Chapter 384 I feared that you cannot withstand Zhao Hai sits on Haven Ship, they leave Sky Water City, entered the offshore now, here although or Rosen Empire sea region, but here has little been able to see the Rosen Empire warship. Rosen Empire on defense is not very strong, their battleships regarding sea surface more only protects the marine social order in offshore one generation, but Rosen Empire have the sea to grab the fleet, in other words, these people are the Rosen Empire country legitimate pirates. This sounds how absurdly, but is actually the fact, Rosen Empire has from really not doing unto other Royal sea grabs the team, but they little in the sea region activity of Rosen Empire, moreover Rosen Empire does not have recognize Imperial Family to the present this matter. Actually grabs group like Royal, on Continent is almost not public secret, almost all countries have this Royal to grab the group, the place that they move is different, is flaunting the banner is different, but generally speaking these people receive some control. However these grab the group almost not to have what good end, if they do is not good, their respective countries will tidy up them, if they do is good, that country that they plunder will tidy up them, like the grabbing group member, only then the control central is the true core, other people, almost all are mercenary. For example the Rosen Empire Royal sea grabs group, what they lead a group is the Rosen Empire Imperial Family person, but other people are almost mercenary that draws on, then turns into the pirate, these people in its country, their status should not be illegal, is the pirate, when they arrived at Rosen Empire, may obtain the asylum of Rosen Empire navy. Zhao Hai they in the offshore route, this although have not been separated from Rosen Empire sea region now, but control of Rosen Empire to here is lax. Must know that such route is these Merchant most likes, although said that is depending toward the Rosen Empire coastline, they safety, but similarly, that also needs to pay taxes, but will walk such route, although will probably run into the pirate, but that also will be only possible, if not run into the pirate, they can also not need to pay taxes, the tax of seaborne commerce will be very high. Zhao Hai to does not care, now his on the ship is drawing the Calci Family badge, had this badge, he can be exempted from tax in Rosen Empire sea region, this is the privilege. Has such privilege, Zhao Hai naturally must use, does not need not to use in vain, he does not think that his money gives Rosen Empire, has become part of their tax revenue. Now Zhao Hai is sitting in the deck of ship, the scenery on look at sea surface, several small island on sea surface leisurely and carefree has flown, this scenery is very tranquil, is very composed. Zhao Hai likes the tranquility of ocean, he thought that ocean looks like a person, his sometimes is happy, sometimes is sad, although each aspect is very charming, but Zhao Hai actually believes that he is tranquil time is most beautiful, looks like a beautiful woman of falling asleep.

In this time, the spatial however distant place is having several ships to depend toward their here, Zhao Hai looked that the appearance of that several ship cannot help but stares, because that is not the ordinary ship, but is the Rosen Empire warship, is led by three five mast iron armor ships, behind with seven three mast warships, altogether ten, is also depending toward their here. Zhao Hai stares slightly, these battleship normally appears in here, their appears in here, that will not have a reason now, came to them. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, opened the monitor picture, now that ten ships were not far from them, he should be able to see the opposite party. Zhao Hai knows that the whole show of opposite party certainly is centralized on that three Ironclad Battleship, therefore he has aimed at that three Ironclad Battleship the vision, slowly is finding the suspect. Laura they stand in Zhao Hai side, naturally also knows that lived any matter, they also look at on monitor, want to take a look are who block them, must know their present on the ship hang the Calci Family badge, the average person is not daring easily comes them. The eye of suddenly Zhao Hai shrinks, because he saw a person, a young person, the age of this person seems like less than 30 years old, an appropriate Noble clothing/taking, puts in his body appears magnificent and noble, his long very charming, in hand is taking white Magic Staff, but this made him get up many a charm. Naturally, Zhao Hai noted him, did not mean that he has how splendidly, man who conversely, Zhao Hai does not like this type, looks like a little installs egg that type. However Zhao Hai surprised is not this, but is the appearance of this person, this person looks like very Smith, is only younger than Smith, is more charming. Saw that this person Zhao Hai slightly stares, then his immediately has thought his Fifth Brother who a person, Juwan, Smith said that this person certainly is Juwan. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but frowned, his understand why Juwan did not meet appears at this time, moreover happen to blocked him, did not say that his tomorrow will arrive at Sky Water City? Moreover from Law River, how can suddenly appears on the sea? Is thinking in him these matters time, that ten ships have surrounded them, that ship that Juwan rides by in Zhao Hai by their ship, then the pieces springboard has put in the decks of two ships, Juwan walked from that on the ship. Zhao Hai has not prevented these, he knows that now prevented not to use, Juwan came in any case, he must face him, he to wants to have a look, this Juwan wanted what kind, wanted to come hardly with him, wanted to threaten him.

At this time Juwan had also arrived on Haven Ship, he has swept Zhao Hai with the eye first their eyes, that look seemed like looking at the beggar of street. However when he sees Laura with Meg they, radiance in his eye to is flashes, this made the face of Zhao Hai one sink, he did not like this person, even if were this person is the Calci Family person, even if this person were the Smith brothers is also same, he did not like this person. However Zhao Hai has not made noise, he is only look at Juwan, Juwan also look at Zhao Hai, he first opens the mouth and other Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not actually opened the mouth, this looks like a silent contest. The Zhao Hai look at Juwan appearance, suddenly often smiles, waving of gently, these Undead Creature immediately have moved in the chair and tea table to Zhao Hai, take may sub. Zhao Hai waved, Laura they also know that now the meaning of Zhao Hai, immediately sat on the chair, has carried sub, all people regarded the air Juwan. Juwan first is dumbfounded look at all these, is the boundless anger, he cannot think that Zhao Hai will do unexpectedly, his face turned into cyan instantaneously. When he sees Zhao Hai to take apple, when is teasing his arms small Houzi/Monkey, he could not be bearing, he roars said : Zhao Hai, do you stand to me? Who your don’t know am I? Do you dare like this to me?” Zhao Hai look at does Juwan, whose show a faint smile said : „you are your don’t know? Also can ask me? Really laughable, can I to you? This ship is my, is my private property, do you passive run up to my on the ship to do for no reason? Also waits for me to ask us to eat meal?” Juwan is pointing at Zhao Hai, has been mad unable to speak, at this time followed a person side Juwan, actually roared, threw toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai already noted these people, person who side Juwan made the Warrior appearance much, the strengths of these people were not too strong, belonged to dog foot sub- character of that standard. That person throws toward Zhao Hai, obviously wants to a Zhao Hai ugliness, to be Juwan recovers the gathering place, but is Zhao Hai looks down upon him, his 5th level Warrior strength, in this on the ship, shouted Undead Creature to be able casually instant kill him, such person, had any qualifications to be ugly to him. Zhao Hai simply has not moved including the eyelid, sits moves in nearby Junichi personal appearance, on appears in that person of side, simultaneously his Rapier has gone against on that person of neck, in he must downward puncture, Zhao Hai calm said : good Junichi, I do not want to see the blood.” Junichi complied with one, Rapier although had not punctured, but has not received, he was only coldly look at that Warrior, that Warrior actually does not dare to move a finger now, he looked from the Junichi look, if he dares to move heedlessly, Junichi will pierce his throat without hesitation.

The on the ship person was also shocked, Juwan has not thought that Zhao Hai dares to begin unexpectedly , these Warrior tumults of his side, protected Juwan in the middle. Zhao Hai has also stood, did he look at Juwan said : you to be Juwan? Does not use that anxiously, looks in the Smith share, I will not kill you, are you do do? Said?” Juwan look at Zhao Hai, then waved, that Warrior slowly drew back returned to his side, although that Warrior has not succeeded, but Juwan has actually remembered him, no matter what, he was the person of first rushing. Juwan look at Zhao Hai, on the face calm, minimum superficially is this, his deep voice said : why do I come you to be able don’t know?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to speak the truth, I also really am know, but I want to know, if I do not promise you, you will cope with me? Let these battleships come attack I?” Juwan coldly snorted said : possible, but I urged your thinking well, if you have rejected me, our Clan will see you? I will make the person in Clan in not shelter you.” Zhao Hai look at Juwan, shows a faint smile said : that to be also good, but you consequence that if also wants this matter to cause, you have thought consequence that this matter causes?” Juwan coldly look at Zhao Hai said : does not need to frighten me with these thing, depends on you, you cannot turn any storm to come, nobody for you over.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be possible not necessarily, moreover I am not a soft persimmon, how you want to pinch how pinch, to be honest, I meet rebel, moreover is most intense rebel, I feared when the time comes you cannot withstand.”