Chapter 393 Charlie Zhao Hai hears the knock to stare, because he person with hotel had told, if no what important matter do not look for him, he believes the person in hotel not casual disturbs his. First time knocks on a door Zhao Hai to think that can be Junichi, finally is really Junichi, but who these does time knock on a door to be? Zhao hand wields, monitor projection appears before them, they saw quickly outside is standing person, a person of wear magnificent clothes, but makes people feel strange, this very magnificent clothes, unexpectedly is a servant robe. Are clothes of servant, more magnificent than general Noble? Zhao Hai they noticed that the attire of this servant feels somewhat dizzy. However Zhao Hai also knows that can put on the servant of such clothes, his Master is not definitely simple, Zhao Hai waved to Junichi, Junichi understand, immediately/on horseback opened the door in the past. Out of the door is really standing that servant, although his clothes very magnificently, but that is the servant attire, moreover his manner also very humble, looks at Junichi to open the door, immediately/on horseback to being suitable for one by one bows said : hello, in seeks an interview Mr. Zhao Hai.” Looks at his manner along one by one, does not have the slander to quarrel, however his vigilant heart has not actually put down, but is look at that person of said : please ask that you are that? What matter looks for Young Master to have?” That servant shows a faint smile said : villain is also a servant, conveys a message for my family Master, is only my family Master family share, is somewhat special, therefore my family Master name, I can only see after Mr. Zhao Hai, was saying that please excuse me.” Junichi in recording in a dilemma, the Zhao Hai sound is transmitting said : Junichi, making him come.” Along the one by one hear of Zhao Hai body horse, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then turn around lets, the hand signal that has made invitation, that servant then to being suitable for the one by one ritual, entered the room. Zhao Hai sat in living room now, obviously these servants know Zhao Hai, his immediately/on horseback walks up, bowed said : young to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, my family Master has hosted the banquet in home, asking mister to go slightly to gather.” This saying although very polite, but in expression actually shows one to make the person irrecusable pressure come, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel very strange, don’t know this servant is any background.

However Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, is he only look at that servant said : considers the your house/family Master status? Be honest with you, I the personal enemy on Continent am many, average person must invite me not to go.” Has gawked, but he is a face smiling face looked at Junichi their said : Mr. Zhao Hai, my family Master status, cannot say really casually, but this my family Master is harbors the sincerity to come, asking mister to come.” Zhao Hai frowns look at that servant said : in this room, is the people who I can definitely trust, if you really do not want to say that that has sorry, I will not meet with the person of revealing only part of the truth.” Listened to Zhao Hai saying that complexion cannot help but sank, then looked at Zhao Hai said : mister, since such that I told you, this time wants to see your is not other, was Rosen Empire Third Prince Your Highness.” Zhao Hai stares, then his puzzled look at said : Third Prince Your Highness must see me, does mysterious that such you make do? Has what matter to be inadequate?” Looked at Zhao Hai one, looks at his really not understand, this light tone said : original mister is really don’t know, was I have misunderstood, mister, this Rising Water City was side the country Second Prince Your Highness domain, the Third Prince Your Highness domain is Jade Water City, Your Highness this time is secret comes Rising Water City, he does not want to make Second Prince Your Highness know, therefore this time he must see you , can only be meeting of secret, now mister understand?” understand, Zhao Hai naturally understand, but now he to being worried about, him nodded said : well, that please front guide.” Said that has stood. Looked that Zhao Hai must go with him, finally relaxed, he also feared that Zhao Hai does not go with him, he guides in front hastily. Zhao Hai then presently, he unexpectedly is walks the back door of hotel to come, in hotel courtyard, horse carriage in waiting for Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai not politely, has seated in horse carriage directly. This horse carriage very ordinary, does not look at the extraordinary place from semblance, is only quite big, can sit five to six people, therefore Zhao Hai is bringing Xu Wanying and Junichi also advantageous auspicious four people sits in horse carriage, what driving a cart is an appearance very ordinary cart driver. Is Zhao Hai to the sleep profits auspicious somewhat to make a fuss over a trifling matter, seriously what has? However he changes mind thinks that from all these motions, he saw another situations, feared that was the struggles of Rosen Empire these Prince entered the situation of superheating, otherwise Third Prince not such careful.

However this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat strangely, must know that Rosen Empire old King present is very healthy, in this case, their several Prince are struggling any vigor. The vehicle walked out of hotel, gets out of trouble on the street, some little time before arrived at a house, this is the back door of house, but light from this back door looked that knows this house is not simple, his back door cultivates was really too attractive, was more attractive than the front door of common people. The vehicle has not stopped, entered behind this directly, finally stopped parking lot there, asked Zhao Hai to get out, Zhao Hai has not been angry, he to really wants to know now that this Third Prince asked him to do. Under leadership, several people have passed through several courtyards, arrived at relatively refined small courtyard, this courtyard is not really big, is similar in the maid servant institute that in Smith City Lord Mansion lives in Zhao Hai, but in this courtyard type is not Plum Blossom, but is some watches trees, Zhao Hai cannot name the character, but this arrives lets this courtyard obviously out of the ordinary especially. Several people just entered courtyard, sees room in front of the door in courtyard to stand two people, one is one about 50 years old, puts on Fatty of magnificent Merchant clothing/taking, the tonnage of this fellow was really too big, looked like a meat mountain toward a there station, but made Zhao Hai feel what was strange, this meat Shan stands in there, you will not feel unwieldy, quite, you only will feel that had the strength to him probably very much. But another person actually wears a very ordinary Noble clothing/taking, looks like probably not very magnificent, about 30, appearance very refined, combing neat of , although he is only stands in there simply, but you actually naturally feel his a cut above others, inborn superior. Benefits the position to arrive nearby that about 30 -year-old person, bowed said : to that person Your Highness, Mr. Zhao Hai.” That person nodded, then look at Zhao Hai said : of face smiling face mister do not blame Charlie to be disrespectful, really compels unable.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, hid said : to see Charlie Prince to Charlie, Your Highness so had said that was really folds the ghost, can be summoned by Your Highness, was my being honored is.” Charlie showed a faint smile said : mister to be too polite, presented to mister, this was the Rising Water City famous ocean business, Aonas.” Zhao Hai bows said : to see Aonas mister to Aonas, Zhao Hai was courteous.” On the fat face of Aonas has hung all over the smiling face, wearing a smile said : of face mister was too polite, Your Highness, mister, invited quickly.” Said that made them enter the living room.

Sits down after the living room, immediately they have sent to sub to Zhao Hai, several people drank a sub, Charlie then said : this time I also just in time came Rising Water City here to handle a matter, happen to heard mister, on taking the liberty asked mister to come to continue, was really disrespectful.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness not to be no need saying that you were too polite, what not having to be disrespectful, does not know that what matter Your Highness does ask me to have?” Charlie stares, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so direct, then he shows a faint smile said : mister is really a refreshed person, I was not beating around the bush, these time asked mister to come, the matters must discuss with mister that don’t know I can have this being honored, cooperated with mister.” Zhao Hai has guessed correctly this point, now he except for in hand thing, what also has not displayed quite to let thing that the person keeps thinking about, therefore one hear of Charlie said that he has not been startled, but look at Charlie said : what business with me don’t know can Your Highness cooperate?” Charlie look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to know that mister nearest/recent cooperates some business with hotel and Calci Family, I the business to Milk Wine and Fire Fish also very much feel excited, don’t know mister whether to work with me?” Zhao Hai look at Charlie said : Your Highness, to be honest, cooperates with you are not, now I give the hotel and Calci Family one month provide fifty thousand 5000 jiao Fire Fish, Milk Wine probably have about the fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) greatly certainly, this is not my limit, I can also each month raise Your Highness to provide forty thousand 5000 jiao Fire Fish, fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine, this is my has delivered most greatly, don’t know can Your Highness satisfy?” Zhao Hai this saying is a probe, Charlie wants to work actually Fire Fish with him and Milk Wine business, that must snatch Calci Family to have the share of hotel, possibly Charlie has prepared for must offend that two clans, but Zhao Hai said that wants to have a look, in can avoid offending in that two clans situation, can Charlie also offend that two clans, if Charlie must snatch that two clans share, Zhao Hai possibly if has thought that because that on representing Charlie don’t know is profound, moreover may very much with that two clans person enmity. Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, then what said : of face happy expression mister said is really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to dare to deceive Your Highness, naturally real.” Saw the Charlie expression, Zhao Hai has almost guessed correctly the answer. Really, Charlie smiles said : well, is so best, invites mister feel relieved, all your cargos, what price to Calci Family and Shelly Family are, what price I also similarly by receive, does not make mister suffer a loss absolutely.”