Chapter 383 with the Houzi/Monkey study wine-making? Zhao Hai is knows actually these matters, although this several days has stayed in the maid servant institute has not exited, but in City Lord Mansion lived any matter, the purity that he knows, do not forget him to have monitor to exist. Zhao Hai these days very low key, but on Continent lived any matter, he knows, because on Continent lives any matter, Smith is impossible to be few was saying that Smith knew, will find the person to discuss, so long as he discussed in City Lord Mansion, no matter he hides in there, Zhao Hai can the earliest possible time know. Zhao Hai is very satisfied regarding the performance of Smith, but is not quite satisfied regarding the performance of Calci Family, he has not thought that Calci Family will look for his idea unexpectedly, this makes him feel very angry. However from Smith and Phill words, he also listened, this time matter possibly was some people in Calci Family annoys, was not in Calci Family the meanings of all people, this arriving let his feel relieved. He is very clear, Great Clan like Calci Family, must say that a power struggle does not have, that is impossible, but obviously, he fell into during this power struggle. This makes Zhao Hai not bear very much, he does not want to annoy these matters, but these matters looked for him finally, this made him not bear very much. However this several days Laura and Megan their relationship to are very good, in this several days their daily Sky Water City playing in all directions, but Zhao Hai in knowing outside person after looking for him, he was few City Lord Mansion. Laura their in the city walking in all directions not only also to play, they are looking at the Sky Water City situation, they are also looking simultaneously for the shop front. Zhao Hai wants to look for a shop front in Sky Water City, although said that this matter wanted with a Smith saying, Smith immediately to him to handle, but Zhao Hai hopes one came, after all he impossible forever dependence Smith, worked with them, but if cannot be at the same status, the cooperation will not establish. The premise of cooperation is the both sides equality, if both sides simply is not equal, that cannot call to cooperate, can only call to hire oneself. But now Zhao Hai lives in City Lord Mansion, was he has hired oneself to the feeling of person Calci Family, this let Zhao Hai some were at heart uncomfortable. Has to recognize, Zhao Hai be an arrogant person, more is the arrogant person more does not want to make people feel that he is depending upon others to live. Zhao Hai after knowing the long and short of the story of matter, Zhao Hai instead to is thinking must live outside looking for an apartment alone, because he lives in here, Calci Family is thinking that he receives their kindness. Is thinking these times, monitor the study room gate on Smith had been shoved open, Phill that coming, Smith sees Phill, immediately/on horseback said : Uncle Phill, what matter has?” Phill looked at Smith one, forced smile said : five Young Master came, in having two days, this time he feared that was the future is bad, I looked that should better say one this matter to Mr. Zhao Hai.” Smith one hear of Phill said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head, he has not thought Juwan at this time, it seems like he will come to Zhao Hai, although said that Smith does not fear Juwan, but if made Juwan offend Zhao Hai not to be good. Thought of here, Smith immediately/on horseback stands got up said : we to walk, sees Little Hai.” Said that leads Phill to walk in the direction of maid servant institute.

Zhao Hai looked at this situation, immediately has closed monitor, began to soak a pot sub personally, in hand was taking a book, pretended in the appearance that there read. Actually he in the attire, the book that he reads now is Battle Qi crosses the threshold not completely, now his Farm rose two ten 5th level, in having 5th level can rise to three Level 10, after rising to three Level 10, he can study Magic or Battle Qi, but Zhao Hai favors study Bull, because Space can put forth Magic of entire department, simply does not need him to study, but Bull he actually, should not study well. So long as has learned Battle Qi, he can be Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, this very heavy regarding him wants, therefore he wants now first understanding Battle Qi well. Just looked at less than one page, Smith came, he not polite, has not let the person circular, rushed directly, pushed the door to see that Zhao Hai was sitting in the house reads, he cannot help but laughed said : I to say Little Hai, you to were free and unfettered, a person hid in here drinks sub, read, was really comfortable.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : also becomes, what? Smith does Big Brother have the matter today?” Smith nodded, shows a faint smile said : you let alone, but also has the matter, Little Hai, I had a matter to tell you that in addition should not be angry.” Zhao Hai nodded, Smith then said : in Clan has, received inciting of my Fifth Brother, wish makes you say breeds the Fire Fish method, was given top by me, but this my Fifth Brother came personally, my Fifth Brother that person, conceited, sometimes I cannot suppress him, for did not make him dash you, Little Hai, can you exit to hide some time? Was Elder Brother I saves you.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really Smith will say, he turns the head look at Smith said : Smith Big Brother, what meaning are you? Later don't we cooperate? If after us, cooperates, what to do is your Fifth Brother disturbing? Can't I always hide?” Smith has smiled bitterly, shook the head said : not, this matter I will solve as soon as possible, but you must give me time to be good, what kind of? Was Elder Brother I asks you.” Zhao Hai look at Smith calm nod said : good, tomorrow my leave Sky Water City, but I hope that Smith Big Brother you can earlier solve this trouble, I you will leave behind Imaginary Beast Hawk to Smith Big Brother, your here matter has been solved, you can make that hawk deliver a letter to me, feel relieved, you, so long as gives the hawk the letter, he knows me in there.” Smith nodded, then forced smile said : Little Hai, this time is Elder Brother I am unfair to you, should not be offended.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, which family has some matters of difficult solution, feel relieved was good.” Smith nodded said : that to be good, a while makes people prepare to you money, you walk can this money Dai, the Shelly Family there money, I also be able to inform them to give you to prepare while convenient to come out.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, making them prepare, was right, you can tell them, if they have any strange animal or plants, can take that boycott money, I pay the high price.” Smith regarding the custom of Zhao Hai is to also know, therefore he has not been startled, but nodded said : well, feel relieved, I with them will say that Little Hai, you tidy up, I did not accompany you, in the evening drank one cup with me well, tomorrow I do not deliver you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use that politely, was right, Smith Big Brother, I want to buy a slave, best is the slave who meets the craftsmanship, expensive did not fear that you pay attention to me, if prepares now not well, waits for next time me to come the time, you give me to be also good, no matter meets any craftsmanship, so long as is I who meets the craftsmanship wants.”

Smith nodded said : well, feel relieved, wait for you will come next time time, I will prepare to you, how many do you want?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : the more better, except for meeting craftsmanship, being literate also wants, Battle Slave that but is not literate I do not want, so long as I meet the craftsmanship and is literate.” Why Smith although don’t know Zhao Hai must slave like this, but he had not asked that but nodded said : well, you will come next time time and ensure makes you see these slaves, feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, the Big Brother person goes busily, does not need to manage me.” Smith stood turn around to walk. The Zhao Hai look at Smith back, has smiled bitterly next step: Just stayed for two days, must walk, is good, happen to goes to ape island there, how wine-making well with Little Jin study study, day that has not thought really that one day will run unexpectedly with the Houzi/Monkey study wine-making, said that makes the person smile.” Smiling of self-ridicules, Zhao Hai the attention letter in the Battle Qi basic book, this Battle Qi basic book actually very simple, how must teach you to exercise the status, making your body be certain intensity, will produce is eternally grateful, but this being eternally grateful, was Battle Qi, was in the human body the one type of mysterious strength. The theory that this wants regarding Zhao Hai is not new and odd thing, in the martial arts of China, the description of has plenty about air/Qi aspect, Zhao Hai beforehand although is nerd, because likes reading the novel, therefore his also knight-errant dream, but also went to school several moves of martial arts in the television, but does not have Wise Master to direct, has not brought forth the positive result to come straight, finally also gave up. However the book about Martial arts aspect, he looked much has crossed the threshold also similarly with this Battle Qi, some aspects crossed the threshold this Battle Qi also want to be stronger. Martial arts of China, to strong and healthy body give priority to, ten points attention breath expiration and inspiration, but Battle Qi is more like External Art in Chinese martial arts, first by strong body give priority to, then in inside and outside, but in luck feeling, like this is not only strong, but also fighting strength is very strong. However, such practice method is also similarly easy to cause the internal injury, regarding Warrior, the internal injury is very difficult to govern, if your cultivation level cannot achieve a certain degree, to old time, the internal injury will do, therefore in the martial arts has the fist to fear little this. This to was makes Zhao Hai somewhat contradictory, his don’t know should study Battle Qi to be good, before should oneself, has not practiced the good martial arts to sort to practice. Unconscious is afternoon, Laura they also came back, Megan also with them, after maid servant institute, Megan also they chatted a while with Laura leave. Waits for Megan to walk, Laura their immediately to the Zhao Hai room. Zhao Hai look at them to come back, nodded to smile said : what kind of „? Plays happy?” Laura sits down, one cup has been possible Asian said : also to become to oneself but actually, actually does not have amusingly what, how Elder Brother Hai, isn't a person bored at home?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : immediately not to use a person at home, you tidy up, yesterday we returns to an ape island.” Laura stares, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai? Had an accident?”

Zhao Hai nodded, they said to Laura this several days Calci Family matter, Laura hear, deep voice said : „, leave also good, most at least we do not need to involve during the internal struggle of Calci Family, it seems like Smith Big Brother turns toward our.” Zhao Hai nodded said : he naturally toward our, will otherwise not say, if we remain, lived the conflict with Juwan, we have to stand in this, but he does not have such to do, this fully explained that his sincerity, I thought that we exit to hide also well, happen to can go to ape island there look well, best to make that type of liquor with Little Jin learn, this can also increase an income for us.” Was hugged by Meg in bosom Little Jin, hears Zhao Hai to mention him, look at Zhao Hai Zhi Zhi called several, but also a face proud appearance. Laura with a smile to Little Jin said : your proud what? On that thing that we ferment, the acid, some people like being strange, but I to very like Bread Tree, Elder Brother Hai, you said, in our Space was not planting Bamboo rice, how planted Bread Tree?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I also to have such idea, Bread Tree output probably compared with Bamboo rice also in big, but Bamboo rice also has the Bamboo rice advantage, we have no alternative but to plant, I look at this, making Cai'er leave a piece to come Bread Tree, do you look?” Meg nodded said : very well, the Bread Tree fruit can eat directly, the flavor is good, moreover a fruit almost sufficed Beastman to eat one, if we saved this type of fruit, to beginning of the spring time gave Wales Big Brother there, certainly very popular, was Little Jin?” Scream of Little Jin Zhi Zhi two, excited moved heedlessly in the Meg bosom, stirs up Laura their young ladies to smile tenderly, had Little Jin this pistachio nut, their laughter were also many. Zhao Hai nodded said : Meg the foot intent to is good, this Bread Fruit retention time should not be short, moreover we had also underestimated that liquor that Little Jin they make reason that type of liquor the acid , because after Little Jin they ferment, has saved too long time, otherwise the flavor of that liquor should be very good, haven't you drunk in that liquor to have a fragrant aura? Believes me, that liquor greatly will certainly sell on Continent in the future.” Reason that Zhao Hai is so confident , because on Earth, the sales volume of beer is very considerable, at that time no matter male was female, almost everybody can drink several cups, was considered as on is the world sales volume first wines, if has generated that liquor, in the future also greatly will certainly sell on Continent. But reason that Zhao Hai must plant Bamboo rice , because he wants to make the rice wine, is only making the rice wine, that will certainly be in fashion moves greatly, when the time comes their only depends on making wine, can gain full. Laura they, because does not like beer the flavor, how many when an ape island has not drunk, but drank one not to drink, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said now that their some have not believed, Laura does frown said : really? Is Elder Brother Hai so confident?” Zhao Hai nodded, Little Jin screamed in one side proud Zhi Zhi that brings in laughter one piece.