Beginning Chapter 389 Sea Race contacts This is a pleasant surprise, but lets Zhao Hai shocking time, this time Magic attack actually did not have a point effect, the sea water to rise, but that Sea Race person did not have appears on the water surface. Zhao Hai stares, he has not encountered this situation, Magic attack actually does not have the effect, he is looking at monitor, presently these Shrimp Tribe probably also note this situation, he looked up Haven Ship one, attack was urgent. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, hand moved, one group of white mist appears in sea water, this group of white mist by quickest, sea water freezing, naturally, includes that Shrimp Tribe and that several prawns. Hand of this Zhao Hai one, that several prawn and that Shrimp Tribe appears in on the ship, but they are frozen now in the ice. Zhao Hai turns, received in that several prawns Space, the Space prompt sound transmits, this prawn is one type of two Level 10 Magic Beast, if outside arrives at outside, is equivalent to 4th level Magic Beast, simple Water element Magic attack, can put in the sea water to raise, 14 hours of maturity, but produce five times, produces son eight each time. Zhao Hai has not managed these, he knows that this prawn was Advanced level Magic Beast is impossible to let Space in time Level Up, now Ranch there has achieved two Level 10, if in wants to let Ranch Level Up, is very difficult matter. Zhao Hai now is only look at that Shrimp Tribe, his hand wields, these were stranded Shrimp Tribe ice immediately to break to pieces, that Shrimp Tribe one fell in the deck. However he has not moved, Zhao Hai knows that he was been frozen stiff, Zhao Hai has not worried, static standing in there, that Shrimp Tribe can move before long finally, but he looks like the scant of breath, appearance that probably momentarily must die. Zhao Hai moves, one group of sea water came out, turned into big water ball, that Shrimp Tribe installing inside, that Shrimp Tribe feeling was then much better. His coldly look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : youngster, your best immediately to have put me, otherwise my clansman will not let off your.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that this Shrimp Tribe speaks the Human Race language unexpectedly, although now this language is the Continent commonly used language, but that is the Continent commonly used language, how can the Sea Race person also? Zhao Hai curious look at his said : „can you our languages? Are you Sea Race person?” That Shrimp Tribe looked at Zhao Hai one, said : that disdains meets your language sides to have anything to be quite strange, our Sea Race person already used this language, your Human Race uses this language time is later than us.” Zhao Hai look at this Shrimp Tribe said : really? Why do you want attack my ship?” That Shrimp Tribe said : entire ocean is the domain of our Sea Race person, area this is our Shrimp Tribe domain, why I cannot attack your ship.”

Does Zhao Hai frown said : here is your Shrimp Tribe domain? Before you, why does not come here attack we, instead to was the present attack we?” That Shrimp Tribe look at Zhao Hai said : ignorant humanity, your don’t know here is the offshore range, is place that the Sea Race person allows you to move? In the past your Human Race Expert, with our Sea Race Expert, reached the agreement, allowing you to move in the offshore, but I presently the here sea water has the unusual fluctuation today, therefore came to see, happen to saw your ship, wants to take, when the toy, youngster, you put away to put me, I have sent for informing my clansman, they will rescue quickly my.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, regarding this Shrimp Tribe words, he to has believed part, he said that Sea Race and Human Race agreement is to possibly exist, looks like Human Race Expert and Carrion Swamp these Expert has the agreement to be the same, but he said that sent for informing own clansman, Zhao Hai actually some not to believe that his very clear, this Shrimp Tribe and these prawn had not run, was given to grasp by him, how he possibly sent for informing his clansman. In this time, Cai'er is reminding Zhao Hai, there is Shrimp Tribe to come toward here, Zhao Hai gawked, he has not thought really that this Shrimp Tribe has not lain unexpectedly, unexpectedly really have Shrimp Tribe came toward here, he cannot help but looked up this Shrimp Tribe one, look at Zhao Hai that a that Shrimp Tribe actually face did not care at all, obviously he was thinks that Zhao Hai did not dare him to be what kind. Zhao Hai has not managed him, he is paying attention to the sound on screen, is really Shrimp Tribe, with this Shrimp Tribe long similar several Shrimp Tribe, is catching up toward Haven Ship here, altogether has seven people. In the sides of these seven people, but also with troop that prawn type Magic Beast, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat feel embarrassed, he does not think that in the sea had the conflict with the Sea Race person. Zhao Hai look at that Shrimp Tribe said : your clansman came, I have put you yes, but you cannot look for my trouble.” That Shrimp Tribe one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but face smug look, then smiles said : youngster, little wasted breath, I settled on your ship, left behind your ship to me, when the toy, otherwise forever do not want to go to sea.” Zhao Hai one hear of this Shrimp Tribe words, complexion cannot help but stares, coldly snorted said : does not go to sea does not go to sea, you can be what kind, do not think that you came several clansman I to fear you, your people, I have not paid attention.” The hand moves, white mist suddenly appears of big piece in the position that these Shrimp Tribe are, one freezing then to have waved these people, caught on the ship these Shrimp Tribe, then also has put in several water ball, but that several Shrimp Tribe were too been cold, not having the means to speak. That by Shrimp Tribe that Zhao Hai stresses is looked first Zhao Hai in one has grasped unexpectedly his these many clansman, cannot help but also somewhat has flustered, his face startled threat Zhao Hai said : youngster, you should better be clear, if you dare to kill us, then makes war with entire Sea Race on equal to, you will certainly not have the good end.” Zhao Hai deep voice does said : have good end my don’t know, but I know, even if I do not go to sea, I can also in be very good, I who Continent receives work have not believed, your Sea Race 9th level Expert will idle, for your several people will run up to Continent to chase down us, even if he dares to come, I did not fear.” Zhao Hai knew from Jinan there, the general Sea Race person is impossible leave water too long time, only then 9th level Expert can the long time leave water also be able to survive , because of this, therefore Sea Race can the coexistence with Human Race peace, otherwise fear that was Sea Race must begin to Human Race. That Shrimp Tribe stares, then complexion changes, but also made Zhao Hai say, Sea Race talented person not because their several people will make war with Human Race, even if will be their Shrimp Tribe will not be dry, must know that Human Race Expert was not affable, moreover here was also the agreement regulation Human Race activity domain, they were equal to run up to the Human Race activity region to come, if got so far as the situation that 9th level Expert acted, they did not occupy the principle. Thinks of here, that Shrimp Tribe cannot help but somewhat admitted defeat said : humanity, I can not comply with attack your ship, but you must put me and my clansman, will otherwise lead to the war.”

Zhao Hai listened, he admitted defeat, Zhao Hai does not want to offend the Sea Race person, therefore he nodded said : „, I did not have the enmity with you, so long as your attack my ship, my immediately cannot put you, was right, perhaps my person can also do a business, some of your Sea Race person of what needs thing? I can ship from Human Race here sold to you, you can also come to trade thing with the Sea Race special product with me.” That Shrimp Tribe stares, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai wants to do business with them unexpectedly, in his time, by suddenly Shrimp Tribe said : humanity, what you said is really? Are you willing to do business with us really?” Zhao Hai turns the head to look that just by that several Shrimp Tribe in that he stressed that obviously he has recovered consciousness, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has selected not said : naturally real.” said : that a that Shrimp Tribe face likes that fantastic, what thing do you want?” Zhao Hai said : what thing do you have?” That Shrimp Tribe said : in the sea Magic Beast, some ores, some pearls, the coral, these thing we have.” Zhao Hai nodded said : these thing I to want, what do you want?” That shrimp pen person said : we want Magic Beast on some land, some iron hardware, finally also some chinawares.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to have the issue, these thing I can you, I also be able to your some Human Race grain and vegetables have fruits and so on thing, you can take in the sea Magic Beast, the ore, the pearl, the coral and so on thing trades, this thing I want.” That Shrimp Tribe face excited nod said : good, was right, I called the crag to return, if you prepared these thing, can walk toward deep in the sea from here directly, this generation was our Shrimp Tribe domain, to deep sea there, we naturally knows when the time comes we can trade.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, when I go back to prepare several days, when the time comes we in trade.” The hand wields, has put in the sea these Shrimp Tribe. These Shrimp Tribe enter in the sea, immediately/on horseback floated on sea surface, the crag returns to look at Zhao Hai said : you to bring to select thing to come, many we want many.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, that such settled, everybody, was saying goodbye.” These Shrimp Tribe waved to Zhao Hai, then personal appearance disappearance slowly on sea surface. Laura actually dumbfounded look at all these, vanished to these Shrimp Tribe, Laura recovers, looks at monster same look look at Zhao Hai said : with one type of Elder Brother Hai, your too god, you actually thinks that can do business with the Sea Race person? This I am the first time heard that you founded the history.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but laughs said : communicate, wants communicate, reason that between two races will live the war, sometimes is reason that because does not have communicate, can look, these Sea Race people regarding our Human Race thing, need, but we can also obtain the products of some pirates from their there, such cooperation, we are not why dry.”

Laura smiles said : „, should do, like this we not only can obtain the massive in the sea special products, like pearl anything, these thing, is very popular on Continent, but can also obtain massive in the sea Magic Beast, perhaps our Space level quickly can rise.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, moreover good thing in ocean to be many, gets online with their tower, regarding us, only then the advantage does not have the fault, he he, when it seems like we must go to Elf Forest and Dwarf Iron Mountain, I must on all different race with Continent do business.” Laura they have also smiled, if they can on all different race with Continent do business, they can certainly become the entire Continent richest people in the future. Meg smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, today was really our lucky dates, we not only let Space Level Up, but also contacted the Sea Race person on, we should immediately/on horseback find a place, to them prepares thing that these Sea Race people wanted, after a period of time, was the Continent god birthday, if we can buy to Continent with the a batch Sea Race special product, will be very certainly popular.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows that this god birthday, the Ark Continent here god birthday, is the same on the equivalent to Earth on new year, is the entire Continent holiday, was representing the new year last year alternate date. Like a holiday, regarding Human Race is very important, this day of people will change the new clothes, makes one table delicious, sends off old one year, celebrates the new year to arrive. This equivalent to Chinese celebrates the Spring Festival, everyone/Great Clan should know, celebrates the Spring Festival time, is peak of one year of expense, if Zhao Hai they put out on Continent to sell the rare Sea Race special product to Continent, certainly can gain one greatly. Laura thinks that said : now we cannot go to Sky Water City, that can only go to other places, is good because of Rosen Empire also not only Sky Water City this harbor, believes that so long as we do not go to the harbors of other countries, Radiant Church takes us not to have the means that now Rosen Empire may be at the anti- Radiant Church peak, believes that Radiant Church does not dare to act unreasonably at this time.” What did Zhao Hai nod said : you to be good to propose? Regarding the Rosen Empire here port city, I know nothing.” Laura shook the head said : my also don’t know, but I think that Jinan should know, Jinan, you.” Stands in nearby Jinan immediately/on horseback said : besides Sky Water City, on Rosen Empire Eastern Sea Coastline, two most famous port cities, separately is Jade Water City and Rising Water City, these two urban control in Rosen Empire Imperial Family in hand, is prosperity, because of the position compared with the Sky Water City incoming messenger a point, therefore did not have Sky Water City to be so famous on Continent.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : we to leave that city to be nearer?” promote An Dao: Rising Water City, goes to Rising Water City to have about 13 days from our here the distance traveled by sea, if goes to Jade Water City, minimum must take about 17 days.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, we go to Rising Water City!”