Chapter 387 Level Up The matter after Green they have said that Zhao Hai on complete feel relieved, he has also believed that Green they will have some preparations, actually these time does not have what good preparation, mainly looks at the Calci Family manner, so long as Calci Family took a stand, no matter is good or bad, Zhao Hai must then. Zhao Hai they returned to an ape island, these time they came including Green now, they first time see such island, this island is very good, if they build the base on the island are really fantastic. However Zhao Hai actually does not prepare to destroy any thing on island, this island is Little Jin their domains, they lived for generations in here, if they destroyed this island, Little Jin they possibly will not be familiar with. How they must learn Little Jin on this island they ferment the beer first, then after waiting for their returned to Iron Mountain Fort, was experimenting, believes the near future, they can drink the delicacy beer. But Zhao Hai also any, asks some nobody to pay attention, small island of multi- stone, they must mine Stone on island, is tomorrow beginning of the spring constructs housing to prepare. Zhao Hai also present, present Little Jin is really very intelligent, no matter he said anything, Little Jin can immediately understand, this regarding Zhao Hai, really be fantastic, he can save many matters. The liquor that actually Little Jin they make is also only a very simple process, under their color mature Bread Fruit, then puts in them Tree Hole, then in sails upstream toward but in actually, after some time yeast, slowly appears this thing like beer. Naturally, these several points must also pay attention \; first, to pay attention to seal, two must pay attention, if certainly mature Bread Fruit, third is these Bread Fruit must link shell together to put inside. This did not mean that in the process of manufacture beer, only will use the shell of Bread Fruit, conversely, the Bread Fruit meat is main thing, however in this process, the shell of Bread Fruit also will play very important doing to use, only then makes automatic early morning blast out in the water, can make the beer the flavor, otherwise you obtain can only be one barrel is being long the green fur sewage. Why Zhao Hai don’t know can appears such situation, but he also can only now with this method, but he to is hopes that these Beastman wine-making masters can improve this technology, making the beer delicacy. These Beastman wine-making masters now very relaxed, their everyday main duty ferments Milk Wine, they do not need to herd, but they have enough grain to eat, having the wages can take, Milk Wine can drink, all appear that wonderful.

Actually Beastman also likes peacefully, they also like the peaceful life, however in Beastman Prairie there, they to survive, they have to migrate in all directions, now was good, they can stay in a place, life that can on want, their children can be educated, they did not use in have worried for the grain, what most important was, they had enough vegetables to eat. Before the race like Giant-horn Ox Clan, their one year was impossible to eat the several times vegetables, the price of vegetables was too expensive, but now is different, in Iron Mountain Fort here, the vegetables was very cheap, they want to eat many to have many, in adding on the Blue Eye Rabbit meat, they do not lack the meat to eat now, regarding them, such life was really too wonderful. Because of this, these Beastman feels grateful regarding Zhao Hai, Beastman regarding very simple, you are good to him, he thanks you, can pay all for you, otherwise you are their enemies, simplest philosophy. Therefore this Zhao Hai lets these Beastman come with these Houzi/Monkey study wine-makings the time, they do not have a point opinion, conversely, their very careful, feared that knocked pounds. However is quick they presently own worry to be unnecessary, because of this type of liquor fermenting process very simple, not only they can quick learn, some Human Race also be able quickly on learn. Zhao Hai regarding this situation also in expected, to be honest, he has not thought of the fermenting of this type of beer simply unexpectedly so. learn after an ape island the wine-making, Zhao Hai delivered returned to Iron Mountain Fort there Green and these Beastman, he made them try the fermenting beer, enabled them to try to make other liquor, for example brewed alcohol with the grain. Naturally, these Zhao Hai have given Green them to go to the tube, he sits in on the ship leave now an ape island, he must look for small island that some can use, mines Stone above. Actually the Zhao Hai this several days time has been waiting for Smith to give him to receive a letter, how was good to tell him the matter to be solved finally, what made his disappointed was, he cannot wait till that letter. However Zhao Hai has not worried, he knows, after Juwan returned to Clan, certainly will find the way to cope with him, but at this matter, Smith can do are not many. After leave ape island, Zhao Hai they in approaching deep sea position careful advancing, small island of overseas has numerous number, some can use, above has the fresh water, can be the supply point, there already has decided as own making up base by some pirates or some Great Clan, but these will not have the island of fresh water, simply nobody to look at one.

However thing on these small island regarding Zhao Hai are actually very useful, if in the island has value, Zhao Hai collects these plants, if can let Space Level Up that is best, but if cannot let Space Level Up, can keep to use. If there is Magic Beast is also same, if anything does not have, they can be used to mine Stone, in any case Zhao Hai now on you are a person of poor not having a thing in the world, thing that so long as a little uses, he does not hate to discard. Moreover this Zhao Hai comes out, a matter must manage, a very important matter, sea water massive introductions in Space. Zhao Hai already wants such to do actually, but previous time they walk is too anxious, he does not have such to do, this Zhao Hai wants such to do. leave ape island three days later, Zhao Hai they cannot find small island, Zhao Hai observed all around situation, he thought that he can move. Thinks of here, his immediately/on horseback made Jinan stop the ship, fell the anchor, then he opened Space rift, started the sea water massive introductions in Space. Saw that these sea water entered Space, Zhao Hai suddenly had some tight, reason that he now finally understand, in the past he has not introduced Space the sea water , is not only too anxious, these that because walked gave a pretext, he some were worried actually that he feared the introduction sea water failure, Space cannot Level Up, that disappoint him. Because sea water current enters Space are too many, on sea surface appears a whirlpool, Zhao Hai actually had feared unexpectedly the sea water enters insufficient of Space, therefore has not stopped, had crossed for about a half hour, Zhao Hai received Space rift, the whirlpool on sea surface also vanished. Looks at the whirlpool to vanish, Zhao Hai their immediately entered Space, just entered Space, only arrived at the Space prompt sound to transmit said : Space introduction enough much sea water, obtained massive microorganism, Space evolution, Farm Level Up three Level 10, Ranch climbs to two Level 10, hope that Host increase the effort.” Because Ranch climbs to two Level 10, will clear the Small World function, Ranch will exist by the Small World situation, may raise the animal quantity not to limit, may raise the animal type not to limit, increases the sea water, will increase Hot Spring Mountain, will increase the rivers cultivation function, will increase the background use function.” Because Farm climbs to three Level 10, clears the Processing Factory function, clears the background use function, can have on background to plant, the planter quantity does not limit.”

„The Level Up predict that such as Host Farm level achieves four Level 10, Ranch level achieves three Level 10, Farm and Ranch will combine, becomes Small World in the true sense, such as Host Farm level achieves five Level 10, Ranch level achieves four Level 10, may increase the background purchase function, Host can simultaneously buy many background, simultaneously carries on the planter and cultivation in many background, the following show is insufficient because of Host level, temporarily keeps secret, hope that Host increase the effort, as soon as possible Level Up.” Zhao Hai dull standing in same place, has listened to the Space prompt sound, finished until the prompt sound, he called happy yelled, Laura their also excited yelled, Space rose to three Level 10 finally, they can be Zhao Hai process antidote, relieved toxin. Moreover Zhao Hai has not thought that matter unexpectedly so smooth, what most important is, merit that Farm and Ranch once added newly bravely also very formidable, after Ranch there unexpectedly, did not use in the delivery feed, moreover raised the animal quantity not to have the limit, this fantastic. Farm here can use background, land area that they can use big increase, they want to plant many to plant many land now, this function fantastic. Moreover Space also caused Level Up to predict that what tells him Space to turn into Level Up, can turn into true Small World, but can also simultaneously use many background this to be too wonderful. In this time, the Space prompt sound in one time is transmitting said : to include in a big way because of Host within the body braves the poisonous material, Space to reward Host especially, solvable poison material seed, Host may train medicinal herbs seed, through Processing Factory, processes Detoxification Potion, removes toxicity, seed to put in Warehouse.” Zhao Hai one hear of prompt sounds said that cannot help but laughs, he is being the Detoxification matter felt to worry that has not actually thought Space one was solved to him. His immediately turned on the Warehouse page, had found these seed of Space reward, sees these seed, Zhao Hai knows why Space will have rewarded specially, because these seed are four Level 10 above crops seed, by present Zhao Hai level, does not have the material to purchase. Zhao Hai take deep breaths, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, after thing in this place is mature, gets down these seed types, was right, plants Fruit tree on Space background massively, currently our here place has in any case is, your look at type, was right, that 1000 mu land, transform becomes Farming Ground.” Cai'er has complied with one, is busy, Space all are by her control, making her handle these matters it would be the best.