Chapter 397 Second Prince Just as was Zhao Hai said that on these business that the present he takes over, enough has let the person who the person was jealous, now their brothers several people of starting points are similar, the strength was also similar, no one was special, everyone not specially weak, but if he started to do these business, his strength slowly his several brothers, when the time comes that several brothers, if alliance coped his, he on will have was in a big way troublesome. The business that these business that however Zhao Hai said very much make money, making him discard, he has not given up, this is his awkward reason. Zhao Hai look at Charlie smiles said : Your Highness not to need to be too many, in the final analysis, this final decides the power certainly not in you, so long as you completed your matter to be good.” Charlie nodded, shouted the tone, the meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, the matter of this struggle throne, the final decision-making power really in them, other people's father now the body is not very good . Moreover the age is not very big, in being several 20 years of emperor, feared that will be will not have the matter, the 20 years later matters, who will also be able to talk clearly. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Your Highness, this time I am the preparation open a shop in Jade Water City there, when the time comes must trouble Your Highness is.” Charlie smiles said : mister feel relieved, to my place, all said.” Was saying, suddenly outside heard sound of the warning, Zhao Hai has gawked, turns the head to look along the one by one eye, Junichi immediately ran. Charlie to is complexion calm, this designated that the strength he has, before long Junichi walked out, to Zhao Hai ritual said : Young Master, several ships left the harbor after us continuously with us, now pursued, moreover becomes the potential of surrounding.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to come to us, walks, goes to have a look is who.” Said that has stood, Charlie has also stood, Zhao Hai actually said : Your Highness, you wait a while in the cabin, this matter not necessarily comes to you, comes to you, you will exit counter- to expose.” Charlie nodded, sat, Zhao Hai led Laura they to exit, in entire living room on remaining Charlie.

Frowns said : Your Highness, do you look to have the danger?” Charlie shook the head said : this not to say, ok, did not think that many, a while knew, I believe that the mister strength should be able to assure our securities.” although was worried, but in saying anything, but nodded, his simply don’t know, currently Space of Zhao living expenses had the 8th level strength, in adding on Zhao Wen and Cai'er, these Undead Creature, in this world active has resulted in the Zhao Hai person, but also are not really many. Zhao Hai comes out from the living room, ship that calm look at that several encircle, the ship that these encircle is not the genuine warship, but actually is the armed iron armor merchants of five masts, is the same with Haven Ship that Zhao Hai sits, can decline several such ships, Zhao Hai also really feels somewhat accidentally. However Zhao Hai does not fear this, these armed merchant marines in fierce are also useless, presently in his hand Undead Creature, because of the Space Level Up reason, has achieved the 8th level strength, the light is Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature, destroys completely a small country the inadequate any issue to dare, that will fear these ships. However Zhao Hai has not moved, why he wants to have a look at the opposite party to come, therefore standing of his calm in there, even has made on Haven Ship fall the sail, stands is waiting for the opposite party in there. Non- little while that several ships encircled them in the middle, a ship to their nearest/recent, Zhao Hai looked at that ship one, on the ship was standing one group of people, was most noticeable, was a 30-year-old person, the appearance of this person looked like with Charlie very much, probably was very low-key appearance, but put in their bodies makes people feel that very different, most important was, this person had Charlie not under a that advantage supervised imposing manner. Zhao Hai looks at this person, almost knew, this these people feared that does not come for him, but for Charlie, but this person, has the possibility Charlie Second Brother very much, Rosen Empire Second Prince Your Highness. Zhao Hai inspired, bows said : not to know that to that doubtful Second Prince person mister is who? What blocks our way to make? mister don’t know is here Rosen Empire sea region?” That person of doubtful Second Prince person, one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but uses one type of very curious vision look at Zhao Hai, some little time said : „are you Zhao Hai? Your courage is not small, to Rosen Empire, did not inquire that these people cannot annoy, dares the ginseng about to inside, but your feel relieved, I am not look today your.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that had affirmed his status, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : I also real don’t know Rosen Empire to have these people unable to annoy, I ordinary Merchant, proper doing business, should the junction tax my one point not be short, I have not gone to work as the spy, has not gone to kill people and set places on fire, don’t know has any matter, is worth my very scared and on edge.” A Second Prince look at Zhao Hai look advantage, deep voice said : youngster, I am not look today your, goes to come out Little San, to Rising Water City, has actually not come to see me, was somewhat excessive.”

Zhao Hai was preparing to say anything, Charlie walked out from the ship, he has actually shown a faint smile, bowed said : to see the Second Brother to Second Prince, I stayed a while to Rising Water City several, not good troublesome Second Brother.” Really how many dates look at Charlie said : of Second Prince faint smile stayed a while, didn't have other matter? Among that Mr. Zhao Hai actually suddenly leave has Rising Water City, can why go to Jade Water City?” Charlie smiles said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai below, heard that mister is just about Jade Water City to do business, built one to be suitable for the sailboat, what did this have? Is worth the Second Brother so dragging in lots of people?” Second Prince coldly snorted said : Little San, you were short with me said that these useless, Zhao Hai in hand thing my although looked does not glance, but you were obvious must dig the corner, isn't this very probably right?” Was Zhao Hai actually to show at this time a faint smile said : this should be Second Prince Your Highness? I am Merchant, does business in there is my freedom? Why I came Rising Water City, can probably result in Rising Water City does business? Went to other place not to be right? Most from the beginning what I arrive is Sky Water City, can only do business in Sky Water City on the life? Does not know that Second Prince this won over a popular actor from another company by offering higher pay a saying, mentioned from where?” Second Prince looked at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, the price that here you have not spoken, you should better are honest staying in there do not say that good of sound, otherwise did you believe my a few words, made you not have the means to do business in Rosen Empire?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to believe!” Very simple two characters, actually almost the lung of Second Prince exploding with rage, his complexion pale look at Zhao Hai. Charlie has not thought that Zhao Hai shouldered unexpectedly directly with Second Prince, this touched him somewhat, actually some hearts startled, because Charlie understand Zhao Hai must hire oneself his meaning, he does not hope that Zhao Hai had an accident at this time. Charlie immediately/on horseback connection said : Second Brother, you spoke frankly, are you what kind of today? This matter with Mr. Zhao Hai irrelevant, had any matter you to say to me.” Charlie coldly snorted said : Little San, you do not want proud, I will not move your, otherwise made the father emperor know, I also ended, but this Zhao Hai, actually must return to Rising Water City to go with me.” Charlie said : is decidedly impossible, I with Zhao Hai that deep relationship, he do not go to there am his freedom, I may not have the authority to order him.” Second Prince coldly snorted said : is short in there installs silly, if you with Zhao Hai it doesn't matter, why you do want to ride his ship to return to Jade Water City? Why he just arrived at Rising Water City immediately leave, whose don’t know he has had a falling out with Calci Family now, his these time arrives at Rising Water City, definitely wants to do business in Rising Water City, you actually dug him to Jade Water City went, was this your is not probably right?”

Charlie showed a faint smile said : to be many between the person who Rising Water City and Jade Water City did business, can't the Second Brother each one so say? That is a Second Brother isn't right? Mr. Zhao Hai why leave Rising Water City my real don’t know, but the Second Brother such willfully stops, actually should not.” The Second Prince look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, do you want to hire oneself really Little San?” Zhao Hai look at Second Prince smiles said : Second Prince Your Highness, I am only Merchant, pursues the benefit is my duty, I looked at the Rising Water City here environment, here not suitable my business, therefore I find out Jade Water City to have a look, what this has unable? Third Prince Your Highness rides my ship to return to Jade Water City, isn't this good?” Second Prince one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but clenches teeth said : to be good your Zhao Hai, my Rising Water City there not suitable did you do business? What condition has Little San given your? He gives your condition, I can give you.” Zhao Hai cannot help but secret sighing, this Second Prince missed compared with Charlie at heart, he certainly was when Charlie embarked, presently Charlie, therefore immediately pursued, depending on such method, was not the Charlie match, such person could not fight Charlie. Zhao Hai bows to Second Prince said : Second Prince Your Highness, I want to go to Jade Water City there to have a look, just like you said that I now and between Calci Family had some contradictions, therefore I think that is choosing a place to do business, but beforehand Rising Water City and Jade Water City I have not gone, these time comes to Rising Water City, because Rising Water City here is quite near to me, I had not decided that does business in there, Your Highness is not necessary such to drag in lots of people.” Second Prince look at Zhao Hai appearance, complexion pale said : good, is good your Zhao Hai, you plant, today I put your horse, but after you, must be careful, you must know that this Rosen Empire is which family.” Said to wave, that ship leave that slowly he sits. Zhao Hai look at Second Prince ship leave, sighed, he was very disappointed to this Second Prince.