Chapter 386 is not possible, is certain Smith is writing the letter in own study room to own Big Brother, he must Zhao Hai situation detailed told him Big Brother they, they must use strength principle, changed in Clan the manner to Zhao Hai. Smith very clear, regarding their Clan, Zhao Hai is most important, other what thing secondary, how many incomes can Fire Fish bring to Clan? That some money and Zhao Hai compare, anything is not, if can receive in exchange for the loyalty of Zhao Hai with Sky Water City all income now, Smith without hesitation such does, but is very obvious, that is impossible. Smith very clear, to waiting on Zhao Hai such person, you light spend money not to have the means to move his, Zhao Hai likes money evidently very much, however his each one cent is gains, even if takes by force Grand Duke Layen that time, that also takes by force by his skill. Smith knows the Zhao Hai heavy sentiment, therefore he Ryan attendance good of , although the Ryan family member has not sent for meeting her these days now, but she now in Sky Water City is very safe, she can window-shopping in all directions, be able to buy thing, but not , and worry has any danger. although said that Zhao Hai little sees Ryan, but Smith Ryan attendance good of , he wants in this way, to let Zhao Hai know that they have been helping him silently, such Zhao Hai will have at heart gratitude of one to Calci Family, in the future will handle any matter, will be Calci Family will consider. However Smith all these good painstakingly attentive, in this motion by Clan completely was destroyed, Smith very clear, if this matter processing is not good, Zhao Hai will be will not be working with them with the fear, such their losses were too big. Smith does not believe that Zhao Hai has feared Radiant Church, depends on him the manner to Radiant Church, will he fear Radiant Church? Also, he is on Prairie Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, but the hand of Radiant Church almost does not have the means to extend Beastman Prairie, even if their Clan no matter Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai definitely has also been able to hide toward Prairie on, by that time Radiant Church also takes Zhao Hai not to have the means. In this time, suddenly Phill was walking, can in not pass through the notification to enter the Smith study room person, only then Phill, Smith looked at Phill to come, in hand was also taking a paper, cannot help but curious said : Uncle Phill, What happened? The Phill calm face has given Smith that paper, Smith looked that Phill complexion knows certainly has had an accident, his immediately/on horseback received the paper, looks at the content on letter, complexion also becomes very difficult looks. Bang! A Smith palm of the hand clapped on the in hand letter the table, then has stood, how many transfers in the room has encircled said : too not to make sense, too does not make sense, can he such do? Doesn't this go bad my matter?” The meaning of Phill understand Smith, Smith is not being mad Zhao Hai, he is being mad Juwan, Juwan such does, almost Zhao Hai advancing their opposite, Zhao Hai was luckily fierce, has taught Juwan, otherwise the trouble of Calci Family was big. Treats the Phill way regarding Zhao Hai, Smith not only has not been angry, conversely, he to felt that venting spleen, these year of Juwan have annoyed many matters, they because of father's face, has not said anything, who knew now Juwan was more and more excessive, should give him to select to teach. Phill deep voice said : I have arranged the person to meet five Young Master, Young Master, your here is prepared, must as soon as possible has solved this matter, otherwise waits for five Young Master to come back, may create side issues.” Smith nodded said : is not possible, is certain, this Little Hai has given him a lesson, I think after his returned to Clan, certainly will incite Clan to cope with Little Hai, this matter cannot live in any event, otherwise regarding Calci Family on a quantity disaster, I always felt that Little Hai has plenty secret, he displays before us, but is his secret part, to such person, we cannot advance the enemy that to go him.”

Phill also approves the viewpoint of Smith, the contact of these days and Zhao Hai, let Phill to Zhao Hai also some certain understanding, looks like such that Smith said that Zhao Hai secret was really too many, before has not known Zhao Hai card in a hand, they got angry with Zhao Hai, obviously this was unwise. Phill nodded said : we also in the several days time, but I somewhat am worried about five Young Master securities now, now five Young Master by Zhao Hai throwing the sea, really disadvantageously what to do if some people can them be possible? Do not forget, our enemies may be many.” Smith shook the head, smiles said : not to need to be worried that Little Hai that person you hasn't looked? Works to be watertight, now he also does not have to want with us to have a falling out, therefore he will certainly send for protecting the Juwan security, feel relieved was good.” Phill nodded, Smith sighed said : Uncle Phill, arranges, met safely him, thing that this did not make every effort to succeed.” Zhao Hai is actually sitting on Haven Ship now, is paying attention to the Juwan there situation, he cannot certainly make Juwan have an accident, not in the words he really does not have the means with Smith explain/transfer , is really unable to cooperate with Calci Family. Therefore the Juwan security must manage, he also wants from this matter, to have a look at the Calci Family manner, but he also is really not extremely worried, there no matter what is also Sky Water City sea region, Calci Family control ability is very strong. Really, his letter three days later, the Calci Family battleship came they to pick Juwan, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, now they soon arrived in an ape island. Zhao Hai this returned to Sky Water City has not gone to see Ryan, he knows that Ryan does not want to see him, he also made Laura they inquire Ryan situation, Ryan now was very joyful, Zhao Hai has not gone to disturb him. Naturally, regarding the matter that Smith handled, he was knows that to be honest, he regarding these matters that Smith handled, was very affected, this showed that Smith has placed him really at heart. This Zhao Hai also obtained ten battleships, is adding on original three that obtains, Swordfish Ship, Haven Ship, his in hand battleship quantity had 15. 15 battleships have not calculated little, general Great Clan not necessarily so many battleships, although these battleship transporting freight ability can't compare with freighters, but regarding Zhao Hai, these battleships is actually very useful. Also in five days time, they arrived in an ape island finally, actually they can come is quicker, but Zhao Hai does not want to be doubtable, therefore they according to normal ape island. How this Zhao Hai comes ape island here primarily is studies Little Jin they to brew alcohol, for this motion, he specifically called in several Beastman an ape island, because these Beastman also met a wine-making, the association understood many compared with him. Ape island here such, Zhao Hai they gets down after on the ship, Little Jin these clansman were waiting for them, Zhao Hai they not polite, sits in their carrying on the back, to their Lair. These first time with Beastman of Zhao Hai to this island, dull look at that big tree, they really does not dare to imagine, in the world will really have such big trees.

Afterward Zhao Hai also made them look at these mysterious Bread Fruit, now in Space has been planting Bread Fruit, but has not received. Stayed a while in the Little Jin nest, Zhao Hai they were taking several Bread Fruit, but also has installed some beer, returned to Iron Mountain Fort there. Time that this time they come out is not short, but Iron Mountain Fort there to all normal, nothing lives, but Blockhead and Stone in recent time has closed up, the practice that starts to go all out, strives for the heart quickly breaks through own bottleneck. To be honest, Blockhead Stone aptitude is not very good, but they are willing to try hard, this point is very rare, Zhao Hai also very much likes their this point. Iron Mountain Fort here people everyday is very busy, they to cross very fulfilling, they before were only the slaves, now can on such life, really like Heaven. When Zhao Hai and Laura they arrived at the Iron Mountain Fort living room, Green they in there , etc. they, looked at Zhao Hai to come, Green smiles said : what? to play doesn't want to go home?” Zhao Hai smiles said : also really a little, Sky Water City there also is really very good, moreover I have set the a batch slave, I want after a period of time, our here to increase the add people mouth, right Grandpa Green, gives you anticipation good thing.” Said that has put out Bread Fruit, one bottle of beer. Green they curious look at that Bread Fruit, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, opened Bread Fruit, saw that Bread Fruit one was opened, the appearance that immediately inflated, Green they were startled, then they tasted Bread Fruit, threatened this straight not meaning, this thing was also too mysterious. Then Zhao Hai makes them taste beer, before this, his although transferred the people of several wine-makings, what liquor but Green they and don’t know Zhao Hai must make, now looks at Zhao Hai to bring back the sample, they also feel very curious, tastes. However this tastes them somewhat to be disappointed, truly is this, issue that because the present beer preserves, therefore drinks the acid, is not tasty, why their understand Zhao Hai do not ferment this thing. Green puts down wine glass, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can we ferment this thing really? To be honest, this thing is not tasty.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the present is not tasty, that is because Little Jin they will not take care, if we ferment, the flavor is definitely different, feel relieved, moreover after I prepare, I in here, started massive planter Bread Tree, this thing was higher than the Bamboo rice output, did you look?” Green nodded said : this thing to be truly good, this almost can change on Continent the food habit of people, can plant, but Young Master, this thing most from the beginning appears on island, there climate with our here but is different, I look, or this, we plant experimentally first, if, we many, if not good, forget about it, you do look?” Zhao Hai thinks, nodded, he any thing in Space, has almost forgotten also to have the climate to affect such a saying, seems like same on Earth, some southern tropics fruits, in the north are how regardless of unable to plant, this is the influence of climate.

However Zhao Hai under has decided the decision, must Bread Tree in Space, this thing output be too high, depending on that Space makes decides, first quarter Bread Tree, almost the equivalent to three season Bamboo rice output, this was too astonishing. This Bread Tree type comes out, he can buy him for Beastman, believes that Beastman very much will also like, this thing carries the convenience, moreover opens can eat, the retention time is long, regarding Beastman, the simplicity is the grain that they most want to obtain. Merine actually happy said : „, if really the type becomes this thing on fantastic, later our these prepare food was convenient, Young Master, I look to be able massive the planters in Space, then attains Continent to sell, you just mentioned Bread Fruit, only thinks that he is the one type of grain, can sell to Beastman, how not to have thought that Human Race also needs the grain, moreover this type does not need to do, grain that can eat directly, puts there is very popular.” Zhao Hai stares, then patted head said : also is really, I have forgotten this point unexpectedly, was right, Merine Grandma, your a while took to roast these Bread Fruit, will have a look to roast the later flavor to be what kind.” Merine nodded said : well, I one will try.” Green look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, now is the winter, your there also nothing, you looked whether to mine some stone material on the surrounding mountain, you do not want to destroy plants on mountain, that can also mine on some islands of overseas, then transported returned to here, otherwise, if waits till next year beginning of the spring in the lane, feared that was for a long time, did you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this arrives is good means that looks in the overseas does not have small island of any value, then picks Stone on the island, such future will not need to destroy Black Wasteland here has planted crops, this will arrive is good means.” Green looks at Zhao Hai to agree that said : „the Sky Water City there situation is then what kind of?” Zhao Hai they said to Green the Sky Water City there situation, he does not want to hide the truth from them, these time with the Calci Family matter, has the dual character, on the one hand is good, on the other hand is bad, good is, they can then cooperate with Calci Family, such words they did not need to be worried about anything, if were bad, that they on one time prepared the escape route , must to stand firm on Continent in one time want the means that therefore Zhao Hai hopes that Green they must have a preparation the line. After listening to the Zhao Hai words, Kun sighed said : „, no matter to there, the struggle forever was exists, this Little Hai did was very good, we should Jeancard Clan know our fierce, otherwise, we impossible with their equal dialogs.”