Chapter 385 ship I accepted Juwan simply does not believe that the Zhao Hai words, in his opinion, Zhao Hai was one offended Radiant Church, falls Dark Magician that compelled, leave their family, his simply did not have the means to go on living, therefore he did not fear that threat of Zhao Hai, instead to was coldly smiles said : not to frighten me, said that these boasts useless, you were seek the asylum of our family, but your actually price does not want to pay, instead to makes the money of our family also going all out, didn't you think ignominious?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really Juwan meets unexpectedly thinks, but he has not cared, is only look at Juwan said : not, what has to be quite ignominious, if I am not Dark Magician, I do business in Sky Water City, settle down, won't you shelter me? said it, I come in the Sky Water City process, does your family have to send for protecting me? I in Sky Water City, there are to you protect? I do not want to live in City Lord Mansion, Smith being probable makes the person live in there, that is not I wants, does what? ask me to do accounts with this? You cannot look probably.” Juwan going against unable to speak by Zhao Hai, truly like Zhao Hai said that if he were not Magician, he did business in Sky Water City, that Calci Family must shelter him, reason that this is Sky Water City there such prosperous reason, if Sky Water City there such did not do, will not achieve today's degree. Juwan some little time has not said the words, because his really don’t know must say anything, in looking at a Zhao Hai face ease appearance, cannot help but gets angry from the heart, the wicked looks like balls lives, said loudly: You said that you do hand over do not hand over? If you do not hand over, that do not blame my impolite.” Zhao Hai interesting look at Juwan, said : you to my impolite? Now can come attack I? Do you have such strength?” Juwan looks at the Zhao Hai look, cannot help but heart one cool, he then thinks that he just had pulled rank, ran up to Zhao Hai on the ship unexpectedly, if Zhao Hai wants to cope with him, but also is really very easy, he heard, the Zhao Hai strength is not probably weak. However at this time Juwan saw he behind is standing a person time, his heart slowly has put, this person supports is actually treated by him sees, he is in Clan sends to his Butler, day in day out always tells him, this is undoable, that is undoable, however his strength is actually very strong, 7th level Dark Magician. Juwan sees him, this feel relieved, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : to have the skill you to cope with me, how do I to have a look at you to cope with me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to know.” Said that his hand wields, blotting out the sky Undead Creature directly that ten on the ship person submerging, all people have not thought, Zhao Hai must cope unexpectedly is not Juwan, but is these on the ship people, before long, these on the ship not living person.

Zhao Hai meets to begin to wield, ten groups of black gas that ten ships surrounding, after black gas vanishes, that ten on the ship person turned into Undead Creature. Zhao Hai then turned the head look at dumbfounded Juwan said : these ten ships I to accept, a while I will prepare boat to you, your people were not in any case many, had no need for huge ship, nearby this will have the ship to pass by frequently, I think that you can travel by boat quickly returned to Sky Water City.” Said that he waved, that ten ships that Juwan brings have driven unexpectedly away, but person these Undead Creature that sets sail. Juwan they dumbfounded look at all these, they really have not thought that Zhao Hai such will do unexpectedly, this stemmed from their anticipation. But has stood in Manager that Juwan behind that Calci Family sends, was sighing at heart, Zhao Hai this was too attractive, has hit the face of Juwan, actually gave Calci Family to save face, moreover by the Zhao Hai strength, their simply does not have the rebel ability now. That Manager looked, that ten on the ship person who they bring, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature, one several thousand turned into Advanced level Undead Creature on, this is not a matter of matter, even if cannot achieve by his strength, shortens one's lifespan too, but Zhao Hai has actually achieved, this let him cannot help but to Zhao Hai some new understanding, simultaneously he also noted, Zhao Hai now in on the ship, all was some Undead Creature in starting, in other words, his in hand Advanced level Undead Creature, absolutely saw them were more. Saw that ten ships have driven away, Juwan was scared, then he has gotten angry, his complexion pale look at Zhao Hai, shouted wildly said : to kill him, has killed him to me.” He just said that felt pair of powerful hand capture he, Juwan turned the head to look, in Clan to that Manager that he sends, that Manager calm look at his said : Young Master, no joking, let's go.” Then he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, please prepare the ship to us, and prepares enough fresh water and food.” Zhao Hai look at this Manager, shows a faint smile said : well, invited feel relieved, I simultaneously will send the letter to Smith Big Brother, they will send for meeting you in the shortest time, what I want to say that mister, this time matter no wonder I, how Calci Family handled me, I then, but I want to ask you to pass on to the Calci Family person, does good that the matter must think, for the benefit of eye, do not hoodwink own mind.” Said that he waved, these Undead Creature immediately start to give Juwan them to prepare thing.

This enters Zhao Hai to be also long, when has eaten delicacies, Blood Hawk fell from Space, Zhao Hai has put out low, has written several characters, has given Blood Hawk, released for flight Blood Hawk. All that he makes have not avoided Juwan they, after he completes these, he turned the head look at Juwan said : to be good, Juwan, you can walk, the on the ship fresh water and food sufficed your seven days to use, I gave back to you to prepare some liquor, this escaping ship although was not big, but sat down you to be also enough, what most important was, he was not a sailing ship, they may the water-drop design strength delimit, so long as did not leave the meaning, three days, the Smith Big Brother ship, you will not have any danger, please.” Juwan also wants to say anything, but actually by his Manager drawing in the skiff, he knows that in here to Zhao Hai said anything is useless, the situation compared with person, they estimated the Zhao Hai strength. Entered this Manager also to think, he must in Clan to adjust to treat the Zhao Hai strategy, Zhao Hai was the person who cannot annoy, his strength was too big. Now that Manager has thought that just Zhao Hai sent these people of these on the ship on the ship to Undead Creature that carry on to slaughter, is Advanced level Undead Creature, that is tens of thousands, what tens of thousands Advanced level can Undead Creature do? Several equal to is fighting strength of normal three regiment, three regiments that person control fierce is not fearing? Like this person is everyone can annoy? This Manager actually, not only Manager, they also play doing of surveillance to use, Calci Family only gave several successors in Clan to send Manager, these Manager is also evaluating the surveillance and to several successors, their appraisals regarding several successors whether can mount that imperial throne, will play very essential doing to use. Naturally these matter Shi Misi their several are don’t know, they only think that in Clan is to care about them, has delivered several competent Manager to them. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, he must through this matter to a Calci Family warning, not think that I fear you, how simultaneously he also wants to have a look at Calci Family to handle this matter, good that if they process, that all said that if they processed was not good, that Zhao Hai wanted to think that other means that Calci Family was not worth him cooperating. look at turned into black spots Juwan slowly they, Laura worry some said : Elder Brother Hai, our really? Smith Big Brother can there on the face not be unattractive?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to be worried that I have given Blood Hawk Staff, this several days several Blood Hawk continuously in their above surveillance, so long as their there had the condition, we can the earliest possible time rush, no matter what, he is Smith Big Brother own Younger Brother, we cannot make him have an accident, but this matter must to him a lesson, otherwise we not have the too high status in Calci Family, they will only regard servant same directing us, I do not think such.” Laura nodded, sighs said : not to think really that Calci Family will really have a such person to exist, this surprised people, hoping Smith Big Brother to be able quick point solution this matter.” Zhao Hai smiles said : he is slow solution also it doesn't matter, we can keep some time on the island, many with the Little Jin study study wine-making.” Little Jin also called in one side excited Zhi Zhi, Zhao Hai they cannot help but laugh. But at this time on that lifeboat, Juwan angry-looking look at that Manager said : Zach, you were actually doing? Why do we want to listen his? Why don't you cope with him? In Clan did not say that you are very strong? I think you am a waste!” Zach look at Juwan, calm said : Young Master, we were impossible to defeat Zhao Hai, didn't you just have presently? His minimum release tens of thousands Advanced level Undead Creature, tens of thousands! In that case, if we fight him , can only court death, even if will be he will not kill us, will get up also very easily our control, therefore I will not have rebel.” Juwan although very angry, but he after is not a fool, a recollection then situation, thinks Undead Creature that Zhao Hai in hand that blots out the sky, he also cannot help but feels the heart startled, he also knows what Zach said is right, but he felt that cannot swallow this tone, from infancy to maturity, who dares like this to him, Zhao Hai is first. Juwan clenched teeth, air/Qi sat, simultaneously he at heart secret oath, when his returned to in Clan, he with his father will certainly say that this matter, he must give Zhao Hai to be attractive, by the report now is the shame.