Chapter 392 called them Standing of Zhao Hai calm in on the ship, Rising Water City of look at distant place, this Rising Water City scale compared with the Sky Water City incoming messenger many, but sea surface embarks the ship toward, very lively. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head said : „the look at Rising Water City scale, missed compared with Sky Water City much, but evidently their here was also very lively, if we can open a shop in here, to was also good, was right, don’t know did here have hotel? Perhaps we can cooperate.” Laura smiles said : to have, like in the city, how possibly not to have hotel, we to can ask them to help, believes that they will be glad very much, Elder Brother Hai, you said that we must reduce now to Smith Big Brother their Fire Fish and Milk Wine supply, gives them a warning.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, these time looks in the Smith face, I do not haggle over, but if Calci Family is compelling me, my impolite, I broke with their cooperation, I thought that they can I be what kind.” Laura nodded said : also well, to a Smith Big Brother face, making him good to speak because of Clan there, how response I to have a look at Calci Family am, if they go too far, then don't blame me.” The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, shows a faint smile said : this is beforehand Laura, a little appearance of capable woman, he he, good, if they dare to cope with us, that do not blame my impolite.” Was saying, they already slowly approached Rising Water City, this Rising Water City pier, compared with Sky Water City came, to miss much, on pier seemed is also very chaotic, many ship simply could not find the berth. Zhao Hai also knows that here is public pier, does not need to spend in the here aback, therefore the ship are many, but in this in also Rising Water City is also smallest, after being most chaotic, pier. Side has several pier very big . Moreover the there public security is very good, person who unloads cargo specially, but the there aback must spend. This is the Rosen Empire Imperial Family method, they reduce certain tax to come appealingly, when they arrived at here you presently, in here except for the tax, the spending place are many are, finally calculates that guaranteed pays the entire tax more expensive than you. Zhao Hai looked at that public pier, knows that their simply cannot push, his turning the head made Jinan arrive at charge pier there the ship. Charge pier there is really better many, the water surface is spacious, on pier also very clean, some above also people specially maintain the public security, all appear in good order. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, he remembers now , on Earth, these Grand Duke departments are also hitting reduction token, finally that some money has not calculated that on other thing, has not thought that some Ark Continent here people are using unexpectedly. Zhao Hai their horse Chuanting arrived on charge pier, asks the pier here supervisor to make a payment, several people sit horse carriage, hurries to toward in the city. Enters to Rising Water City Zhao Hai they feel stares, to did not say that Rising Water City here good, conversely, the Rising Water City here street looks like tattered, does not have Sky Water City there to be good, but street both sides shop to is many, with the Sky Water City there same liveliness.

The port city is this, trade very reaches, Zhao Hai has also been used to it, he looked at both sides shop one, turns the head to Junichi said : Junichi, goes to the here shop to have a look at some any goods, the price is what kind, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, we go to hotel to rest.” They complied with one, Xu Wanying have rushed for the car(riage) to walk in the direction of hotel, Junichi inquired information, on pier, Zhao Hai they asked where hotel, to did not worry unable to look. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at hotel, although said that Rising Water City here other shop fronts appeared not very good, but hotel here is different, the semblance is clean, very clean that also in front of the door cleans, several special people are responsible for in the outside maintenance public security, full demonstration here scale. Zhao Hai their ox carts just stopped to hotel here, in the hotel immediately went out of a person of wear silk clothes, this person looks like over 50 years old, long skinny, but actually a smiling face of face, to person one type of very kind feeling. Zhao Hai just from the vehicle, that person welcomed, bows to Zhao Hai said : „below Ronaldo, is Rising Water City hotel Manager, welcome Mr. Zhao Hai in here.” Did Zhao Hai stare, looks at this Ronaldo said : mister to know me?” Ronaldo shows a faint smile said : understanding, knew that now Manager of entire Continent hotel, has that to be able not to know mister, mister invited quickly, you were the distinguished guest in our hotel.” Zhao Hai laughed said : mister to be too polite, please.” Was saying them while walks toward hotel, this arrived has alarmed much, must know that hotel here stayed at an inn, that was non- rich already expensive, hotel nearest/recent because of the Grand Duke Layen matter, on Continent was crest of wave Sheng, Manager of their hotel, was a character, the ordinary person they personally will not come out to welcome draw. These people looked that Ronaldo greets Zhao Hai unexpectedly personally, feels very strange, they also real don’t know Zhao Hai is any status. But at this time, made the Noble appearance, just person who came out from hotel, actually heard the dialog of Ronaldo and Zhao Hai, heard their words, that person of two eyes one bright, immediately/on horseback on fast own horse carriage, hurried to the City Lord Mansion direction. After Zhao Hai they entered the reception room in hotel, some immediately people sent to sub, Ronaldo and other Zhao Hai had drunk mouth sub, this said : just obtained information, heard that mister came, I want to go to pier to greet mister, has not actually thought that among mister however such quickly arrived at the hotel, was really embarrassed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Luo Manager to be too polite, I am not influential figure, that can work mister greet personally, that may go too far, is not at all, is not at all.” Ronaldo smiles said : mister to be polite, mister helped our Shelly Family be busy, I greeted should be, what don’t know mister these did time come Rising Water City makes? What has is we can help?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to also really to have something, I want to make a shop in Rising Water City here, the shop front greatly, the section is also better, just wants to look for the Manager help.” Ronaldo smiles said : mister to be too polite, this matter gave me to be good, my a while sent for inquiring that what price don’t know mister was pleasing?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this price is not the issue, I mainly want to find a shop now, as soon as possible opens, management is also some junks, approves and retail, moreover I also receive goods, therefore position certain good of this shop, the good communications were most important.” Ronaldo nodded said : well, had mister these words to be easy to do, mister invited feel relieved, I certainly as soon as possible found appropriate mister to use the place that was right, mister opened a shop in here, but must go through some formalities, don’t know has mister prepared? If the mister need, we to can help busy to mister.” Zhao Hai laughed said : that to thank Luo Manager, to be honest, I in this Rising Water City, a person of understanding did not have, wanted many relying upon Luo Manager to here, can this, as reaching the principle, I many to hotel 5000 Fire Fish, Luo Manager you look to be possible every month to be good?” Ronaldo stares, then face pleasantly surprised said : mister was really too polite, actually mister did not give me, I certainly will also handle to mister, mister these won't Fire Fish, snatch the Calci Family share? Won't make mister awkward?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be awkward, I with the Calci Family matter, I think that you also heard, now I must have a look at Calci Family am any manner, if their manner is strong, I can only find other people to cooperate.” Ronaldo two eyes twinkling brightly, but also made Zhao Hai say, Zhao Hai and Calci Family matter, he was knows, knows, therefore he to Zhao Hai such enthusiasm, if Zhao Hai had a falling out with Calci Family, his in hand had unnecessary Fire Fish, if can give Shelly Family these Fire Fish shares, that Shelly Family may gain turns. Shelly Family does not fear Calci Family, your Calci Family in fierce, impossible the Shelly Family root pulling out, said it, left Rosen Empire, Shelly Family be easier-to-use than Calci Family, they do not fear Calci Family. But Merchant exquisite friendly disposition leads to wealth, if can not have a falling out with Calci Family, good that do not have a falling out, is relative to entire Shelly Family after all, the Fire Fish business is also only a small-scale business. Naturally, Merchant is also high interest, has such opportunity they , if not use, gains a benefit to oneself, that is really not their dispositions, therefore Ronaldo to Zhao Hai such enthusiasm, but Zhao Hai also looked at understand this point, therefore his yawn has given Loshan 5000 Fire Fish shares, this quantity were many. However Ronaldo also listened to understand, Zhao Hai was selecting him with the words, Ronaldo has also believed Marriott words, this Zhao Hai was really not the ordinary character. Thinks of here, Ronaldo cannot help but stands up, to Zhao Hai ritual said : so, Ronaldo has taken down, mister, I have prepared the room to mister, prepared the meal, mister please first rest, my immediately went handling the mister explain/transfer matter.” Zhao Hai smiles said : thanks for your trouble Manager.” Said that walks with Ronaldo outward, immediately has to wait on to come, received Ronaldo Zhao Hai to the room that he arranges. What Ronaldo their several people arranges to Zhao Hai is in the hotel the best room, moreover waited on should with these explain/transfer, must receive Zhao Hai well, no matter who had problems, he will be impolite. Zhao Hai they just entered the room not to have how long, hears knock on hearing outside, Xu Wanying passes doorkeeper to open, presently is in the hotel delivers the meal, sumptuousness that very this meal they prepare, it seems like that this Ronaldo already arranged, is really person of the having a mind. Zhao Hai they not polite, after hitting enjoyed has delivered meal waiting on should, prepared to dine, at this time the suddenly knock in one time transmitted, Xu Wanying opened the door to look, was Junichi.

Passes through the gate along one by one, immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, inquired clearly, here goods also very entire, but compared Sky Water City there to come, low-end product were many . Moreover the here goods also wanted to be cheaper than Sky Water City there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, first eats meal, finished eating the food we to have a look, after to waiting found the shop front, your immediately exits to sweep the goods, makes these thing that the Sea Race person wants, then we going to sea as soon as possible, trades with the Sea Race person.” Junichi they have complied with one, how many people got up the table, prepares to eat meal, Laura sits in there frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, have you thought? If we opened a shop, that this shop who comes to see? The Iron Mountain Fort there slave is incorrect, why they manage in Iron Mountain Fort there nobody, but to here, was not good, I thought that we must find several trustworthy people.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that stares slightly, then smiles said : what? to want your under the hand/subordinate to draw? This is also good, our in hand now nobody, moreover most lacks is that type trustworthy, person who can assume sole responsibility for an important task, your under the hand/subordinate always place Purcell Duchy is not a matter, should call them.” Laura face happy said : good, if long time does not look for them, I also really feared that they have any idea, now Purcell Duchy there we cannot go back, happen to our here must open a shop, called just right them.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : a while to finish eating food you to write a letter, then through Stony Mountain there, was going to Blood Hawk release, gave them the letter, making them go to outside Casa City to gather, when the time comes I sent Blood Hawk to meet them.” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, you should better also give Uncle Evan to send a letter, told him this matter, making him have a preparation.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I will arrange, I think that now Uncle Evan cannot dig up your subordinates these people a bit faster to walk, as the matter stands Magic Lily Store on complete by his control.” Laura sighed, Magic Lily Store was her one establishes, must give, she always felt that was a pity very much. Zhao Hai look at her appearance, smiles said : to be good, left sadly, Magic Lily Store that other your many years, established, total assets many, a maximum wealth, has not been your subordinates these people, these people were the person wealth, we must use, gave them one in the stage well, making them demonstrate that own talent, was right, do not forget to tell them that making them lead the family member.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved, I will tell them, we definitely incessantly open this shop, if the Sky Water City there matter is solved toward the good aspect, there also needs the person to look at the shop, moreover Elder Brother Hai, you did not think that Iron Mountain Fort there also does lack manages staff? Has their join, can be better?” Zhao Hai nodded, in this time, knock in one time is transmitting.