Chapter 390 Manufacturing Machine charging criterion The person who has not gone to sea, forever does not know that the on the sea navigation is the how bored matter, but that is the how tense matter. It seems like on calm ocean, momentarily can meet all kinds of prestige dangers, the undercurrent, the storm, especially when does not have the radar, at that time navigated, meets the prestige danger possibly big increase on Continent. What most important is, the Ark Continent here ship, does not have one in on the ship reaches, here on the ship some appear that arid, is only on the sea navigates, that feeling can make you insane. Fortunately, Zhao Hai line in on the ship uses was Undead Creature, therefore they can the on the sea navigation of long time, these Undead Creature although be Advanced level Undead Creature, but they regarding human sentiment that part, completely disappeared, they were more like some high level robots. This their target is Rising Water City, Rising Water City, Jade Water City, on Rosen Empire Eastern Sea Coastline, is the famous port city, but regarding the people in other countries, Sky Water City is actually the best port city, the position is best, the transportation is best, therefore is Rising Water City and Jade Water City there tax revenue be less than Sky Water City here, will not have many people to go to there. although Rosen Empire Imperial Family regarding this situation being envious, but that is also useless, because Sky Water City most from the beginning is not such lively, but after has handed over Calci Family, slowly turns into this, can say that this is the result that Calci Family several generations of try hard. But Jade Water City and Rising Water City, although also passed through the Rosen Empire vigorous show, but sometimes, Imperial Family management, is that a matter, compares Clan, Imperial Family internal struggle meeting intense , because of this struggle, therefore Jade Water City and Rising Water City cannot struggle Sky Water City. Yes, Jade Water City and Rising Water City superficial tax revenue is probably lower than Sky Water City, when your true to Jade Water City and Rising Water City, you presently, actually completely are not that a matter, in Jade Water City and Rising Water City also include other at sixes and sevens tax revenue, in addition, the total will cross Sky Water City absolutely. This also has the reason, Sky Water City here, provides money for entire Calci Family a purse, possibly said that is the Calci Family main source of income.

But Jade Water City and Rising Water City there, is actually Rosen Empire Imperial Family to examine the Prince place, Rosen Empire King first time these two cities, several several other Imperial Family control cities will give some successors who he selects, then makes them manage this city, the income of best that successor final, this in he competes for the throne in the process, will have very big awarded marks. You can imagine are the same, one is dependences of Clan all money, this Clan naturally well will manage, another was brought the test by this, several years or after several years, in turning over to your, in these years or in that several years you must do, going all out makes money in this in the city, as the matter stands the situation was also certainly different. This looks like two investments, one type is you want to invest, turns into to be able there the goose that lays golden eggs, but another one type of is, I am only want to fish the short term investment that a ticket walks, that is naturally different. although so many reasons, but Zhao Hai must go to Rising Water City, not only need go to the there purchase, he also prepares to make a shop front in there, best in contacts some big business people on, like this after them, did not need only to depend on Calci Family. The response of this Calci Family, lets Zhao Hai has sounded the alarm at heart, big end that they currently cooperate almost completely centralized on Calci Family, this regarding them is not the good deed, they should look for another partner, otherwise Calci Family will possibly come big neck of catarrhs with this method, although they and may not fear Calci Family, but the words of Calci Family real catarrhs, will bring not the small loss to them. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai these time decides Rising Water City, he wants to have a look at Rising Water City there is any situation, to seek another path of show, must let Calci Family person understand, I was not leave you do not live. Zhao Hai although is Dark Magician Alliance one, but said, he regarding the Dark Magician Alliance too big sense of belonging, because of him cannot Magic. These matters that original Smith handles, have made him have some senses of belonging to Dark Magician Alliance, but motion of Calci Family nearest/recent, actually this sense of belonging complete destruction. Zhao Hai sympathizes with Dark Magician, but he is not a sage, naturally when he entire Continent gets rid, nobody to him has extended the aid, if no Green their these loyal and devoted people with him, Adam possibly already died, naturally, Zhao Hai will not exist.

Most from the beginning Zhao Hai join Dark Magician Alliance, settles on is he is free, the custom are few, simultaneously he also has using Dark Magician Alliance copes with the meaning of Radiant Church, but if Dark Magician Alliance person if such to him, he in staying in Dark Magician Alliance. Ship slowly is opening, this is third day, but today, regarding Zhao Hai, is a very special day, because Cai'er will give his these medicinal herbs seed types to get down the system prize today, these seed level are very high, the mature process required the good several days time, Zhao Hai has calculated, today plants to get down, must wait till Rising Water City time, he can make Detoxification Potion. although these medicinal herbs seed gets down today, but Zhao Hai they stand look at, because this regarding them, was really too important. Zhao Hai very clear, these medicinal herbs seed are representing the hope, represents can by the hope that oneself resume. Actually this several days moment, Zhao Hai has been investigating strictly Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine. This Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine was really too mysterious, you used him to process thing, must spend, so long as you gave money, he can process for you, this money Shu processed thing difficulty degree to calculate that according to you, for example, Zhao Hai must process this Detoxification Potion, Manufacturing Machine collects fees thousand gold coins, if you must process Space equipment, Manufacturing Machine collected fees ten thousand gold coins, such as wanted merit Advanced level Space equipment, that charge with it elevation, high energy will also achieve 1 million gold coins, Space equipment that naturally, had processed at that time was also very high. Bamboo rice that but if has not peeled off the shell processes touchable Bamboo rice, a day also only needs one gold coin, the wheat flour is also same, the price of processing liquor will be high, but not tall Taiduo, most not 50 gold coins, generally speaking is very cost-effective. However this processing charge, in the material very sufficient situation that you provide, the material that if you provide is insufficient, for example you must process the liquor, does not have the liquor tune, does not have the change liquor flavor additive, that is incorrect, naturally, you have also been able to process, but you must look like the machine to purchase these thing, that price was very expensive, will let your anxiety absolutely. If you do not want to purchase, Ok, you process, these west Manufacturing Machine cannot process to you, even if in Space no plants, Manufacturing Machine can also process to you, so long as you put out in Space to have some plants, is adding on some gold coins, can think that the labor leaves plants seed that you want, naturally, this price will not be cheap, after all Space is hopes that you look for seed from outside, enriches Space, but is not hopes that you use Manufacturing Machine to enrich Space, uses seed that the Manufacturing Machine processing comes out, Space will be does not calculate that will give you any experience. Value. However also because this type is popular especially, therefore Zhao Hai has made the Iron Mountain Fort there hitting rice field shut down now, making the there dough figurine handle other matter.

However Zhao Hai has not actually processed Milk Wine with Manufacturing Machine, now Manufacturing Machine is mainly used to process the grain and fruit oil and so on thing, like the wool product, the wines, Zhao Hai makes the Iron Mountain Fort there workshop then process, because processes these thing, the charge of Manufacturing Machine keeps , compared to think that charge of Manufacturing Machine here, the user merit will be better. Original Iron Mountain Fort there manpower some are insufficient, altogether several thousand people , some not competent heavy physical strength live old person and children, only depend on these youngster and woman, is busy at these many gathering places, the population does not suffice, in these gathering places the use of even more larger quantity some Undead Creature. Now was good, had Manufacturing Machine, Zhao Hai has given to remove these Undead Creature, the entire work was done, like the wool product was so. Zhao Hai has processed a wool blanket with Manufacturing Machine, processing good of , moreover you can also the optional style, the optional design, but this machine the wool blanket, uses to have the difference with the pure artificial wool blanket . Moreover the processing charge is not low, wool blanket five ten gold coins, but if these 50 gold coins outside Space, to these Beastman operation money, enough they made 20 wool blankets, therefore Zhao Hai gave up with the machine wool blanket finally. Zhao Hai knows that this is not the Space mistake, gold coins outside gold coins and Space in Space is different, in Space ordinary copper coins that only then one type of currency, gold coins, gold coins outside the people like Space uses is not valuable, but you, if attains outside gold coins Space, these gold coins were very valuable. But reason that Manufacturing Machine processing rice flour anything, the price so will be low , because the rice bamboos and wheat these thing in Space prices are not high, if Zhao Hai sold to Space the rice bamboo and wheat, had not sold to the person on Ark Continent to reckon up directly, reason that can say Zhao Hai can such quickly reach , because in Space outside this currency different conversion way with Space. Zhao Hai is not the person who that type dies to ask for money, if he is really the person who that type dies to ask for money, he can definitely give Undead Creature to do outside some work, like this he has not needed to give these person of wages, but relative, the living standards of these slaves will drop many, Zhao Hai does not want to do, he wants to help these slaves live some good life.