Chapter 391 two days The Zhao Hai first successive is handling the Space matter, at the same time is handling the Iron Mountain Fort there matter, naturally, he first Space Level Up, his immediately has also been able Detoxification information to tell Green them. Green they the excited tears had streamed at that time down, regarding them, not having no information to be better than this information, in their opinion, so long as Zhao Hai recovered, that feared that was Space immediately vanishes, they were also glad, in their opinion, anything cannot recover the health compared with Zhao Hai importantly. Time day-by-day past, Haven Ship also on the sea day-by-day is walking, now after is they meet Shrimp Tribe the tenth day, the Iron Mountain Fort there matter almost processed, Space there medicinal herbs also received, but now the quantity is insufficient, so long as waited till three days later, medicinal herbs in Space complete after can receive, he can process solves poison. Simultaneously these Fruit tree and Bread Tree in anything Space also planted, but these Fruit tree and time of bread long growth was the same with Space outside, therefore could not have seen anything now. Processing Field there to has not been idling, before Zhao Hai them, these Bamboo rice and wheat that anything saves processed, now is processing the fruit oil. This Space can breed animal massively, outside Zhao Hai also puts these Argali that obtained from Prairie there has raised, Ranch there Zhao Hai increased many animal, grazed, ate the meat had, now Zhao Hai also understand, why Ranch there said that did not use in increases the feed to them, does not use, these carnivorous animal ate these herbivorous animal directly, but these herbivorous animal ate the Ranch there grow out grass. Because Space increases, Ranch there all grass can eat, moreover animal will also migrate, therefore Zhao Hai does not need to fear that the there pasture was destroyed, is adding on also has Mu'er look at, he to did not use in really worries for these animal. Zhao Hai also presently, Ranch there grass long ratio outside grass wants on quickly many, although can't compare with Farming Ground there is so quick, slow on are not many, therefore his simply does not need to be worried. Reason that Zhao Hai puts toward Space in has carnivorous animal in attack, to guarantee the herbivorous animal quantity, Ranch there evolution becomes Small World, that must only hold the balance of this Small World, when if in a world has herbivorous animal, without carnivorous animal, quantity big increase of these herbivorous animal, pasture slowly will be destroyed, the environment will also be destroyed, therefore Zhao Hai will cause a food chain in Ranch there. Naturally, this food chain will have made Zhao Hai lose a lot of money, after all these carnivorous animal must eat the meat, but Zhao Hai was not worried that ends all year round the food chain one, but has established, so long as is not many destroys him, will not have any matter. Ranch here food is sufficient, herbivorous animal has plenty that Zhao Hai release comes, but carnivorous animal are not many, must say that this cannot be a complete food chain, because herbivorous animal are too much, pasture sooner or later must be destroyed, but does not have the means that now Zhao Hai opens, but Ranch, is not the animal circle, these herbivorous animal sooner or later must kill to eat the meat, not many are not good.

However quick Zhao Hai presently, oneself think is a little unnecessary, Ranch here was evolution has become Small World, however the here essence has not changed, here animal was also as before, produce of digitization, growth of digitization, but was the way of cultivation changes. As the matter stands Zhao Hai has to think well, if gets down according to such show, the Magic Beast total quantity that he raises, sooner or later one day has held joint exercises entire Beastman Race, thing that then on was too scary, when the time comes his produce comes out, simply is impossible to sell, were too many, if he one sells, the economic impulse to Continent is ruinous, feared that was entire Continent immediately meets the violent war. However is good because of present Ranch here turns over to his control, but Space made Mu'er manage, therefore Zhao Hai, so long as ordered to be OK, now Ranch here animal by control in certain quantity, is been too quick, rapidness that too will not increase also will not reduce, all these gave Mu'er. although Ranch here also has this and that shortcoming, but generally speaking, Ranch there mainly serves for Zhao Hai, these carnivorous animal although move in Ranch, eats these herbivorous animal, but their animal instinct were stirred up as the matter stands, in other words they were stirred up wild nature in Ranch. Their fighting strength were more formidable, moreover they listen to Zhao Hai command(er), later Zhao Hai has any matter, can put their release to fight. Now in Zhao Hai Ranch, most is raging bull, Argali, the horse, these Magic Beast, next also has the millipede, Blood Hawk, Moonlight Lion this class Magic Beast, raging bull and Argali does not need to look that is used to eat the meat and produce wool, the horse is used, when Mount, Blood Hawk and Moonlight Lion are used to increase fighting strength. Except that Magic Beast in these grounds, Ranch new in the sea is also breeding massive ocean Magic Beast, but these ocean Magic Beast on the food chain compared with land be complete, after all Zhao Hai admits the sea water in Space, but are many, the there surface also has naturally included a very complete food chain. Now Zhao Hai also understand, why Ranch there calls Small World, because there can only be not mature world, this and that shortcoming, therefore was called Small World. However generally speaking, Zhao Hai is very satisfied regarding Small World, is very good, so long as Small World slowly can form, sooner or later some day he will become a complete world. Matter although in Space is good, but truly with letting Zhao Hai worries also is really not many, so long as he talked is OK. This Zhao Hai also in Space has a look, to see in Space all the way a day a change, he also feels very happy, no matter what, that completely belongs to his domain.

Three days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Rising Water City have been in sight, so long as after the half-day distance traveled by sea, Zhao Hai they can enter to the Rising Water City public harbor. However Zhao Hai actually has not paid attention to Rising Water City now, he in Space, is standing before Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine now, but in his side, is piling big pile of medicinal herbs. Laura they have stands in Zhao Hai, anxious look at that Multipurpose Manufacturing Machine, waited for Zhao Hai to press down the button, Zhao Hai not polite, pressed down that to fill in the button of material with the hand gently. The button just pressed down, flash of white light, side Zhao Hai that pile of medicinal herbs vanished completely, then Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turned on the selective treatment type page, chooses Detoxification medicinal preparation option that oneself must use, then according to one started, in Space automatically has deducted Zhao Hai ten thousand gold coins, then on the machine sprang projection, the above digit in the beat that did not believe that Zhao Hai was looking, the above digital was 48 hours. Zhao Hai cannot help but relaxed, two days of times, in having two days of he can forever solution go to the water of nihility was poisonous, he can turn into a normal person. Digit that Laura on their also look at that beats, they also know that above digit is representing anything, Laura also relaxed said : Elder Brother Hai, two days, in having two days, you can solve to go to toxin.” Zhao Hai nodded, face excited look at Laura and Meg, smile said : „, two days, had two days, I can restore normally.” The Meg tears one flowed, grasped Zhao Hai, did not listen to cry, she was really too excited, now Lauta Clan was also unfolds, but has had a piece Stone to press in their mind, was Zhao Hai toxin, his toxin day of puzzled, they felt that at heart always matter, now was good, in having two days, they can solve poisonously, on Buda Family the a piece dark cloud must diverge finally. Zhao Hai has patted the back of Meg gently, smiles said : to be good, did not cry, has been all right, two days I had been good, when the time comes Young Master I can Martial Arts, I certainly be able to become happy, making these look down upon the Buda Family person to have a look.” Meg is crying nod of while makes an effort, she believes that Zhao Hai can achieve, from the beginning she unconditional trust Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai is her day. The Laura tears also flowed, she loved Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai toxin, regarding her, the influence was also very big, because Zhao Hai toxin can inherit, if in the future they had the child, on their children also had the toxin of water of nihility, cannot study Bull, cannot study Magic.

In Ark Continent here, cannot study Bull, cannot study Magic, on equal to is a waste, Laura is a supercilious person, can she become a waste by her child? However she loves Zhao Hai really very much, she decided that must marry Zhao Hai, is hopes that the one day of Zhao Hai toxin to solve, now she waits till finally on this day, she was certainly excited. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, showed a faint smile, opens own other aspect shoulder, Laura looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, bu has smiled, but actually threw on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, was flowing the excited tears. Today Green they do not have come, only then Xu Wanying and Junichi with Zhao Hai, their very excited, they have also gotten down Blood Oath to with Zhao Hai, naturally is hopes Zhao Hai to be good, after they since know their status, knows that in Zhao Hai Water of Nothingness toxin, this is also the matter that they have been worried about. Since Zhao Hai, they were happy, Zhao Hai well, be fond of food and drink that their life arrange, moreover does not hit does not scold, this lets their very grateful Zhao Hai, therefore regarding the water of Zhao Hai nihility, they is also extremely worried. Now was finally good, so long as and other days, Zhao Hai toxin can remove, Zhao Hai be healthy, regarding them is also the good deed, Buda Family unfolds, they also with the scenery will not be. Some little time several talented person calm, came out from Space, after all now Haven Ship immediately must enter the harbor, they have no alternative but to get down from on the ship.