Chapter 396 business Charlie look at Zhao Hai, he knows Zhao Hai said just obtained information, feared that is the time is not short, does he stare at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : why you are telling me these?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to have a grudge with Radiant Church, they want to kill me to be then quick, for the protect life, I must more to cope with Radiant Church, told Your Highness your, wants to make you help my together cope with Radiant Church.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then suddenly laughs said : well, refreshed, mister so said that I to was feel relieved, if Radiant Church had such strength that mister said, I will certainly cope his, but mister also knows that I was only Prince, the strength am limited.” Zhao Hai look at Charlie, Charlie also look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Highness, if has anything to have a need for my place, with every effort helps certainly one another below.” Spoke to the smart person, understand that too you were needless saying that everyone/Great Clan was a smart person, understood everything right off, Charlie immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, his cannot help but two eyes bright said : that Charlie has thanked mister in here, mister also knows that I need so much funds now, mister you looked had any good business to introduce did to me.” Zhao Hai laughs said : Your Highness you to is really impolite, but your such disposition I to like very much, direct, does not do false, good, the business to has, what method don’t know Your Highness do you have? I want to make some in the sea special products the business, for example some in the sea Magic Beast, the pearl, the coral and so on, is Your Highness interested?” Charlie stares, then two eyes a golden light flashes, eyeball quickly turned into gold coins, this cannot blame him, who let on Continent these marine products is really too valuable. Continent is very big, the coastline is also very long, but has forgotten, on Continent there is the one type of person called Magician, they can use Magic, quick takes these in the sea special products in coastline, then buys, therefore for sometime these there special products on Continent, cheap is the white vegetable prices. However passed after that time, ended, offshore these good thing almost to be fished cleanly, but deep sea there Human Race does not dare to go, goes also to have not to return, in the sea thing slowly more and more precious as gold, was almost does not have the city to the present valuably, in hand had that thing person not to want make a move. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that his in hand has these in the sea special products, Charlie realized certainly that this is good opportunity of wealth, but his immediately sobered, look at Zhao Hai said : mister, now this in the sea thing is not fond of playing jokes, you got it from there? Will not salvage in deep sea there? mister, that is not good, there thing cannot touch, if made the Sea Race person presently trouble.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, the absolute safety that feel relieved, my these thing come, you also know that I am Dark Magician, is adding on this on the ship person is some Undead Creature, therefore I, if installs some drinking of eating in on the ship, that enough my on the sea life one year or so, when the time comes I have been able to arrive at far point place the sea the side, then made these Undead Creature go to sea to fish thing, the there general salvage ship does not go, had many good thing.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Charlie to was in saying anything, truly like Zhao Hai said that before salvaged sea to be most, was only these application small Magician, level, made does not arrive at any money, but their Magic, in the sea can actually obtain increasing of certain degree auxiliary, therefore they will run up to in the sea to make money.

But these true big Magician, are nobody does, these true Magician welcome be already regarded Uncle by these Great Noble to the family in same raised. Afterward these small Magician present, these sea that fished were really the value does not get too much money, therefore did not have to walk toward deep sea there, but general salvage ship, could not arrive at there to go, therefore approached the deep sea that piece of sea region, can get so far as some sea to come up. Charlie said : good, mister, this we can cooperate, you looked that we can cooperate? Was you sold to me at a price, we cooperated, thing that you fishing gave me, then I took am selling, finally we divided, did you look?” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, thing give you that that second type, I fishing, then you sell out him, is the matter what kind to the half minute?” Charlie said : this is not good, you fish thing, is present at work and strives, the money of selling we to half minute, is inappropriate?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, such has decided that he he, Your Highness, Fire Fish that business, I cannot to you that many, if the entire Continent Fire Fish business is done by you, you have focused, moreover Fire Fish are too many were not valuable, I suggested after you, placed on the business the livelihood of the people thing, this aspect I can also help you.” Charlie said : this aspect can you help me? Helps?” Zhao Hai smiles said : my in hand now the has plenty vegetables and grain can make a move, if you do this convenient business, I to can give you these thing, naturally, the price absolutely is the market price, my thing compares other people absolutely.” „The business that Charlie forced smile said : mister, I do most probably is the batch of mass, your thing is the quality, gave me to be also useless, as soon as I added the price, these Merchant will not buy.” Zhao Hai stares, pulling has tapped the head, he really has also forgotten this, these thing qualities that although he produces are very good, but that is regarding the Purcell Duchy person, regarding the people in other countries, people mostly also don’t know Haven product is any thing, but Rosen Empire here possibly continually listens no has heard, if he wants to make the brand with this obviously is incorrect. Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles bitterly next step: Your Highness, I must discuss with you, all my product, must get Haven this trademark, making all people know that Haven product name, do I look to be good?” Charlie smiles said : well, I heard before mister , is Haven this trademark that Purcell Duchy there uses, if can fire this token, to you to me is the good deeds.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then said : that my here did not have the good business, after a period of time arrived can some massive business rations, but that was also product of some low-end, the value can not too much money.” Charlie smiles said : that to be also good, I heard, these rations very much receive mercenary to welcome, what kind of? Gives me?” Zhao Hai look at two eyes braves golden light Charlie forced smile said : my Prince Your Highness, are you cracking a joke? That rations method of manufacturing very simple, soon, on Continent appears many rations, what money when the time comes that thing simply will have been unworthy, you wanted to be also useless, feel relieved, could not owe you, I now in the research one type of new liquor, so long as this liquor research has succeeded, he certainly becomes on Continent the most popular hotel . Moreover the price was inexpensive, almost suited all people to drink, when the time comes did this business give you sole management you to look to be good?” Charlie two eyes said : really? Has this type of liquor really?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally real, this type of liquor drinks with Milk Wine absolutely is two flavors, but the output of this type of liquor is high, similarly, his price also small advantage, so long as produce comes out, certainly will be welcome, Laura, tastes to Your Highness with one glass of beer.” A Laura face painstakingly strange has complied with one, took one glass of beer to come out, has given Charlie, Charlie look at in front of him this cup of thing, color of good confusion, suddenly made him not drink **, to express trust Zhao Hai, he has taken up the cup, closed one's eyes to drink one. This liquor just entered the mouth he to feel that acid chirp strange taste, he misses the different point not to swallow, but for the politeness, he has swallowed this thing. However after this thing swallows, Charlie actually felt that an unusual flavor, this flavor very unusual, has not been tastily, makes you unable to bear drink second. Charlie unconscious and has drunk one, is that flavor, this Charlie has borne, he puts down cup said : flavor to be very special, but I feared that the average person could not accept.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have research to be successful, therefore drinks to have an acid flavor, after succeeding, will not have this flavor.” Charlie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : „, if this, that this business to is very good, but I think this type of liquor, appearance that probably is not very good to preserve.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the Prince Your Highness vision is very really wrong, the preservation of this type of liquor said that difficult not to be difficult, said easy not quite to be easy, this type of liquor must seal the preservation absolutely, if the seal were not good, was that flavor just, if sealed, can actually preserve for a long time not to change flavor.”

Charlie smiles said : so that's how it is, that is good, the seal is not very difficult, good, I waited for mister good information.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, when this liquor research was good, my immediately delivers to you.” Charlie nodded, smiles said : this time I to thank mister, these types of business that you said that regarding me, the business that very much makes money, this is very big to my help.” What Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have, I make thing, doesn't sell outward? He He.” Charlie shows a faint smile said : no matter what, thanked mister.” Zhao Hai smiled said : after a period of time I also to be able with some Prince Your Highness massive cooperation raging bull and Argali business, but must wait till after beginning of the spring.” Charlie smiles said : well, raging bull and Argali these two thing, although on Continent are not considered as that any in high demand thing, but the sales volume is good, so long as there are does not worry to sell.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „is only these business, enough has let the person who the person is jealous, Your Highness is careful, was careful that other person of alliance cope with you, when the time comes you troubled.” The Charlie knitting the brows head, he to agreed that Zhao Hai such view, this situation is very easy to live.