Chapter 395 Buda Family turning over opportunity Zhao Hai returned to the hotel, after having hit, immediately had found Ronaldo, said to Ronaldo, wants wait a moment at the matter that here opens a shop. Ronaldo also knows that Zhao Hai exited, but went to there he and don’t know, he is not inquisitive Zhao Hai, obtained each month 5000 Fire Fish advantage in any case now, he does not have to closely examine, but full mouth accepted. Ronaldo already was under the order in Clan, cooperates with Zhao Hai, cannot be too corrupt absolutely, otherwise you cannot obtain anything, therefore Ronaldo will not have to put forward any request with Zhao Hai, but in helping Zhao Hai works, he believes that such Zhao Hai to him the advantage, he will certainly obtain the advantage, one month 5000, although are not many, but regarding Shelly Family, is not a small income. Now Zhao Hai wants leave, he has not detained, has not inquired too the Zhao Hai matter, because he knows, something you, if inquired, instead attended the meeting to cause others' dislike. Zhao Hai returned to room time, seeing the Charlie matter they said to Laura, Laura to had not opposed that was mainly she has the confidence to Zhao Hai Space, he believes that had Zhao Hai Space, even if were will have had a falling out with Charlie in the future, they can also first meet these under the hand/subordinate. Zhao Hai looked that Laura had not opposed, this relaxed, to be honest, in the matter regarding business, he compares to believe opinion of Laura, no matter what, before Laura, is a pure businessman, the name of lovable girl of day, even if has hearing in Rosen Empire, that was not saying plays. Zhao Hai turned the head you saying that to Laura said : why Charlie agreed went to Jade Water City with our together? To include me? What I do not have to be worth him including probably?” Laura smiles said : who to say does not have, Elder Brother Hai you are so outstanding, he includes you to be also normal.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, prepared, tomorrow we exited Jade Water City, he he, had Charlie to cover to there, should relaxed, but I have not wanted to be involved in their matters, can look from the style of today's Charlie conduct, Rosen Empire several Prince, to struggle that throne, was already quick crazy, our time take part went , was really not good.” Laura forced smile said : we are take part have gone in now, only if not meet with Charlie today, but we saw now, that said that anything late, I looked that might as well helps Charlie, Elder Brother Hai, if we can help Charlie mount the imperial throne, that future Buda Family perhaps compared with former scenery.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I feared that was sight, the situation of also before meeting encountering, moreover I feared that we were sight in Rosen Empire here, Aksu Empire there will receive Black Wasteland there, there was our roots.” Laura smiles said : to result in Elder Brother Hai, you also think were too many, who Black Wasteland there can want except for us, even if were you have improved the there land, there had the Cai'er toxic gas, nobody dares to want, feel relieved, there was still our roots, moreover nobody thinks that they only think we went to the marine that island to come up.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he to has to recognize Laura say that Black Wasteland there can want besides their also really nobody. Zhao Hai thinks that said : I thought this matter we with Grandpa Green they discussed is quite good.”

Laura nodded said : this to be also good, they discussed with Grandpa Green, but I feared that Grandpa Green will not agree.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to think, Grandpa Green will agree that he compared with me thinks Buda Family revives.” Agreement! I agreed certainly that this is good deed, Young Master, you fear anything, so long as Black Wasteland in the hand, our equal to had a rear, even if outside the accident sentiment, has Black Wasteland, our Buda Family will also continue.” Zhao Hai they with a Green saying matter, Green in the immediately person of same belief, his calm said : Young Master, all Great Clan, bit by bit established unexpectedly from small Clan, these time was our opportunity, reason that before our Buda Family will fall to today's situation, was because we did not have Space, was impossible momentarily to retreat, but Young Master, you currently had Space, that also feared anything, but wrestled his.” Zhao Hai has not thought really that Green will say, but Green agreed that Zhao Hai does not have anything said that he nodded said : that well, after waiting for tomorrow to embark, I probed, what manner had a look at Charlie is, such as yes, I helped his.” Green nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : that then two eyes shines Young Master, in some day the time, you can solve was poisonous, however in on the ship, what matter can have?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, when tomorrow Detoxification time, I arrive in Space, will not have the matter.” Green nodded said : you to be careful that this time Detoxification, is too to us important, is also very important to entire Buda Family.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Grandpa Green feel relieved, will not have the matter, Space has not disappointed me, these time cannot.” Green nodded. Next morning, Zhao Hai their early came out from hotel, directly to pier Haven Ship on, Haven Ship steady stopping in there, without any matter, does not have anybody to approach, it seems like that this spending aback will be good. Zhao Hai they have paid the money of aback, then embarked, is waiting for Charlie they, must say that this pier also is really, you ship stops to here the time, must turn in a money, when the ship must drive away, but must hand over one, really enough black. However Zhao Hai to has not cared, aback this is only a change, he wants to know when Charlie will come. Just is thinking, looked like very ordinary horse carriage to pier here, arrived under the Haven Ship ship directly, then from facing set. Zhao Hai saw that came, immediately made people put the deck, they rushed to on the ship horse carriage directly, look at them to embark, Zhao Hai immediately made the ship set sail. To leaving pier, officially entered ocean, Charlie from the vehicle, gets down smiles said : sentiment to Zhao Hai by, mister should not be offended.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : not to dare, Prince Your Highness invited.” Said that let in Charlie the cabin. Haven Ship after modified, in this cabin does not have what difference with ordinary others, there is a living room, there is a dining room. Charlie saw that this on the ship situation to stares, he has not thought really that in this city really also has such place, after he sits down, Meg their immediately sent to sub to him, Charlie has drunk mouth sub, this smiles said :mister this ship is really good, I rode these many time ships, only then mister this ship sat comfortably. Zhao Hai smiles said : „the Your Highness quart saying that my this ship also afterward changed to this to want, my this on the ship is some Undead Creature is setting sail, they do not need to rest, therefore does not have the cabin that the crew uses, this has vacated such big Space.” Charlie has gawked, he just really had not paid attention, this on the ship unexpectedly is Undead Creature, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked next step: „, It seems like the mister Black Magic level very much high looked that I also think what on the ship is the average person.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this on the ship these Undead Creature is comes the on the ship boatman, must say that I have been returned didn't have long time, in the past because of the Grand Duke Layen matter, I who finally this ship turned over.” Charlie has gawked next step: Because of the Grand Duke Layen matter? Do I think the style of this ship probably am the Ocean Waves Dynasty there style? Does the Grand Duke Layen matter have relationship with Ocean Waves Dynasty?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is a little relationship, Grand Duke Layen runs away after his fief, wants to ride this ship to run, finally was given capture by me, cannot run, he died, this ship naturally also turned over to me.” Charlie two eyes flashed with brilliant rays said : „was Grand Duke Layen tribulation by you? I said that if Calci Family already present Layen, they had already executed Layen, that can wait for long time to begin, originally unexpectedly is the hand that mister leaves, does not know that mister present level is?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : 8th level , I am 8th level Magician, he he, making Your Highness be laughed.” Charlie actually laughed said : mister to be too polite, on Continent such as mister such age, can achieve the 8th level person, I have not heard, mister was really startled certainly colorful.” Zhao Hai knows said : my this not to calculate that most at least I know, in Radiant Church has the strengths of some people not under me, even also above me.” Charlie stares, he first time hears this matter, his cannot help but complexion Righteous Path: Could ask mister detailed to say? mister should also know that because of the past matter, our Rosen Empire with Radiant Church made now is not very happy, I feared that will have any matter to live.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness also to hear that I in Aksu Empire, offended Radiant Church, has to run away Beastman Prairie to come up, has not actually thought that Radiant Church will send for Beastman Prairie chasing down me unexpectedly, and has sent 9th level Expert, was a pity that their such one was to violate Beastman taboo, was cut to kill by Beastman Race Expert at the scene, I turned into Advanced level Undead Creature that 9th level Expert, knew from his mouth a matter, Radiant Church carried on Ultimate Weapon to plan.” Charlie static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, hears Zhao Hai spoke of the Ultimate Weapon plan the time, cannot help but complexion changed, look at Zhao Hai said : Ultimate Weapon plan?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : right, the Ultimate Weapon plan, this plan selects some innate skill good children on Continent, carries on special training to these children since childhood, but also lets the Potion master and practices [gold/metal] Master to cause can promote the cultivation level medicine to eat to them massively, the point trains 9th level Expert these children, young of these Expert, but minimum is seven arrives at 8th level Expert, minority became 9th level Expert, some because actually cannot bear the training painstakingly, died, dying occupies majority.” Charlie complexion is changing, what his look at Zhao Hai said : mister you said is Radiant Church? They have not said one are the servant who teaches brightly, is based on saving others? Will they do such matter?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that is only a pretence that they use, any Radiant God servant, is based on saving others, simply is talk nonsense, the misdemeanor that they do are not less than Dark Magician, I am also open about the facts Your Highness, actually Continent makes wicked many becoming famous Dark Magician, is actually Radiant Church trains, they train these Dark Magician, then makes them do wickedly to Continent, ruins the Dark Magician reputation, then they have acted to cope with these Dark Magician, like this they not only obtained the reputation, but also achieved the dirt to fall the Dark Magician point.” The Charlie eye cannot help but shrinks, deep voice said : „can mister this words take seriously?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have lies certainly, Your Highness, knows why I come out from Prairie, directly soars Rosen Empire?” Charlie said : not because of Calci Family?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that is only a reason, another reason is, on entire Continent, only then the Rosen Empire Radiant Church strength is weakest, Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, domestic Noble has own pride, therefore few of their join Radiant Church, but like other countries, join Radiant Church Noble are many, King of some duchies, simply is the Radiant Church person, Aksu Empire Southern King is one of the Radiant Church Protector Knight group members, the status in Radiant Church is very high, other's country is also so, because, therefore I can Rosen Empire.” One that Charlie shouted has stood, stamped step said : to be able in the living room like this? How can like this? In this way, that entire Continent hasn't become Radiant Church? Radiant Church, good method that.” Before Rosen Empire the appears anti- Radiant Church tide, Charlie had not been serious, in his opinion, Radiant Church in Rosen Empire altogether on such two people, what storm can turn to come, now, completely is not that a matter, they have suppressed Radiant Church luckily, what otherwise now can Rosen Empire be? Thinks that the here Charlie cold sweat got down. These year of although said that Rosen Empire has been suppressing Radiant Church, but has not investigated in view of them specially, they certainly Radiant Church can suffice the threat to their rules, therefore they suppress Radiant Church, Charlie never expected, the Radiant Church present strength so was unexpectedly strong. Transferred several, Charlie turned the head mister these information also to have who knew to Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Highness, you think that in Rosen Empire, there is that Clan most to hate Radiant Church, most fears Radiant Church? Naturally is Calci Family, these situations they know, but some they already know that some also just knew.”