Chapter 388 Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine At this time Laura they also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai looked at their appearances, cannot help but smiles said : Space Level Up, we biggest a piece worry removed, HaHaHa, later was Space in not Level Up, regarding us, enough used.” Laura smiles said : not, we must let Space Level Up continuously, Level Up continuously, to becoming a macrocosm.” Zhao Hai they Ha Ha has laughed, Laura this saying spoke in his mind to go, although said that Zhao Hai just said was Space Level Up does not have no relationship, but said, Zhao Hai also really wants to have a look, after Space liter to Advanced level, what will turn into, now he only knows Space liter to five Level 10 time what can be, that six Level 10? Seven Level 10? Space has Level Up to going against that day? What by that time will Space turn into? At this time Zhao Hai suddenly has remembered a matter, his immediately opened Space Main Interface, that Main Interface last present were really many a small Processing Field style. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback selected the Processing Field icon, prompt sound immediately/on horseback has transmitted said : whether constructed Processing Field, constructed Processing Field to need gold coins hundred thousand, offered Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine one free of charge.” Zhao Hai immediately elected is, in their villa not far places, suddenly dodged one group of white light, a non- little while very simple workshop has constructed, that was only a house of very ordinary brick masony structure. Zhao Hai their immediately entered this house, enters to this house, Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that in this house can be this appearance unexpectedly. This house has more than 200 square meters fully, but in the entire house is putting a machine, but the house actually does not appear spacious, because that machine was really too big, has almost fully occupied the entire room. This machine very simple, above, only then three control button, fills in the material, one is the selective treatment type, starts, in not having other thing, you could not see into the material mouth, cannot see the discharge hole, the entire machine on is big iron slab same stopping in there, on machine the has plenty pipe, why don’t know uses. Zhao Hai looked at a machine, has controlled the selective treatment type button, presently in front of immediately sprang a page, above is divided into several kinds, has the Potion kind, the food class, the tool class, special Item several choices. Zhao Hai turned on the Potion class button to look, above dense and numerous big pile of Potion names, he selected one conveniently, above saw writes: Force incised wound medicine, has the effect to the flesh wound, can stop bleeding, need the material most in a short time, Pseudo Ginseng/3:7, the wild aconite......” big pile of medicine's name and medicinal herbs of amount used.

Saw this thing, Zhao Hai on understand this machine general use, but he opened the food class detailed list to look, in this food class page, contained a lot of contents, had the staple food class non-staple food class, but also various types of seasonings, like jam, salad dressing and so on, but can also process various types of liquor, above also had the very detailed formula. Also looked at a choice of tool class, inside not, only then all kinds of tools, all kinds of weapon, this arrived has stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, finally thing in special Item class was many and varied, you even can process the Martial arts rare book in inside, but can also process Space equipment, was very mysterious. With wanting, to process these thing also to need the special material, for example you must add the spatial rare book, you must have a rare book, but also needs some words and so on thing. Zhao Hai has switched off the page, sighed said : worthily is Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine, this thing was really easy-to-use, he he, good thing.” At this time an information also passed to inside his mind, this information about Processing Field and this Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine. Processing Field here can also carry on Level Up, needs Level Up increases the Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine quantity, by present Zhao Hai level, most can arrive at Level 10 Processing Field Level Up, in other words, can have ten Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine. But Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine almost can manufacture any thing, so long as provides the material, he can process thing that any you want. Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine function very formidable, if makes him not to stop work, provides enough many materials to him, a he day of time must to process the bread flour hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), if the rice, can be five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), if processes the wines, can process 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) white liquor or Fruit Wine lowly, if the beer, the quantity will be more, can be the fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg). If the produce weapon, an ordinary Blade and Sword day can make also 1000, naturally, if you to process Space Equipment, possibly requires the several days time, moreover Manufacturing Machine, one time can only process same thing, if you must process the rice, you cannot in the processing wheat flour, so simple. Zhao Hai has not thought that one rose Level 10 Processing Factory directly, white light flashed, ten exactly the same workshops on appears in Space. Zhao Hai has then remembered, he has spent a lot of money these days probably, his immediately/on horseback examined own money Shu, actually presently these days Space unexpectedly directly deducted his surely gold coins, this let the Zhao Hai prow buzz, his don’t know own money spent that. After having asked Cai'er, Zhao Hai knows that originally Space buckles his gold coins not to be surely many, these gold coins not only used on Processing Factory Level Up, Farming Ground Level Up, must know that Farming Ground Level Up was very expensive.

although is somewhat grieved, but thinks or rose, Space can Level Up be good in any case, but Cai'er also told Zhao Hai information, Space background although can use, but the land on background did not have that 1000 mu land that type to reduce plants to live the long time ability, in other words, these plants grew to need how long outside , needed how long in Space. However a little advantage, is no matter there plants, may plant in according to Space, the influence of being bullied period of five days, this to Zhao Hai to is not the good deed. This Zhao Hai besides letting some Cai'er Fruit tree, but also has planted massive Bread Tree, rice bamboo, Oil Fruit tree these thing, massive fruits and vegetables. Arranges the matter in Space, Zhao Hai they walked out from Space, now are the evening, sea surface turned into the golden color probably. Zhao Hai stands in the deck, look at golden ocean, suddenly laughs said : starting today, I in did not need to be worried for the water of nihility, among Heaven and Earth, no matter what I able to move unhindered!” Laura their look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, they can understand the Zhao Hai mood, to be honest, their moods also excitement like Zhao Hai. Some little time Zhao Hai calm one own mood, turned the head to smile said :to Laura some people to say worthily, in ocean has the inexhaustible buried treasure, who can want to obtain, we put in the sea water Space, one made Space Level Up succeed, starting today, we in did not need to be worried for the matter of source of goods, the world was supporting us. Laura smiles said : „, Elder Brother Hai, you said that if our massive transports the grain toward Beastman Prairie, making the grain price pull down, you said that will be what kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, we cannot be so dry, otherwise on Continent goes bankrupt many are these has business dealings ordinary small Merchant with Prairie on, the effects on these big caravans cannot be too big.” Laura nodded, actually these with small Merchant that on Prairie does business, they gain most is also a laborious money, makes money truly, is these Great Clan, if their lowered the grain, first bad luck is these small Merchant, the effect on these Great Clan cannot be too big. Zhao Hai sighs said : we to do now, does not pull down the grain price, but must make the Beastman Race there grain not have the gap, making Beastman Race early starve to death several.”

In this time, in the suddenly sea water a fluctuation, Zhao Hai was then feeling that Haven Ship vibrated, Zhao Hai was too familiar this type to feel, this has in the sea Magic Beast in attack Haven Ship. Zhao Hai immediately opened monitor, this opened monitor he cannot help but to stare, now monitor surveillance area in one time increased, before be only two kilometers, actually have been 10,000 meters now, increased five times. However in Level Up with Space compares, this pleasantly surprised is not anything, Zhao Hai has not cared, under immediately looked disembarked the situation. Saw the situation under ship's bottom, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because saw under unexpectedly the ship's bottom had the person, but he realized quickly that was not a person, but was one type of human-shape in the sea Magic Beast. Zhao Hai look at this human-shape in the sea Magic Beast, his height has about three meters, the head is growing two very long touching Xiao, the rib place steadily eight tall and slender feet, are seeming like the foot of shrimp are the same, but his two hands are actually two big clips, the lower part are not the feet of human-shape, but tail like shrimp. In the status of this shrimp shape person, with big pile of giant shrimp , the before height of this prawn is five meters, a pair of big clip, carries on the back the one layer thick carapace, looks like the overwhelming power is extraordinary. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, because he has remembered a name, Sea Race person! Zhao Hai do not understand, if the opposite party is really the pirate person, why can suddenly come attack he, but he does not have the time to think that many now, he can look, the strengths of these prawns very high, if lets their such attack, that Haven Ship iron armor could not go against how long. Zhao Hai wields, a sea water fluctuation, then one group of sea water soar, in this group of sea water, but also is leading a person, that looks like the person of prawn. This use Magic Zhao Hai present, his demon ability also had the enhancement probably, originally his Magic attack is only equivalent to 7th level Magician, but now already equivalent to 8th level Magician.