has not thought that oneself in hand this small fruit will really have such ability, not only can to obtain ability, those who let straight sea happy is, he can make Space one rise two ten 5th level unexpectedly, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is a huge pleasant surprise. Some little time Zhao Hai recovers, he laughs is holding Little Jin, he felt that Little Jin is really his lucky star, not only made him see the beer, made him obtain this type of fruit unexpectedly, this type of fruit made Space one rise 3rd level, 3rd level, his how long has not seen Space such crisp Level Up, too satisfying. Laura excited of their face, they have not thought that this Space one rose 3rd level unexpectedly, now they left three Level 10 to be nearer one step. although Little Jin don’t know Zhao Hai is smiling anything, Zhi Zhi that but Zhao Hai happy his also happy, he keeps in the Zhao Hai bosom was calling. Some little time Zhao Hai comes out from Space, he looked at a that tree, this tree apparently does not have the name, moreover on Continent also nobody knows that Zhao Hai has not thought must move this tree, now in Space had the fruit of this tree, then has not needed in this tree, therefore Zhao Hai to this tree a name, called Vajra Tree, the fruit of tree on calling Vajra Fruit. Comes out from that cavern, Little Jin leads Zhao Hai then to transfer on small island, was quick they to arrive in the island cavern of other side, this cavern very big, in the back of island, to giving to be keeping off by some bread, but this cavern cave entrance, ordinary Bread Tree simply could not block. Zhao Hai they, as soon as entered to this cavern has gawked, because in this cavern unexpectedly was a natural harbor, was different to the harbor of outside, this harbor entire in cavern, moreover most can only come in a warship of three mast, five mast ships could not come. This is a harbor, rather is a dock, Zhao Hai look at here is actually two eyes takes a broad view, here stopped some ships not to have really well, this small island simply was a natural base. Several people come out from cavern, arrived Little Jin their home, that huge Bread Tree there, Zhao Hai has put out big pile of apple to Little Jin they, Zhao Hai this is in thanking them, they the harvest on this small island were really too big, not only Ranch rose two-level, Farm also rose 3rd level, but also had found this Bread Tree, how fermenting beer later also had the possible learn, these harvests regarding Zhao Hai, were really too important.

Comes out from Little Jin their nests, Zhao Hai they arrived at seaside, naturally, Little Jin followed in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai to determine that used here to work as the base, original Zhao Hai wants to carry on some constructions in here, but saw Little Jin their appearance, he does not want to move here, Zhao Hai very clear, in the island the fruits on these Bread Tree were Little Jin their food, if he must construct thing on the island, will destroy there Bread Tree, therefore Zhao Hai did not prepare to construct thing on the island, but he has actually supposed Transmission Point on this island, This is fifth Transmission Point that he supposes. Then he must toward two on the ship installs Fire Fish and vegetables also has grain anything, first is Fire Fish, he wants to change the military vessels of that ship three masts, special being used installs Fire Fish. Fire Fish this thing is very fragile, water temperature must have the guarantee, to demonstrate is with the ship in transporting Fire Fish, Zhao Hai must carry on modified to Swordfish Ship, first changes to separate his cabin, then inside packs the fresh water, this cabin was divided into two pale pool, then adds the merit with Fire element Magic water in pale pool to certain temperature, puts in Fire Fish, then in using Fire element Magic water heating in another pool, but the temperature wants high, like this and other water temperatures in first pool drop to the not suitable Fire Fish survival time, they. Can put in the second pool to raise Fire Fish, is heating up the first pool, such relapse use, can raise Ding Yu. Naturally, these set the example, was only the excuse, Zhao Hai naturally at this time will not enter really Fire Fish to the cabin is raising, that was used to deceive people, only then quickly to Sky Water City time he will do, now Fire Fish places in Space for good. Hot mast huge ship to was relaxed, so long as put in the ship to be OK these vegetables, naturally grain and fruit oil and so on thing, five mast ships can install very much, but Zhao Hai has not installed too in a big way, hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) vegetables, in other on fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain and thing were uneven. After having let loose thing, Zhao Hai on a preparation leave ape island, he wants to keep Little Jin, after all here lives his clansman, Zhao Hai was fearing that Little Jin is not willing to follow him. However Little Jin actually does not think that he to was depends on Zhao Hai, said that anything is not willing to remain, Zhao Hai to had not opposed, he in the island set up Transmission Point, the place has been directly located in Little Jin in their nest, therefore after Little Jin, wants in returning to the island momentarily can go back, moreover he can also clansman on look at island in Space, what if there is situation, Zhao Hai can also first send back Little Jin, what to is will not have matter. Then, Zhao Hai they were ape island short day of time, leave, but this Zhao Hai kept ape island there Blade-Scales Whale, lets his look at that biggest route, leaving behind some Arrow Turtle, has let their look at that two small route. After here arranges, Zhao Hai they travel by boat leave an ape island, Zhao Hai had also feared that Little Jin not suitable travels by boat, but has not thought that this fellow in on the ship running like crazy in all directions, the appearance that has not been familiar with. Zhao Hai in managing him, but everyday makes to him eats, daily made in his returned to clan have a look to be good, two days later, they were very far from an ape island, official stepped returned to the Sky Water City road. On this day Zhao Hai and Laura they are sitting in the deck have the lunch, suddenly are standing lookout post suddenly said loudly on mast: „A starboard 45 degrees corner/horn, two ten in the sea places, presently Pirate Ship is driving toward us, the intention is unclear, sees to discuss stand guard.” His shouted that on the ship these Undead Creature moved, these artillery immediately ran up to nearby Magic Cannon, bed Crossbowman also took place. Zhao Hai received these things to eat, looks in the direction that sentry said that only then Little Jin is somewhat discontented, he has not eaten to the full.

Zhao Hai also understand why Little Jin that can eat now, thinks the builds of these gorillas, if they cannot eat call strangely. This enters that sentry also saying that „a starboard 45 degrees corner/horn, two ten in the sea places, presently Pirate Ship, is driving to us, two Pirate Ship possibly are one group, target possibly is we.” At this time Zhao Hai they also saw that two ships, that is two three mast warships, the ship appeared somewhat old, maintenance should be good, was quick, was locating to drive toward them, was prepares the tribulation to be occupied by them evidently. Zhao Hai to does not have what good worry, they now are also two warships, the opposite party are also two, moreover their here also is Undead Creature, has anything to be easy to do. At this time the sentry also reported that behind came two ships, evidently these four ships are one group, Zhao Hai their here has also been ready, momentarily can attack Really, that four ships to the Magic Cannon firing distance in time, immediately they launched attack to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai their on the ship Undead Creature also immediately/on horseback started to counterattack, on sea surface boom, the column of flame soared to the heavens at once, school of war scene. Zhao Hai static standing in on the ship look at that several Pirate Ship, simultaneously he also wants to have a look at that Magic Cannon Might, to be honest, that Magic Cannon Might somewhat stems from the meaning of Zhao Hai, did not mean that they strong, conversely, this Magic Cannon Might is not very strong, even if 6th level Warrior, so long as in certain distance, even if hit a target by Magic Cannon, will not have the matter. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Laura said : Laura, you said that these pirates are crazy? What advantage do they come attack we to have? We have Ironclad Battleship of five mast.” Does Laura smile said : this is not just the biggest advantage? Ironclad Battleship of five mast, fighting strength is very strong, even if were they spells today up that four three mast ships, so long as obtained Haven Ship, that all value, you looked that they now also presently Magic Cannon and Ballista are not useful to Ironclad Battleship, start to get ready to meet the side to fight.” Such that really such as Laura said that that on the ship these pirates have depended on the ship, it seems like wanted equipment to meet the side to fight. Quick Haven Ship and Swordfish Ship by that two ships surrounding, these pirates were also bringing the hook jumping plate girder pieces on the broad side, going on board that starts to go all out. Undead Creature immediately on Haven Ship and Swordfish Ship takes certainly up weapon to counter-attack, the sound of shout is lingering on faintly at once. The Zhao Hai side to is nobody attacks, Xu Wanying and Junichi stand in Zhao Hai side then him, Laura they stand in Zhao Hai, they have not begun.

Zhao Hai is holding Little Jin, calm look at these pirates, they had seen on the television with former Zhao Hai these pirates are similar, each pirate looks like is very dirty, moreover their skins very rough, the beard drew the dregs, chaotic, the each and every one appearance was fierce, looked is not the good person. However Zhao Hai has not feared them, he presently the strengths of these pirates are not very strong, most is also about 5th level, to 6th level few, such strength, obviously was impossible to defeat them. In this time, peaceful sitting in Little Jin of Zhao Hai bosom, suddenly has been making, jumped from the Zhao Hai bosom, Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes said : Little Jin comes back.” He to does not fear Little Jin injured, Little Jin animal is quick, to arrive at him depending on these pirate also really very difficult wounds, but Little Jin too small, Zhao Hai feared that did not pay attention to Little Jin to fall to in the sea accidentally troubles. In this time, making all person dumbfounded matters of live, sees Little Jin to jump down from the Zhao Hai bosom, first was the scream of Zhi Zhi two, then his body looked like chops the air/Qi same to inflate, before long, Little Jin unexpectedly long surface about 20 meters in height huge golden orangutan. Then sees his big claw to extend, to these pirate stroke, so long as had been bumped into pirate all bone breaking muscle tearing by him, then Little Jin sets up the body, face upwarded to cry loud and long, that shouted jumped on Pirate Ship, grasped the Pirate Ship main mast, then shouted wildly, creak, unexpectedly that mast breaking, him has been then holding that with his body almost thick mast, brandishing on Pirate Ship, gave to break the two vice- masts on Pirate Ship first, the on the ship person was one. Had not run, almost by him sweeping. Finally Little Jin takes up is smashing the ship that unexpectedly that mast goes all out, that bark later by Little Jin from the middle pounding two halves. At this time Little Jin threw toward in the sea the in hand mast, jumped toward another on the ship, at this time Zhao Hai also responded, he yelled hastily said : Little Jin, came back, came back quickly.” Little Jin heard the Zhao Hai words obviously, he has gawked, but jumped returned to on Haven Ship, stood nearby Zhao Hai, like the child of complaining, was pointing at that several Pirate Ship, roared several. Zhao Hai quickly said: Was good, all right, don't worry, my immediately tidies up them, you cannot go, that several ships I also want.” The hand moves, massive Undead Creature gush out, before long that three ships submerging, the on the ship pirate was one had not run, was killed directly, was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, the fight such had finished. Little Jin sees this, this roar of excited two, then the body opened anxious shrink, turned into a small Houzi/Monkey appearance, jumped the Zhao Hai bosom. Zhao Hai look at sits in own bosom, is opening big eye look at own Little Jin, real don’t know must say that any was good, this time Little Jin looked like sprouts really very much, with just that huge fierce appearance, completely was two matters. Laura they dull look at Little Jin, they have not thought really that this normally looks like the kid who clever may receive ingeniously, gets angry, unexpectedly that fearful.