Chapter 382 five sub- strive for hegemony But Radiant Church regarding these motions of Rosen Empire, obvious some are underprepared, how their don’t know must deal with Rosen Empire the counterattack, these years being used to it of their running free with the current, has not really thought that Rosen Empire will give them to come this at this time. Most from the beginning they had not realized this has how fearfully, when they realize already late, moreover they not quite have been good with Rosen Empire relationship, therefore they were want to counter-attack also late. However Radiant Church has made some counter-attack, they in other Empire excluding Rosen Empire, have carried on the counter-attack with their control these duchies, naturally, they did not have the brain to counter-attack all Magician remnantly, they aim at Dark Magician. However their these time was doomed disappointedly, Calci Family has already thought Radiant Church will counter-attack, therefore they, when carried on the plan, was leaving the warning to Dark Magician Alliance, let all Dark Magician immediately shifts, because Radiant Church will possibly carry on surrounding and capturing of time frantic to Dark Magician. This Radiant Church although carried on to Dark Magician has surrounded and captured, but the result was not ideal, before had been found the trail by them, Dark Magician that but had not coped with, all ran now, when they want to cope, already late. Naturally, these matters did not have no relationship with Zhao Hai, this time he draws in thing to Sky Water City, the total value in two hundred thousand gold coins about, this digit was not small, must know the common five mast big ships, even if trades with Beastman, the final cargo does not arrive at this value. Now also nobody knows Zhao Hai these thing value these much money, but regarding these Great Noble also present a symptom, must know that did not say other thing, is only the fire Ding Mao in their opinion value of that fifty thousand tail in hundred thousand gold coins about, this regarding them absolutely was a violence. Naturally, Zhao Hai had sold to Calci Family and Shelly Family price does not have person of high skill such, but this does not interrupt these people's guesses, in their opinion, do not say hundred thousand gold coins, even if fifty thousand gold coins, absolutely is not a small number, must know that general Clan one year of income are most also about hundred thousand gold coins, this must say that is a Great Noble family, if small Noble, simply is impossible to have such income, but these Fire Fish almost equal to their Clan one year of income, they were not startled are strange. Not only these Great Noble are startled, the people in Calci Family somewhat are surprised, must know that management in Calci Family, is always very independent, looks like the Sky Water City here fresh matter, general is certainly decides by Smith, only if any important matter, will report in Clan to decide. But this Fire Fish matter, although said that Smith also reported in Clan, but Calci Family actually does not believe that one month of forty thousand strip Fire Fish, in their opinion this is almost impossible, on this Continent does not have that Hot Spring to raise these many Fire Fish, if not use Hot Spring, but raises these Fire Fish with the fire of artificial warming, that is more impossible, the cost was too high.

Must know that Fire Fish in ordinary Hot Spring, to become Li time is very long, minimum has the length three years to two days the true maturity, if no mature Fire Fish, the flavor can miss many. Because of this all sorts of reasons, the Fire Fish output not being able to come up continuously, now some suddenly people will therefore say that one month he can leave fifty thousand strip Fire Fish, this is really makes person difficult believe. However in any case this matter regarding them, does not have what fault, after Fire Fish must, pays money, but these install the Fire Fish equipment, can be used to install other fish, therefore they have not prevented. When Zhao Hai transported Sky Water City Fire Fish , the Calci Family person could not be sitting still, they really did not think understand, Zhao Hai these many Fire Fish that got so far as from there, this was too strange. Smith will certainly not ask that Zhao Hai this issue, he also knows that Zhao Hai is impossible to tell him, but in Clan has looked like him to exert pressure now, wants to make him draw out Zhao Hai in Fire Fish that there raises. In the procedure to Yu Clan clan, Smith is very dislike, he thought that the person in Clan such does, really does not have a point good faith, Zhao Hai to put it bluntly to work with them, but the cultivation of Fire Fish, that belongs to the business secret that Zhao Hai most keeps secret, in this case in Clan wants to ask that Zhao Hai this issue, isn't that equal to in the business secret of dig side? This is used to cope with the method of enemy, is not used to cope with the friend, therefore Smith very strong proposed going against in Clan. Calci Family and Zhao Hai of Smith in the time that contact is longest, his very clear, the Zhao Hai disposition is the disposition of that preferring death to humiliation, if wanted to wrap , but how compelled him to say him to raise Fire Fish, raised Fire Fish in there, will only compel the enemy him. Smith knows the Zhao Hai fierce place, if compelled their enemies Zhao Hai, that was not cracks a joke absolutely, Calci Family present strength, can't compare with Radiant Church, but Zhao Hai after offending Radiant Church, but can also free and unfettered such long time, this fully explain the Zhao Hai strength. Smith thought that person sometimes in Clan is shortsighted really very much, the person like Zhao Hai, is only suitable to include, and not suitable uses strongly, if gave to compel him really anxiously, good everyone/Great Clan possibly to pat two to disperse. This matter also makes Smith feel somewhat strangely, although before the person in Clan in having some superficialities, but they regarding Dark Magician are very tolerant, the Dark Magician benefit, the person in Clan will not invade generally, this time is What happened?

Zhao Hai is one in Dark Magician Alliance, although he now is not the elder and so on person, but he regarding the help of Dark Magician Alliance, in the alliance is also being able to stand in line number, if at this time, the person in Clan, if makes Zhao Hai say the Fire Fish matter, that consequence really inconceivable. Smith to has thought one type of is possible, this matter possibly is trick/hand and foot that his Fifth Brother moves, for gains more benefits. Calci Family also has other Great Clan issues, is the competition issue of position of Patriarch, currently speaking, Calci Family most has the qualifications to compete for the position of Clan, has four, Eldest Child Peter, Second Child Smith, Fourth Child Mike, fifth child Juwan. Eldest Child Peter is the first in-line successor in Clan, he continuously in Clan headquarters, in there helps the person in Clan process the business, is the important member in Dark Magician Alliance, can say that in Clan matter about Dark Magician Alliance, almost gave him to process. Second Child Smith, governs the Clan purse, Sky Water City, although has not been being Clan strives in the Clan headquarters, but he in Sky Water City here dry very splendid, Calci Family can the countless money, the status in Clan be very high. Third Child Dillat mister has the disability, moreover is a practice madman, although his strength is very strong, but he has not actually competed the qualifications of position of Patriarch, Great Clan Patriarch, looks whose strength is not stronger. Fourth Child Mike, is the diplomatic tube in Clan, almost in Clan treats with courtesy outward acts by him, these year of Calci Family can not antagonize people in Rosen Empire, has not made Radiant Church seize the opportunity enter, is his merit, he to Clan for offering is also very big, moreover he personal connection beside Clan also very broad. Fifth child Juwan, this is an attractive straw bag, the wisdom great ability is sparse, does the important matter to take care of oneself, sees the small advantage to forget the righteousness, but mouth will say, in Clan very favoring of his father, always wants to become Patriarch, in his with some villains of flattery, these people also becomes the strength that could not be estimated lightly. Smith knows that although said Peter they also in struggling the position of that Patriarch, but harms the matter in Clan, they will not do, they have handled many year of matters in Clan, the weight their distinguished clearly, they will not compel Zhao Hai, is competent this matter, only then fifth child. To Yu Laowu this person, Smith also has the headache extremely, this is typical playboys, if you relieved works as a playboy to be also good, is he is not quiet, day in day out always wants to strive for the power, wants to stir up trouble, then did not have that a few tricks, in the words is, does anything not to be good, eats any anything not to remain that group.

Smith also knows that this time matter is not the Old Wang issue, the person in Clan, was certainly jealous, one month of fifty thousand strip Fire Fish, after they process, profit minimum that can bring has about two hundred thousand, this is the net profit gorge, toward being short has calculated. One month of minimum two hundred thousand, one year is also more than 2 millions, so high profit, no matter who listened to be able the eye fire, these old person in Clan, by this profit to the fainted brains, were certainly incited by the fifth child, they will make this wrong decision. Not only Smith the decision in Clan going against, but also wrote a letter, extremely painful formidable, making the person in Clan should better not to attack the Zhao Hai full intent, otherwise is very likely loses all. However his not too feel relieved, his very clear, these old person in Clan very tenacious, moreover very arrogant, although these years they have been pressed by Radiant Church, but that bone the pride of established Noble has not actually obliterated, in their opinion, all people hear the Calci Family name, should yield and withdraw. To be honest, in the bone of Smith also has is the pride of established Noble, but he does not have these old person that types excessively arrogantly, his very clear, Great Clan wants to unfold, a just by established Noble reputation is insufficient, what most important is the strength, only then the strength can decide the Clan future. Wants to be competent, the just by established Noble status oppresses others is incorrect, must meet the alliance person, person who has the skill regarding these truly, wants alliance, but is not high with the status, has the person, itself arrogant, you use the status to press him, will only make him rebound, but Zhao Hai is such person.