Chapter 381 Arrives in Port The although Little Jin violent anger made Zhao Hai one lose three mast battleships, but regarding Zhao Hai, this and no big deal, these thing was in any case white, what was most essential was he had understood finally the Little Jin strength, Zhao Hai also finally understand why these gorillas will listen to the Little Jin words now, he truly was in these gorillas strongest one. Zhao Hai holds Little Jin, suddenly is laughing said : great Little Jin, but will have remembered next time, should not be all right gets angry, was too scary.” Little Jin doubts look at Zhao Hai, Zhi Zhi called two, probably is asking Zhao Hai, why he cannot get angry, Zhao Hai look at his adorable appearance, laughs, he liked Little Jin such expression. Laura they also recover, the look at Little Jin appearance, cannot bear feel funny, now the Little Jin appearance makes people feel very good to smile, is opening an innocent big eye, with just that wild Vajra appearance complete is different. At this time that three ships already complete by Zhao Hai control, these three ships in one time became the Zhao Hai ship, Zhao Hai immediately made them solving on the ship pirate flag, then he took in these three ships Space. Now he has not wanted to know that he has these many ships, will otherwise bring to the attention of person with high aspirations, then regarding his later show very disadvantageous. Do not look at now Zhao Hai show smooth of , he with Calci Family cooperation also very good, that is because he does not have the strength to threaten Calci Family, if Calci Family present, he had the strength to threaten them, will they also cooperate with Zhao Hai like the present? Zhao Hai was skeptical. China has good that a few words said that the heart of injuring someone is impossible, against person's heart must have, especially when facing Great Clan like Calci Family, he has no alternative but to guard, otherwise regarding him is a disaster. Great Clan never believe that their sentiments, you must believe your benefit is the same with them, only then they will support you like this, otherwise, you cannot have any support, does not have the sentiment, only uses the benefit. Therefore now Zhao Hai will not show oneself all cards in a hand, if not does not want to make Smith they know that he has existence of Space, he does not use the fee such big strength, looked for small island to work as the base in the place of close deep sea, was directly good on release live Fire Fish.

However Zhao Hai such has not done, he must spend a matter, making others unable to find out his card in a hand, only by doing so, he can assure his security. Also was lucky that he has such done, will otherwise miss Little Jin, will miss Vajra Tree, then regarding him, lost is too big. The pirate event has subsided, Zhao Hai also turned into Advanced level Undead Creature these pirates, he also knew the long and short of the story of this matter. These pirates with being a pirate group, the name that this pirate rolls call the snakehead the pirate group, altogether is comprised of four barks, reason that this time they they will begin to Zhao Hai , because Zhao Hai they went to an ape island. Ape island there although in the eyes of navigation person, is the place that is not willing to go, but that also very much has to attract the gravitational force place, what these pirates presently Zhao Hai they go is the direction of ape island, moreover came out perfectly, naturally wants to have a look at them to obtain anything in ape island there. Must know on Continent, most valuable not necessarily is any treasure, the sometimes one type of very unusual Magic Beast imaginary son is also very valuable, for this is also the Worth to take danger. A most important point is, just as is such that Laura said that they settled on Haven Ship, five mast iron armor ships, this regarding a pirate influence, is really very important. However they have not thought that they these time annoyed Magic Beast unexpectedly, when especially that flash of Little Jin violent, these pirates know one ended, other people wanted to surrender, was only a pity that Zhao Hai has not given them this opportunity. Strikes to kill the pirate, then the navigation, this time they in have not met any attack, the common pirate sees three mast battleships, five mast Ironclad Battleship, have avoided by far, they will not take risk. Underwent the navigation of several days, Zhao Hai they finally returned to Sky Water City, arrived at Sky Water City, Zhao Hai immediately sent the letter to Smith and Marriott, making them take thing, in these thing, most precious naturally was Fire Fish and Milk Wine. Smith and Marriott already in waiting for this, their immediately have been sending for taking thing, in order to ensure Fire Fish is hot, they are used to draw in the Fire Fish car(riage) are the lukewarm water, and has designed the Magic furnace under the car(riage), to guarantee water temperature, this can guarantee that these Fire Fish did not freeze to death.

When Smith they embarked, sees in Fire Fish that these jump for joy, they probably saw piles of gold coins are the same, regarding the person on Continent, these Fire Fish is gold coins. Output of Fire Fish on Continent was not high, because suited the growth the place to be too few, moreover was also very high regarding the request of food, Smith their don’t know, Zhao Hai has eaten anything to these Fire Fish. After the on the ship goods unload, Zhao Hai their returned to City Lord Mansion, the Smith very warm hand received Zhao Hai, this Zhao Hai they go to sea, he has not sent, because is useless, sea surface is so big, but sea surface is even, if you send for with Zhao Hai, they far away presently, but has the vigilance, finally will only make both sides produce some not to be happy. Because this Smith has therefore not sent for tracking Zhao Hai, has given the Zhao Hai very sufficient freedom, this is also lets Zhao Hai with his relationship very good reason. This Zhao Hai has shipped in fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine and fifty thousand of tail Fire Fish, various vegetables hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), grain altogether fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg), some rations. These thing arrived at the harbor, entered the Calci Family storehouse directly, after Marriott them, must need any thing, takes to Calci Family Warehouse. What most important is, these thing that this Zhao Hai ships, others don’t know is anything, these thing unload a ship in Calci Family special pier, the average person do not say knows that they see have not seen. Wall that naturally, in this world has not ventilated, other people of influence know what quickly Zhao Hai ships was any thing, other thing said fortunately, but Fire Fish this thing really cancelled the person, immediately has brought to the attention of other big influences. Fire Fish this thing cancelled the person, entire Continent one year of output feared that did not have the hundred thousand tail, but this Zhao Hai one has shipped in the fifty thousand tail, this made entire Continent one cause a sensation. However they are causing a sensation have not moved, without their shares, Calci Family and Shelly Family already these Fire Fish swallowing. These Great Clan also want to look for Zhao Hai to have a look whether to be getting so far as Fire Fish, but they presently, Zhao Hai is very difficult to look, first Zhao Hai is life Sky Water City, here is the Calci Family domain, is Zhao Hai lives in City Lord Mansion, thinks that is looking for him is not that easy, the last point is, the number of times that Zhao Hai very low key, goes out is not many, is wanted to look for Zhao Hai by these people are not that spatial easy matter.

Is adding on these people to look for Zhao Hai, very careful, they cannot make Calci Family present, if makes Calci Family present, they with Zhao Hai Lian department, is visible does right with Calci Family on equal to, Calci Family will not let off their. These days the Calci Family crest of wave is very abundant, is mainly because they have coped with Grand Duke Layen, this made these ordinary people know fierce of Calci Family, then these Noble knew Calci Family another fierce place. Calci Family told their these propaganda methods, they have used, was very easy-to-use, although could not look most from the beginning had any difference, however they slowly present different place, before these average people talked about Radiant Church, thinks that they were the good people, any sunlight, charming, good person and so on words will use on their bodies, but now is different, now these average people are talking about Radiant Church, their expressions have had the change. These Noble very sensitive present this point, they such propaganda war is very presently effective, thinks of here, their immediately intensified the effort of propaganda war, has also set up the anti- Radiant Church guest in their schools, in entire Rosen Empire, has started a anti- Radiant Church tide at once. But at this time, Calci Family suddenly executed Dark Magician to treat an illness to the person, in the school has also set up Dark Magician history and other classes, let all student detailed understanding Dark Magician. However other Noble actually may not buy the Calci Family account, they not free propagandizes Dark Magician for Calci Family, but they have learned this method from Calci Family there, therefore their immediately started the propaganda, had the class in the school, but they must say is actually not Dark Magician, but is Magician of other departments, like Wind element, Fire element, Water element, Earth element, these Magician also has own Faith in any case, at this time happen to took to use, competes with Radiant Church. After Calci Family knows this situation, not only has not been angry, counter- very happy, these Noble such do, advanced the Radiant Church opposite these Magician, if Radiant Church started to oppose them, was and on entire Continent all Magician does right on equal to, this regarding Radiant Church, was a very enormous pressure. Actually these years, Radiant Church has created the pressure to these Magician, on these year of Continent sightest is Light Magician, after the child goes to school, Magic that most wants to study is Light Magic, but this Rosen Empire actually broke away from this convention, their school child, many starts wanted to study other Magic, this regarding Magician of other departments, was a good deed.