Chapter 394 Sincere Zhao Hai smiles said : this I to not to be worried that so such settled, but Your Highness your delivery point in there? I think that doesn't sit is also Sky Water City?” Charlie smiles said : naturally is not Sky Water City, I want to invite mister to the Jade Water City delivery, is there my domain, don’t know can?” Zhao Hai smiles said : nature yes, later each month hands over substandard goods, each substandard goods will be next month start to hand over, don’t know Your Highness agreement?” Charlie smiles said : thanks a lot mister to forgive, my there truly requires time to prepare, what business don’t know mister does in hand have to do? mister in hand has Milk Wine, wants to come them to be good with Beastman relationship?” Zhao Hai smiles said : truly is such as Your Highness said that I Beastman Race Tauren Clan relationship is good, currently my in hand also has many wool products, what's wrong, Your Highness to this business also interested.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but secret nod, commended Zhao Hai to be tactful, he was only Zhao Hai on understand his meaning, his immediately/on horseback was said : some interests, don’t know mister in hand has the multi- wool blankets?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to add the wool blanket including carpet to be counted, 10,000 always have, this quantity although are not many, waits till after beginning of the spring, slowly were many.” Charlie nodded said : well, mister these wool blankets I wanted, presses the market price to convert to be good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that naturally is good, next month I to Your Highness delivers Fire Fish the time, one and sends to Your Highness the wool blanket and carpet, Your Highness do you look to be good?”

Charlie smiles said : well, is very good, such settled, mister, could I take the liberty ask, what matter mister these time come Rising Water City here to have? If there is any matter, Aonas to can add on slightly busy.” Aonas quickly said: Yes mister, in Rising Water City, if there is any matter, I to can strive.” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually these time also nothing, I want to purchase some thing in Rising Water City, opens a shop while convenient.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes twinkling brightly said : does might as well ask mister to go to Jade Water City to open a shop to be good? The Jade Water City there commodity and Rising Water City here is similar, moreover there is my domain, has mister to there, I been able to exempt all tax revenues to mister, mister you looks what kind of?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really Charlie unexpectedly enthusiasm such, he also knows, if he does not comply, then offended Charlie on equal to, what person his present don’t know Charlie is, if he is a petty person, after that because possibly this matter will retaliate him. But if he if complied, opened the shop in Jade Water City, if later Charlie has gotten angry with him, he keeps Jade Water City there all people to have the danger, this let Zhao Hai is really somewhat in a dilemma. Charlie looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, later he does not think, quickly said: mister do not misunderstand, I have not compelled the meaning of mister, mister to go to go, does not want to go, this will not affect our cooperation.” Zhao Hai looked at Charlie one, smiles said : Your Highness to misunderstand, Your Highness has given me such good condition, I naturally must go to Jade Water City, this time I am also because is near to Rising Water City, therefore comes here to have a look, this, tomorrow do I go to Jade Water City, when don’t know Your Highness return to Jade Water City?” Charlie look at Zhao Hai smiles said : I also happen to probably return to Jade Water City, I looked that was inferior tomorrow builds mister along the sailboat, don’t know mister can want?” Zhao Hai stares slightly, then smiles said : first Your Highness such guest I please not to invite, that such has reached an agreement, tomorrow I in the ship and other Your Highness, Your Highness can go to Rising Water City charge pier there directly, my ship is Haven Ship.”

Charlie smiles said : well, that such settled, today does not disturb mister, after mister goes back, rest well, tomorrow our on the ship discussed in auspicious.” Zhao Hai stood with a smile got up said : so such to settle, Your Highness, Zhao Hai asked to be excused.” Said that bows to Charlie, under eagerly anticipating, withdrew from the living room. Charlie has delivered to entrance Zhao Hai, this talent and Zhao Hai said goodbye, to Zhao Hai personal appearance leave his line of sight, Charlie then returned to in living room. Aonas look at Charlie said : Your Highness, were you to him too polite? Why can give him to be exempted from tax? Because of Fire Fish and Milk Wine?” Charlie smiles was shaking the head said : not, Aonas, your understand, I do not see Zhao Hai most from the beginning time, I have not thought these, but after seeing him, my actually suddenly wants to draw this person to my side, because this person is very fearful, his fearfulness does not lie in his scheme, he with any scheme, his all probes, all matters, is not obvious, enabling your almost one eyes to look comes out, but this I take seriously his reason, he does not use the scheme, this explained that he is confident to own strength, He disdains with the scheme, what most important is, I on his body, saw equally rare thing, sincere.” Aonas stares, puzzled look at Charlie, the Charlie look at Aonas appearance, forced smile said : in this world plots and schemes were too then many, sees a sincere person rarely, why do I work with him? The person like Zhao Hai, you wants to be good to him, does not betray, he will not betray you for the benefit.” Aonas puzzled look at Charlie said : „does Your Highness see? Why haven't I looked?” Charlie smiles said : still to remember that I said can work with him? If the general logical expression, was already happy was complying, no matter what, my this three imperial prince status also be higher than Shelly Family, but he works with me, actually directly Shelly Family and Calci Family share removing, told me directly, he besides that two clans share, how many thing can provide to me, this is actually a probe, he wants to have a look at my manner to this matter, if my two clans share wanted at that time, he will definitely not cooperate with me, Aonas, the nearest/recent Calci Family matter should you also know? Calci Family that waste fifth child, stares at him probably, moreover in the past probably still suffered a loss in the hand of Zhao Hai, in this case, Zhao Hai has still not given me the Calci Family share, obviously he was a heavy sentimental person, if such person can be adopted by us, that was my good fortune.” Aonas one hear of Charlie said that this understand, he nodded said : Your Highness invited him to go to Jade Water City the time, was he probably somewhat hesitant?” Charlie smiles said : this is I settles on his second point, you think that he, if straight opens a shop in Jade Water City there, does the President year stay in there? Definitely, he will not send under the hand/subordinate to look at the shop in there, I give him the tax-free such superior level the condition, the average person already complied, but reason that he hesitates, because of his under the hand/subordinate, he sends under the hand/subordinate to open a shop in Jade Water City, if some day he has had a falling out with me, he that shop in Jade Water City can also? He feared such day of time, I will keep the person in Jade Water City to begin to him, so the person who own under the hand/subordinate thinks, I naturally settle on him.”

look at Charlie said : that a Aonas face admires Your Highness is really eyes blazing like torches, if Zhao Hai is really a person of heavy sentiment, why initially doesn't give Calci Family all shares? Before Calci Family help him a lot.” Charlie smiles said : „, because he feared that he wants to leave a leeway to himself, I think that Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate has certainly many people, but these people were counting on he eats meal, if he pressed all treasures on Calci Family, if Calci Family were not working with him, his loss will be very big, this was the way things should be, as can be appreciated, moreover I believe that hundred thousand strip Fire Fish that he said that the hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine total quantity, not necessarily was his total quantity, he will always give to keep an escape route.” Aonas nodded, this point he can understand that leaving a way out is the way things should be, even if were he has also prepared a escape route to oneself, this did not have quite strangely what. Charlie look at Aonas, which shows a faint smile said : this Zhao Hai not to be simple, later the Grand Duke Layen matter has big relationship with him, finally he actually does not injure, moreover hears him in Aksu Empire, but also offended Southern King Boris and Radiant Church, under chasing down of Boris and Radiant Church, can lossless running away arrive at Beastman Prairie unexpectedly, then uses a false status, ran away our Rosen Empire from Aksu Empire, has led then the entire Empire anti- Radiant Church tide, fierce, what most important was, he gave these advice that Calci Family offered, has hit Radiant Church vital part directly, by Radiant Church. Our Rosen Empire is difficult, this is I settles on his place.” Aonas frowns said : Your Highness, that idea is not Calci Family leaves? How you said that is Zhao Hai leaves?” said : that Charlie disdains Calci Family , if there is great idea, they already had not used, why by Radiant Church pressing these many years, after this idea was Zhao Hai to Sky Water City, Calci Family wants to come out, wasn't this too skillful? Therefore I think that this idea is very likely Zhao Hai to leave, these antiques that he he, Calci Family is in power now if can find out such idea, that really damn, but Smith their several brothers to are really very good, the ability is very strong, the eye is also very accurate, but that fifth child Juwan is actually a genuine waste, has opportunity, to can include Smith their several under one, if can have their support, he he, a that position feared that was on could not be inescapable.” Aonas has not thought that really they several appraisals of Charlie to Smith so will be high, but he to has not been angry, he knows that his skill, makes Merchant also to assemble, thinks that was speaking of helps Charlie snatch the throne, this a few tricks also really insufficiently looked. Charlie looked at Aonas one, his very important Aonas, one time was to say the Aonas ability strongly, but was Aonas is absolutely loyal to him, this point was other people cannot compare, thinks that here Charlie cannot help but showed a faint smile said : Aonas, went to prepare to me, tomorrow I took a seat the Zhao Hai ship to return to Jade Water City, the Rising Water City here matter hand over give you, has remembered, you now are Merchant, except for very important matter, otherwise do not contact with me, so long as you completed a Merchant duty on the line.” Aonas has complied with one.